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70 Sample Good Parents Feedback To Teachers at School

Every good school is structured to relate well with the parents of the students. Through parents feedback to teachers, parents can express their thought to the teachers to inform them of anything they want them to know. The parents might want the teachers to know more about their children, remarks on any issue after the last parents and teachers meeting, and so on.

As a parent, you are entitled to provide both negative and positive feedback. The teachers of your kids should regularly hear from you about your children and your ideas can help them teach your kids better. The teachers are also mentoring your kids, you are responsible for letting them know what to improve on for the good of your children.

Every time you share your feedback as a parent, you are helping the teachers to know what to focus on and you are creating an atmosphere that can make your children grow up the way they should. Below are parents’ feedback to teachers that you can use as parents to reach the teacher of your kids.

Good Feedback Comments For Teachers From Parents

Below you have parents feedback to teacher at school!

1. I have been longing for the opportunity to communicate with you. My child was having serious challenges understanding school works but all that has changed now. Thank you for making sure children get better.

2. My children are always happy going to school recently. I must commend you for your teaching skills. I guess everything has improved in your school. You are doing a great job.

3. It is safe to say that you are the best teachers any parent could wish the children would learn from. I like the way you teach my child. May God bless you all and take care of your own kid.

4. In all my years of raising children and relating with their teachers, this school has the best teachers to date. Thank you very much for taking good care of my children.

5. I’m very proud of you all for making it easy for parents to give their honest feedback as often as possible. You, teachers, are doing a great job on our kids.

6. I would like you to keep doing what you are good at. My child is getting better academically because of your commitment to your teaching job. You are indeed a teacher per excellence.

7. Thank you very much for always ensuring that the students are not just attending classes. You ensure they learn every day. I see all my children learn daily by always going through the notes.

8. The joy of parenthood is having the right teachers who are constantly helping the children learn in their schools. Thank you for teaching my children as much as they should learn daily.

9. Dear teacher, you make me feel very safe with the way you care for my child. I appreciate all your kind gestures towards my child every time.

10. I want you to know that my child is always putting to work all you teach. You are a great teacher and I pray you get the recognition that you deserve for being faithful to your job.

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Good Feedback For Teachers From Parents

11. With all my heart, I thank you for always giving my child a listening ear. You have always given him attention and that has made him outspoken. You are truly a great teacher.

12. Before you started teaching my child, it was normal for my child to be scared in the presence of anyone other than the parents. Now, your teaching style has made my child bold. Thank you!

13. My child has improved so much within this short period. All thanks to you the teacher who has influenced my child positively. I am certain you will be proud of him in the nearest future.

14. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for being the most amazing teacher to my child. As a parent, there is nothing that gladdens my heart much more than having the best teacher for my child.

15. I’m using this medium to thank you for always teaching my child to do the right thing. You are a great teacher. You are very good at your job.

16. I strongly believe that you have a genuine interest in my children. You seize every opportunity to teach them to do the right thing. You’re really professional at your job.

17. I have no worries every time I hand over my child to you. You are a teacher that is exceptional at your job. Keep doing what you do to help children grow up well.

18. Your teaching is good. I can already see changes in the life of my child. Your impact on my child’s life has been enormous. Thank you very much.

19. Your lectures are simply the best there is. I can see the effect of your good teaching on the life of my child. You made learning fun for my child. I’m grateful for your service!

20. Having my child in your care makes me very happy. You are a very responsible teacher. I appreciate you for teaching my child appropriately.

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Parents Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes

21. The online classes certainly were very good for my child. I still can not believe how much my child could learn online from the comfort of our home. Your organizational structure was very exceptional.

22. I’m excited to know that my child did not have to leave home to learn all that was learned during this period. The online classes were great and interesting. I look forward to another class soon.

23. Wow! I liked the online classes that my child was a part of because it was completely virtual. I was amazed at the ease of everything during the classes. Thank you for being so real in your presentation, you made your clear enough.

24. Thank you for holding the classes online. Everything went smoothly because my child was fully prepared ahead of time. That was great!

25. It was a great experience for my children to stay at home and have their classes together without rushing out of the house to take the school bus. We will love to have more of these classes organized by your school.

26. As teachers, you all did well to make sure the classes were great. Thank you for making the right effort for our children to keep learning as much as they should. We appreciate your great effort.

27. The necessary factors for the online classes were put in place early enough for the children to have hitch-free classes. You all did your best. Well done!

28. I must confess that your school is the best. All the teachers were ready to take their students one after the other online. That was very excellent.

29. I like the idea of teaching students online. They can all learn at the same time from the comfort of their parent’s homes. This is a good development.

30. Distance was not a barrier as students connected from different areas online. That was amazing. You teachers should keep being innovative so that our children can continue to get the best education.

Positive Feedback For Online Classes From Parents

31. The online classes were well planned to benefit the students perfectly. As a parent, I commend your teachers for doing a great job.

32. This method that allows students to have classes online is very good. I was delighted to see my child learn from home. I like this new development.

33. My child was very active all through the online classes. I have never seen my child this happy while having classes. I’m grateful for this!

34. Thank you for making the classes exciting for the students. I believed they all enjoyed it in their various locations just like my child did.

35. At the onset, I did not know what to expect from the classes my child was going to have online. However, when the classes started and progressed, I saw the effectiveness of reaching many students at the same time.

36. Teachers, you all are highly appreciated for organizing and effectively managing the online classes for your students in different geographical locations. You made learning online very attractive and I must let you know that children love it.

37. After the classes, my child has been craving more online classes. I think you should plan to organize another very soon. Thank you!

38. It was amazing for my children as they participated in the online classes which includes a session for debate. Thank you for bringing out the best in them.

39. Your school is excellent in academic work. These recent online classes were a good way to teach students without converging at the school premises.

40. I want you teachers to keep up the good works you are already doing. The students are learning rapidly and the online classes are helpful.

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Sample Feedback From Parents To Teacher

41. The positive and quality exposure you give to our children has made them more aware of their environment and life. This is part of a good education.

42. It is easily noticed that the children that are students of your school are confident and brilliant. That is because your teachers are doing a great job.

43. Your school has bridged the gap between academic hard work and fun activities that still aid learning in children. I like that about this school.

44. Like every other parent with children that attend your school, I have come to admire your curricular activities. You are simply the best teachers.

45. I highly appreciate all the positive efforts to help my child improve and become great in life. I pray that God rewards you all for being great teachers.

46. The teaching staff deserve to be celebrated by all the parents of the students of this school for being incredibly good at their jobs.

47. Thank you for all the physical, intellectual, and social development activities which are to make the child better developed all around.

48. The excellent teaching method of the teachers can easily make any parent happy to have his/her child in the school. Teachers, keep up with the good standard this school is known for.

49. The support every student gets from the teachers is overwhelming when we hear feedback from our children as parents. Thank you for taking good care of them on our behalf.

50. I’m satisfied that my child can speak properly and show respect in the process. Thank you for teaching and helping my child learn with various productive activities.

Teacher Feedback From Parents

51. My child’s performance is always fantastic. That is because of you, great teachers. Thank you for teaching well and making the environment conducive for all your students.

52. Every student is happy because of how much you teach them about love and what they should know. You are making a great impact on the lives of your students.

53. I’m excited to tell you teachers that my child is doing very well ever since we came and registered in your school. You are doing well as teachers.

54. Teaching is a lot of work. I like to appreciate you for always taking your job seriously. I see how you teach with passion. Good job!

55. My child use to be unsettled all day. But that is no longer an issue after being your student for a couple of months. Thanks for helping him put himself together.

56. You teach and carefully guide your students to obey instructions. That is a rare attribute amongst a lot of teachers in other schools.

57. I never knew my child can be this respectful and calm. It was not so before I brought him to your school. You have done well. Please, keep it up!

58. This school is known for raising well-mannered students. I can only imagine the amount of work the teacher put in daily to achieve that. Well done, teachers!

59. To my amazement, my child has changed from being badly behaved to being a very good child. There must be something really special about your school.

60. It takes great teachers to produce great students. Thank you for making my child think, talk and act with courtesy. I love it!

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