Short Prayer For Students And Teachers

100 Intercessory and Short Prayer For Students And Teachers

Prayer is a way of engaging God in our affairs. God is interested in affairs for humanity even the ones we consider negligible. There are so many things that we desire to do that we cannot do because of our deficiency as humans. God is there to help us in such a time as this. In school affairs, we also need God to help us. With this short prayer for students and teachers, we can commit the school affairs unto God.

When it comes to school matters, we need both teachers to teach and students to learn to have a healthy system. Teachers are in school to play their role within the capacity of their wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, teachers should be supported in prayers to discharge their duties maximally, and also the students should be prayed for to good and obedient students.

It is very significant to pray for the teachers and as well the students. When we put both parties under divine care, then we will have a wholesome school. On this page, you will find powerful prayers to pray for the teachers and students.

Prayer For Students And Teachers

1. Almighty Father we want to appreciate you for always being with us. Thank you for the beginning of another school week. We thank you for the victorious fulfillment of the last session and the exploits we documented. It is our prayer that this new session is blessed.

2. Thank you for protecting my students and myself the teacher and thank you for keeping us healthy in this world of sickness and infections. Thank you because the wisdom to teach is available for me and also for the student to comprehend.

3. Jehovah, You’ve lengthened your love, mercy, and grace again to us, Father, whom we are grateful to you always. We don’t earn this incomparable love you have shown to us in this school, both the students and the teachers. You are worthy!

4. Father, we thank you for another school year. Last year was incredible, and we’re grateful to see this year in peace, Thank you for every good report, there was no negativity, instead, everything was positive, and this school will be known all through the globe, and we commit our students and teachers into your able hands that you work with them.

5. Thank You, Father, for blessing us with teachers who are not only selfless but motivators who help us fulfill our mission as a school, As much as our teachers look after us, we also receive the hearts to care for them in the name of Jesus.

6. It’s another school day, We give thanks to you for bringing us hale and hearty this day, Thank you for adding to the students. Lord, please help our teachers handle the new students. Let your sufficient grace be released on them to educate the students.

7. Dearly Lord, since the start of this school, there has been no cause for alarm, the teacher has been relating with the students and the student has not misbehaved in any way. Thank you because you are with them and we pray that forever you will stay close to them!

8. Father I thank you for granting me wisdom and helping my students to stand out in their academics, I ask that you always help me to train them well and as I do will grant unto them retentive memories. It is my prayer that you watch over me and my students in your name.

9. Jehovah, thank you for the teachers, We know they deserve all the good in this world, and through You, they are always blessed with the grace only You can give. May our teachers continue to be showered with Your blessings of love and mercies, so that they may be illuminated to blessing to others. Amen!

10. Heavenly Father, as we confront another start of a school day, please, help the students to be the light and salt to each other, Help these students to understand Your favor and grace, as they interact with other students and teachers in Jesus’ name.

11. Dear God, thank You because You are a loving Father, I’m sure that not All teachers are looking for Your recommendation, but we pray every educator learns about You, helps them to be educated in Your word, and also seeks You first in all so that they will fulfill Your Will. Amen

12. Father, We bring our teachers across this blessed land to your throne. We are thankful for our instructors and ask your followers to flood our schools with godly principles. While we see a decline in education and an uptick in indoctrination, we ask for mercies and protection with our kids. Keep them innocent and shelter them from evil. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

13. Lord, I pray the students in this school would show proper esteem for the management that You have placed over them and acknowledge that all authority comes from You, please help them to speak and act in a way that is respectful of all teachers, supervisors, and other in Jesus name!

Short Prayers For Teachers

14. Thank You for the way our teachers give themselves to teaching to ensure the students don’t remain the same way. Thank You for entrusting them with the grace to adequately instruct the next age, We say a huge thank you to You, Lord!

15. May the Lord strengthen our teachers, and may they find favor in the sight of God and men, Their wisdom is increased and they will always find it so easy to influence the students, As we start this session we pray that the hand of Jehovah will be upon.

16. Father, we acknowledge that you are good and kind, Thank you for the teachers you have summed up to this school, we are grateful because you will consistently work with them, and thank you because you will endow them with proficiency and strength to facilitate the students!

17. Abba, please replenish every educator with patience as they deal with each student. Help them to always be conscious of how they beat, and teach them how to punish them rightly, let them know where they require to be forgiving to the students. Thank You because they will depend on you and not their understanding.

18. Almighty, because you are the perfect teacher, we pray that you will help our teachers to be perfect in their imperfections toward the students, help them to know the truth beyond what is on paper, and may they never regret being a teacher!

19. Father, thank You for our teachers, Please prepare their hearts to show love, kindness, and compassion to the students, and help them to forsake their mistakes, and they will always encourage them. Thank You because the strength to teach the students is available for them.

20. Thank You, Father, because You are gracious Father, we are sure that it is not all the teachers that look up to You for understanding and the wisdom to instruct the students. Therefore, we pray on their behalf that You will help them, guide them, and oversee them for the right knowledge.

21. Dear God, we thank You for always hearing us, thank You for answering prayer over our teachers, thank You because they are not proud to submit to the policies of the school, and thank You because they will not miss their reward in Jesus’ name.

22. Jehovah, I dedicate my teachers into your hands today that you will continue to help them, as they have been a blessing to my education, be a blessing to them, and I pray that you strengthen them. And let Everything they will teach me to slip into my memory!

23. Thank you lord for my teachers, Thank you for your grace, please help them, guide them, assist them and also provide for them, I ask that their path shine brighter in Jesus’ name.

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Intercessory Prayer For Teachers

24. Lord, I am grateful for the incredible functioning of teachers in the life of the students in our society, Release your peace upon them as they perform their daily assignments, lessons, and tutorials with your grace. For as many teachers here and there, we declare it is well with them. Amen.

25. It is my prayer that there will be cheerful connections between the teachers in our neighborhoods and the students they serve each day, Thank you Father because there will be mutual love, relation, and honor for one another. The teachers are blessed, favored, and promoted!

26. Dear Lord, we ask that you grant every teacher the strength to continue what they have been called for and let them receive stamina at every point of relating their duties to the student, I pray that it is well with them and their family. Amen

27. As many teachers that are faithful in the field, may they not do it in vain, and may they receive their rewards, we pray that they will never misbehave than control their students, bless them, Father, and help them not to fail in their field.

28. Jehovah, I pray for conformity among the teachers and the school administration in our community. Help them all to work together as one to achieve their purpose in the lives of the students. I come against conflicts and unfavorable philosophies in the school community, and they will result in their goals.

29. Lord Jesus, I pray for every teacher in public schools, Let the light of your love be apparent in their lives and all that concerns them as they teach each day, Support them to conduct themselves in such a way that they will be honored, May doors of opportunities be open for them not only to teach but also to help the student in their various studies.

30. I pray for all the Christian teachers in our community, help them the truth to know, let their eyes of understanding be enlightened, and remind them always to make use of every chance they have to teach to associate with the students and as well share the gospel of Jesus to them in Jesus name!

31. Thank you Father for the expertise they have to instruct students effectively about the issues of life and the world. Thank you for the opportunity they have to teach young adolescents about how to prepare for their next phase of life. I pray that you release them the insight to make a favorable influence on the young people of our generation who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

32. Father, We pray for all students in our community that they will know You by themselves beyond what we will teach them Thank you for your interest, hope, and compassion upon them. We are grateful because they are exceptional!

33. Dear Lord, Thank you for your grace and mercies that every teacher is enjoying Thank you for giving them dedication, experience, and supernatural insight, we pray that be with them and help them do more for the students.

34. Most High God we appreciate You for every in our community, We pray that You help them rely on You as they keep pushing forward and help them to be perseverant. Take away every pain from their ways and give them gain in Jesus’ name.

35. Almighty God, May we as a community be supportive and caring, help us by offering a listening ear and reasonable concern whenever they need it through Jesus Christ our Lord, We know that teaching can be a thankless assignment, so help us to be responsible.

36. Father, We bring our teachers across our Nation into your hand, We are grateful for our educators and ask your disciples to bombard our schools with godly regulations, , We ask for mercies and preservation with our children. Keep them harmless and shelter them from evil. In Jesus’ Name.

37. Thank You, Lord, we praise Your name for all of our benefits and everyday life we take for granted, guide our teachers to be more patient, kind, and good examples Keep our moppet and school staff healthy and powerful. Help them to think sensibly for everyone.

Prayer For Teachers From Students

38. My darling Jesus, I appreciate you because you are a faithful teacher who has blessed me with a teacher that is concerned about me, I pray that you help my teachers to be more committed to their assignments, and bless them and their families in Jesus’ name.

39. Father, I thank You for the life of my teachers, thank You because You have been helping them, I’m grateful for their positive influence over my life, and it is my prayer that they will not do it in vain, You will reward them mighty in the name of Jesus!

40. Thank You for the special gift given to our teachers and also for giving them the spirit of knowledge, grace, and discernment, as they give their hearts to teaching, let them receive strength and perseverance to fulfill their duties and help them to sense the profound gratitude of those they teach.

41. Darling Jesus, thank You for the teachers You have placed in my life, Their sacrifices and love for their students are not only inspiring but worth learning from. I pray that you continue blessing them in the name of Jesus.

42. My Father, I come to You asking for Your protection over the teachers in my life. I ask that you defend them with Your Holy Spirit, so that they may fend off any temptation that could lead them astray. May Your shield keep them from damage way Jesus’ name.

43. Almighty, I humbly ask that my appreciation for my teachers reach their hearts, I pray that they have a clue of how much we love them, and appreciate them for all that they do. May they be celebrated with the gratitude they so rightly deserve as Your disciples. Amen.

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Student Teacher Prayer

44. I pray that God allows me to be the person they need as a second parent in school, please, always remind me of the reasons why I’m in this field, and fill my heart with love even in the most unlovable moment of their lives in Jesus’ name. Amen.

45. Father, We believe that the learners are Your tremendous handcrafts, They are talented with stunning minds to be nurtured. They are the expectations of our homeland. For this reason, we teach because we believe that there are children in need of education, Please help them to comprehend everything we teach them.

46. Dear Lord, I ask for the grace to become who they need me to be. Whenever they need someone to be confident in, help me to be reliable, whenever they need compassion, let me be compassionate. If they needed to be penalized, let me be the leader to tutor them With sternness and also with love. Amen.

47. Thank You for all the benefits that I acquire from You and the people that envelop me. Thank you for granting me such nice and loving people who will support me in fulfilling my ambition career. I pray You bless me together with the people who are always there for me in Jesus’ name.

48. Heavenly Father, as I embark on this journey of becoming a teacher, it is my prayer that You guide me and also be the lamp that lights me in my everyday experiences in school. I have heard that this profession will be a difficult journey but with Your strength, I will testify. Amen!

49. Lord, please direct my students in their everyday learning and reaching for their goals and dreams in life, As I begin my everyday class may I receive enough forbearance, stability, and boldness as I face my dear students. Give me understanding and knowledge that will help them become better individually.

50. Father, I pray for every student teacher that you will help them be a model of good works in every regard, and to show virtue, dignity, and sound speech in their teaching. Thank You because it is done!

51. Dear Lord, it is our wish to you that the student teachers would work cheerfully for you and not for men, help them to be encouraged in their labor, knowing that they will be rewarded by God since it is the Lord Christ whom they serve.

52. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to fulfill what you have appointed, to be an instrument of knowledge, and to touch lives for transformation, I’m grateful because I will not disappoint you! Amen

53. Jesus, please make me proclaim light and hope to my students so that I’ll be able to leave a positive influence on their lives, I’m available to be Used and inspire them to continue the love for learning, Ignite within me the zeal for the career and bless me towards it. Amen.

54. I know I am not flawless and I also know that You are there to help me divert my imperfections into strengths, and change my shame to promotion, I request from You Lord Jesus Christ, who lives, and reigns in me that You will help me in this career in the name of Jesus. Amen.

55. Dear God, I started my practical here with the student, I am strengthened to teach them to live this life on Earth, not just the lesson on the note but the reality about life. Help me to do my part and help them to yield in Jesus’ name.

56. Thank you, Father, please Grant me the abstinence I need to alleviate my heart, especially with the school year ahead, I know that only You can help me, Remind me daily that I can find utmost forbearance through Your grace alone. I asked this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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Morning Prayer For Students And Teachers

57. Dear Lord, I pray this morning that my child’s new school year be replenished with extraordinary memories and cherishing moments, Let this be blessed for them and their teachers, , We ask for your preservation from any form of argument or bullying among the students.

58. Oh God! As we start this new day for new learning, we ask for Your direction, Be with us as we examine the world, and Give us the heart to love and be kind to one another, Lead us all the way and let us see through Your eyes, listen through Your ears, and speak with Your Mouth!

59. This morning Father, I praise your name and I’m so thankful that my child can go to university, I appreciate you for giving me a wonderful and brilliant daughter who always takes every opportunity to learn and relearn. Please help her to stay focused till the end with good results!

60. Dear Lord, we are so thankful for your protection and love for the students sent. They are struggling with conflicts in school, and we ask that You guide them away from the evil lurking in the shadows.

61. It’s the new dawn, I pray for my students that the excellent spirit that was on Daniel and made him excel above his companions is their portion. You shall excel not only in your academics but in every area of your lives in Jesus’ name. Amen.

62. Thank you once again for the lives of these students this morning, I thank You Lord because you gave them to me. I pray to Jehovah that they will be with distinction. Because You have brought us together as teachers and students, my life and theirs will transform for good in Jesus’ name. Amen.

63. Father, I pray for my students that when other students declare that there is a casting down for them in their academics, they will have all reason to say there is a lifting up for them, Thank you because they will stand out in Jesus’ name.

64. Thank You Jehovah for another day, Thank You because You have always been watching over my students and their teachers, As they gathered for another day of school, I pray that You guide them against wrangling, covetousness, and harmful competition in my class in Jesus’ name. Amen.

65. Dear Jesus, on this day that you have made, let your love be spread abroad in the hearts of all my students help them to walk in your love and share the love with others in Jesus’ name!

66. I commit my children on this day we are rejoicing into your hands I pray that you will teach them patience and truthfulness in relating with their fellow students, teachers, and school management in Jesus’ name.

67. Dear Father, we ask that You shield our students from sickness and disease, keep and protect them from evil, and give them the energy and stamina to survive the demands of their studies so they come out strong and professional.

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Prayer For Students And Teachers Before Class

68. Our heavenly Father, I appreciate you for your love over my children, Thank you for the brain you’ve given them and your outstanding wisdom upon them, Please, grant them retentive memories today to behold what they will learn.

69. I pray for the boldness and strength of my students to say no to the wrong counterpart influence in their school and the world at large. Jehovah, help them to understand that their identity is not decided by the wrong conduct in Jesus’ name. Amen.

70. Jesus, thank You because You are the peace that everyone should get, As I stroll into this classroom today, help to always know that You are with me even when I am confused about what to teach. I ask that You rest with the student today as Your peace is far beyond the difficulties in their study!

71. Thank You for today, I rely not on my understanding today, I ask that You help to rely on You, strengthen me when I’m weak, I refuse to be tired because You are my focus, and help me to align with Your word so that the student will gain understanding in Jesus name.

72. Almighty Father, I appreciate Your consistency over the teachers and the students, As they will begin another school work today, please let them be under the canopy of Your protection, guide every one of their steps, and grant them journey mercies in Jesus’ name.

73. Thank You, Father, for the teachers, I Claim all your promises that they will do all things through Christ who strengthens them. I ask that You fulfill Your promise to thoroughly equip them for the good work You have appointed for them.

74. Heavenly Father, I’m so grateful that you are part of my life every time I want to start a class or end, I have not been alone because You are always there, thank you for being the lesson I teach, the books I read, and the students who make me scornful to be what I am today. Thank You!

75. This day oh Lord, I humbly ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit to enable initiate a friendly environment in the classroom, I ask that Your Spirit work to fill each student with peace for an effectual class today and I pray that my student and I continue to work together in unity so that the classes will always be productive in Your name.

77. Dearest Christ our savior, we humbly ask for Your guidance and knowledge for our teachers, let them remember that wise intentions are only made with You in mind. Grant them the clearness they need when they are overcast with doubt. Amen.

77. Almighty God, we have come to magnify Your name and give You thanks for your sufficient grace Thank you for how you have been helping my daughter in school each lecture in the classroom, and release Your mercy upon her to know the best in life.

78. Dear Lord and Father of all, Thank you for how You nourish us all. We appreciate your protection and love, Help us to concentrate our hearts and minds on what teachers are about to teach us, Holy Spirit, Please inspire our teachers and enlighten us as we listen and write. We ask all this in Your Holy name!

79. Help me to be a good teacher, that I keep peace in the classroom, peace between my students and myself, and be kind and gentle with every one of my students. Help me to be compassionate to my students, to counteract mercy and discipline in the right criterion for each student, so help me God.

80. Dear Lord, I receive grace to remain principled enough to keep my lessons always interesting, help me pay attention to what motivates each of my students, and accept my students’ limitations and not hold them against them. I ask that I don’t treat my students too severely so that they will become good role models for the people who surround them.

81. Thank You, Father, for our school, thank You for your hand of protection upon us, thank You because You love every one of us in the school, we pray that You help us to learn together, play together, and as well share things in common in Jesus name!

82. Dear Lord, I thank You for my classmate, thank You for helping us to grow together, thank You for strengthening us to learn together, and please grant us the privilege to stay together in peace love, and joy. Amen.

83. Thank you for our teachers because they always find encouragement in you that keeps them doing more, please, Lord crown their endeavor so that they can be proud of us, thank you because it is done in Jesus’ name

84. Please help me grow closer to my students so that I can understand them better to educate them in the most effective way possible. I pray that any conflict between us is always resolved swiftly and kindly. Our time together is temporary, but I know that the lessons we learn from each other will last forever. Amen

85. Thank you Lord for our students, We appreciate you for being the source of their learning, and we pray that You increase their knowledge and grant them retentive memories to excel in their academics. Amen!

Teacher And Student Prayer

86. Gracious God, we thank you for helping our teachers in their responsibilities of teaching us. You have granted them wisdom at every time, continue to help them and strengthen them in Jesus’ name!

87. We are grateful for this new year in which we may grow in faith, friendship, and the love of Jesus, Let our students be so much committed to their studies and grant them grace to be better in You.

88. Heavenly Father Help our students to listen to your voice, as they explore Scripture and seek to live what they believe, We pray that their understanding shall be enlightened in Jesus’ name!

89. Jehovah, I lift all of my students to You. I pray that You would look after them and keep them secure, I pray that You would help them to comprehend and expand in knowledge And that they would come to understand You as their personal Lord and Savior. I ask that you would sanctify each.

90. Almighty Father, please bless the teacher who inspires and helps us, bless our classmates and all the people who care for us, come to our souls, and grant us wisdom, knowledge, and attention to understand the lesson they will teach us.

91. Thank you, Lord, for enabling me to teach my student with Your wisdom, I receive more of Your grace to shape the life of the children, equip me to always teach the truth, and encourage me to teach with a vision that will suit their future and also the love that change their word in Jesus name!

92. Father, I bless your holy name for the life of my students, please bless them and help them as they mature, I am strengthened to them faithfully and fearfully in everything they need to know so that they will be encouraged to face their future and when they think about school, may they know that their teacher cared.

93. Father, I hereby ask that you fill me with understanding as I instruct others, Help me to see the possibility of every student I teach, please fill me with your patience as I teach others, and Help me to maintain giving of my time and power, especially to those who blunder the most in Jesus name.

94. All glory to Your name for the grace you granted me to be among the people that will help the children in life, Please release upon me your divine wisdom as I am with my class, Show me when I must discipline and when I can show mercy. Father, help me to depend totally on You, For You are the source of my strength, courage, and peace.

95. Dear Lord, I’m so grateful for how you have been helping me as a bona fide student in my school, It is your grace that has been promoting me, don’t allow your grace to cease but let me keep enjoying it till become a professor and many more.

96. I’m opportune to teach others about Your grace, Thank You for surrounding me with the children and young people who helped me grow as a teacher during our Sunday School classes, they are the apple of Your eyes, please keep watching them so they will always long for more of You, so that they may grow to advance in sharing the good news of Jesus.

97. Father, please bless and renew the bonds between me and my student parent, Help us to work together for the sake of You and their children, so that we may create a space that stimulates their talents and mastery, please settle whatever conflict that might want to scatter us peacefully in name.

98. Dear God, I come to You in need of strength and soundness, I love being a teacher and what is. going on, I know these barriers before I am temporary, and I know I will overcome everything.

99. Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of our teachers. They work hard to help elevate our knowledge, and with this prayer, we hope our appreciation for them reaches their peak Thank You for blessing us with teachers who are not only selfless but also motivators who help us find purpose and meaning in school.

100. Lord, I ask that You help me to become who I chose to be, grant me access to know the hearts of the, and help me not to be too harsh on them but to show them the unconditional love I received from You, so they can replicate the love.


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