Trust And Believe Message

77 Heart Touching Trust And Believe Message for Him/Her

In a relationship where belief and trust are missing, both partners would not enjoy their relationship. That is how powerful and significant these factors are in every worthwhile relationship. Your happiness in your relationship is greatly influenced by how much you trust and believe in your partner. The least you want is to be with someone that makes you feel restless because you are not sure of his/her faithfulness to you.

Trust is everything in a romantic relationship and you must do everything possible to build or earn it. The great disaster in any relationship is to have the wall of trust broken. One of the ways to build trust in your love affair is to constantly send trust and believe messages to him/her. Trust will build up if you are consistent with this.

Here, you will find the best trust and belief message for you and your partner. It is beautiful to have someone you are fully secure with. Expressing that security, love, belief, and trust are good will make your relationship better over time.

Trust and Believe Message for Her

1. Darling, I want to let you know that I love you. You have been there for me in ways I can’t put in words completely. However, I want you to know that I have confidence in you, my girlfriend. You remain the best thing that has ever happened to me.

2. Having you in my life has brought peace to my soul. I have nothing to worry about since the day I met you. You are the physical representation of peace and tranquility in my life.  I love you so much and I can’t do less.

3. For many years I was looking for someone I can trust but I could find none. You came and changed my whole life.  Your presence and partnership with me have been a blessing. I trust you and I believe in you with all of my heart.

4. You are precious and lovely. You are gentle and kind. You are peaceful and friendly. You are an embodiment of peace and love.  Knowing and having you has made me learn so much about the significance of trusting a partner.

5. You are so amazing in the way you handle our affairs. My life has become stable because you are there for me every time I need you to stand in for me.  There is nothing that can separate us till the end of time. I believe in you and me forever.

6. The way you make me smile each day is the best feeling in the world. Sometimes, the situations of life do not permit me to laugh but you have always given reasons to do so.  You are my biggest cheerleader. I trust and love you more daily.

7. Time has proven to me that I can trust you with all of my resources. You have been very discrete when it comes to managing resources. Your kind of personality is rare. You are unique among your peers!

8. Being with you is not just great but fulfilling. You are the exact kind of partner I have been searching for over the years. We both trust ourselves. We love each other. My girl, I can’t doubt your belief and trust in me in any way.

9. Every morning is beautiful knowing that I have you. Your presence in my life has given me peace that cannot be measured. My heart is full of faith and trust in you. You are my world and I love you so much.

10. From the moment I met you till now, you have been amazing in ways that blow my mind. I want you to know that I trust you. Thank you for being a lady that I can love with my life and everything that I have. Much love for you.

Trust and Believe Message for Him

11. My King, having been with you for a while, I can see the quality of your personality. I want to let you know that I love you. I promise to never doubt you. I promise to always believe and trust you. You have been my rock and I love you forever.

12. Since the first day that I met you, I have trusted and believed in you without any doubt. I know that we are going to have the future we deserve in due time. You are my everything. You are awesome!

13. I have tested your personality, and I can see how authentic you are. I believe in you because of who you are. I have deep trust in you because of how much you work hard at your dreams. I love you!

14. You have been far away for some time now but your love in my heart is as deep as the deepest sea.  I can’t wait to see you again. You are my most trusted person and I enjoy every moment with you in every way. You are the best, ever!

15. Even in my dreams, I trust you very much. I have walked with you for too long to doubt you about anything. You are the only one I trust and believe in with everything I have. You are my blessing!

16. God makes no mistakes, He knows the exact person I would need for the journey of my life. He has brought you into my life because He knows that I needed you. I trust you so much. You are credible!

17. You are worth all the sacrifices I make for us daily. There is nothing I can’t sacrifice for us to have the life we have dreamt about. You have been there for us too when I was down to the earth. I love you for being a great man!

18. I grew up not trusting anyone but all that changed when I met you. You have behaved in such a way that my mindset about men changed positively. Now, I trust you and I believe in you. Cheers to a great future together.

19. You have shown me love beyond what I thought was possible. It is safe to say that I believe and trust in you. Without you telling me, I see through every sacrifice you make that you are genuinely interested in me. Thank you for going every length to make love and trust you.

20. From day one till now, I knew what I wanted. When you came into my life, I knew you are the right one for me. You have all of my trust. I want you to feel secure in my love for you and be assured that nothing can make me love you less.

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Messages on Trust in Relationship

21. The reason I love you is because you are trustworthy, kind, reliable, genuine and lovable. I can easily count on you in any situation. You are my greatest helper and confidant. I will do anything to ensure we stay together. I love you.

22. Every day gives me the privilege to treat you well knowing that you will never disappoint me. You have never failed me. Not once! Because of your authenticity and the genuinty of your personality, I will be your forever

23. All the diamonds and gold in the world can’t buy the trust I have for you. My trust in you is more than anyone can imagine. If were to choose between loving you and the gold of this world, I will choose you again and again.  I love you and I trust you.

24. Being with you is the most amazing experience of my life. I felt complete and perfected since the day you came into my life.  You are my best gift in life. I trust you effortlessly. You are awesome!

25. You have been a good girl to me and I want to let you know that you have my love forever. No one can ever take your place in my life. My heart is for only you and my life will be spent trusting you forever.

26. You have become an organic part of my life that I cannot do without. The day I stop trusting you might be the day I stop breathing. I just can’t stop trusting you, my Love. You are truly worthy.

27. You have done so many good things for me that makes your place in my irreplaceable. No one has earned my trust as you have earned it. I will never for any reason take you for granted. I’m grateful to have you in my life.

28.  You have taken so much space in my heart that I will never want to do without you. In all I think of daily, you are at the top of my mind. My love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean. I trust you!

29. Having you in my life has made me a better person. I have grown to become a better woman among my peers.  I have trusted you with all my secrets and plans for the future. You have my trust.

30. I have no worries with you by my side. Everything I do and everywhere I go, I have no reason to worry because I trust you to always come through for me. I love you now and forever will I do as much as I live.

Trust Message To My Love

31. Coming to this world without meeting you will make my experience about life incomplete. My Love, you are the most beautiful experience of my life. I want you to know that I trust you very much. You are mine forever.

32. Knowing you have made me trust you and develop a healthy confidence toward life . I trust you without having to worry about anything. You are a gift to me which I will always cherish and love.

33. You have been hardworking to make sure we are fine. Trusting you is easy because you make the most sacrifice for me. You have made me a better person with your words and actions.

34. The moment I saw you for the first time, I felt it in me that I have found my forever love. This is a genuine love, not infatuation. I trust you and I know we will make a good couple as we journey through life together.

35. My Love, you are the only star in my sky and the sun that shines the brightest even when it is raining. Nothing makes sense in this life outside you. I’m satisfied to be yours alone.  I trust you with my life.

36. I know you will never fail me which is why I trust you with all my heart. You have proven yourself to be good a man times without number. Thank you for all the efforts you put in to make our relationship work.

37. I want you to know that it is good to have you in my life. You have given my life a very beautiful shape through care and nurturing. There is no one I trust to handle my affairs like you. I know you will not let me down, my Love.

38. We have come a long way, we are no longer where we use to be and nothing can be strong enough to separate us. You have never placed anyone above me and I deeply appreciate me. I trust you, my Love.

39. I can’t get over how much you love me, your love for me sometimes make me feel like the whole world revolves around me. Everything you do for me makes me feel special. Thank you for loving me. I trust you!

40. With you, I feel like I can conquer, survive and achieve anything worthwhile in life. You have been a positive influence in developing my mind. We trust each other and we are working hard to build our dreams.

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Love Message To Make Her Believe You

41. You own my heart forever and no one can share it with you. I can not live without you in my life. You make me feel complete and I would not have it any other way. I love you beyond words.

42. To have you is the best way to live my life. I feel blessed that you are in my life and I will never want anything to take you out of it. There is nothing and there is no one I want more than I desire you. Thank you for being my perfect fit, my sweetheart.

43. Every moment is a good time to express my love for you. You deserved to be loved and given the very best.  I love you with all my heart and I will never stop loving you, my Sweetheart.

44. I believe that you are my sweetness because since you stepped into my life, sweetness has become my very day experience. My precious jewel of the highest value. No one can ever take your place in my life.

45. Let me use this moment to tell you that you are very special to me and whatever it will take me to give you special treatment, I will do it. Thank you for being my partner for life. I love you deeply!

46. The most awesome thing about life is to be blessed with an awesome partner like you. To have you is to have the right partner in a relationship. Our love is the best and we will always make the most of all we have together.

47. Your love in my heart is fresh every morning. You are so sweet in my heart, I can never get over you. You are mine and I love you with all of me. Together, I know we can move mountains and have a great life.

48. From the time we met until now, you have been the love of my life. You have made world a beautiful place to live. You are the one I waited for all those years that I was single. I am glad I found you.

49. I can’t believe that you are mine, you are so kind, gentle, peaceful and friendly. I also won’t be able to live if you are not mine. My Love, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

50. You are the perfect template of what a wife should be. I don’t want a future without you by my side. You and I are not just lovers but the best partners in the whole wide world.

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Trust Message For Him

51. I see you as teacher and instructor in my life. Being with you makes me want to do more with my life. You inspire me to be greater than who I am. I trust you to always help me improve, my Love.

52. Your sense of humor is great, I love being with you. You have made it easy for me to enjoy all my time with you by first earning my trust. I will always be by your side come what may.

53 I’m never sad with you because you make me feel on top of the world. You find it easy to crack me up even when I am never interested in laughing.  You are my best desire. I trust you so much.

54. The only one that truly understands me is you. God carefully designed you for me to be my specialist. I don’t struggle to be understood when I am with you. I always trust you to be my companion.

55. You have given a helping hands several time without number. I promise to always make you proud just the way you have helped me to stand on my feet after I fell several times. I trust you to never leave me all by myself.

56. I love being with you more than being with any other. As lovers, we are always around each other. What makes our relationship more unique is that I trust you a lot. My heart is yours!

57. Your uniqueness is strong point of attraction to me. You are exceptional in all the things that you do. It is easy to trust you as we go further in this relationship. You are my world!

58. I have been with you for 5 years and I wish I had been with you for longer time. Being with you is a blessing. In a thousand lifetimes, I would still choose to be with you. I have no one to trust other than you.

59. You are beyond the regular guy, you are exceptional and you are simply the best among thousand men. My trust in you is rock solid. I know you will always be my true love. May we always have us together.

60. Time has proven to me that you are the most faithful person around me. I have grown beyond doubting for any reason possible.  You are my man and I trust you. You are amazing in all that you do.

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Trust Message To Make Her Fall In Love

61. You have made my life so easy and smooth, I will not make your life difficult in any way. Rather, I will make efforts to make your life very easy. You can count on me and trust me I will never let you down.

62. The moment I saw you I started having pictures of our future together. You have been a good woman to me, I can’t deny it. I will do anything you want for me to gain your trust.

63.  What I feel for you is not unreal. I truly love you and I will do the needful to win your heart. I will win your trust soon if you will give me a little attention. You are my woman and no one will ever take your place.

64. Keeping in touch with you has made it easy for you to trust me a little. I know with time, you will trust me more and we will have the best relationship.

65. I have been with you for a long time and I want to be with you forever. Soon, I will have all your trust. You are my crush and I will love to be your one and only lover. I have fallen in love with you.

Heart Touching Love And Trust Message

66. You are my best friend, you have been there for me and I can boldly say you are real. We work well together because we have built a great level of trust between us. I love you very much.

67. I could not have asked God for a better partner to live life with. You have played a major role in my that no one could have done. May we keep loving each other till the end of time.

68. Your ways of living life inspire me to love and trust you more. You exude the right energy that creates oneness between couples. Why I let you go? I will stay with you forever.

69. How do you do what you do? How do you make loving and trusting you so easy? Whatever you are doing to make these happen, keep doing them. I love you!

70. I can’t stay away from you because you are everything to me. My love and trust for you cant allow me a moment away from you. That is how much you mean to me.

71. With every breath, I think of you and trust you more. With every breath, I also fall deeper in love with you. You are very precious to me. You are the greatest gift that life has offered me. I cherish you forever.

72. Discovering the power of love and trust has made our relationship productive. I don’t want to ever live life without your love and trust. Let’s keep the flames of love burning forever.

73. You are priceless to me and invaluable. I love you so much with everything that I am. You make me happy and I love only you, forever. Trust me, I will love you forever.

74. God has brought you into my life to love you forever. I will always be there for you no matter what happens. I love you, always and I will ensure I am with you forever !

75. There is no other person that can love me the way you do, you happened to be the only one who have been with me in my down time. I also believe that no other person can love you the way I do.

76. This is going to be a great relationship. Our love for each other will get stronger by the day. We will never be apart for the rest of our lives together.

77. Great people need to be with other great people. I know I am great and meeting you has made me better because you are a great person too. I love you!

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