Feedback About Teacher From Students

70 Negative and Positive Feedback About Teacher From Students Examples

It is one thing to teach, it is another thing to know if truly the students are learning what is been taught. We can’t be sure a teacher is doing his/her job perfectly if we are not getting feedback from the students who are directly under the teacher’s tutelage. Only the students who are been taught can express how good the teaching is and how impactful the teaching is.

Without getting feedback, a teacher might find it difficult to measure his progress. It is what you say after they have passed knowledge on to you that will help them improve in the deployment of their duties. If you give them positive comments, they can at least be encouraged to keep rendering that particular service. If the feedback is bad, they can learn to do things better. A great teacher craves feedback from his/her students.

You can make the most of feedback about teacher from students to help your teacher improve his service to you. While you give your feedback, be positive and also criticize when you need to. Here is feedback about a teacher from the student to help you help your teacher.

Student Feedback For Teachers

1. Dear teacher, being under your tutelage is a pleasure I do not take for granted. Thank you very much for being the best teacher to ever teach me. You have made me a better person with the things you have taught me as my teacher.

2. You are my favorite teacher anytime and any day. The way you simplify your teaching makes it easy for me to learn anything you want to teach me and other students.

3. I have not seen a unique teacher like you before in all my years of being a student. You are the best teachers that I know and I wish you will always be my teachers even when am done with this school.

4. You all are my best teachers. No school has the quality of teachers like this school. I like how you all teach us that are your students. I am glad to be your student.

5. Coming to school is easy now because of you, teachers. I am always excited to come to school now because of how well you all teach. I dare to give you the title of a great teacher.

6. The last assignment you gave to us was challenging but it was worth our time and other resources that we used to sort it out. I appreciate for always tasking my brain.

7. I know that it is not easier being a teacher. I can imagine how hard it is for you to put in the extra effort to teach and not be appreciated for all the effort you put into your work.

8. I have heard feedback from other students who regularly attend your classes. You are truly exceptional teachers that are loved by many students.

9. I think you need to be more audible when you teach. I believe that one has not communicated until he/she is heard and understood.

10. My teachers, you all are very good at teaching. I have gained a lot as your student and I know that there is still a lot for me to learn. Thank you for your exposure!

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Positive Feedback For Teachers From Students Example

Here is positive feedback about teacher from students!

11. I’m one of the students that you have been an inspiration to. I cherish your teachings with all my heart. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

12. I can say that you are one of the best teachers on earth, you are so unique in your presentation. God bless you all for being a simple, easygoing, and positive influence on me.

13. My life changed the day I started attending this school. I became a changed person for good and my grades went up when I became a student at this school. Thank you, my teachers!

14. There are a lot of teachers around the world but you all are better than other teachers. As your student, I want to let you know that I love you and I also appreciate all your efforts in teaching me.

15. I have always learned properly as your student. Your style of teaching has made it easy for me to learn everything you taught us in class as your students.

17. Your classes are always enlightening. Every student is always excited to be a part of your class every single time. Thank you for making an impact on our lives.

18. Your teaching styles help us learn accurately. I don’t think we will learn any better if other teachers start to teach us what you are already teaching us, your students.

19. Every one of us is glad to be taught by all of you, teachers. The joy can be seen in our facial expressions every time we come to school. We appreciate our teachers.

20. We are happy to be attending this school. We love being students of this school and it is because all our teachers are amazing. You all are good at your job.

How To Write Good Feedback For Teacher

21. Even though I have only spent a short time in this school, I can say boldly that you are the best teacher I have ever learned from. You are very unique in the way you teach your students.

22. I would like to appreciate you for making us feel like we are worth something good every time you are opportune to teach us. We all love you very much.

23. Learning from you is such a delight to me. I always look forward to going to school every morning because of you. Thank you for all you do for me and other students.

24. There is no doubt that you’re a very strong positive influence on me and every student that you teach. You have continued to inspire me positively.

25. You have made me start believing in my abilities. I never know I could see myself better than my mistakes. I am forever grateful to you, my teacher.

26. Before you became my teacher, I had little to no self-confidence. Having you as my teacher has made me very confident about myself. I won’t forget your impact on my life. Thank you!

27. I use to be unsure about my academic future. Thankfully all that has changed since you became my teacher. I will always be grateful to you.

28. Your classes are great and we are learning new things from you lately. We are grateful that you are our teacher. Thank you for teaching us heartily.

29. I’m always happy to learn from you. I feel great every time we learn from you. My classmates and I are always eager to attend all your classes. It is always a pleasure to be your student.

30. Dear teacher, thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to help us grow as students. You have invested so much in us and all your investments are appreciated. May God reward you enormously for changing our lives positively.

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Good Feedback For Teachers Examples

31. For a very long time, I could not read and write effectively. However, having you now as my teacher has made me improve significantly in how to read and write. Thank you very much.

32. I’m very proud of you, my teachers. Thank you for going out of your way to help me become a better student as much as you can per time.

33. I could not have come this far in my academics if not for your help. I have improved greatly in my studies because of you, my teachers. Thank you all!

34. In all my years of being tutored, I can boldly say that this school has the best set of teachers. The teachers here are not just good with their teaching jobs, they are friendly as well.

35. I have had the privilege of learning so much from you, teachers. I am thankful that I came to this school. My life is better for it.

36. This is by far the best year of my life because I began my studies here about a year ago. Thank you so much for all the lessons you have taught me. Your impact in my life will never be forgotten.

37. Teaching appropriately takes a lot of commitment and consistency to be impactful. You, teachers, have been committed and consistent with their jobs. Thank you for every sacrifice you bore for us!

38. Everyone around here can attest to the fact that our teachers are the best at what they do. It is a great privilege to be a student here. This school is worthy of my recommendation.

39. My heart is always full of joy every time I think of returning to this school. That is because I have the best mentors and teachers who are helping me get better in my academics and life at large.

40. There is no way I will ever forget all I have learned from my teachers. I have every reason to be highly grateful for the things I know now. All thanks to you, my teachers.

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Negative Feedback For Teachers From Students Example

41. If I have to be honest, I would say that I don’t like the teaching styles of my teachers in this school. You all should kindly improve the way you teach.

42. I feel like leaving this school because of the way you attend to the complaint of students. As teachers, your student’s concerns should also be your concerns.

43. I am not pleased with the quality of teachers we have here. Is there a way this issue can be urgently fixed so that we the students can have better teachers?

44. As students, we want to have teachers that we can be friends with. Any teacher that is too proud to connect with us as friends should not be teaching us.

45. Let the management of this school kindly discipline the teachers that abuse students with words. We have reported a number of them and we are yet to see positive feedback from the school management.

46. Please, can we be allowed to express ourselves as students during classes? It has become more difficult for us to be expressive because almost every teacher wants to finish his/her class quickly each time.

47. We don’t like how we are treated when we approach our teachers over minor issues with fellow students. Please help us resolve our little issues every time we call for your attention.

48. Some students are already leaving the school because of the increased occurrence of child abuse in this school. If nothing is done about it, there will be no students in this school over time.

49. Let the management consider having a meeting with the teachers to understand why they are too strict with students. It has made us the students unhappy knowing that we could get into trouble at any time.

50. Dear teacher, you can discipline us but please do it with love. We are also your children. Kindly stop treating us like we are your enemies or opponents in a game of superiority.

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How To Write A Good Review For A Teacher Sample

51. It is important that we can give feedback on the performance of a teacher. Honestly, the teacher did well in discharging expected duties. I think the job was done professionally.

52. Teachers are very important in every society. They spend years training others to at least know what they have learned over the years. My teacher has done a good job tutoring me.

53. I enjoy every bit of all my classes. From the very first till this day has been very awesome. The teacher knows what it means to teach someone of my mental capacity.

54. Every teacher is unique. My teacher is not just unique, my teacher is the best teacher anyone can have. My teacher, thank you so much for bringing out the best in me.

55. The story of my life is very interesting. I almost gave up academically but with the help of a good teacher like mine, I started doing well in my studies. I am grateful to you, teacher.

56. I did not know things would later turn out the way they are now. At first, I was skeptical. But as time went on and I kept listening to the teacher, I got better.

57. This is almost unbelievable. I was inadequate for my degree program all through my first year in school. Then, God sent me a teacher that gave me attention until I started competing with the best students.

58. My teacher, thank you for going the extra mile to teach some of us that were not doing were academics. You are the definition of a good teacher. You certainly embody all the characteristics of a good teacher indeed.

59. Many teachers were sent to this school but you stood out of them all with your work ethics and your commitment to seeing the students get better. You are an amazing teacher.

60. Your heart is made of gold, to say the least. No teacher has helped more students to become better than you have. We love you so dearly.

Teacher Feedback Examples

61. When you started teaching me, I started seeing the need to do extra lessons after school around my environment. You made me hungry for more knowledge. Thank you very much.

62. I would not have known what I can do if you had not been my teacher. Today, I am not just a graduate but a guru in my field. All thanks to you for being my teacher.

63. All I wanted in my life was to go to school and become rich. I did not see beyond that. You taught me that life was beyond going to school to get rich. Now that I am finishing my studies, I am also thinking about how I can make the world a better place for others. Thank you for changing my mindset.

64. Life is best lived with the right mentors and teachers. You have been my strongest teacher and life mentor. Thank you for all that you have done for me to make progress in my studies and life at large.

65. You have taught us well. We are always going to be your students even after we are long graduated from this school. You are our superhero.

66. Thank you for changing every one of us positively. Your influence on us as your students can not be over-emphasized. You were a teacher like no other to us.

67. Everyday as your student was beautiful and I loved it. You taught me with all your heart and I learned with all my heart. I am grateful to you now and always.

68. It breaks my heart to leave this school because I don’t know when I will see you again. You have been my friend and my teacher. Thank you for being a great teacher to me.

69. When you newly became my teacher, I thought you were not easily accessible and friendly. I was completely wrong. When I got closer to you, I found a friend that happens to be my teacher too. Thank you for giving me access to your wonderful personality.

70. I can talk about your exceptional teaching from when I became your student till the last days of being your student. Every class I had with you was awesome. Thank you!

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