Positive New Week Quotes

101 Inspirational Positive New Week Quotes for the Start of Another Week

Everyone has a right to determine how their weeks turn out. If you set your mind right and are prepared to get the best from the week, you’re certain to get the best from the week.

A good and productive week is not accidental, it’s deliberately created. To desire a positive thing without making a prior effort to actualize it will not make the desires come through.

If you must have an amazing and positive week, it first begins in your mind. Your mind ought to be filled with positive thoughts because it takes positive thoughts to reproduce a positive life.

It’s on this note that positive new week quotes are carefully written and compiled to arm you with the right mindset and eventually give you a productive and successful week ahead.

New Week Motivation Quotes

It’s important to be rightly motivated before you start your week. The energy with which you begin the week determines how much energy currency you’ll have to continue the rest of the week.

Positive new week quotes are your best motivation plug to give you the right frame of mind for the week and get you the best outcome afterward. Get plunge into these new week motivation quotes and have an amazing week ahead.

1. Any possibility your mind can capture and believe without wavering can surely be achieved without fail. Dare to believe in yourself this week!

2. A right life begins with the right frame of mind. If you want your outcome for the week to be the best you have ever had, then, arm yourself with the right frame of mind.

3. Life comes with all kinds of aura, some of which are positive while some are negative. It’s in your power to decide which one you open yourself to.

4. Before the week starts at all, it’s important to have a set goal. All goals may not be reachable but it’s important to have them.

5. If you must be a winner, it’s important to have unwavering confidence in yourself. No one will have confidence in you if you don’t have one in yourself.

6. Creativity brings beauty to life and the work industry entirely. If you can consistently engage your creativity, you’ll earn honor among the nobles.

7. A lot of opportunities abound in life, all you’ve got to do is open your eyes and see them.

8. Endeavor to strive to attain excellence, success is meant for those who are ready to give it all it takes.

9. No matter what you face today, never be afraid. Success is always on the other side of your fear.

10. Avoid procrastination and lack of confidence in yourself. If you don’t do it now, when are you are going to do it?

Short Inspirational Quotes To Start The Week

11. Success is not a respecter of a location or people, anyone can succeed anywhere in the world. Never allow yourself to be a captive of your immediate environment.

12. Excellence is not attained by wishes but by habitual training. You don’t act right because it’s convenient, you act right because it’s right.

13. It’s good to love your work and be passionate about it. Make your work the way you reward your passion.

14. Failure is not the enemy of man, fear is. Failure is a school you have to attend to learn how to succeed. Dare failure to attain success.

15. Life is about chances and opportunities. Opportunities may not come knocking at your door but you can always reach out to one.

16. What was lost yesterday can be gotten back today. Another day or another week is always an opportunity to do things the better way.

17. There will always be negative things that will beckon your attention, never allow them in. The more you talk about them, the more they will have a root around you.

18. To be successful demands that you’re selective about the kind of people you surround yourself with. If you don’t camp yourself around successful people, success will be very difficult for you.

19. Fear cannot be eradicated in life, you’ll have to cope with them. If you can make up your mind about a worthy goal, your fears will disappear.

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Another Week Quotes

Another week is always another time to do differently what you couldn’t do the previous week. These quotes help you prepare for another week and get the very best from it.

20. Nothing can stop a man who has chosen never to be stopped by circumstances of life. No matter the hurdles you encounter, never stop.

21. Creating a mark in life isn’t about walking through where men have walked but about going the unfamiliar path and leaving a trail.

22. Don’t just work because you want to succeed alone, work because you want to get better.

23. Everything you do today contributes largely to what you become tomorrow. The future depends on what you do today, be intentional about what you do.

24. Offenses will abound, and anger will erupt but no matter who annoys you, dare to prioritize your happiness. Never let anyone robs you of your joy because of anger.

25. Life is about time and chances. But when chances refuse to show up, you can create some yourself.

26. You may have made a mistake yesterday, Yes, it’s allowed! But never let yesterday take up too much of today.

27. No one creates the road to success for you, you create one by stepping into it. The road to success is always bushy, men’s feet make it smooth.

28. The world is always a better place with everybody’s concerted contribution. Dare to make the world a better place today with your contribution.

29. It may be very difficult to build your dreams, but happy are you if you can be decisive enough to build them.

30. Dreams are not born without pains, success doesn’t happen without labor. The sweetness that comes after they’re born makes you forget all the pains.

Monday Business Motivation

31. There is dignity in Labor, work will always distinguish people into different classes. If you want people to know who you are, just work and let your work speak.

32. Talk is cheap, but work is not. If what you desire in life is a success, stop talking, and start working.

33. If you can be consistent in doing what’s necessary every day, everything that looks impossible will suddenly appear possible.

34. It’s one thing to have a beautiful dream, it’s another thing to believe in it. The future belongs to those who can believe in their dreams.

35. What you don’t start will not grow, what you do not begin cannot continue. The best way to avoid stagnation is not by talking but by doing something.

36. Excellence in big things begins with mastery in little matters. Little things become great if consistency is deployed.

37. Things don’t work because they’re wished so, things work because they are worked out. Nothing works until you work.

38. A mountain of knowledge acquired is of no use if there is no consistent application. Knowledge is good but the application is better.

39. You’re not born to learn how to do everything, you can always grow up learning how to do everything. Anything can be learned.

40. Everything you practice daily is the prophecy of the future. The best way to create the future is to be addicted to doing the right thing.

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Monday Morning Motivation

41. Life may place limits on you but none of them is allowed to be permanent. The only permanent limit on you is the one you place on yourself.

42. Success requires time and diligence. These are the two most powerful forces no one can defeat.

43. You might have missed a vital opportunity in life but it can never be too late to get it right again. You can always be what you want to be when you’re ready.

44. No matter how impossible your dreams are, never doubt your capability to achieve them. Doubt is a distraction, avoid it at all costs.

45. Success begins with your ability to believe that you can achieve it. There is a successful element in you, dare to bring it out.

46. No matter how insurmountable life presents situations before you, dare to begin with small steps. This will get you to where you’re going.

47. Success becomes realistic to anyone who can take a step at a time. If you can begin, you can get there.

48. A tree doesn’t shoot out and grow to bear fruit overnight, it will follow through several years of the process of growth. So is life!

50. You can’t change the world all alone but you can always create your effect no matter how insignificant it might seem.

Start Your Week Quotes

51. When one door closes, another one opens almost immediately. Oftentimes, we mourn the closed doors that we lose sight of the opened ones.

52. Life is broken into times and seasons, to waste part of your time is to waste part of your life. Use your time correctly.

53. If you will not allow the odd feelings of discouragement to take you captive, in no time, success will be your experience.

54. Lead an intentional life, reputation is built on your past life, not the one you’ve yet to live. Live correctly all the time.

55. Success is about overcoming fears and failure every time they come without losing the fighting energy.

56. Every public glory has a private story that cannot be told. Don’t admire the glory if you are not interested in the story.

57. Sometimes, what you regard as trials are often triumphs in disguise. Manage your trials well, and you’ll get your triumph as cheaply as possible.

58. Luck doesn’t exist, if at all it does, it favors diligence. The harder you work, the luckier you’ll be.

59. There are two options to live for before you. It’s either you live your dreams or you live your fears.

60. When you become addicted and obsessed with success, then sleep will be the least important thing in your life.

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Start Of A New Week Quotes

61. Everyone can travel some miles but only a few can travel the extra mile. There are not too many people on the extra mile, that’s where outstanding success is.

62. If you want to succeed very fast, you cannot listen to everybody. If you want to succeed faster, listen to just a few.

63. Don’t feel disheartened when your goals are not reached, goals are meant to be aimed at, but they may not all be reachable.

64. If you spend too much time talking or thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Achievement is in the action.

65. If your life must go the right way, you’ve got to be a good manager of time. Until you can manage your time, you cannot manage anything.

66. You may not always know what to do but you can always do what you know. Keep doing what you know until you know what to do further.

67. Everything in life ought to be done in an orderly, this is how life is filled with astounding beauty. Orderliness eradicates complications.

68. Make every effort to work, don’t embark on a fruitless journey. Check your steps and act right.

69. How to win is to concentrate your thoughts on positivity. Winners always think positively.

70. The best inspiration you’ll ever get in life is the one that comes from you. Don’t wait to be inspired, just get on to work.

71. Pay attention to what captures your attention, whatever gets your attention will influence your life.

72. Human beings around you will always offer you a series of advice, take what is useful, and discard what’s not. That’s how you travel fast in life.

73. Right time never comes, we only act right to make things right. Stop waiting at a position, just act and things will catch up.

74. Success is not accidental, success is deliberately achieved. Right action is a building block for great success.

75. Everybody has a gene for a winner within but to win requires planning and preparation to win.

76. Success cannot be separated from hard work. Find the right course and devote your life to it.

77. Everyone has the same circle of 24 hours to become all that they want to become in life. Use your own time judiciously and success will come to you.

78. If you see great success anywhere in the world, it’s made of small detailed deeds. If you want to succeed, pay attention to every detail.

79. Distractions abound, life comes with a handful number of them. Success is a product of focus, therefore eradicate your distractions.

80. If you can’t find what you are passionate about then be passionate about what you have found.

Monday Motivation Quotes For Work

81. Life is beautiful, works make it so. If you have not found work, you’ve not found a point of joy. There is joy in working with your hands.

82. If you have found work, concentrate your thoughts and efforts on it until the beauty of it shows up.

83. A miner who entertains the thoughts of hardship too much will never dig. Don’t camp your thoughts around the impossible, just work.

84. No dream becomes a reality by mere wishes, it takes several years of consistency, diligence, and sweat to birth one.

85. No one ever succeeded without hard work. It may get easier over time but it doesn’t begin so.

86. Every mountain is a combination of small stones. If you want to move mountains, begin by lifting them stone by stone.

87. No one wants to stay in the valley, everyone wants to stay at the top. Climbing is the cost of reaching the top.

88. Having a good work ethic is the cardinal key to success. Give your best in whatever you do, and success will be very friendly to you.

89. Don’t dream too long if you don’t want your dreams to remain one for life. Dream a little, work it out, and dream again.

90. Every week comes with special packages, only those who are deliberately hard-working will get the best from it.

91. Be disciplined and diligent to achieve your dreams. Stay committed this week, and nothing will be impossible for you.

92. Life favors the bold, timidity is a disadvantage, never allow it. Stay courageous always!

93. Whatever you think of yourself, you’re always very correct. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re very right but I think you can!

94. Nothing around you gets better until you become better yourself. Everything around you is a reflection of what you have become.

95. You cannot start your dreams as bright as you wanted, even the sun doesn’t start as bright. As you continue, things get brighter.

96. Talent without deliberate hard work will amount to nothing. Talent is good but hard work is better.

97. Success is always connected with action. If you have the series of needed actions in place, you’ll always succeed.

98. One thing that is common to successful people is movement. Those who always move will always have things move for them.

99. If you have an impossible project before you, focus on the possible first then how you will do the impossible will appear.

100. Stop dreaming about success, just swing into action and work for it.

101. If you see anyone at the top of the mountain, they didn’t fall there by accident, they walked their way there.

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