Graduation Personal Message Examples

30 Congratulatory Graduation Personal Message Examples

Moving from one phase to another is a big deal and that is what graduation is. It doesn’t matter what phase it is, whether it is moving from high school to university or graduating from university. It is a sign of progress, a sign that you can do whatever you set your mind to. A perfect way to congratulate someone that is moving up the long ladder of success is to send a note with a little gift.

It is a thoughtful way among others. Now, to the main thing. How do you write that note/message? Coming up with a perfect note for an amazing moment can be a little tasking because that may be when your brain decides to take bail on you however, we got you covered. With these graduation personal message examples, you will celebrate yourself well.

This article contains a long list of quotes and messages for the graduation ceremony. You can either use them directly or get inspiration from them. Whichever one you choose to do, just make sure your personal message for the graduation ceremony is perfect and well-written, and don’t forget to add a small gift!

Virtual Graduation Personal Message Examples

Writing a note is good but sending a video is perfect! There’s warmth and connection that come with sending a video to your loved one. It shows how personal it is. An idea for your video is to say personal things, talk about your journey and even add personal pictures for memory’s sake.

Below are some things you can say in your virtual graduation personal message;

  1. I have been amazingly hardworking! I have worked so hard and now the reward is here. I am so proud of myself today for coming out as the best-graduating student in this academic session! Congratulations to me!

2. My heart is filled with so much joy for this milestone achievement in my academic history. I have waited for this joyous day and now it has come to stay. I want to appreciate everyone who has assisted me to come this far. I welcome myself to the new phase of life.

3. Finally, a graduate! It was not easy at all but I did it. And gratefully with beautiful results. Cheers to greater achievement in the future. My coming days shall be better than the past. Rejoice with me, congratulations to me.

4. Time to celebrate! I am glad to see myself in this new phase of life. It was long waited for and right before my eyes, I am here. I appreciate everyone who has helped me to come this far.  It’s my desire to enjoy ease like never before. Congratulations to myself.

5. I am about to blow up with pride. I did this. I am amazing and smart! It was a tough journey yet it was made possible. Congratulations to me, I’m happy about my achievement.

6. Throughout my stay in school, I saw myself work so hard and burn midnight candles. I have striven so hard just to get here and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. Congratulations to me!

7. I have always said I am smart and I have proven it to family and friends today! Nothing has made our family proud like seeing me excel in my career. This joy of mine shall last long as I keep going forward!

8. It’s the beginning of an end. I’ve proven to be resilient and I’m pretty sure I would smash more goals in the future. This is just my beginning. Family and friends, celebrate with me.

9. Congratulations to me on getting my well deserved degree. I hope the labor market will be nice on me to reward my sleepless night in school. Surely, everything shall work out in my favor as I step forward on the upward path.

10. One degree in the bag and here’s to many more achievements. I believe strongly that I can achieve more if I could achieve this very one. Congratulations to me!

Personal Message for Graduation Ceremony

11. This achievement is well deserved and I felt I needed to be celebrated like celebrity. I’ve worked so hard passionately and I am happy that I are finally graduating. Congratulations to me.

12. Another milestone has been crossed and I did that with grace. Truly, hard work pays. I believe as I keep working hard to achieve more, I will deliver more degrees in short time. Well wishes for me on my graduation.

13. I am  brave, strong, and resilient. My graduation is proof of that. It is not a surprise that I am graduating with flying colors. I labored more than any other colleagues in school. Congratulations to me!

14. It is the beginning of a new era for me and I hope I know only joy in this era. I am proud of my self before my family. It’s my prayers that I enjoy greater achievements in the years to come.

15. I know I would succeed when I work hard. That is definitely evident in my life. I’m glad that my hard work was never in vain. Congratulations on my graduation ceremony. More achievements ahead for me.

16. Yes! It paid off. All my hard work and commitment paid off. Congratulations to the latest graduate which is me. This shall not be my last success as I stepped forward in life.

17. This moment is the perfect call for celebration. I put my mind into it and I did it. Today, family and friends are going to celebrate me because I deserve it. What has happened to me is a great thing and that’s why evryone gathers to rejoice with me.

18. I hope that this graduation is an opening to something new and great for me. I hope that I do more great things. Surely, success just began. Congratulations on my graduation.

19. The journey of 4 years ends today and I am about to start/step into a new phase. I hope many good things happen to me in this phase. Happy graduation to my proud self.

20. I deserve this win and I hope I get many more in the future. Everyone is excited today because I have delivered a great result. Congratulations to me and my family.

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My Graduation Message

21. I am a scholar! I did it! I am super proud of myself. Family and friends are now gathered to say congratulations to me. I deserve this and even more! May this graduation be a stepping stone to my next level!

22. Accept my warmest thanks for the congratulations wishes sent to me on my graduation! This joy in me is so full and overwhelming. I appreciate your efforts in coming this far to celebrate with me!

23. My dedication and commitment to my studies are worth emulating. I celebrate myself for being a good example for the younger generations coming behind me. Congratulations to me.

24. It feels like yesterday when I started out on this journey and now I am a graduate. The journey was very tough like it would never end but finally it is over. Congratulations to me.

25. I wish myself all the best as I step into a new phase of adventure. I pray I deliver more results in the years to comes so that I can make myself proud. Congratulations to me.

26. It is satisfying to see myself finally graduating this school. It was a tough journey for me but finally it is over to day. I have worked so hard for this and I truly deserve to batch this degree. Congratulations to me, myself and I.

27. I wish myself well on this joyous day. Congratulations to me on this great graduation ceremony. Things of joy shall not cease in the life of everyone who has celebrated with me. I will keep going higher!

28. Today is the day my joy and I am wishing you all the best. I hope that I overcome every challenge and get many opportunities to advance in life. From here to the higher ground I have desired.

29. Hey! See! It was worth it in the end. Truly, the process was very difficult but here comes a good finishing. I came, I saw and I conquered. This is great day for me and I appreciate everyone who is part of my joy. Congratulations to me and friends whom I have made proud.

30. Glam up, I am happy about this day. It is an end to a phase and a beginning of another.  I wear that gown with pride because I actually did it! I’m glad my effort was never in vain. Cheers to me!

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