Congratulations Message to Expecting Parents

70 Congratulations Message to Expecting Parents

Having children is a great responsibility. More importantly, it is a blessing from God. There is no greater joy than watching those tiny feet move and those innocent eyes staring at you unconditionally. Some don’t find it easy to conceive and give birth to a child. Anyone whose fortune has smiled on and can get pregnant should be congratulated.

Expectant parents’ hearts beat already for their unborn children. With a congratulations message to expecting parents, you can express your best wishes and love for them. Showing that you care about their unborn children is beautiful. It shows you are expecting and believing that they will have a safe delivery.

One of the easiest things you can do is to congratulate expectant parents before the arrival of their babies. In case you are also expecting a child, don’t worry. The same way you have congratulated other people is the same you will be congratulated. Congratulation messages may be the seed you will have to plant to harvest your miracles.

The law of seed and harvest implies that, if you want to be rejoiced with, you must first rejoice with someone. Are you looking for what to say to someone expecting a baby soon? Kindly make do with the messages I have written for you here.

Congratulations on Expecting a Baby

1. I want to congratulate you on expecting your precious baby. I know you both will be the best parents in the world. It’s a beautiful season for you and it’s worth rejoicing about. I can’t wait to join you in welcoming your beautiful baby.

2. Congratulations are for you as you prepare to give birth to your child. I’m so glad for you because what we have long waited for eventually has come to reality. Let your mind be settled, you will have a safe delivery.

3. Wow! I am so happy for you and your partner. Everyone has long waited to see you in this state. This pregnancy sure looks good on you. Congratulations on expecting your baby. Both of you are amazing!

4. It feels great to know you are expecting the arrival of your baby. What a beautiful feeling it is and I’m glad I’m part of this joy. Congratulations to you and your spouse.

5. I’m happy to congratulate you as you expect the birth of your new baby. I know you can’t wait and so do I. Keep expecting, You’re going to have your baby safely.

6. A big congratulations on the soon-to-arrive baby that you have been expecting. I’m glad that more blessings are being added to you. You are going to be a great parent, I’m so sure!

7. I’m aware that you have expended a lot of sleepless nights and I know you can’t wait to have your child. After night comes the morning. Accept my hearty congratulatory message. Cheers to wonder parenthood soon.

8. It is the dream of expectant parents to have beautiful and handsome children. Congratulations to you as you expect the delivery of the most beautiful child in the world.

9. God is so good to you and that’s why He has shown you great mercy. I am beyond excited to congratulate you as we expect your baby soon. Keep rejoicing in advance!

10. Everything is always working out well for your good. Congratulations to you as we await the arrival of your baby. This is the time we have all been looking unto and that time has come to stay with us.

Congratulations On Expecting A Baby Boy

11. I was aware that you have been wanting to please your husband with a manchild. Your baby boy is on the way. Congratulations to you. We know you will give birth safely and we will all be here to celebrate it.

12. The news of your pregnancy got me very excited. Nothing has given me joy like knowing that you are now carrying a baby in your womb. Congratulations on expecting a handsome baby boy.

13. Your baby boy is going to be a perfect gentleman just like his father. I say a very be congratulations to you as you await his arrival. This joy that shall be added to your family will last forever.

14. Babies are blessings to us in ways we really can’t explain and everyone loves to have them around Congratulations to your family as you will be having your baby boy in no time.

15. Having a son is the dream of many people. You are blessed to be pregnant with a bouncing baby boy at least for your craving husband. Congratulations!

16. The joy I see in your eyes makes me smile every time I look at you. I rejoice with you exceedingly as we gather to celebrate with your family. I congratulate you on expecting a baby boy.

17. It is so beautiful to know that you are having a baby boy in your very womb. What a thing of joy to hear about you! Congratulations to you and I wish you the safest delivery ever.

18. Your life has always been beautiful especially now that you are pregnant. It is even more beautiful now that you are expecting a baby boy soon. Congratulations!

19. The best of God is not what money can buy. Your soon-to-be-delivered baby boy is blessed to have you as his parents. I congratulate you on everything!

20. A baby boy is priceless and very precious. Yours is on the way and that’s why we are rejoicing with you. Congratulations and I wish you a safe delivery.

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Congratulations on Expecting a Baby Girl

To further express your wishes, use a congratulations message to expecting parents:

21. The whole world has been waiting for the arrival of a queen in your family. I perceived that you are going to be having the prettiest baby girl in the world. A big congratulations to you and the entire family.

22. It is such beautiful news to know that you will be having a beautiful baby girl born into your unique family soon. This gives me personal and special joy. Congratulations in advance!

23. When you told me you are expecting a baby girl, my whole world came fully alive. I would love to see you with a beautiful queen just like you. Congratulations to you and your spouse. I am so happy for you both.

24. A baby girl is a beautiful and priceless gift from God, she adds beauty to the house. I congratulate you and everyone in the family as you expect her birth.

25. Congratulations to you on your soon-to-be-birthed baby girl, I desire that everything required to take care of her shall be provided. Wishing you the best and safe delivery.

26. It warms my heart to see you radiating beauty as you expect your beautiful girl. This is worth waiting for! Congratulations!

27. I want to let you know that you will be the most beautiful and handsome parents to the prettiest girl soon. I congratulate you in advance.

28. To have a girl is too beautiful to describe in words. Congratulations on expecting the arrival of your little damsel. The whole world will be gathering together to rejoice with you.

29. Just the other day I was thanking God for your life and now another celebration is opened. Congratulations as we await the birth of your little girl soon.

30. This is the best experience in life. It’s too precious to be described in words alone. Congratulations as you become a parent in a few days.

Congratulations Mom to be Messages

31. What a great way to start the new year. You will become a mother in a couple of months. I love to see you in this state. Keep rejoicing my friend, it’s your season

32. I know for sure that you will be the best mother in the world. This is me celebrating you ahead of time.

33. It has been your long-time dream to be a mother. Very soon, you will have your baby with you keeping you company. Congratulations!

34. There is no greater joy than being a mother and playing your roles in the lives of your children daily. You will have yours soon.

35. I celebrate your courage and glow as you go through the last stage of your pregnancy. Your baby will be yours to hold and nurture very soon. Congratulations!

36. Nothing beats the love a mother has for her children. You will be the best mother in the entire universe.

37. I know you are blessed beyond measure. God has been faithful to you. Congratulations to you as you are about to be a mom.

38. You are courageous and fearless. You have fought through opposition and built a great life for yourself. This is a new season for you as you prepare to be a mother. Congratulations!

39. Most people don’t know you like I know you. I have been a part of your life for so long and I know how much you desired to be a mother. A big congratulations to you as you will realize your dream soonest.

40. The best gifts of life are not what money can replace. Your baby is going to be the best and you will be the best mother too.

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Congratulations Dad to be Messages

41. I’m sure you are going to be a great dad soon. You have been a perfect gentleman and your child will have the best role model in you.

42. A warm congratulations to you as you will be a dad soon. You are blessed and your child will be a blessing to everyone.

43. This is your first time being a dad and it won’t be your last experience. Congratulations as your child arrives.

44. Good to know you will be a dad and that you are changing levels practically. Congratulations to you and your partner. Your baby is almost here.

45. Things are working out for you beautifully and I can testify things are getting better for you. Your baby is on the way and I know you are ready.

46. I can see your heart is excited to be having a child. You will be the greatest dad ever. Congratulations to you and yours.

47. Having a child will change your life for good. I have the assurance that you will be a better man when your baby is born. I congratulate you!

48. Before now, I knew you will be a fantastic dad someday. My congratulations to you as we expect your baby.

49. Very soon, your wife will give birth and you will be a happy dad. You have prepared for this and I know and I know you have what it takes to be the best dad. Congratulations!

50. Receive my heartfelt congratulatory message. Your baby is coming with a blessing. I wish your wife smooth delivery.

Message for Soon to be Dad from Wife

51. My husband, let me remind you that you are going to be a dad soon. I know our child will learn so much from you. I love you!

52. You are my favorite person on earth. I can’t wait for you to be called a father. Our baby will surely have the best father in you.

53. You know how much I want you to be a father. I am grateful to God that you will eventually be one. Get ready, our baby is coming!

54. Our blessing is almost here. You will be called daddy by our pattern of tiny feet. I love you endlessly.

55. Thank you for all the sacrifices and love. I am so glad to have you. I can’t wait for you to carry our baby.

56. There is no man I would rather be with than you. You complete me so graciously. So happy you will be a father soonest.

57. My heart is yours and all I am you helped me become. Thank you for all you are to me. I am carrying our baby and soon you will be a loving father.

58. Thankful for us but more thankful for the man you have become now. You are becoming a dad soon, my love.

59. No one makes me feel the way you do. It’s so easy to be yours. You are going to be the most responsible father ever.

60. Now is the time to celebrate you and tell you once again how much I love you. You mean the world to me. Soon, I will give you a bouncing baby boy.

What To Say To Someone Having A Baby Soon

61. Having a baby is a great privilege given by God. You have to prepare and be the best parent to your baby.

62. There is nothing to worry about. Rather, you should be thankful that you are having a baby soon.

63. Your heart is beautiful and I know you will be a good parent to your child. We can’t wait for you to give birth.

64. Beautiful is the womb that is blessed to carry a baby for nine months. I wish you a safe delivery.

65. Knowing how far you have come gives me joy to see you finally expecting a child. Your pregnancy is a miracle. You are blessed.

66. In the next few months, your baby will be in your arms feeling all the love in your heart. Cheer up!

67. You are highly blessed and favored to be having a child soon. You deserve to be a parent and you will be.

68. Congratulations, your baby will be delivered soon. You are going to be a wonderful parent.

69. Wow! I wish you everything you need to raise your unborn child. You will give birth soon and your joy will know no end.

70. All the best things in life are not compared to the joy of having a baby of your own. I wish you safe delivery.

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