Leaving to Have a Baby Message

61 Leaving to Have a Baby Message and Mail for Maternity Leave

It’s good to belong to an organization where you are gainfully employed to contribute your quota to the organization, making their vision come into reality. As beautiful as this is, a time will come as a woman when you will have to conceive and need to take permission to deliver your baby. This is beautiful and acceptable!

The day of delivery to every pregnant woman is a day of joy and liberation from the burden she has carried for a couple of months. Do you have any colleague at your firm wanting to depart to have her child, here is leaving to have a baby message to accompany her on the journey into motherhood.

One of the beauties of every organization is friendship and moral support when there is a need. One of the ways you can send your moral support to a colleague who is about to have her baby is by sending leaving to have a baby message to her as she takes her leave.

As much as you care about your colleagues at work, it’s important you communicated your love through words. A colleague leaving to have a baby around you should be shown care through these messages.

1. Dear colleagues, you’re about to embark on a great journey. It’s my prayer that you are going to have an itch-free delivery. God be with you! Amen.

2. As you embark on this journey of favor, may you have a restful maternity experience. You shall be at rest in your body, soul, and spirit. Amen!

3. May this maternity experience bring joy and exceedingly gladness to your home and every member of your family. Have a safe trip to the world of mothers! We will greatly miss you!

4. Congratulations as you are embarking on a great journey to welcome a new baby into this world. May this baby bring newness to your life in every respect! Enjoy ease in this new state you are about to enter!

5. I’m so excited about your new state as a mother. Surely, you have come into a better place and position. May everything turn out to be new for you! Go in peace and return in peace!

6. Here am I sending best wishes for your maternity leave. May you and your new baby enjoy peace and comfort on every side. Have a great time with your baby!

7. You’ve been blessed already and nothing in this world can change it. This blessing that has come to your life will stay with you. Amen.

8. Be very sure that I’ll always be thinking of you and keep sending my love and care to you while you take your leave. You can go ahead, I love you so much!

9. This is a time to rest and nurture a baby. May this peculiar time bring you, Joy, in your soul and peace in your body. I miss you and I can’t wait to have you back!

10. I want to seize this medium to say congratulations on the new arrival of your baby. May all your heart desires towards your baby and your home come to pass generally.

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Maternity Leave Farewell Message To Colleagues

Do you have a colleague who is about to vacate work to take maternity leave? That’s a thing of joy and something to be happy about. I have made available to you on this page leaving to have a baby message to wish her well!

11. I’m already missing you as you want to leave us at work for your maternity leave. May God be with you and stand strong by you through every journey. Congratulations, great friend!

12. Even though I am missing you yet it’s for good reasons. I’m glad this is a new experience in your life welcoming a long-awaited child into your home. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby!

13. This is an added blessing and joy to your family. I’m glad a new thing is happening in your home again. Congratulations, enjoy your leave.

14. It’s of necessity that you’re greatly missed because of your unique impact at work. Nevertheless, you’ll have to go on this great journey. My prayers are always with you!

15. Being a parent is a thing of joy. I’m glad that the same way you were born, you too are about to give birth to another. Congratulations!

16. As you take your leave, I will advise you to take your mind off work and enjoy your great time at home. May you have an awesome experience!

17. This is one of your best days on the earth and I can tell you the best is yet to come. Congratulations dear colleagues and great friends!

18. I would like you to take the time to enjoy your well-deserved maternity leave with your new baby and the entire family. We have covered this space for you, you need not worry!

19. My love and care are with you, friend. I will do well to check on you as you take your maternity leave. Congratulations!

20. Being a hard-working fellowship, I know your mind will always be at work. But ensure you stay at home fully. Congratulations to you!

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Last Day Of Work Before Maternity Leave Message

21. This seems to be the last working day with us in this organization before your delivery. We’re missing you already even though we know we’ll have you back. Congratulations!

22. It’s more or less like you should not go but unfortunately, there is no hospital here where we could take your delivery. Missing you already, congratulations!

23. Apparently, you are ready for this great journey ahead of you. I wish you nothing but safe delivery and happy parenting experiences!

24. With the way you have successfully interacted with us here at work, I know you’re going to be a wonderful parent. You can embark on this great journey, congratulations

25. I’m missing you so much like I should accompany you into the labor room. This experience is pleasant and lovely. Goodbye as we wait to receive you again!

26. Well surely miss you but you have to go and make a new baby come into life. I wish you and your family great joy ahead!

27. I have always said that you’re indispensable in this organization, your impact is about to be felt and I assure you I will cover this space for you. Congratulations!

28. Congratulations to you dear friend, I want you to enjoy every bit of your time at home with your new baby and the entire family!

29. I’m sending you nothing but love and good wishes from my heart to you. Have a joy-filled maternity experience! I can’t wait to have you back!

30. Happy maternity leave. May God be with you and give you ease all through your journey. Have a great journey ahead of you!

Going On Maternity Leave Message

31. Hey friend, be up and standing. It’s time to go and welcome your long-awaited children into the world. Congratulations as you embark on your maternity leave!

32. This is a time to relax from work stress and be at home with yourself. May you have a great time on this leave!

33. Spend quality time to be with your family and bond with everyone. You don’t have to bother about the work because your back is fully covered! I miss you personally!

34. As you take your leave today, it’s more or less like I should have you back at the office right now. You’re greatly missed. Have an awesome experience!

35. I’m so excited for you because you’re about to take another person into this world. Congratulations, dear colleague!

36. This is a special time away for you at the office. You will not always have such an opportunity. Enjoy your special time while it lasts!

37. It’s always a pleasure having you around every morning to walk with you. But as it stands now, you have to embark on this August leave. My prayers are with you, congratulations!

38. When I saw you yesterday, I knew you should demand a quick departure from work. I’m so excited about the good news of your delivery, congratulations!

39. Giving birth to a new life brings joy that cannot be measured. I’m so happy for you, congratulations!

40. You’ve been preparing for the arrival of this new baby and now she has come to join the family. Congratulations to you!

Happy Maternity Leave Message

41. From the heart of love and companionship, I want to wish you a peaceful and happy maternity leave. Go in peace and return in peace!

42. This is a beautiful experience! No doubt! We miss your presence but at the same time, we’re glad for your new maternity. Congratulations!

43. What a great time has come upon you to take your leave and enjoy a new time with your baby. Congratulations in advance on the arrival of the new baby!

44. This is another time to welcome your second child into this beautiful world. We’ve all waited for a very long, congratulations friend.

45. I’m glad for you and indeed this joy has no bound. May your joy last longer. Congratulations!

46. You hardly have such a moment as this. I would want you to treasure this time like gold. Have a beautiful time with your baby at home! Congratulations!

47. You’ve worked so hard all through the months and it’s now time to take your leave and rest with your incoming baby. Have a restful experience amidst baby stress!

48. I’m already missing your kind acts and your spirit of courage at the office before you ever left for maternity. Anyway, you have to go! Congratulations!

49. Who would have known that your time of delivery is almost here? I was surprised that you’re leaving soon! Congratulations to you!

50. I’m exceedingly joyed at hearing the good news from your end. Your maternity leave is wonderful news to entertain. Thank you for all you have done at work, congratulations!

Going On Maternity Leave Mail

51. Dear friend,
The good news of your maternity leave has come to us today and we’re exceedingly joyed because of this. This is to register our wishes and prayers with you. Congratulations have a safe delivery and a joyous parent experience!

52. Dear Colleague,
It has always been a great pleasure having your contribution to our great organization! We’re so glad to hear about your due date. It’s time to rejoice with you. Congratulations!

53. Dear colleague,
It has brought so much rejoicing to the organization to know that you’re about to welcome your new baby into this world. Wow! Beautiful and joyous experience!
Have a safe delivery and a wonderful parenting experience!

54. Dear Friend,
It’s with so much joy that we’re sending these lovely wishes to you accompanying your maternity leave. We’re happy that you’re about to contribute blessings to this world.

55. Hey Pregnant Friend,
Congratulations first! I heard today you’ll be putting to birth very soon. I couldn’t be happier.
This is the beautiful time we have been waiting for. May you have itch-free delivery and a joyful parenting experience!

Welcome Back From Maternity Leave Wishes

56. You have far gone for a while and now it’s time to have you back as we have always desired. How was the maternity journey, you’re welcome back!

57. Truth be told, I miss you so much! Congratulations to you. You’re welcome back at work, we’re glad to have you back!

58. Your absence was so loud and your impact was so felt. Thank God you’re back and we’re really excited about this. Congratulations!

59. I’m sure your baby is doing quite well and so is every member of your family. It’s nice having you back at work. Congratulations!

60. Congratulations my great friend, I can see you’ve been so happy at the arrival of your baby. I’m so happy with you as well. Much importantly, I am glad to have you back at work!

61. Welcome back to work after a departure for good reasons. We’ve missed you and your personality. Congratulations, you’re welcome back to work!

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