Goodbye Message To Students From Teacher

70 Farewell and Goodbye Message To Students From Teacher

The teacher-to-student relationship is a great one. This is because they have probably shared long years together within the four walls of the school which makes them feel at home with one another. For a friendly teacher, it is very difficult to say goodbye to his students because they are already like his kids. As a teacher, you find a goodbye message to students from teacher to send your farewell wishes.

Teaching is an opportunity to change lives for good. It is a privilege that enables you to transform young people beyond academic work. You can help them prepare for life and all they will be doing in the future. Using your last moment to send a message for graduating students to feel how much you love them is awesome.

There are people you might never see again after a season. As a teacher, you might not see a lot of your students the moment they graduate from your school. You can send a proper goodbye message to students from a teacher from the examples below.

Goodbye Message To Students From Teacher

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1. It has been a great time being your loving teacher. You have been loving students as well. You have all shown a good attitude toward your studies which I highly appreciate. I wish you all the best things in life.

2. This is hard but I have to say my final goodbye. You all have been wonderful students and I would always cherish the memory we shared. It is pretty hard to say goodbye!

3. I have enjoyed every time spent with you all as your teacher. I would not change all we did together even if I have the power to. You remain the best student to me.

4. Dear students, it was a great experience to have been your teacher this long. God bless you all as you move into the next phase of your lives.

5. I want you to know that I appreciate your cooperation during the time we spent together as students and teachers. It was very good instructing you all these years.

6. Thank you for making my teaching job easy as much as you can. You made being a teacher a lovely thing for me. You all are exceptional students. Goodbye, my students.

7. This is the moment I never thought would come so fast. I have to wish you well because I will no longer be your teacher. Stay safe and keep being the best students.

8. Even though I don’t want to say goodbye, I have to. I have to celebrate the years I was your teacher. God bless you all.

9. Dreams do come through and you can achieve whatever your heart desire. Those are the words I want you to always remember. Goodbye, my students.

10. It was wonderful while we were together as students and teachers. I am the most fortunate teacher to have taught you all. Goodbye, my lovely and intelligent students!

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Goodbye Message To Students

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11. This is me saying goodbye. The periods we spent together were good. We might have another opportunity but goodbye for now. All the best in the life ahead of you.

12. There is nothing I did not do trying to distract myself from the pain of leaving you when it dawned on me that I will be leaving soon. Goodbye, great students!

13. I must say thank you for being great students to me while I taught. You all made teaching a fun experience every time. I wish I could keep you here forever.

14. There are a lot of students everywhere, around here and all over the world. None of these students means more to me than you guys. I wish you all a great future.

15. Teaching is the best job because I get the rare privilege of touching a lot of lives at the same time. As much as I am your teacher, I appreciate the privilege of working on your lives. I love you all. Goodbye!

16. Life has taught me to value moments and make the most of every season of my life. I valued our time together and we made the most of it.

17. My dear students, I wish you all the best of success in your various life ambitions. Never stop believing in your strength, you will make a personality in the near future.

18. I’m so thankful that you all have grown in the short time we spent together. Being your teacher was one of the best things to happen to me.

19. Great students are always making their teachers proud. You guys are great students that I am proud of. It was great teaching you.

20. This is me saying goodbye to you, my students. It was awesome helping you all learn and grow academically. As you move on from here in life, always gets better.

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Short Farewell Quotes For Students

What do you say to students on the last day?

21. Students in schools meet different people. You learn from your teachers and you learn from your friends. At some point, you have to say farewell to people. It is a part of life.

22. You will not always be a student. You will graduate from your school in the future. When you graduate, you will have to say goodbye to a lot of people.

23. Good people are hard to live without especially if you have spent a lot of time with them. This is me saying that you are good. Goodbye for now.

24. Saying goodbye can be hard but it is necessary to bring closure to a season of your life. Thank you for all we shared which will always be remembered.

25. Anyone can be a student and he/she might not be missed after graduation. But, great students are always missed. You are great students and you will be missed.

26. When one gets to that point when he/she has to leave the school environment that changed your life positively, it’s hard to say goodbye.

27. Goodbye, my students. From here onwards we can stay connected through social media and the telephone. I miss you guys greatly.

28. I don’t know how I am feeling but I have to say goodbye. I did not regret my time being your teacher. I maximized every bit of it.

29. It takes courage to do the right thing. You all could have chosen not to be good students but you were good and are still good students even though I will no longer be your teacher.

30. As we say goodbye to each other, I want you all to know that you are the best students I have ever taught. God bless you, guys.

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Goodbye Quotes For Students

31. It saddens my heart to say goodbye at this point. It would have been nice if we still have more time to spend together.

32. Even if I don’t want to go, I have to. I am leaving because my time here is over. You guys are the best students and I know you all will do well in life.

33. I think goodbye is one of the hardest things to say to people that have become a part of you. You guys are a part of me. I love you, great students.

34. I promise to hold on to the memories of us together. I am proud to say that I taught great minds in my lifetime.

35. Good people are everywhere and they are in different age brackets. Though you are a student, you guys act maturely. Goodbye!

36. My heart aches knowing this is a goodbye message. Thank you for all the time we shared and laughed together. Keep being the best student no matter what happens.

37. We meet different people in the journey of life. Some will make you wish you can have them forever even if the circumstance demands you to say goodbye.

38. I’m beginning to think nothing last forever. Just when we were beginning to enjoy the teacher-and-student relationship, I have to say goodbye. It’s so painful.

39. Yes, you heard right during the school announcement that I am leaving. It is a goodbye from me. Take care of yourselves.

40. I have never met students who loved their teachers the way you all love me. I appreciate all you have done for me. As I leave, please take good care of yourselves. Congratulations and goodbye

Farewell Message to Students By Principal

41. Being the principal of this school has taught me a lot of lessons. I appreciate every single one of you. It was nice being your principal.

42. You all are great students. Never let anyone tell you that you can not achieve your dreams. You can achieve anything in life. I wish you all greatness. Bye!

43. None of you won’t do well if you practice all the principles I taught every morning at the assembly ground. Goodbye to you all.

44. My time here is up and I have to leave this school. It was great while it lasted. Thank you all for your great cooperation.

45. I have had the great privilege of leading you students, teachers, and non-academical staff of this great school. Students, I believe you guys will shine. Goodbye, everyone!

46. There is no way I can forget your commitment to practicing the right keys to success even though you guys are young students. Keep practicing even though I am not going to be your principal anymore.

47. I think I have to tell you that you guys made my job here very easy. Thank you all for the little sacrifices to make this school bigger and better.

48. It is time to say thank you and goodbye. You all are the best students in the world and I will see you all shine very bright at the top in different sectors.

49. Time defines what we do next. At this time of my life, I have to step aside for someone else to be my principal. Thank you for your understanding.

50. I would have loved to still be your principal but I can’t anymore. It was great being your principal while it lasted. Cheers!

Short Farewell Message For Students From Teacher

51. Teaching is my hobby and your students made it more satisfying. This is a goodbye message and a thankful message from the depth of my heart.

52. Students can either make a teacher’s job easier or harder. You guys made my job easier than I thought it would be. Goodbye, guys!

53. I could not have asked for better students to teach in all the time I have spent in this school. Goodbye and may God bless you all.

54. When I came to this school, I was not sure of the kind of students I was going to be teaching. I must say that I enjoyed my teaching job with you guys. Bye for now!

55. It was a great time teaching you, dear students. I enjoyed coming to work every single day. As I leave, I want you all the respect and to work well with your next teacher.

56. My students, always remember that you can be better than who you are. You can always get better at anything you do. Goodbye!

57. I know you did not see this coming but I have to move on from here. I hope we meet again but till then, goodbye, great students.

58. You know that I love every one of you from the depth of my heart. It was great teaching you all for the period it lasted.

59. I’m done with my job here. Thank you for making my experience with it with your unmatched cooperation.

60. I do not doubt that you all will become great individuals. I have taught you well. It is a goodbye till we have the chance of meeting again.

Short Farewell Message To Kindergarten Students

61. Even though you are still very little, your souls are beautiful and I love you all. I hope and pray that the next teacher will do a better job

62. I love being a part of your lives. I loved talking to you all daily and helping you all improve academically. Goodbye, Angels!

63. Teaching you kids was a lovely experience that I will cherish forever. I would not hesitate if I get the opportunity to teach you again.

64. It was beautiful and fun being your teacher. While it lasted, I had the best time of my life. Thank you all for learning in your little ways.

65. You all are my babies. I enjoyed teaching you all and I enjoyed making you laugh as much as I could. All the best, kids.

66. Though you all are little, I have learned to be happy by seeing you happy. I have learned to play by seeing you play. Goodbye and keep growing in wisdom.

67. I worked closely with your parents to help you grow and learn. Now I have to say goodbye because I will no longer be here.

68. Coming to work to see your beautiful faces every morning was worth the sacrifices I have made. Now, I say my goodbye. Thank you!

69. Dear, kids, I love every one of you very much. You all mean the world to me. I wish you all you need to grow up healthy and live fulfilling lives.

70. It’s time to say goodbye. Time has brought us here and I enjoyed the time I spent as your teacher in this school.

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