Examination Prayer For Students

60 Miracle Examination Prayer For Students to Succeed

Everyone needs prayers including the students who are in school. Prayer gives God a platform to intervene in your affairs. Whatever you commit into the hand of God cannot suffer loss. As a student, you need prayers to succeed. Hence, the need for examination prayer for students.

During the exam period, it is important for students to come together and pray to their creator to give them retentive memories and help them succeed in their papers. While you pray, you must work hard so that God can crown your efforts with outstanding success.

You need the strength and wisdom of God to prevail in your exams. Therefore, you ought to pray both during and after your exams. Pray the following prayers with faith and you will see marvelous results.

God Changed My Exam Result Prayers

1. Heavenly Father, the grace to pass my exams and not fail, I receive instantly in the name of Jesus. Let your hand teach me how to write intelligently. Amen.

2. So many students speak of mistaken or misplaced results but knowing that I have a father who doesn’t fail and his words for me are true. I received the grace to pass through successfully without any casualties in the name of Jesus.

3. Surely your grace and mercy have gone ahead of me to make every crooked path straight and correct every mistake in my exams in the name of Jesus

4. Father Lord help me today concerning my results, change my agony of failure to the testimony of success that will bring glory to your holy name in the name of Jesus.

5. There is no greater God than you so I believe that you can exceed my expectations and help me thoroughly so I make it through my exams successfully.

6. Dear God, I know your plans for me are to succeed so I trust that you are handling my case and overseeing the marking of my scripts so that can I emerge with flying colors.

7. Every form of anxiety or distress in me towards my exam results is canceled in the name of Jesus. For I trust that my Father is helping me change my name from a list of failures to a list of successes.

8. Dear Lord my heart is burdened towards my exam so I pray that you lift this burden off my heart and replace it with your reassuring word of success in the name of Jesus.

9. Every plan of the enemy in my life to fail in this exam is canceled in the name of Jesus. I receive success all through and there shall be no records of failure in any of my papers.

10. My Father in heaven, your plan, and purpose of success for my life and exams are therefore established today in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Short Prayer After Exam

11. Dear lord, I commit every paper I have written into your hands and ask that you take prominent control over them in the name of Jesus.

12. Father Lord, I commit my papers into your hands and pray that you cancel every form of error in my exam papers and make everything right in the name of Jesus.

13. My friends and I came together each night to reminisce on the exam period and spoke of our experiences individually and collectively and all we could say the day after is God is good. Dear God, thank you for being good to me.

14. Dear Lord, you are good and your goodness is ever sure and everlasting, Show your goodness in my life by giving me good results in the name of Jesus.

15. Father Lord, I pray that you give me the patience and strength that I need to wait for my exam results, and every form of anxiety is canceled in the name of Jesus.

16. I pray that none of my friends and coursemates will receive bad news concerning their results and we will all testify of God’s goodness in our exams.

17. Our lives shall glorify your name now and continually as we see you handling our results well and excellently as you have said Oh Lord.

18. Thank you Lord for intervention at certain times, we could have been suspended for mistaken identity during the exam period but your mercy spoke for us. We praise you forevermore.

19. Thank you Lord for making the weather favorable and sustainable for us as we wrote our exams and we did not fall ill at all

20. Father, we have just written the exams, and we ask that you will mark our efforts with distinctions in the name of Jesus.

Miracle Prayer For Exam Results

Below are powerful examination prayer for students!

21. Oh Lord, come and be our source of wisdom. Help us to dispose of ourselves and listen to the Holy Spirit, your loving spirit. Help us to use our time wisely.

22. We ask that you direct us, and guide our paths and intelligence. Help us not to read and prepare amiss. Help us to understand everything we read to write them down accurately in our exams.

23. We pray for your spirit to guide us to be accurate in our delivery and at the end of the day your name shall be glorified. Thank you for the answers in advance.

24. Dear Lord, we ask for retentive memory and abilities to grasp things correctly and fundamentally to express ourselves in our exams with accuracy to emerge successful.

25. We started this exam with you oh Lord, direct us through the entire process and period and help us in completion in the name of Jesus.

26. Dear Lord, we ask for your ever-sustaining peace to cancel any form of stress and anxiety that might want to overwhelm me during my exams. I pray for your peace that surpasses all understanding and choose to trust and lean on you for direction.

27. I lay down my doubts and fears at your feet Oh Lord, I give you all my worries, and concerns of failure and ask that you replace them with your spoken words of peace and success.

28. Dear Father, remind me of your profound love for me. Help me remember that everything I lay in your hands is a success and let your name be glorified in the highest.

29. Dear Lord, stay with me and guide me all through my exams, keep my mind and memory sharp and alert at all times help me to concentrate, be calm to remember all that I have read.

30. Thank you Lord for sustaining me and protecting me and reminding me that you are always with me and for softening every form of pressure that I feel towards this exam, thank you lord for the success of my exam.

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Prayer For Good Results

31. Our Lord and God, thank you for always standing by me because I know you are always with me in certain and uncertain times like these. Whether the things I wrote are clear or uncertain I give it to you to handle oh Lord my refuge and strength.

32. Everyone has dreams and goals and we can not achieve them on our own unless we trust you oh Lord. Let your wonders be performed in our lives in the name of Jesus.

33. Father Lord, I say thank you for making it possible for me to come to school, Thank you for sustaining me and helping me understand all I have been taught. I pray that all I have written in my exams is proof of my hard work and your help in the name of Jesus.

34. Dear Lord, you made me in your image and with so much love and I am grateful for that. Please help me to remember that you love me no matter what and I am more than the grades I get from writing my exams.

35. Father in heaven, I know that I do not pray as much as I am supposed to and talk to you often. But please help me in this difficult time to banish every form of fear and anxiety and remember that you are helping me pass my exams successfully in the name of Jesus.

36. Dear Lord, I acknowledge your love for me and receive divine help concerning all the exams I have written today in the name of Jesus.

37. Dear Lord, help me get distinctions in all my courses so my family and loved ones can be proud of me in the name of Jesus.

38. Dear Lord, I do not take any step without putting you first in everything and so I commit this exam into your hands and pray that I pass it all so I can graduate with distinctions and enter into a new beginning.

39. Hear me oh Lord, during this time, banish every form of nervousness and fear of failure. Help me to get the best results so my parents can be proud.

40. Father in heaven I have burned a lot of night candles, had sleepless nights, read my books from cover to cover, and also answered the question to the best of my ability. I leave the rest to you for I know that with you I have the best results. Amen.

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Powerful Prayer To Pass An Exam For A Friend

41. Dear God of all, I ask for the kind of wisdom bestowed for Solomon to rest upon Shalom as she takes these exams. God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are made available for her this minute to complete all she needs to excel in her papers in the name of Jesus.

42. Therefore I commit Charles to the hands of God, he is helped mightily in his exams. Nothing shall separate him from the hands of God.

43. I pray for words of comfort and ease for my friends to pass these exams, their grades at the end of it all show the wonderous power of God working swiftly and well in their lives in the name of Jesus.

44. There has never been a thing we lay in front of the Lord and he doesn’t see to it. Therefore I lay Elizabeth’s papers to your hands oh Lord, bring to her memory everything she has read.

45. We banish every spirit of forgetfulness, disorganization and the inability to be organized in the exam my friend takes today. They work with the Lord and therefore work with grace, ease, peace, and sure mercies in the name of Jesus.

46. Father Lord, we ask that your Holy Spirit arrest the mind of Matthew and that every spirit of uncertainty or doubt is canceled. You bless every work he writes down and help him through it all in the name of Jesus.

47. Thank you, Father, for your love and support over the years in the life of my friend, for there has never been any time we pray to you concerning these exams and you don’t answer us speedily. We know you are handling this one as well and we trust absolutely in you.

48. Dear Lord, I come before you with humility seeking your blessings and help for my friend, Lola. Open her eyes to see you guiding her through all her exams and inspiring her to do the right thing in the name of Jesus.

49. In this quest of seeking knowledge Sam has embarked on, I pray all his efforts are not put to waste. Your word will be a beacon illuminating his mind and granting him the understanding he needs to sail through his exams in the name of Jesus.

50. I pray that everything and anything my friend Tabitha needs to gain academic excellence and pass her exams with flying colors are made available for her instantly and she receives grace and favor from you in the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Students To Succeed In Exams

51. Dear God in heaven, we acknowledge that you are our ever-loving Father, and your wish for us as your children is to succeed. So we put our absolute trust in you to make this happen.

52. We cannot do anything without you or be in existence without you oh Lord, This is why we need you in every area and aspect of our exams and we pray that you see us through it all in the name of Jesus.

53. Thank you, Lord, for showing us that you are the one and only true God who answers prayers. Just like you have done in the past oh Lord come and answer our prayers of success in our exams in the name of Jesus.

54. Oh Lord, we pray that your Holy Spirit guides us towards the path of excellence and success for we know that you are reliable and dependable.

55. I have no other God but you, so I strongly seek your presence and pray that you help me as I strive for academic success in the name of Jesus.

56. Thank you for always having my back even when I didn’t know you were, you never left me. You have always intervened in my life positively and with you all I have seen are blessings. Therefore, I pray that as I embark on this exam period, I shall testify of your blessings and success in the name of Jesus.

57. Thank you, Lord, for divine intervention and enlightenment. I have always been recalling all I have read and this is proof that without a doubt I have success in my exams.

58. Dear Lord standing on your promises and words for my life, I speak success into my life and exams. You are my firm foundation and my rock, so I will not waver or fail in the name of Jesus.

59. I seek your guidance to always have a good relationship and friendship with the right kind of people who are rooted deeply in your word and would only lead and guide me to success in the name of Jesus.

60. I sanctify and commit all my exam papers in your hands oh Lord, none shall go missing or get a bad report and all shall be recorded according to your word for me and all glory shall be returned to you in the name of Jesus. Amen

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