Inspirational New Month Quotes and Prayers

{December 2023} Inspirational New Month Quotes and Prayers for Yourself and Loved Ones

When you begin a thing with prayer, you lose the ability to fail in that thing. You can make one stone to hunt two birds provided you’re very proficient in using the sling. Inspirational new month quotes and prayers are like using one stone to hunt two birds. Through quotes, you get inspired, and through prayers, you make your request known to God

God’s arms are always wide open to release help to mortal men. God is aware that men are insufficient to live their lives without divine aid. This is why a channel of connection with God has been created through the medium of prayer. To start your new month and get all the blessings therein, you must start it on the notes of prayers.

This month will be as beautiful as you desire it to be if only you can offer prayers to God and have faith that God will answer you. These inspirational new quotes and prayers will help get all the benefits designed for you in this beautiful new month.

God doesn’t have a problem answering prayers, only men have challenges praying. If men will always pray, God will always grant their requests. God is more eager to hear than we are willing to pray. When the eagerness of God to hear meets the willingness of men to ask, miraculous results are inevitable. As you walk through this month with the attitude of prayers, expect great things to come your way.

New Month Quotes and Prayers

Below are inspirational new month quotes and prayers!

1. Dear Father, I celebrate you for making me see the light of the day in this new month. Thank you for your grace and mercy that have sustained me over time. Be exalted forever.

2. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and express my desire to you as I begin another month, dear gracious God. Let the meditation of my heart and the word of my mouth be acceptable in your sight, oh God.

3. Let the success meant for this month be my experience as I engage in the activities of this precious month. I refuse to labor in vain in the name of Jesus.

4. Everything difficult for me in the time past months, let them be made easy for me today through the power of your grace. Amen.

5. I ask that your love will compel me to do things right in this month for the glory of your name. My life shall bring glory to you, I shall not disappoint your expectations over my life. Amen.

6. I ask that I shall not be a partaker of the evil designed for this month. I conquer every intention of the wicked ones for my life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

7. Let your angels keep charge over me as you have instructed them. Let them keep me in all my ways so that I don’t slide in the name of Jesus. Amen.

8. I cancel every ill intention of the wicked ones over my life and my family this month, they shall not prevail in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

9. Let the wicked ones be put to shame over the situations around my life and let your name alone be glorified in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

10. I ask that you’ll open my eyes to every opportunity and possibility abounding around me so that I can record great success more than in all the previous months. Deliver me from every form of spiritual blindness in the name of Jesus.

Blessed Month Quotes

11. Happy new month to a very precious person in my life. It’s my pleasure that you made it to another month. I thank God for helping you get here.

12. May everything in the new month speak for your favor, everything shall work perfectly for you, and you shall not be disadvantaged in any way. Amen.

13. May fruitfulness salute all your endeavors, you shall be more productive this month than the previous one. God will go before you and make you great.

14. Every blessing that is meant for you shall locate you faster than you are expecting. No good thing shall miss you this month. Happy new month.

15. May everything you put your hands to do yield bountifully, profitability shall be your portion in this month and more by the mercy of God

16. You shall be fruitful like that a tree planted by the rivers of water. You shall yield your fruits in due season and whatever you do will prosper.

17. Like the rose of the garden, you will shine radiantly. Your leaves shall not dry. You shall attract greatness in this peculiar month of yours.

18. You shall not labor in vain, every drop of your sweat shall yield sweetness for you. You’re indeed the sweetness, have a sweet month.

19. Dear Excellency, I know excellent things will happen to you this month. You’re highly cherished and regarded. Happy new month.

20. I want you to start this month with expectations of everything you’re believing and vying for. Your expectations shall not be disappointed. Have a great month.

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Good Start of the Month Quotes

21. To my precious and sweet Aunt, happy new month to you. God will make everything entirely new for you this month by His mercy. Amen.

22. Encouragement is always available to you when you can be self-encouraged. I remain your encourager but also learn to encourage yourself too. Happy new month, my lovely friend.

23. The level of investment you are making in yourself has assured me that success is your friend. No one deserves success better than you. Have a successful month, Sister.

24. It’s my fervent prayer for you that you’ll excel this month and beyond. No failure will take hold of you. You’re a success in this month and beyond.

25. Hard work may bring success but you need the wisdom to explore its potential. May your mind be filled with the needed wisdom you require this month.

26. Life without direction is filled with agony and pains, may you enjoy divine direction to help you go the right path. Happy new month, stay inspired throughout the month!

27. Storm may blow, and you may not be able to stop it. May you receive the power to ride on the wings of the storm to the next phase. I Love you and have a happy new month.

28. May great success surpasses your efforts and sweat greet you each day of this month. Favor is your portion. Have a beautiful month ahead!

29. You may feel deserted by friends and loved ones but be assured that I’m always with you and will never leave you regardless of what happens. I love you deeply, happy new month.

30. This month is a month of possibility for you, it’s a month of victory, a month of success, and great accomplishment all for you. My desire shall come to pass over you. Succeed like never before my precious one. Amen.

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Short New Month Quotes

31. To my precious friends, I want to seize the moment to give you a warm welcome into a new month designed for your goodness and blessings. This shall be your experience throughout the month.

32. This month shall go in your favor, your efforts shall not be a waste, and you shall reap 100 folds return of all you have invested in this new month.

33. You’re like an eagle meant to fly to the highest height, the possibilities available to you are very boundless. Think big, you can do the unusual. Happy new month.

34. Eagles are limitless when it comes to flight. As you take your lift this month, there is no limit for you. Stay encouraged and win massively in this new month. I wish you a wonderful month.

35. The best is not in the past, the best lies ahead of you. Forget all that you have lost and focus on what lies ahead of you. You can make a difference this month

36. It doesn’t get dim for a man who is as hardworking as you, it can only get brighter and better. Hope for the best, and you will get the best. A happy new month to you, beautiful soul.

37. You won’t be found deficient in divine help to push all your dreams into existence. Helps will impose themselves on you even when you do not want them.

38. It’s been a great pleasure to be associated with you as a friend and partner. You have been of help to me beyond what I can imagine. Thank you for all that you do. Happy new month.

39. The surplus will be in your hands, you shall not lack resources to meet all the needs of your life and your family. Have an abundant month.

40. There is goodness in every month, all I need you to do is to see them and make the most of them. May your eyes be opened to peculiar opportunities in the month. Have a lovely month.

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New Month Quotes And Prayers To My Boyfriend

41. A happy new month to my highly cherished boyfriend, may you experience ease on every side. Comfort will be your portion, you shall not stray. God’s mercy will cover you from danger.

42. There is no wasted effort, every step you take makes you come closer to the achievement of your dreams and visions. Keep working, you will soon get there.

43. My sweet boyfriend, you’re born a commander. I believe you can be in charge this month and the Lord will put you in charge. God’s glory shall give you a lift. Happy new month.

44. Your enemies shall submit themselves to you, you shall possess the gate of your enemies, and no battle shall overpower you in this victorious month. Happy new month.

45. Light will shine upon every step you take. Darkness will not overshadow you. You shall be found better than your equals. Happy New Month.

46. No matter how challenging and how tough it gets, never look back. You’re meant to move forward, face your future and you will get it delivered to you.

47. Let no obstacle stop what you are meant to do. You’re stronger than you think, you’re stronger than challenges and difficult situations. Have a blessed and victorious month.

48. You’re meant for the top of the mountain even though you have been walking through the valley. Don’t be worried, it’s just for your making. Keep forging ahead, and have a happy new month.

49. Fear has torment, never let any fear hunt your soul and cripple your productivity. Fight your fears, face them and you will overcome them all.

50. You’re my family member, I believe in you and all that you’re meant to become on this earth. I know you will succeed as you keep working hard. Stay inspired, and have a happy new month.

New Month Quotes And Prayers To My Love

Do you have some special in and around your life? Yes, I know you do! It’s time to say a happy new month to such a person and make him/her feel more special.

51. Happy New Month to you the special one, I appreciate your presence and partnership in my life. You have always shown yourself to be very special in everything you have been doing. Thank you for being an authentic person. This month shall be great for you. Have a great month ahead!

52. I have observed your efforts far off and I have seen how you follow through with your dreams patiently. Your expectations shall not be disappointed. Have a successful adventure this month!

53. As you take up the responsibility expected of you this month, you shall be seen as a global point of reference this month and beyond. Happy new month.

54. I consider it a special privilege to have a noble personality like you in my life, I appreciate your input and impact so far. May your impact be greater than ever before. Success will greet you this month!

55. Special surprises and miracles are coming your way this month. Get set, the Lord will make all things beautiful and new for you. Congratulations in advance, my Love!

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