Finally I Am Graduated Quotes

70 Finally I Am Graduated Quotes for Myself on My Graduation Day

When a student gets admitted into a higher institute of learning, he gets so excited and everyone celebrates with him/her. But as he gets into school he just can’t wait to get out again because of the demand of the school. The day he finally finishes, he will be so joyous. Are you a student who just finished a phase of his studies, here are finally I am graduated quotes to celebrate yourself.

That rush of positive emotions when you finally achieve what you had long desired is second to known in the world. You feel it and you can tell it is excitement beyond words. Your heart is overwhelmed with so much positive energy. I am deeply happy for you for coming this very far in your studies.

Being on this page shows that you are a graduate and I feel like dancing with you over there. There is a big deal in your achievement, it is not easy coming this very far in life. Congratulations to you dear brave student. Find beautiful quotes here to celebrate yourself.

Finally, I Graduated Quotes

How do you say that I am a graduate? These beautiful words below will show how you can do that!

1. Everyone that gets into school has at the back of his/her mind that one day, he/she will graduate. I have long waited for these days and Finally, I have graduated. Congratulations to me.

2. I knew that as long as I was doing the right thing, I would graduate when it is time. I knew it! I have desired to see today about 5 years ago and it has finally happened.

3. Nothing could stop me from getting into school, nothing could stop me from graduating. Here I am, standing as the latest graduate in town. I celebrate myself.

4. The things I endured to become a graduate were not strong enough to prevent me from graduating. I made it and I am glad I did. I wish myself the very best.

5. Yes, I am a graduate now. I was not a graduate then but I am a graduate now. God is good to me and I am grateful for the life I have. I am certain this will not be my last achievement.

6. The desire to keep winning is stronger in me now than ever before. Graduating has inspired me that I can achieve a lot of things. I’m convinced I will go for more.

7. This world is full of people who gave up when they were very close to achieving success. I waited to graduate even when towards the end of my school program I almost gave up.

8. I’m a graduate now because I worked hard for it. It is a wonderful feeling to see myself become a graduate finally. Congratulations to me.

9. The day anyone makes the right decision, things begin to change for good. The day I decided I was going to graduate, my life changed. The long-awaited success has finally come through.

10. I know I can become anything I put my heart to henceforward. I did it by becoming a graduate, I can do any other thing I want.

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Finally I Am Graduated Quotes For Myself

The best form of love is self-love. You need to love yourself and appreciate yourself when you do something amazing because no one can do it as you do. You can choose to celebrate yourself on social media and even buy yourself a gift! What can I write for myself for graduation? Choose as many quotes as you want to celebrate yourself.

11. It was not easy that I came from nothing. With all that has happened to me, I still emerged as a graduate finally. I am very happy for myself. Friends and family, kindly rejoice with me.

12 Everyone who knows me knows how much I gave up to become a graduate. It was tough but my commitment paid off finally. Today is that very day I have been waiting for and it has become a reality.

13 . I don’t think I would change anything about my past even if I could. All I went through brought me this far. Finally, I am a graduate against all odds. Congratulations to me!

14. My life is not all I want it to be yet. But, I am on my way to the top. Graduating was one of my dreams but now it is my reality. I have achieved this to accomplish more.

15. I made it to my graduation after years of working hard for it. It was not always smooth but my perseverance was always at a high level. I am glad that my efforts are not in vain.

16. Winning is going to cost you something. Nothing worthwhile happens without preceding actions. I finally graduated because I paid the price for it. To those coming behind me, I wish you the best.

17. To get ahead and accomplish any task, you must get started and give your best to it all the time. I gave my studies my best attention and I am now a graduate.

18. You should not expect to become a graduate if you are not seeking to be admitted into an institution and if you are not willing to work hard in school. I got admitted, worked hard, and eventually graduated.

19. Everyone is responsible for his/her academic excellence. I took responsibility for my education and I finally graduated better than I could have imagined.

20. The only person that can prevent you from becoming a graduate is you. If you make up your mind as I did and work to achieve success in your education, you will finally be a graduate like I am.

21. Remove the “under” from undergraduate. That’s what I am today. I’m so proud of myself. Thank you, everyone, for celebrating me!

22. I did it! Against all odds, I bagged a degree and I am so excited. Congratulations to me and thanks to everyone rejoicing with me.

23. On this day, here’s a letter to myself. Dear self, you’re strong and brave, resilient and dedicated. You are amazing and I am absolutely proud of you.

24. My self-esteem has been boosted. I did it and I can’t be prouder. Watch out for more achievements beckoning on me.

25. It all started with the simple step of getting admission and here we are now. Congratulations to me!

26. I’m excited and hopeful. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me. Watch out for my next level of success. Thank you for always being there to celebrate me!

27. The end of an era. A long one, I must say. The late nights and stressful lectures finally paid off. I’m so excited my efforts were not in vain.

28. A degree hotter! It only gets better from now. This degree has inspired me to get more. Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to come this far.

29. Chased this degree as my life depended on it and I’m happy that paid off. Congratulations to me for my efforts turning into a success!

30. Congratulations to me. The real world awaits my awesomeness and I can’t wait to manifest my greatness!

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Short Graduation Quotes For Myself

How do I express my graduation? You can simply express your heart about your graduation this way!

31. They thought I would not make it and become a graduate. I made it and became a graduate. I became a graduate and they can’t deny my success. This is a beautiful day for me and I am exceeding glad about it.

32. I have the opportunity to succeed in anything like others and I used my time to get quality education. This is the beginning of great success for me.

33. There are a lot of dreams that never saw the light of day because not much was done by the people who had the dreams. I am not like them. I worked to earn my graduation. Congratulation to me

34. Every day gives me the privilege of making the most of my life. I will not stop making progress for any reason. Happy graduation to me and other friends out there.

35. My graduation day is for celebrating my persistence. Nothing comes freely that is why winners are different from losers. I’m in my day of joy, let everyone who loves rejoice with me.

36. With so many reasons to live a reckless life, I found the strength to follow my dream to be educated. Today, I celebrate my graduation and many others to come.

37. I’m at my graduation feeling happy to have gotten to this point in my life. There is nothing in the world that can be compared to how I feel right now. I am the most happy man today.

38. My life is so beautiful now that I finally wrote my last exam. My graduation day is here after years of studying at my school.

39. The only thing on my mind now is my graduation. I prayed for it and I gave my time to have it. Here it is and I am very happy. Family and friends, let’s dance and celebrate.

40. Today is not a regular day. Today is unique because I am graduating. It is a day to reflect on the journey of my life with gratitude to God.

Alhamdulillah Finally Graduated Status

41. Look at me and how far God has brought me. I am a graduate now even though it was truly not easy at the onset. Alhamdidulah, I’m now a scholar.

42. This is the life I always dreamt about. I always wanted to live life as a graduate of a reputable school. It is finally my reality today and I’m so glad to be in this state.

43. Nothing can take my joy away from me. I am too excited to be sad because I finally graduated as the best student in my class. Congratulations to me.

44. Becoming a graduate was my long-time dream. Now, it has become the reality of my beautiful life. This is fulfilling! Thanks be to Allah who has made it possible.

45. There was no way I could come this far without the support of my close relations. I am finally a graduate because of you all and the mercy of God.

46. I’m happy for you because you made it to your graduation day. You have achieved what you wanted and all praises to the almighty one.

47. This is great progress in the right direction for you. You have finally graduated despite all that happened in the past.

48. I wish you nothing but the best as you have completed your certificate program. You are unstoppable. Keep your head up.

49. Moments like this mean so much to me. To be a graduate is not a joke. I am here as a graduate now because of the help of many good people.

50. It is time to celebrate my latest achievement. I am finally a graduate and this is the best season of my life.

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Graduation Status For Myself

How do I write a graduation message for myself? Write a graduation message for yourself this way!

51. Waking up on my graduation day is the best feeling ever in my life. I am feeling on top of the world already. I did it, guys! Rejoice with me!

52. I enter my school not knowing how I was going to finish my studies. Here I am as the graduate I have always wanted to be

53. My life is better than it was. I am a completely different person now that I am a graduate. I will keep getting better despite this accomplishment.

54. Every moment of my life seems better, my graduation day approaches fast. In a short time, I will be at my graduation ceremony. What a day of joy in my soul.

55. Life has been tough but I never stopped to settle for the less. This is my graduation and I will enjoy every moment of it.

56. I would like you all to join me in thanking God for helping me through school. I am now a graduate because He helped me through it all.

57. From experience, nothing is cheap. I have learned a lot going through school. Now that I am done with school, I look forward to my graduation ceremony.

58. My life is the complete opposite of what it used to be like before I started getting a quality education. I am a graduate now!

59. It is my graduation. I wish myself the best things in life that money can buy. I also wish myself the best things in life that money can’t buy.

60. This is the priceless moment I have always wished for. This is my graduation and I am the happiest person in the world.

Finally I Am Graduated Quotes Funny

61. I remember not being able to afford toothpaste when I became a student again. With the help of good people, I am finally a graduate. Those days were not funny at all! I smile!

62. That you could not even introduce yourself before younger people does not mean you would fail. I could not address anyone in the past but I am a bold graduate now. You can’t believe that I couldn’t read and write and yet I graduated. Smile!

63. Even if you studied the least course in school like me. You cannot become a graduate no matter how hard you worked. But if you can sleep well, you will easily graduate. I’m seriously laughing at your failure here.

64. If they tell you that you can’t achieve anything, believe them not. I did not think I could do anything but I finally graduated as the best student in the history of my school without reading at all.

65. I remember wanting to quit school because of how difficult it was for me after failing in the smallest school activities. Now, I am a graduate with all my careless attitude toward study. Don’t copy me!

66. If you can wake up every morning, you can win. Yes, you can. I simply woke up every morning and went to lectures. Today, I am having my graduation party.

67. Relax, nothing is too strong to break you. I knew I could graduate against all odds. You too can do the same if you see life the way I see it. Don’t mind your silly mind who is telling you it’s not possible.

68. Everyone can get a quality education but not everyone will. Some people can’t read a book even if you motivate them to from January till their next birthday. I graduated because I started taking my education seriously.

69. If you can do small things, you can do big things too. If you can attend elementary school, you can attend college when the time comes. I did primary and high school and today, I am a graduate. Cheers to me!

70. To succeed you must start quickly to do the needful. I could not wait to start all I have done academically. Thankfully, I am a graduate now.

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