Excuse Letter For Sick Student

20 Excuse Letter For Sick Student for Being Absent in School Due to Fever or Sickness

Sickness does come without notice. It could happen to anybody at any time. As a worker or student, you can be sick due to accumulated stress from work or school. Some of these sicknesses may cause you to stay back at home for proper treatment.

In this case, you should send an excuse letter for sick student for being absent from school due to fever or sickness to the appropriate authority. As a student, this shows that you have regard for the school authority and also that you take your education very seriously.

If you are a student and you need a ready-made letter to inform your school about your sudden illness, I have them spelled out for you on this page.

Excuse Letter For Sick Student

1. Dear Teacher,

I’m sad to inform you of my unexpected rise in temperature between last night and this morning. I had a slight headache in school yesterday which I didn’t consider serious until it aggravated this morning.

I will unavoidably be absent from school this morning because I will visit a nearby hospital to run a check on myself. I deeply apologize for my absence from school.

Thanks for understanding

Your student


2. Dear Principal

Good day Sir

I’m writing you this morning from a hospital bed due to the feverish condition that started at midnight. This condition has taken me without notice.

Missing school is never an option I would want to consider regardless of the situation. But this particular feverish condition has arrested my strength demanding me to rest.

I hope to be back in school very soon.

Thanks for your love and Understanding

Your student

3. Dear Teacher,

It saddens my heart that I will be missing my major test today due to the sickness that befell me without prior notice. I was healthy as at 10 pm last night until 12 am.

I woke up to ease myself only to find out that I had become seriously sick. This will make my absence noticeable at school. I regret my absence.

Thanks for understanding

Your student


4. Dear Teacher,

I want to inform you about my absence from school today. I develop a severe migraine this morning due to the accumulated stress I had undergone lately. This has led to a fever which I needed to stay back to treat medically

I regret my absence from school and I hope to recover soon so that I can make it back to school.

Thanks, Sir



5. Dear Principal and Teacher,

I’m not so happy that you’ll be receiving my letter instead of seeing me at school this morning.

This is a result of a situation beyond my power. I fell ill yesterday after I returned from school. This may be probably because of the recent sports activities we had in school resulting in accumulated stress.

I’m sorry for my absence from school and I hope to be back, Sir



Excuse Letter For Being Absent in School Due To Fever

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6. Dear (Principal’s Name)

I just got admitted to the hospital and I’m writing this letter right from the clinic ward. I have been diagnosed with meningitis which has been the cause of my constant fever in class. I will attach the doctor’s report with this letter.

I don’t know for how long I will remain in the hospital, but I have reached out to my classmates to inform me of any important assignment or project that needs to be done. I hope to recuperate in a little while to come back to school activities.

Yours sincerely,
[Your Name]

7. Dear Sir,

Sir, I will like to take the rest of the day off, I am scheduled to see our family doctor because of my constant migraine, it has been a hassle for me in class because I can’t concentrate or assimilate any of the subjects due to the migraine. And it is gradually affecting my eyes too, I will need your permission to leave the school premises for my appointment and I hope you take me into consideration.

Yours faithfully
[Your Name]

8. Dear ma,

I hope this letter meets you in good spirits. I will be unavailable from school for the next few weeks, I was just out from a major surgery and it was discovered that I have been contaminated and I have to be treated immediately to avoid further health complications.

I will affix my medical result to this letter, I will be unavailable for school activities for the next few weeks to go ahead with the surgery and I hope to resume immediately after my health improves. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

9. Dear (Principal’s Name)

Gooday Sir,

While I was preparing my daughter for school this morning I noticed she was feeble and she was running a high temperature. I had to take her to the hospital for proper treatment, and she won’t be able to come to class today and tomorrow because the doctor has placed her on bed rest in other to get better.

After that I’m sure she will be strong enough to resume school immediately to continue her lectures and other school curriculum thank you, sir.

Yours faithfully
[Your Name]

10. Dear Sir,

We are sorry for just informing you of our ward’s absence from the school premises, he has been having a fever and stooling uncontrollably, and he has an important appointment with the doctor, which can not be postponed. He informed us that he was to read out a speech at today’s event, we are very sorry for whatever inconvenience this might have caused. I hope you understand well enough.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

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Excuse Letter For Being Absent in School Due To Sickness

11. Dear (Principal’s Name)

I am an asthmatic patient and throughout the last week, I have been having a series of seizures than usual. I had to be admitted to the hospital for days. I thought I was going to die I was scared because it felt so different.

Fortunately, nothing bad happens, I’m much better now and I hope to resume back soon to join my classmates. I heard we are going on a trip for a school project, and I can’t wait to come back.

Best regards
[Your Name]

12. Dear Sir,

I would like to be dismissed for a day, I have been finding it difficult to see notes on the board and even my notes. So I had to book an appointment to see an optician, the appointment is scheduled for today.

I want to get a recommended glass to make learning easy for me, and I can’t reschedule the appointment. I will be delighted if I am permitted to be dismissed. Thank you, sir.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

13. Dear Sir,

I am sorry for the long absence, I had chicken pox and it’s contagious, I was advised to stay home till it cleared out so I won’t cause an apocalypse of chickenpox on the school premises.

I have been treated and the doctor said it will take a month for it to clear out completely I told my classmates to send me assignments and notes so I can be updated on all the activities in the classroom.

[Your Name]

14. Dear (Principal’s Name)

I hope this letter meets you in good health. I am writing this letter to let you know I won’t be around the school premises tomorrow. I am a sickle cell patient and the doctor just informed my parent that my health is gradually deteriorating, and I have to be at the hospital for a weekly check-up.

In my absence, I have told my colleagues to give me their notes and also their assignments so that when I get back I will be updated about the things taught and the activities that took place in the class while I was away, Thank you, Sir.

Yours faithfully
[Yout Name]

15. Dear(Principal’s Name)

Good morning Sir, I won’t be able to come to class today, I woke up with a terrible stomach ache and I have been stooling and vomiting all morning. I insisted on coming because of my test but my parent said I should remain at home to receive proper treatment and care. I would like to retake the test when I resume school tomorrow, thank you for your consideration

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

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Excuse Letter For Sick Student From Parents

16. Dear Teacher,

I’m on writing you this letter on behalf of your student, Junior. It was unexpected as we found him feeling feverish last night after he returned from school.

We didn’t have options than refer him to the nearby hospital for immediate treatment lest it aggravated into something else. He’s currently admitted and will be there for sometimes

We do apologize for his absence from school.

Thanks for understanding



17. Dear Principal

This is to notify you that one of your students Janet by name fell suddenly ill this morning afternoon she was ready to take off for school.

We don’t know what might have caused this but we were left with no option than to report to a nearby hospital for proper check and immediate treatment.

She’ll be unavoidably absent from school activities for some days.

She sends her greetings. Apologies

The Parents

18. Dear Mr Bassey

We the parents of James are writing you on behalf of your students James who felt sick in the early hours of this morning.

We tried our possible best to get him to school but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. We’re currently admitted at the community clinic to get him treated adequately

We regret this and we hope to get him back to school very soon.

Thanks for your love and understanding.

The parents

19. Dear Teacher

We want to warmly inform you about the unavoidable absence of your dear student Jackson from school.

He developed a very sharp headache last night. We have done our best to rescue the issues but all to no avail. We’ve taken him to the community health center for the proper check and treatment.

We hope he recovers very soon from the ailments and gets back to school.

We apologize on his behalf and he will soon make it back to school.


The parents

20. Dear Principal,

We’re writing you on behalf of one of your students who is our dear daughter, Mary by name.

She returned home yesterday from school and she showed the symptom of malaria. We gave him first aid treatment hoping that would solve the problem but all to no avail.

She has been currently admitted to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

She’ll be back in school as soon as she gets well.

Thanks for understanding.


The parents

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