Teachers need feedback from students to get better in their profession. Suggestions for teachers improvement from students will help the teacher get better.

60 Friendly Suggestions for Teachers Improvement from Students to Help Them Get Better

Teaching is a great profession that requires constant updates and improvement. This is because things change every day and knowledge gets deeper daily. A teacher who is updated will be outdated. Teachers need feedback from students to get better in their profession. Suggestions for teachers improvement from students will help the teacher get better.

While giving teachers suggestions, discretion is needed so that what will be said will not be misinterpreted. The choice of words must be clothed with courtesy and honor. This will make your suggestion to be acceptable to your teachers.

Not only the student can project their suggestions, but the principal, fellow teachers, and parents can also present their suggestions constructively. It is advised that no derogatory statements should be used.

If you need the right words to project your suggestions to your teachers, kindly pick as many as you will need on this page.

Comments and Suggestions for Student Teachers

1. Dear student teacher, we appreciate your effort but of all honesty, your teaching has not been of great significance to us, you are unable to impact us with proper explanations and it is disappointing.

2. Thank you for sacrificing your time to lecture us on the things taught by the teacher, we were able to assimilate and understand properly. We would just appreciate if you could be more emphatic during your lesson period with us.

3. Other teachers aren’t unable to control our classroom, but you being a student teacher was able to do that with ease and everyone paid rapt attention to your teaching. You are an incredible teacher and it will be our pleasure to see you continue this way.

4. You have set a good record with your manner of teaching, everyone loves your teaching and always looking forward to your class. thank you for giving your best and giving us a special experience during your lesson period.

5. You have managed to create a good relationship with your students which is awesome, you have made it easy for us to come to you to solve any question giving us a harder time than our teacher. You are a greater teacher and more than a teacher.

6. Your abilities and teaching prowess are awesome unlike our teacher, you deserve all the accolades and praises, and we have no doubt you will be an incredible teacher as you get certified very soon.

7. The school shouldn’t bother looking for a teacher to take us on this course, you are the best person for the job, you have been learning from our teacher, so you know all there is to know about this course. We appreciate your display of excellence.

8. Ever since our teacher left and you have been taking us these lessons, our grades have drastically reduced. We will advise you to improve and do enough research before teaching us. These are the things our teacher does to effectively deliver in class.

9. Please, while you are taking us on the lessons, stop engaging us in irrelevant discussions, we are far behind on the syllabus and if this continues we would not be able to cover the syllabus hence we fail. Let’s expedite our pace so that we can catch up with the syllabus.

10. You were able to captivate our hearts the first time you taught us, we would love you to continue teaching us with the same passion and intensity, we honestly prefer you to the other teachers on this particular teacher.

Suggestions For Student Teacher Improvement

11. We understand you are highly intelligent and smart but your teaching skills are not so detailed to give us a wholesome perspective of each topic. We advise that you should continue to learn from the teacher to improve greatly in your field.

12. I noticed you were a bit nervous and you felt intimidated when you were teaching us. My classmates just wanted to know your level of confidence. When you next teach us, be confident. This will assure us that you know what you are teaching. Thanks!

13. Please be friendly and cheerful while you are teaching. This will give us a better avenue to properly understand your teaching. When we look at our teacher and he has a smiley face we will be willing to learn even if we don’t want to. Thanks as you consider this.

14. They say respect is reciprocal, try to show respect and genuine kindness to your student, it will be reciprocal, and this will aid the student and teacher bond. And as we bond, we will find it easy to comprehend your topics.

15. As a teacher, punctuality is very vital, endeavor to always come early to class. This will prove to your mentor teacher that you are committed to your job and the best time for students to assimilate well is in the morning.

16. Don’t give in to what people have to say, as a student teacher there might be critics and gossip about you. Learn to use criticism as a driving force to become a better and a great teacher. You can be better than you have been.

17. Be passionate about teaching, and involve yourself in any teaching practices that will help you get better. You can’t just rely on only the knowledge your mentor teacher impacted you with. You need to develop confidence in yourself.

18. Get your hands on handouts, project books, and manuscripts used by previous teachers, this will broaden your knowledge on any subject you are to teach. As a student teacher, you can’t stop gaining knowledge every day as much as you can.

19. You need to learn how to control and politely give instructions, if anything needs to be done by the student, instruct them to do it, it shows you are not just a student teacher but a full teacher.

20. You need to be disciplined and don’t allow yourself to be disregarded or disrespected, you can be strict and friendly. These are traits of a good teacher. The faster you learn this the better for you, Ma.

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Suggestions For Teacher Improvement

21. Dear Teacher, we will like you to give room for questions and suggestions in the classroom, this will enable you to know the student’s perspective about a topic and the area you are to focus on in your explanation.

22. Introduce activities that will make the class more lively and entertaining, no student will enjoy a boring class. It could be games or oral quizzes, or you could have the males compete against the female, and this will make the class fun and informative.

23. Try to chip in words of encouragement to ginger their spirit for learning and acquiring more knowledge, you don’t have to give a long speech, let it be short, brief, and inspiring. This will help our understanding a lot.

24. Give random quizzes and tests at the beginning or end of each class, this will make the student study more. If you are to produce the best student at the end of the semester, it’s a win for you.

25. Try to correct mistakes in the best way possible, the way you handle situations concerning students matters a lot. As a teacher you should be gentle when it comes to justice, don’t be biased or unjust about anyone even if you don’t like the person.

26. Give out challenging questions to the students, and allow them to brainstorm about certain topics, this will make them carry out research and be versed about certain topics. Researches help the brain to do well, include it in your teaching.

27. Engage them with activities outside the school syllabus, and introduce new impactful books that will enlighten them not only on academics but about the right path in life. As they learn about their subjects, teach them also about life.

28. Don’t have a favorite student that will be given preferential treatment, share your love to all your students equally. Having a special student in the classroom will create disunity and other students will feel bad.

29. Make sure you are impacting the students on the right proportion of knowledge, and make sure they understand the objectives of the course. If it will take you extra hours to dwell on a particular topic, please do it.

30. There will be hindrances in achieving your goals of impacting students and making them the best, but you must be able to address them and find solutions.

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Comments And Suggestions For Teachers

31. You are fully committed to the growth of your student academically, you try your possible best to make sure they don’t give in to failures. I feel you should continue this way, your method is really working.

32. You are always passionate and keen on educating your students, we appreciate this genuine act. This act is uncommon and we can only find them in a few teachers, please continue to do good, your students love you.

33. When you teach, you communicate with your heart and mind, and you make me understand every bit of the topic, I am truly blessed to have you as a teacher. Your effort is appreciated and honored.

34. Your class has greatly influenced my grades, you took your time to educate me well and teach me the basic knowledge I need in winning the competition. I will never forget your investment in my life.

35. I am an inquisitive person and I tend to ask questions often, thank you for always giving your audience and explaining in detail what I do not understand. You are the best teacher I have ever had.

36. You don’t always have enough time to properly explain certain topics. I’ll suggest that the time allocated for your course should be extended so that we can touch every part of the topic.

37. Most of the teachers are unable to teach physical education because they are not fit. I’ll suggest teachers should also participate in physical activities or be trained in these activities.

38. We suggest that extra hours are included in the curriculum to help students who are unable to assimilate well enough in the classroom. Extra classes will go a long way to help the slow learners among us.

39. During long classes, try to chip in jokes and funny stories to make the class more entertaining and less boring. Every student loves to laugh in the middle of difficult subjects.

40. Other teachers have different ways of making their classes either fun or interactive, I’ll suggest you relate with them and learn their tactics and skills.

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Examples Of Areas Of Improvement For Teachers

41. Interaction and communication with the students, principals, parents, and their colleagues at work, these communications will help them improve in one way or the order. Kindly work on this.

42. The way teachers handle critical situations concerning students especially when a mistake is committed. Nonchalant Students will push the teachers to their limit, but being the adult and also the teacher, they should be able to handle situations like this carefully.

43. The students’ lesson plans should always be updated and changed frequently so that they can compete with other students in other schools. Their lessons plan should be flexible and not rigid.

44. Delivering the lessons accurately and effectively and in a way that will keep the student engaged with the topic throughout the class. Some teachers can’t deliver properly which makes students lose focus on the topic being discussed.

45. Teachers should improve on their elocution skills, and also how to speak eloquently and audibly while teaching in the classroom, most times students won’t be able to listen to anything the teacher has to say, which makes the class a waste of time

46. We understand teachers have to be disciplined and strict with their students, but when punishing them, they should tender justice with mercy, some students are fragile to some punishment, to avoid unforeseen situations they should be lenient with their punishment

47. Teachers should appreciate their students often, most students make the effort of teachers futile, and the few ones who don’t should be praised.

48. Teachers should promote group work, and cooperative learning amongst students. It enables them to develop themselves by contributing different ideas thereby proving their intelligence to their peers.

49. Teachers should incorporate games into school activities, the games can be changed to an educational context which will enhance engagement in the classroom.

50. Teachers should create student clubs based on their educational interests, some students are into art while some are into science. By doing this the teacher would be able to know the interests of the study and guide them on it, they shouldn’t be forced to take the courses.

Sample Comments And Suggestions For Student Teacher

51. We are delighted with the way you teach and we love the method you use in impacting us, it didn’t feel like it was the first time you were teaching us even with the fact that you are a student teacher.

52. We love the way you chip in stories and funny jokes to make the class exciting but it’s getting too much lately, we have barely covered the whole syllabus for the semester, and as a student teacher, you should know better.

53. Our performances are lagging due to your teachings, maybe you should ask your mentor teacher to give you more insights on how to teach properly. You are quite intelligent but you need a better teaching technique.

54. Ever since you started teaching us we have gained more insights and understanding on the course than how our teacher teaches, we don’t need a new teacher, we want you to continue to take us on the course.

55. You deserve to be appreciated by the school. You are an incredible student teacher with exceptional talents, and we are glad to have you. Your passion and diligence towards your duty is appreciated.

56. Being a student teacher, you need more practice on how to teach very well, I’ll suggest you teach the lower classes often, this will get you a good remark when you are to graduate.

57. As a student teacher, your teaching has no deficiency whatsoever. If you keep up with this, you will eventually become an incredible and skillful teacher.

58. Your teaching is terrible, you don’t carry your students along and you are barely audible, I’ll advise you to learn more from your mentor teacher before coming to a classroom.

59. Having a good relationship with other teachers will improve your teaching skills rapidly, as a student teacher you need all the lessons and knowledge to get better.

60. Being a student teacher you still put the interest of the students at heart, making sure they don’t fail at any course, you assist those that are having challenges in certain topics and make sure to follow up on their assignments, your effort is commendable.

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