Final Exam Wishes

80 Prayers and Final Exam Wishes and Quotes for Final Year Student

The final exam is an end to a journey of either 3 years, 4 years, or 6 years. These exams build up a lot of tension for students, the next phase of their journey is solely dependent on it, so they must pass it no matter the condition. Students need to be encouraged and prayed to succeed in their exams. Your wishes and prayers can a very long way to help them achieve success.

Those writing these final exams might be for school, a job, or an acquisition of skill and they need all the help they can get to prepare them for what they are up against. This is what makes final exam wishes very crucial. You must be interested in contributing to the success of the students around you and this you can do through your wishes and messages.

Send a soothing message or wish to help them before the final exams, we have compiled some for you.

Prayer For Students Taking Final Exam

1. God, I pray that I won’t rewrite this final exam, help me to stay cool and free from all worries and anxieties, and let my results glorify your name, thank you for you have answered my prayer.

2. The Lord has helped you to this stage final stage, may the Lord strengthen you to finish well and end this stage with excellent results. It is well with you.

3. May the Lord bless my effort and commitment toward my final exams and richly bless me with outstanding results in all my papers in Jesus’ name.

4. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you have bestowed upon your child, help him write this final exam with success, and let help him be able to use these gifts efficiently.

5. Thank you, Lord, for helping and strengthening me throughout my study for this final exam. I pray for divine assistance and understanding to give the right answers to the questions.

6. Dear lord, I barely pray or worship you, but please help me in this hard time, especially concerning my final exams. Give me infinite wisdom to help me succeed in this exam.

7. Father, the outcome of this final exam will help me go further in my studies and other aspect of life. Help me to pass it with excellent results.

8. Ever faithful God, your son is about to write his final exams, he has surrendered all to you, guide him through the exams. Thank you, Lord.

9. Dear Lord, I commit this final exam in your hand, right my wrongs, and do what only you can do, give me strength to achieve success in this exam in Jesus’s name.

10. O Lord, come to my aid concerning my final exams, I can’t write this exam without your support and guidance. Thank you, Lord, for always answering my prayers. Amen.

Exam Wishes Quotes

Below are final exam wishes quotes to encourage a student!

11. Education is a pass to a better prospect, and exams are unavoidable during education. I wish you the very best in your exams.

12. Be positive about everything around you, let positivity be the order of your life, and be positive about your exams and you will see how it takes a great turn. All the best for the exam.

13. While studying and preparing for your forthcoming exam, make sure to take care of your health, and rest properly. I am certain you will excel, best wishes for your exam.

14. Exams might be challenging but you are tough and capable, be convinced of your capabilities and you will scale through easily. I wish you the very best in your papers.

15. Exams are avenues to improve one’s skills, we are elated to see you thriving in your academics. We wish you good luck concerning your impending exams.

16. You have constantly aced your exam and make us extremely thrilled to see you succeed this one is less than the other ones, perform superbly. Best of luck.

17. Don’t be scared of failing, it gives you the chance to prove that you are better, don’t let the exam bother you, you will succeed in it

18. Don’t be troubled about your exam, your studying hard will eradicate all the trouble you have concerning your exam. I wish you the best of luck.

19. Don’t be a loser by procrastinating your preparation for the exams, those who devoted themselves to learning and worked earnestly become victorious at the end of the race. I wish you success in your exam.

20. The race to success involves exams, success is limited and only those who strive for it will get it, let your exams result be evidence that you worked hard.

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Best Of Luck For Exam SMS

21. You are the most excellent student I have don’t ever make yourself feel less, I have complete faith that you will do well in your paper. All the best of luck, and you shall succeed.

22. Put in all your effort for the success of your exams, and may your result be good scores. I wish you the best of luck.

23. I have faith in you that you will succeed in this next exam, you need to believe that you can achieve it too. Best of luck.

24. Doing well in your exams will enable you to achieve your goals, you have the brain, to go, and write that exam and pass it. best of luck.

25. Education makes you learn new things, and exams are used to test you on all al the things you have learned. I know you will do exceedingly well. Best of luck.

26. Exams are worth the trouble, acing them guarantees you a good life, a life of luxury and ease, do well to pass this exam. I wish you success, the best of luck.

27. Exams are used to test if you paid rapt attention to the classes and everything you were taught, passing it validates it and it makes not only your parents but your teacher proud.

28. Your teachers and parents are elated when you are doing excellently well in class, they believe you can pass your exams too. I wish you success and the best of luck.

29. Your future is in your hand, and the way you handle your exams shows how you want you to be. Best of luck in your exams.

30. When you study hard, you will get your desired result, and do well to study, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Success Wishes In Exam

31. You are an excellent and sharp student, I believe your result will validate that, and I wish you all the success you deserve.

32. I wish you success in your upcoming exams and everything you find yourself doing. At the end of these exams, you will shout for joy.

33. From the depth of my heart, I wish you success in your exams, the exams won’t be difficult, and you will pass excellently.

34. I have not met someone as gifted as you before, even with your gifts you still study and prepared hard for these exams. I wish you success.

35. Don’t be nervous about this exam, your nervousness might lead to you forgetting all that you have studied. Be cool and you will succeed in this exam. I wish you success.

36. My best wishes are with you, you are the best in class I also want you to be the best in your exams. I wish you success.

37. I want you to know that every big dream faced some trials and challenges and every great person overcomes those challenges, this exam is your trial, face it and triumph over it. I wish you success.

38. Don’t let fear dwell in you, you can achieve your dreams and also pass your exams very well, I wish you all the success you deserve.

39. Do not have negative thoughts, especially about failing, remove such thoughts from your mind, you are made to succeed. May your results be exceptional. I wish you success!

40. Focus more on your studies, half preparation towards your exams does not guarantee your success or a better life. Do well to read more, I wish you success.

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Good Luck On Your Exam

41. You have started well by getting good results and I must commend you for that, do well to finish up with an exceptional result. I wish you Good luck.

42. Don’t give up, you are almost at the peak of success, work hard towards this exam and you will be marveled at your accomplishment. Good luck with your exams.

43. When you work hard at something, the tendency to fail is very little, you are more than capable of passing this exam. I wish you Good luck,

44. In the same way, learning never ends so do exams, it’s just another step close to your dreams. I wish you all the best in this exam, Good luck.

45. Being a student, your number one priority is to learn, force yourself to learn, it is going to be very relevant for you, and don’t be sad about exams. Good luck with your exams.

46. You are capable of any battle in the examination hall, I am certain you will triumph after writing this exam. Good luck.

47. Very soon exams will be a thing of the past, whatever you find yourself doing, do it well, while you still have the chance to try to pass the exams with flying colors. Good luck.

48. My prayers are always with you, in this forthcoming exam success is yours just write it and you will be in awe when you see your result. Good luck.

49. You have grown to be wise and so intellectual; you just need to be determined and committed to this exam and the rest is history. Good luck with your exams.

50. I wish you the best of luck, you deserve all the success coming to you, even in this exam. Go with courage and come out with flying colors. I can’t wait to celebrate your success.

Exam Wishes SMS

51. In life you must chase what you want for yourself, is it wealth or success in your exams, you can do it, I trust you can do it, and I wish you the best.

52. When you are hungry for success, there is no pause or giving up, you put in all your best same goes for your exams, if you want to get the best you have to put in your best.

53. In attaining success there is no shortcut, you must work for it, and you must work hard towards your exam. I wish you the very best in attaining success. Good luck.

54. Exams are no big deal, but they must be done, don’t be intimidated by them, you are sure to do well with proper preparation. All the best.

55. Exams focus on making you better, it educates you on new things, which will be of good purpose in the future. I wish you the very best. Good luck.

56. To attain phenomenal results, you have to take phenomenal steps in acing your exams, I wish you success in your exam. Have a successful exam.

57. Whatever energy you give in studying for your exam will be the same in the results, if you want remarkable results put in a remarkable effort. Best of luck

58. While preparing for exams, stay away from every form of diversion, and commit your total time and attention to studying for better grades. I wish you success, Good luck.

59. Don’t let the hurdles exams come with, scare you, you should face your fear and conquer it, do your best in this exam. I wish you success.

60. No matter the difficulty of the exam, don’t ever think of failing, there is a lot at stake if you consider failing. Write this exam with full optimism, Good luck.

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Best Of Luck For Your Exam Quotes

61. Try not to let anything distract you from your path of success, let the success of your exam be your top priority, and have faith in yourself. I wish you the best of luck.

62. Don’t overstress yourself to make us proud, your being in this stage and phase in your education has elated us. We can’t be more proud of you, I wish you the best of luck.

63. We love seeing you achieve your goal, you have been doing that for years and we fully support you at every step of the way, we wish you success on your exam and the best of luck.

64. You have never failed or disappointed us in anything, and we are proud to say this exam won’t be much of a hassle for you and you will pass it remarkably. Wishing you the best of luck.

65. I know pressures are building up, especially the thought of it being your final exam, but it’s just an exam, you can do this, wishing you the best of luck.

66. I have never been skeptical about your achievement or your success in your exams, and I am so sure you will succeed in this exam too. I wish you the best of luck.

67. Don’t think too much about the outcome of the exam, just prepare hard and be relaxed, and the exam will go on just fine, Wishing you the best of luck.

68. May luck be by your side as you write this exam, but not depend solely on luck, wishing you success in your exam.

69. Exams are capable of tormenting your mind, disturbing your peace, and making life miserable till you finally write it. Try not to give in to their torment and do your best. Wishing you the best of luck.

70. Don’t let this exam disrupt your quest on becoming a successful and phenomenal person, I want you to be the best, wishing you the best of luck.

Good Luck Wishes For Exam To A Girlfriend

71. I know this exam might seem like a problem to you but you are more than capable of withstanding it. Wish you success baby.

72. Even in the darkest and gloomy conditions, my love for you will illuminate and guide you through it all, your exam especially, I love you, baby, you’ve got this.

73. Don’t fail this exam because you will regret it, well I won’t let you fail, my love for you will strengthen and help you pass this exam. Wishing you success sweetheart.

74. Your intelligence is unmatched, I feel intimated by how sound and smart you are, you are made for great heights. I trust that this exam will go on just fine, I miss your undivided attention, loads of love.

75. To my stunning and brilliant girlfriend, who has been spending weeks at the library and barely getting enough sleep. I hope all your hard work pays off with the best result.

76. You have always enjoyed reading, so studying for this exam will be easy for you, don’t underestimate your abilities, I love you so much, wishing you success.

77. Lately, I have been jealous of your books because you spend more of your time on them than you do with me. Finally, your exams are here and I can have you all to myself, I wish all of those time studying doesn’t go to waste, success in your exam baby, and love you always.

78. I pray you find favor in your exams; I am always here to support you in prayers even if I won’t be right beside you while you are writing your paper. I wish you the very best honey.

79. My Love, you are destined for success and this exam can’t stop you from becoming who you are destined to be. You have no reason to be troubled, have got your back always, success in your exams.

80. I haven’t seen anyone with such gifted memory, you can remember the exact thing you have learned, now put it to good use. I want you to know that whatever the results might be I will always love you.

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