Personal Message for Graduation Ceremony

60 Personal Message for Graduation Ceremony

Moving from one phase to another is a big deal and that is what graduation is. It doesn’t matter what phase it is, whether it is moving from high school to university or graduating from university. It is a sign of progress, a sign that you can do whatever you set your mind to. A perfect way to congratulate someone that is moving up the long ladder of success is to send a note with a little gift.

It is a thoughtful way among others. Now, to the main thing. How do you write that note/message? Coming up with a perfect note for an amazing moment can be a little tasking because that may be when your brain decides to take bail on you however, we got you covered.

This article contains a long list of quotes and messages for the graduation ceremony. You can either use them directly or get inspiration from them. Whichever one you choose to do, just make sure your personal message for graduation ceremony is perfect and well-written, and don’t forget to add a small gift!

Virtual Graduation Personal Message Examples

Writing a note is good but sending a video is perfect! There’s warmth and connection that come with sending a video to your loved one. It shows how personal it is. An idea for your video is to say personal things, talk about your journey and even add personal pictures for memory’s sake.

Below are some things you can say in your virtual graduation personal message;

1. You are amazing! You’ve worked so hard and now the reward is here. I am so proud of you! Congratulations!

2. My heart is filled with so much joy for you because you have come this far! Welcome to the new phase of life.

3. Finally, a graduate! Cheers to greater achievement in the future. May your coming days be better than the past.

4. Time to celebrate! We’re glad to have you in this new phase of life. May you enjoy ease like never before. Congratulations.

5. I am about to blow up with pride. You did this. You’re amazing and smart! Congratulations to you, I’m happy about your achievement.

6. I have watched you work so hard and burn midnight candles. You have striven so hard just to get here and I couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations!

7. We have always said you are smart and you have proven it to us today! Nothing has made our family proud like seeing you excel in your career. Your joy shall last long! Keep going forward!

8. It’s the beginning of an end. You’ve proven to be resilient and I’m pretty sure you would smash more goals in the future.

9. Congratulations on getting your degree. I hope the labor market is nice to you. Surely, everything shall work out for your favor.

10. One degree in the bag and here’s to many more achievements. You can achieve more, congratulations!

Graduation Personal Message Examples

11. This achievement is well deserved. You’ve worked so hard and I am happy that you are finally graduating. Congratulations.

12. Another milestone has been crossed and you did that with grace. Truly, hard work pays. Keep working hard to achieve more. Well wishes on your graduation.

13. You are brave, strong, and resilient. Your graduation is proof of that. It is not a surprise that you are graduating with flying colors. Congratulations!

14. It is the beginning of a new era for you and I hope you know only joy in this era. I am proud of you. May you have greater achievements in the years to come.

15. You succeed when you work hard. That is definitely evident in your life. I’m glad that your hard work was never in vain. Congratulations on your graduation ceremony.

16. Yes! It paid off. All your hard work and commitment paid off. Congratulations to the latest graduate. This shall not be your last success.

17. This moment is the perfect call for celebration. You put your mind into it and you did it. Today, we are going to celebrate you because you deserve it. What has happened to you is a great thing and that’s why we gather to rejoice with you.

18. I hope that this graduation is an opening to something new and great for you. I hope that you do more great things. Congratulations on your graduation.

19. The journey of 4 years ends today and you are about to start/step into a new phase. I hope many good things happen to you in this phase. Happy graduation.

20. You deserve this win and I hope you get many more in the future. Everyone is excited today because you have delivered a great result. Congratulations.

Virtual Graduation Message Examples

21. My scholar! You did it! I am super proud of you. Family and friends are now gathered to say congratulations to you. You deserve this and even more! May this graduation be a stepping stone to your next level!

22. Accept my warmest congratulations on your graduation! This joy in me is so full and overwhelming. I appreciate your efforts in coming this far!

23. Your dedication and commitment to your studies are worth emulating. Thank you for being a good example for the younger generations. Congratulations.

24. It feels like yesterday when you started out on this journey and now you are a graduate. Congratulations.

25. I wish you all the best as you step into a new phase of adventure. May you deliver more results in the years to come. Congratulations.

26. It is satisfying to see you finally graduate. You’ve worked so hard for this and you truly deserve to batch this degree. Congratulations.

27. I wish you well on this joyous day. Congratulations on your graduation. Things of joy shall not cease in your life. Keep going higher!

28. Wishing you all the best. I hope that you overcome every challenge and get many opportunities to advance in life.

29. Hey! See! It was worth it in the end. Truly, the process was very difficult but here comes a good finishing. Congratulations.

30. Glam up, dear. Wear that gown with pride because you actually did it! I’m glad your effort was never in vain. Cheers!

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Finally I Am Graduated Quotes For Myself

The best form of love is self-love. You need to love yourself and appreciate yourself when you do something amazing because no one can do it as you do. You can choose to celebrate yourself on social media and even buy yourself a gift! Here are some personal message for graduation ceremony;

31. Remove the “under” from undergraduate. That’s what I am today. I’m so proud of myself. Thank you, everyone, for celebrating me!

32. I did it! Against all odds, I bagged a degree and I am so excited. Congratulations to me and thanks to everyone rejoicing with me.

33. On this day, here’s a letter to myself. Dear self, you’re strong and brave, resilient and dedicated. You are amazing and I am absolutely proud of you.

34. My self-esteem has been boosted. I did it and I can’t be prouder. Watch out for more achievements beckoning on me.

35. It all started with the simple step of getting admission and here we are now. Congratulations to me!

36. I’m excited and hopeful. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me. Watch out for my next level of success. Thank you for always being there to celebrate me!

37. The end of an era. A long one, I must say. The late nights and stressful lectures finally paid off. I’m so excited my efforts were not in vain.

38. A degree hotter! It only gets better from now. This degree has inspired me to get more. Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to come this far.

39. Chased this degree like my life depended on it and I’m happy that paid off. Congratulations to me for my efforts turning into a success!

40. Congratulations to me. The real world awaits my awesomeness and I can’t wait to manifest my greatness!

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Inspirational Message For Graduating Students

The graduation season is a perfect time to send inspirational messages to the graduates.

Whatever role you are playing this graduation season, a well-wisher or the graduate, below are some inspirational messages for you;

41. Your mind is your great asset. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. Keep dreaming, you can achieve greater things!

42. A step at a time, one phase after another. The perfect route to success. Keep going on the forward path, you will yet be greater.

43. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s the only way to tell the right or wrong way. It will take both combinations of failure and mistakes to make you achieve success.

44. No man is an island. Learn to collaborate with others. That way you get to be a step further. You have done well coming this far, never relent. Congratulations, I rejoice with you!

45. Always believe in yourself and do not change for anyone. Be you! And your success will speak for you.

46. Your biggest and only competition should be yourself. Strive to always be a better version of yourself.

47. As you enter into the real world (labor market) today, it is important to not lose yourself in the process of creating a good life for yourself. Stand for whatever you believe in and be firm always.

48. Always remember to live. Live for yourself. Love and prioritize yourself always and you will soon be on the top of the ladder.

49. You should know that the world outside comes with a lot of challenges but not to worry, they only build you to become stronger.

50. Put yourself out there. Sell yourself and do not succumb to the imposter syndrome.

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Message For Graduating Students From The Teacher

A teacher-student bond is a beautiful thing to see. Your students are graduating today and it makes you feel emotional. You feel fulfilled that you are sending off another set of students to the real world and you are so proud to be their teacher. It is okay to express those feelings. I am sure your students will want to hear how proud you are of them so send that message today.

Below are some ideas you can draw inspiration from;

51. It’s been a really long ride. I am so proud to be your teacher and I wish you all the best in the future.

52. Congratulations! I’m so glad to have been a part of this journey and I am excited to see you show your awesomeness to the world.

53. Congratulations graduates! The world is waiting for your light and it will manifest greatly!

54. I am so proud of your set. One of the smartest ones I know. Best wishes on your graduation.

55. If you are willing to work hard and be committed, great things will happen to you. I’ll be cheering you from here.

56. From the beginning you have been committed, resilient, and brave and you have always overcome every challenge. I want you to maintain that energy as you graduate today. The sky is your starting point. Congratulations.

57. I started out as your teacher unsure about what the future will bring and today as you graduate. I feel so fulfilled. Teaching you has been a wonderful experience for me. Thank you for being the most cooperative students. Congratulations!

58. Today a path is created for you. I want you to tread that path with passion and hard work. I hope to see you all at the top in the future. Congratulations.

59. I am a proud teacher! I am so glad that your hard work finally paid off. Congratulations, my dear graduates.

60. This day warms my heart and just like every other teacher, I am so glad to see you graduate after so much work. Here’s to more opportunities and success.

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