12 Helpful Conflict Resolution Strategies For Couples And Couples-To-Be

12 Helpful Conflict Resolution Strategies For Couples And Couples-To-Be

Welcome to this page! You wouldn’t be here if you were not a peacemaker! I salute your courage to make peace! Let’s get into the reason you are here! I surely do have conflict resolution exercises for couples here!

It must be noted that, As far as marital relationship is concerned, misunderstandings are inevitable especially when you’re just getting along or you’re new in the marriage

Marital relationships are not great because there are no misunderstandings, marital relationships are only great because they’re resolved as many times as they happen.

Misunderstanding itself is not bad, not resolving it is the problem.

Many times for growth to take place, inevitable conflict will surface. The aim of this conflict is not to break the relationship but to make it better and stronger after being resolved.

Growth doesn’t happen without conflict! Resolving misunderstandings in marriage and relationships is crucial to building a strong and healthy partnership. Resolving misunderstandings in marriage and relationships requires skills which I have clearly spelt out below!

For you to have a sweet union and enviable marital relationship, use the following tips when dealing with misunderstanding or conflict.

1. Have a Positive Attitude: When a conflict or misunderstanding occurs, what determines the outcome is not the situation itself but your attitude when handling it.

Don’t destroy any item in the home or get physical on each other no matter how hot the issue is. Learn to calm down and deal with your partner as friends.

Remember you’re lovers, the current misunderstanding you’re having cannot change that. Show love no matter how unlovely the situation might be!

2. Don’t Utter Negative Words: Be wary of uttering negative or insensitive statements that you wouldn’t love yourself uttering after the conflict is resolved. Don’t say a word that you’ll regret after you said it.

Be careful of using foul words on each other. Crises are bound to end but words can stick to memory for longer times than expected.

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3. Be in Charge of Your Emotions: Emotion is often stronger than knowledge but knowledge is better than emotion. Therefore, go in the way of knowledge rather than emotions!

Manage your emotions and respond thoughtfully, rather than reacting impulsively.

Don’t act based on your feeling, act based on your knowledge.

What should you know?

✓ Know that you’re dealing with a lover, not enemy.

✓ Know that the crises will soon be over.

✓ Know that the conflict is occasioned to get you better.

4. Communicate Effectively: Talk to each other openly and honestly, expressing your feelings clearly and avoiding blame.

While communicating, be empathetic and loving. Don’t be dishonoring or disrespectful because of the current hit.

5. Listen Actively to Hear, Not to Reply: Pay attention to your partner’s perspective, and try to understand their point of view. Hear what they have to say and allow them finish before you give a reply.

6. Avoid Presumption: Don’t assume you know what your partner thinks or feels; instead, ask clarifying questions. Don’t jump into a hasty conclusion without clarity.

7. Be Prompt in Addressing Issues: Don’t let misunderstandings linger; address them as soon as possible. It’s in your best interest to never let sunset on your issues, and address issues before the day closes.

8. Prioritize Each Other’s Interest: Practice selflessness, and seek common ground: Look for areas of agreement and try to find a compromise. Sometimes, you have to let go of your right for peace to reign.

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9. Forgive and Move On: Let go of grudges and focus on moving forward together. The peace of your marriage should be more important to you than staying on your right.

10. Don’t Reply Fault With Fault: For you to enjoy your marriage, never try to reply to a fault with an excuse.

If your spouse tells you that you did something wrongly, don’t try to give an excuse why you did it, just apologize and make amends.

Never attempt to justify your deficiencies by your spouse’s faults.

Never let your spouse’s misbehavior make you misbehave. Be yourself and stay on your lane.

Your maturity is little if you can make your spouse’s character influence your dealings with him/her.

Learn to treat them well regardless of their occasional faults.

Marriage is not a ground for revenge, but rather, a ground for forgiveness.

11. Never Forget Why You Got Married: The reasons that brought you together are more important than the transient challenges that want to put you apart. Stay with each other, you can overcome this!

12. Consult a Counselor if Need Be

This is how to resolve conflict in a relationship or marriage when both feel strongly hurt!

Do you need further counseling or advice, reach out to me @ isbayoadegboye@gmail.com. I will be glad to help you!

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