Absence From Work Due To Sickness Messages

20 Absence From Work Due To Sickness Messages and Letters

Being absent from work or school is an inevitable situation. One can be absent due to a lot of reasons, these reasons could be personal, health issues, death, emergencies, or anything possible. These reasons for being absent might be intentional and at the same time might not be intentional. Absence from work due to sickness messages and letters will help you state the reason for absence.

Writing a message or an excuse letter and message help to show responsibility, obligation, transparency, conformity, and adherence to a workplace or school’s rules.

To avoid so much lashing out or punishment for being absent, we have complied excuse letters and messages that best convey your message to your boss manager, or principal to help them understand in detail why you were absent

These messages and excuse letters are listed below

Absence From Work Due To Sickness Message

1. I won’t be able to come to work for the whole of this week, I woke up with a terrible headache and I visited the hospital. The doctor recommended that I stay on bed rest for the rest of the week. Thanks for understanding

2. I was rushed to the hospital because I was down with a fever. I won’t be able to make it to the office and I have been admitted to the hospital. As soon as I get better I’ll find my way to the office.

3. I want to inform the organization that I will be absent for the next two days, I have a major surgery scheduled for tomorrow and the next. I am sorry for the inconvenience my absence might cause.

4. Hello Boss, I would be unavailable for the next three days, I was feeling dizzy and nauseous while at work today and I’m afraid it might get worse. I’m taking these three days off to visit the hospital and be properly treated, if I would stay longer I will send a message to inform you. Thank you.

5. Gooday Boss, I got a call from my doctor today regarding the test I went for last week, I have been diagnosed with Appendicitis and I have been told to go for surgery as soon as possible to avoid further complications. I don’t know how long I will remain in the hospital but it should not be less than 3 weeks, I hope to return to work after I have fully recovered

6. I have been feeling under the weather lately, and I’m unaware of what the illness might be. I might come in late to work tomorrow because I’ll be visiting the doctor to get a clarification of what’s going on with me. I have prepared all the documents needed for the presentation tomorrow.

7. Good afternoon boss, I caught the flu yesterday and it has gotten the better part of me. I can still manage to come to work but it will be unfair to spread and inconvenience my other colleagues with the flu. I will take the necessary treatment to cure it and resume work as soon as possible.

8. I’m sorry for informing you late, I have been having severe body aches and I thought I could come to work till it worsen this morning. I’ll take today and tomorrow off to rest well and take medications. I have told my assistant to fill in for me and attend to all my clients. I will get back to work as soon as I get better.

9. Hello Boss, I am sorry about my unavailability at work for the past few working days, my health deteriorated and I was rushed down to the hospital. I have been unconscious ever since then, I gained consciousness this morning and decided to send a message. I will still be here for the next few weeks. I am sorry for the problems my absence has caused in the office.

10. Hi boss, I want to inform you that my sickness worsen during the weekend and I was diagnosed of covid 19. It saddens my heart to be affected by such a disease, I would take one month’s leave to be fully cured of this disease. I will be able to respond to emails and other documents from time to time.

Excuse Letter For Being Absent in Work Due To Fever

11. Dear Boss,

I hope this letter meets you in good spirits. I’m writing this letter to inform you that I won’t be available at the office today. I woke up with a severe fever and headache and I won’t be able to work efficiently if I decide to come to work.

I have gone to the clinic to get medications if by the end of the day my health worsens, I won’t be able to come to work tomorrow and if it improves well enough, I will be the first person to get to the office. While I am away my other colleague will cover up for me.

Best regards

[Your Name]

12. Dear Sir,

Sir, I will be taking a month-long medical leave. I have been working tirelessly all through the year and now it’s beginning to affect my health seriously. I have been running a high temperature and also feeling feverish for quite some time and my doctor said I need to be admitted to the hospital to get enough treatment and enough bed rest to get better.

I won’t be able to go for business trips and other business meetings but I can attend to files or documents that need my attention right from home. This might be inconvenient for the company but I have to follow my doctor’s order. Thank you for understanding.

[Your Nane]

13. Dear Ma,

I’m sorry for my absence from the meeting between our company and the international company concerning the merger. I fainted in the bathroom yesterday morning and was rushed to the hospital I had malaria which caused dizziness, shortage of blood, and severe fever and it has affected me badly that was why I fainted.

I apologize Sir, as soon as I get better I will fix all the damages my absence has caused, thank you for understanding sir.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

14. Dear Sir,

Sir, I will be taking some days off to treat myself for the airborne disease I contacted and to also rejuvenate, the annual retreat that was held last week stressed and weaken my body and it’s affecting my efficiency in the office and it won’t be ideal to keep working on such condition. I hope you understand Sir.

Yours faithfully
]Your Name]

15. Dear Ma,

Good day ma, by the time this letter reaches you I would have been at the hospital, I was on my way to work this morning when I started feeling different and feverish. I had to go to the hospital to avoid the situation from worsening.

I am still at the hospital and I might still be delayed till the close of work, I apologize for my absence, I’ll make sure to complete all my work as soon as I get to the office tomorrow, thank you ma.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

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Excuse Letter For Being Absent in Work Due To Emergency

16. Dear Sir,

Sir, I won’t be able to make it to the office this morning, due to a family emergency. My pregnant wife went into labor this morning and I had to rush her to the hospital and also stay with her throughout the whole process.

I will have to postpone the meeting with our business partners and all other business activities. As soon as this is all over I will attend to all pending business activities. I apologize for the hassle this might cause. Thank you for understanding.

Yours faithfully
[Your Name]

17. Dear Ma,

I’m sorry for just writing to you now. I was informed about an unexpected crisis, the death of a loved one and it saddened my heart. I have been in a state of grief since I heard the news, it was unethical for me to not have informed you for the past three days of the reason for my absence.

I hope my absence hasn’t caused so much damage in the office. I have told my colleagues all the necessary things to know to handle the other projects pending my return. I appreciate your understanding.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

18. Dear (Manager’s Name)

I apologize for my extended absence, I understand I have an important role to play in this organization, but there was an unexpected family situation that required my immediate attention.

My son was hospitalized, he had heart disease and we needed to fly him out of the country for surgery. I’m sorry I didn’t inform you sooner. I was destabilized by the whole situation, I informed a member of the team to take over from where I stopped and I hope to join them soon to complete the project. I appreciate your understanding.

Yours sincerely
[Your Name]

19. Dear (Boss’s Name)

I hope this letter meets you well, I will not be able to make it to the office due to an urgent family crisis. My son left the tap on at night and the whole house has been flooded by this morning. I couldn’t leave just my husband to handle it alone because the water had ruined most of our properties. I will handle everything that needs to be done today and make sure I resume work tomorrow to attend the business meetings and attend to our clients.

Best regards
[Your Name]

20. Dear Sir,

I will be taking the day off Sir, my children have to go to their schools today which are miles away, and last minute my driver disappointed me.

So I have to take them myself, I have given the details of the presentation to my partner and told him all the necessary actions to take before the presentation.

Hopefully, I get back before the end of the presentation, I will appreciate you if you allow me to take the day off.

[Your Name]

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