How to Make Your Wife Submit to You

8 Practical Ways on How to Make Your Wife Submit to You

The issue of submission in a marital relationship has cost many homes their joy and peace. Though many marriages begin with a lot of euphoria but in the process of time, the sweetness of marriage begins to turn sour due to rising challenges. One of these rising challenges is the inability to submit to one another.

In alignment with many cultures and religions, a woman ought to submit to a man. But men must also understand how to command this submission else it won’t be a reality in the home. Submission is not requested by words, it is commanded by action.

I will be showing you some practical ways a wife can submit to her husband without struggles!

Women are emotionally wired and you can only get what you invested into their emotions as a response. Knowing that they’re complex machines, you must learn how to operate them. There is nothing a woman cannot give you if you learn how to do things right.

Marriage is not for competition but for compliment. You’re not meant to compete with each other but complement each other.

1. Know Your Place as Man: You’re a man meant to be the head and leader of your home. Your leadership and headship are exercised by example not by force.

Whatever you cannot show, you cannot see. In other words, if you want to see your woman submit to you, you must show submission in your disposition. If you want to see love from your woman, you must show how to love.

You cannot demonstrate arrogance and get submission from her. Lead by examples, not by words. What makes a woman submit to a man is leadership by examples

2. Show Submission: Quite alright, you’re the leader and your style of leadership must be by example.

Anything you want your woman to do to you, do it to her first. If you want her to submit to your opinion, learn to submit to her. This you can do by not imposing anything on her or suppressing her. A woman who feels suppressed will always fight back.

Now listen! Submission ought to be a mutual thing, not a one-way thing. Submission should be reciprocal.

If you want her to make your opinion count, you should also learn to make her opinion count.

3. Never Downplay Her Esteem: Anyone whose self-esteem you downplay is most likely to fight back. If she brings up a suggestion that doesn’t resonate with you, turn it down with wisdom, don’t thrash it outrightly.

This you do by first showing acceptance of her suggestions while you present the reason why her suggestions may not work out.

As you wisely turn down her suggestions, appreciate her. Never let her feel less of herself!

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4. Learn to Let Her Opinion Count: Giver her the opportunity to make a decision on a matter pertaining to both of you and the family and consciously go by her decision.

Sometimes, the outcome of her decisions may not be the best but you have to let that happen once in a while. As you show acceptance to her opinions, you’ll always have her submit to you. You can’t get the best from a woman that you make feel thrashed.

5. Focus on a Balanced and Equal Partnership: Create an environment where both individuals feel heard, valued, and respected. Learn to Work together as a team, making decisions collaboratively. This works like a magic!

6. Show Appreciation and Gratitude for Every Little Thing She Does Right: This helps her to feel valued and treasured. As you appreciate the very little thing she does right, you will empower her to do more.

7. Support Her Growth and Development: When you invest in your woman genuinely, you’ll reap submission. Help her to develop mentally and across boards. Do things that make her feel you are always thinking of her and want the very best for her in life.

8. Make Her Feel She’s in Control: Give her some level of authority to rule in your home. Let her feel she’s in charge. If you give a woman authority to rule, your home will be a peace haven. There is no better way to secure your home than letting your woman be in charge.

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