Good Morning New Week Blessings

55 Motivational Good Morning New Week Blessings and Prayers Messages

Welcome to the new week! I’m highly persuaded it shall be a great one for you and your family.

Every day of the week is important. Each day has a vital role it plays in making the plans for the week become a reality. The most important day of the week is its beginning. The beginning of a new week sets the compass for the week and determines how well it will go. Everyone does need good morning new week blessings to make things go in their favor.

You can actually have a very great week as you furnish the beginning of it with words of blessing. If you utter these words as I have them here for you on this page, you are sure to have everything work fine for you as you take steps towards your goal for the week.

You can also extend these words of blessings and prayers to family and friends, wishing them well while you trust God to fulfill their heart desires for the week.

New Week Prayer Message

1. This is a new week entirely and God is set to do amazing things in your life. The Lord will assist you heavily to bring the vision of your heart to pass, you shall not be frustrated. Stay positive and courageous this week. Have a blessed week ahead!

2. This week shall work in your favor. May this week shower you with uncountable and uncommon blessings. Special miracles are your portion this week. Nothing shall be impossible unto you. Amen.

3. Prosperity will be good on you and so I desire that you’re prosperous in the name of the Lord. God’s mercy shall surround you and give you perfect peace in every area of your life. This week you shall not toil in vain. Amen.

4. It’s possible that situations of life get you tired. May this week sweep off every weariness that has crept into your soul. May you be filled with fresh energy to perform wonderfully. Happy new week!

5. To succeed, you need stamina to push you through. The fresh energy to push very hard toward your desires and passions shall be granted to you by the hand of God. You’re lifted, have a blessed ahead!

6.  The Lord has gone ahead of you in this great week. You’ll break forth on the left and the right. The king of glory shall bring glorious events into existence within your life and family! Amen.

7. Welcome to this precious and special week filled with unusual and amazing things. Joy, happiness, and pleasure will flood your heart and dominate your path. We shall have reasons to celebrate with you this week. Amen.

8. You need special wisdom and insight to make headways. May you be filled with the sufficient insight it requires to make adjustments in every area of life where needed. The wisdom of God shall be practically seen in your life.

9. Be courageous, the Lord whom you serve has gone ahead of you to bring great success and joy your way. You will not miss the blessing of the week! God Himself shall give you special favor like never before. Amen.

10. The word of the Lord is stronger than any situation. The Lord will bring His words to pass in your life. Your purpose and expectations shall not be disappointed. Amen!

11. The marvelous doors of opportunities shall be opened unto you as you go about your businesses today. You’re graced, not disgraced. Favor shall compass you like mountains. Happy new week, and have a great ahead!

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Happy New Week Blessings

12. This is a blessed week for you, there is no reason to doubt. This week is impregnated with new possibilities. It’s a thing of joy that you made it. Every good thing that you have conceived in your heart shall materialize.  I wish you a blessed week!

13. It gives me special joy that I saw you in this new week. I wish you a very wonderful and successful week, may your path be filled with God’s favor as you match out today. Have a blessed week ahead!

14. Every bit of the opportunity that comes your way today shall not be missed. You’ll be found smart to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. No good thing shall elude you this week and beyond. Happy new week to you.

15. My heart desires that you will be at peace with yourself and your world, may peace be your experience all through the day. Nothing shall give you a headache this week Amen. Go forward and enjoy ease! Have a blessed week ahead!

16. I am aware that you have been hardworking and it is normal to get tired. Every fatigue of the past week shall be cleared of today, and your days are filled with new energy. Happy new week!

17.  It’s true that you have a lot to do this week and I am sure that God will help you. May God fill your body with fresh wine and oil to fuel everything demanded of you in this new week. You’ll not be wearied of good works. Amen.

18.  Life without mercy and God’s favor is filled with struggles. May the goodness and mercy of the Lord abide with you and your household. The works of your hands shall yield maximally.

19. Fulfilment is the joy of life. Every moment of the week will be found fulfilling, nothing will fill your heart with weariness. Have a blessed week ahead!

20. I decree that your way is made sure, that your path will not slip. Your going is established, your effort shall not be wasted, and enjoy divine speed like never before.  You’re lifted and blessed. Amen.

21. This week shall be the most blessed week you’ve ever lived. It shall be found far better than the previous. Enjoy the maximum blessings this week has to offer you.

New Week Prayers And Blessings

These are the good morning new week blessings and prayers to make your week what you’re expecting it to be. I’m sure if you make these blessed declarations with faith in your heart, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get. You can personalize this or just say amen as you read.

22. As you begin this week with the consciousness of God’s presence, the Lord shall expand your coasts and enlarge your territory. Your shall wax greater and bigger as you make progress today. Go and succeed like never before in the name of Jesus.

23. Every impossible task piled up ahead of you shall be cheaply done today. Your hand shall not be found weak, you’ll be strengthened by the Lord to do the impossible. Amen. Have a blessed week!

24. Wherever your name is mentioned this week, it shall be for marvelous things. Kings and great men shall send for you to show you special favor like never before. You’ll prosper in all that you do. Amen. Happy new week!

25. Kings and Queens of the earth shall call for you and sponsor your rising, you shall get help both from the people that you know and from the people that you don’t know. You’re blessed by people that matter on the earth. Amen.

26. It is true that you have found many things very difficult and you will need divine help to get them done. May the new anointing come upon you and give you fresh energy to dare what you once found difficult. Greater will you rise. Amen.

27. May you receive fresh inspiration from above so that you’ll understand what to do in every situation you’re faced with. God shall inspire you and show you what an ordinary man cannot see. You’re lifted. Blessed week to you. Amen.

28. Your strength be renewed as eagles to fly the highest mountain that you thought you could not. Your wings are strengthened by the power of God and you will be lifted above the storms of life in the name of Jesus.

30. You’ll be irresistible this week, everyone who is meant to show you favor shall do it by divine command. Believe me, this is your week and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Amen.

31. The Lord will bring a profitable relationship into your life. He will give you men and women who shall support your rising swiftly. Have a blessed week ahead!

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New Week Blessings Quotes

Every day of the week is so crucial, each one of them has certain benefits they must credit to your account. It’s in God’s pleasure that you get those benefits.

32. You are destined to outdo your equal and so shall the Lord anoint your head with the oil of greatness above your equal. No man shall be able to outdo you in the task of the day. Amen. Go and enjoy divine lifting this precious week ahead of you.

33. This week, I declare upon you that you will not toil in vain, you’ll be highly blessed by the Lord. The pleasure of God will prosper in your hands and you will be a blessing to everyone around you. A happy new week to you.

34. May you dance for joy unspeakable as the goodness of the Lord comes your way this week. Joy will not depart from your tabernacle. Every event of this week shall make you break into singing and dancing in the name of Jesus.

45. Welcome to the new week entirely! You have not been here before, and nor have you experienced the kind of blessings that are hidden therein. Be expectant, blessings are all yours this week. I expectantly wait for your testimonies.

36. No opportunity will miss you, and neither will you miss any opportunity. Both you and the opportunity you have been waiting for shall encounter each other and you shall rejoice exceedingly. Amen.

37. May the favor impregnated this week deliver the amazing baby to you, you shall be the first candidate of the goodness loaded in this week. The glory of God shall overshadow you.  You’re designed for a favor. Amen.

38. This week will be for you, it shall not be against you. You’ll triumph gloriously and triumphantly every day of this week. Whatever frustrates other men shall not be able to frustrate you. You are the blessed of the of the Lord. Amen.

39. You’ll advance from the level that you are to another level entirely. No stagnation shall have a hold on your life. The anointing that promotes a man shall be resident upon you. Happy and blessed week to you!

40. On this new week, you shall not be disgraced, you’ll enjoy the pleasure and blessings of the Lord in all that you set to do. Rejoice, everything is working well for you.

41. You shall not be a victim of the dangers of this week. May the Lord secure you from harm and danger. No evil will take hold of you all the days of the week.

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New Week Blessings Prayer

42. My dear friend, I pray for you that the traps that the enemies have set shall not prevail against you. You’ll escape every tactic of the wicked ones. You shall triumph gloriously this week and beyond. Have a glorious week ahead!

43. Every pitfall designed for your sake shall not catch but those who have dug those pits against you shall fall into it. The angels of the Lord shall watch over you make it impossible for the wicked ones to prevail against you. You’re gloriously blessed in the name of the Lord.

44. There is joy overflow in the Lord and He has determined to give you much of it this week. May the joy of the Lord envelope your life and fill your heart to overflow. Your joy shall not diminish. Amen.

46. Peace-like rivers shall baptize your soul and make you experience the bliss of the heavens. The heaven shall shower its blessings upon you in this new week. A happy and blessed new week to you!

47. You need strong focus to succeed this week, I pray that you shall not lose focus today. God will shield you against distractions and  your goals shall be accomplished with the help of the Lord. Happy new week!

50. Worry is a robber of energy, you shall not be robbed of the required energy for the task of the week. Blessed week to you in the name of the Lord.

51. The failure of the past week shall not hunt your soul and rob you of the blessings of the day. Whatever it will take for you to succeed this week shall be given to you by the Lord. Amen.

52. Every day of this week shall be filled with alarming prosperity. Everyone around you shall have a reason to rejoice with you. I will a strong reason to celebrate with you this week in the name of the Lord. amen.

53. May you receive divine invigoration to face and dissolve every challenge the week may bring your way. No challenges shall be able to stop your success and you shall succeed against all odds. Amen.  Have a glorious week ahead!

54. This week will be one of the most blessed weeks you’ve ever experienced. Joy overflows all over your heart and prosperity on every side. Happy and glorious week to you!

55. This week I call you blessed, nothing shall undo the blessing. You will enjoy ease and peace like never before this week. You shall have great testimonies during and at the end of the week.

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