University Graduation Quotes

75 Unique College and University Graduation Quotes for Graduating Students

Graduating from the university is a good thing having spent four or more years in the four walls of the classroom, with lots of adventures, and lots of fun, it feels good to be out and be free from all the stress that comes with academics, exams, lectures, tests, and so on. Therefore, graduating calls for a celebration which you can do with university graduation quotes.

Graduation do calls for celebration of course it is worthy of celebrating. Graduation day is one of the most awaited events in one’s life, it is the day that describes that the fruit of the hard work will be reaped. It is not easy going through the rigor of university education and surviving the terror of lecturers.

Graduation is a rite of passage, crossing a threshold from years of hard work and study dedication into the new beginning of the next life stage. If you have a friend, loved one, or family who is rounding off his college or university education, kindly congratulate

Unique Graduation Quotes

1. Congratulations, I rejoice with you on this great day, as you step forward in life, Don’t confuse your life and work together, work is only part of your life. May things get better with you as you advance further in life.

2. Opportunity sometimes does not come to look like opportunities so most people lose an opportunity because they think it is a bondage, so do well to embrace any given opportunity that comes your way.

3. How time flies, I could remember the first time you were matriculating, now it is your graduation time, everything seems over and you are moving to a new phase of life. However, as you make a life, make a living as well.

4. The stories you are about to write are different from the ones you have written so far, and this story will determine how your generation will look, so do well to write a wonderful story.

5. Graduation is a great thing because you will have the opportunity to live a life outside the parent’s world, and yes it is the beginning of a real journey in life, Congratulations, I celebrate you

6. Learning continues and you should never stop learning even if you are not at the four walls of the classroom. As you advance further in life, embrace continuous learning.

7. It is a great thing to be actually out of school, you will feel relaxed and want to stop learning. However, it is only the dead ones that stop learning because this is totally another phase of life.

8. Of course, you make us proud as you are graduating from school today, trust the process and don’t stop learning, and you will get to graduate to each phase of life every time.

9. Yes, it is your graduation, Never judge the future by the past as this is a new adventure on its own. I wish you the best as you advance further in your life. A big congratulations to you.

10. No one is handling anything over to you out there, you will need to make everything work out for you by yourself.

University Graduation Quotes for Daughter

11. Dear Precious Daughter, it is a great thing as you are graduating today, you have made us so proud, and yes it is something to be proud of, now it is high time you start reasoning out of the box and making a living.

12. Graduating comes with a lot of responsibility, and procrastination is a very powerful tool that can destroy life, it is a very bad habit that must not be encouraged. Embrace the needful responsibility as they come your way. I love you, my daughter.

13. As you are graduating from school today, I know you must have dreamed of a lot of new adventures you want to embark on, it is a great thing to dream, because once you stopped dreaming, it dies off.

14. Education is a world changer! Now, that you have a degree, make your contribution and make our world a better place. The world is waiting on you.

15. University gives out a lot of knowledge, Utilize every bit of knowledge you learn in the university to make lives better. A beautiful congratulations to you.

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College Graduation Quotes

16. Education gives a free ticket to the world, it is not just about the knowledge gained, it is about the value learned as a person. Let this value be spread abroad!

17. History is made by several people and more of it needs to be made, Go into the world there and make history beyond everyone that has gone ahead of you.

18. Graduation is not the end of education, it is just the beginning of a new journey of life. This is the time to apply everything that you have learned in the last four years. I wish you a smooth journey ahead, congratulations.

19. Graduation is the beginning of a new phase of life, so do well to enjoy all the other fun things of life. I believe everything will be alright for you.

20. It’s a great thing to discover more about oneself, know more about yourself, go into the world, and find who you are as you are stepping out of this phase.

21. Education is a life changer, it is great equipment used to change the world, let’s start with you. We count on you to make our world a better place.

22. Graduation is an eye-opener likewise education. Think about your process of studies and what you have learned through it to make your life a better one.

23. Education opens your eyes and brings you into awareness about life and how it functions. If you follow through on what you know, you won’t be misled. I wish you the very best.

24. Now that you are a graduate, you need to be more circumspect about life. You need both Intelligence and character which will make you survive in the outside world.

25. There is a future and getting educated is one way to access that future. Education is the passport to the future. Thank God you are graduated. Congratulations!

26. Education is the ticket to change your world and I am glad you are now among the educated. We count on you to change our world. Congratulations!

27. After school, things will not remain the same. You have to be bold to get the best out of life. Live your life boldly and with integrity and I am sure you will succeed.

28. Instruction helps in the classroom, the outside world needs more than instructions. Be attentive to the lesson life will be teaching you. Congratulations to you.

29. You have shut yourself within four walls of the university for four years. Congratulations on that! Now, Make a difference with your education outside the world.

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Student Graduation Quotes

30. Success is a byproduct of hard work. You cannot rush success, it is a great reward of hard work. I’m glad you could stay through the process. Congratulations!

31. Your dreams and career are your greatest children, when you have them actualized, you should so cherish them. I rejoice with you at this level of education.

32. Life is about going after what you want so that what you want can come after you. You have journeyed through this phase successfully, I’m sure opportunities will be coming knocking at your door now. Congratulations to you!

33. Stepping forward is the best way to avoid stagnation. You have done so by stepping towards your dreams and now it’s a reality. Congratulations, I wish you the very best in your journey ahead.

34. What an impressive achievement, I am so proud and know you will succeed in anything you do, be proud of your achievement so far. This shall not be your last accomplishment on earth.

35. Graduation is beginning a new journey, don’t just sit, even if you are on the right track. You have come this far to go further in life. A beautiful congratulations to you dear friend.

36. Never stop dreaming, and never stop pursuing your dream to enjoy life. Where you are today that we’re celebrating was made possible because you dreamt about it yesterday. Keep dreaming, congratulations.

37. As you go further in life, challenges will come your way. Be ready to confront them taking full responsibility for your life. I’m so certain the best in your journey ahead.

38. This is the conclusion of a chapter and I’m glad you’re closing the chapter in grand style Live each chapter of your life beautifully because life is just like a story. Congratulations on ending well at this phase.

39. Never stop living, live each day learning as if life on earth is forever. Thank God you have completed this phase of studies. There are many more things to learn more and more. I wish you the very best!

40. I believe you could not have gotten here without being helped by others. As you have been helped by others. Make helping others your priority every day. Congratulations!

41. Graduation indicates growth, so show the world how grown you are. I celebrate you today because you’ve never been at the same level. Big congratulations to you.

42. This level of accomplishment in your life is a significant one. Celebrate this little achievement and be proud of your life so far. I can proudly say that you have done well. Congratulations!

43. I love your disposition throughout your study period. How you have gone out of your way to help other students. Always have the mind of helping others. Congratulations as you climb a higher ladder.

44. This phase of accomplishment has allowed you to explore the riches of the world. A lot is waiting for you, step into them and make a difference. Go into the world and excel.

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Proud Graduation Quotes

45. Congratulations! Graduation is the beginning of another adventure, It is just the beginning of a real journey in life. Get prepared for the higher demand that life will be placing on you.

46. What an impressive achievement, I am so proud and know you will succeed in anything you do, you did it, and you make the family so proud of you. Congratulations to you my dear!

47. This very day is all about you and we’re glad that you could go through all the struggles and still come this far. I rejoice with you on this glorious day of yours! Enjoy your special day. Congratulations!

48. You’re worth celebrating because you have shown yourself to be a worthy student with your excellent results. Wishing you an amazing journey ahead, congratulations to you!

49. You’re a star and I think the whole world should revolve around you and celebrate you. Thank you for making me very proud of you with your brilliant and excellent performance. Congratulations!

50. You didn’t come this far to stagnate at this point. You are here to advance further in life. This is the beginning of things in your life. Good luck all the way, congratulations!

51. While I say congratulations as you round off this phase, I must also say that another adventure of your life is loading. It’s my prayer that you get better and better by the day.

52. I know you have dreamt of this day when you’ll be free from the disturbances around the school environment. it is finally good to be out of school. Keep going forward. Congratulations!

53. I looked at your performance in school and I’m thrilled. What a bright future you have got. You have done great in the last 5 years. Congratulations.

54. When you started your studies in school, four years looked like a long journey. But I strongly knew this day will come when you will finally make us proud. Congratulations!

55. Hard work pays as you can see how everybody is celebrating with you today. To be a graduate of this school means that you have worked very hard. I’m excited that you stayed through.

56. A school was a great place and everybody should experience it earlier in life. Thank God that the school world is over now. You are welcome to the new world entirely. Congratulations to you.

57. You are truly an achiever, I am proud of you. You told us you would do it and finally, you did it. What an amazing personality you are! A big congratulations to you, great achiever.

58. I had reasons why I should miss your graduation but your persistence in school has necessitated me to see reasons to be present at your graduation and celebrate with you. Congratulations to you.

59. You have finished your course in grand style and you have now become a template to follow. The coming generation will have a lot to learn from you. A big congratulations to you.

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Things To Say To Graduate

60. You are done with a journey that once appeared very long several years ago. Now it’s Pen down, for now, congratulations. Many other things are waiting for you ahead. Keep graduating to higher ground.

61. We are proud of you, it is a very great thing to make it out of university with excellent grades. This is not common to everybody, only a genius like you can make things like these happen. I’m excited about your success, congratulations.

62. Looking at the passion you demonstrated for your studies, I’m convinced that you are starting in the school of success. I do not doubt that you’ll yet achieve great feats in a short period.

63. You have shown yourself to be a man in the last 5 years of your studies. Now, it’s time to enjoy your life. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the benefits of this phase.

64. We’re all gathered here today to celebrate a rising icon and we’re all glad that we made it to your graduation. Your celebration just began. Enjoy the day to the limits

65. The world is waiting for you to benefit from your potential. I know you have what it takes to satisfy your world. Go into the world and break new ground.

66. A phase of your life has ended and another story of life has begun. Your life has been beautiful since time passed and I’m sure more beautiful are still ahead of you. Big congratulations to you!

67. To succeed further in life, you will need to enjoy following instructions. I will encourage you to keep a listening ear and act according to instructions that it will require to succeed further. I wish you a greater success in life.

68. Your performance in school is great and you should feel kingly about yourself. Live like a king that you’re outside there. The world is waiting for your royalty.

69. You have built your academic career, it’s time to build other areas of life. Follow through your life always without giving attention to distractions and you will never go astray.

70. Life is like a book, we start each chapter every day, you have ended adventures and another adventure is about going down. It’s beautiful to see you transition from one phase to another. Congratulations to you!

71. There is a big deal about this phase of your life and everybody who loves you should rejoice with you. Celebrate your success and start another phase of life in grand style. Congratulations to you.

72. Graduation is another adventure, pick up another adventure from the list, and be successful in it as you have succeeded in the last one. Never grow satisfaction yet, higher ground is calling you.

73. You make the whole family proud, we are proud of you, we do not take it with levity the length you have gone to bring glory to our lineage. It’s a big win for all of us. Congratulations.

74. As you transit to the next phase, do good and live each passing day fulfilled. There will be so many things to do in life, do the needful things only and enjoy it.

75. One stage is over, and another one is open immediately. Do not allow the whereabouts of what lies ahead to disturb your mind too much. I strongly believe that things will unfold for you. Congratulations to you.

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