How To Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving

36 Ways on How To Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving

No plan to grieve over anyone but accidentally such situations happen. Some conditions make individuals grieve and at such times, they will need to be comforted. The Holy scripture says, ‘rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve’. It is important to be there for our friends and loved ones in such a time as this.

It may not be easy to comfort someone who is grieving because of the trauma they are going through at that moment. However, there are proven ways by which they may be comforted. Find a proven strategy to comfort someone who is grieving on this page and watch them come back to life.

Comforting a family or a friend who is grieving may be one of the best help you will ever render them in their lifetime. You may have money to give to them but you can always send your comforting words to them. Below are how to comfort someone who is grieving!

1. Give Them Time To Express Their Emotions

Allow grieving people to cry and let them express their pains. It is normal! If you ask them about the incident that makes them sad, they will weep. It is not your fault for them to weep, they remembered the incident and can’t hold their tears.

So, one of the best ways to comfort them is to give them time to express their emotions.

2. Listen To Them

You can comfort someone by being a good listener. Let them talk to you comfortably without being harsh on them. Let them voice out their sadness. Support them by letting them realize that you are a good listener.

3. Don’t Keep Distance

When people are in sadness state, don’t move away from them. Stay very close to them. Even if they don’t want to see you before, they will feel different about you and that you are a good helper.

4. Comfort Them With Soft Words

Don’t be harsh on the grieving person. Becoming harsh on them will make them sad more. Tell them soft words that will make them happy and feel positive. No matter how sad they are, they will feel different if you speak the right word.

5. Help Them With Some Tasks

Sad people can do anything that can injure them. You can help them out by giving them a psychotherapist to talk to them and make them get back to their normal state. They will always remember you for good.

6. Accept The Person’s Change In Behavior

There will be some change in the way people behave when they are sad. They will start having mood swings.

What you can do to help them is to accept it towards the time they will be happy.

7. Don’t Remind Them Of The Past

People become emotional when you remind them of their past. It is never good to remind a grieving person of their past. They will be sadder and it will be difficult for them to be happy.

8. Stay Away From Words That Will Remind Them Of The Incident

Do not console them with some words that will make them remember the incident. Words like “I wish we are here together here” will make them sad. Make use of words that will cheer them up easily.

9. Invite Them Over For Fun

You can invite them for an outing. When they are having fun with people, the memory of the incident will be gone till the time they will get healed completely.

10. Give Them Something Special

You can gift them something that will help them to get happy quickly. Something like the things they used for catching fun is a good idea.

11. Visit Them Often

Make sure you are closer to them during their healing time. Visit them and talk about different things. When I say different things, I didn’t mean those things that will make them sad.

Talk about hilarious stuff and joke together. When they do this often, they will recover fast.

How To Support A Man Who Is Grieving

12. Be Someone He Can Talk To

Men use to speak out when they are sad. Be a good listener and assure him that his secrets are safe with you. Be his confidant and don’t break your promise.

13. Don’t Talk About It Every Time

Repeating the issue every time will make them sad. Even if he decided to keep his sadness, he may not be strong enough. He may be crying inside.

What he is going through is not going to be permanent forever but helps him get out of his grieving state by not talking about the incident every time.

14. Do Not Compare Yourself To Him

Most people do not like comparing themselves to other people. He is the one grieving, not you. Play with caution!

Comparing your experience with his own will make him feel bad and see you as someone that doesn’t care.

15. Stay With Him

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Do not run away from people when they are going through difficulty. Be a supporter and a real friend.

16. Do Not Mock Him

Mocking him can injure his health which may make to try to do something bad to himself. If you mocked him, you will be adding to the problem he already has.

17. Offer Him Company

If he wants to be around you to make himself happy, allow him. Be a supporter for him to be happy. Do not stigmatize him.

18. Do Not Comment On His Appearance Negatively

Sad people are prone to lots of changes. They will be behaving differently when they are not happy.

There is a saying that “first impression lasts longer”. The person’s behavior may not be the way you met them the first time. Do not just assume that their behaviors are abnormal. They may be going through a lot. When people are sad, it may affect their dressing and body changes.

19. Express Your Love

You may not be happy because your friend is not happy. Don’t show that you are not happy so that you will not end up complicating the matter. The best thing to do is to hug them and assure them that everything will be okay.

20. Reach Out To Him

If you are just hearing about the sad news, go to him and express your condolence. Allow him to speak out to you. It will help him get well.

21. Be Careful Of The Words You Will Say

When you visit him, don’t make use of words that will make him feel bad. Don’t start saying ” no longer with us”. He will be sad when you continue repeating sensitive words that will injure him more.

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How To Comfort Someone Whose Parent Is Dying

22. Offer Financial Support

If the person needs money to get his/her parents better, you can give them part of the money even if you don’t have the full money. This might help the parent feel better.

23. Inspire Them With Comfort Words

You can make them feel better by telling them some soft words. They will not lose hope.

24. Don’t Use Harsh Words On Them

Someone who is going through a hard time may experience some mental health issues. Do not try to speak to them harshly, it will trigger the problem they are having before.

25. Pray For Their Parent

If the only help you can render them is prayer, visit their parents and pray for them. That may be the path for them to get back on their feet.

26. Be Around Them

Don’t make them feel alone during their trouble. Stay with them and support them the best way that you can. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Let them know that you care about them.

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What To Do When Your Partner Is Grieving

Your partner should be your number one supporter. When your partner is sad, you will be sad too. You can do something to make your partner happy. Techniques on how to comfort someone who is grieving can also be employed in comforting your partner who is going through the same situation!

What to do when your partner is grieving is not difficult just as I have them available to you on this page. Check them below!

27. Be Comfortable With Their Grieving State

Don’t be harsh on them to give you attention. They are going through a lot and all they need is care. Being harsh on them will trigger grieves. Don’t be selfish because you want them to give you attention. Be caring and loving.

28. Give Them Room To Cry

Many people are dying silently because they can’t find anyone to talk to. Let your partners cry if they want to cry. It can make them feel better.

29. Assure Them That It Is Fine

When they give up, assure them it is not the end. Let them know that everything will be fine.

30. Allow Them To Express Their Emotion

There are different people with different attitudes. You can’t compare the way you feel with the way another person will feel during grieves. Allow them to express their grievances in their unique way.

31. Offer Them Some Help

If you notice that your partner needs to see a psychologist, get one for them. Get them one to help them get back to their normal state.

32. Talk To Them Often

Don’t make them feel alone. Try to talk to them every time. In a short time, they will be out of their grieves.

33. Believe That They Can’t Forget It Forever

Your partner may be out of the grievances very fast but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten about it. They will still be remembering the incident but support them to get healed.

34. Relief Them Of Some Stress

When your partner is grieving, people will be visiting him/her for condolences. You can relieve your partner of the stress of appreciating people by greeting them on behalf of your partner.

35. Take Your Partner Out

You can take your partner somewhere fun where they can laugh and relieve themselves. If your partner decided not to go with you, don’t force him/her.

36. Don’t Mock Your Partner

Do not make the mistake of mocking your partner with their condition. They will feel bad and see you as someone not worthy to be with. Instead of mocking your partner, support them to get healed as much as you can.

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