Short Beautiful Words For Gravestone For Dad

60 Loving Memory and Short Beautiful Words For Gravestone For Dad

A father is the one who gives us several great gifts anyone could think of giving to another person: “love, protection, kindness, prayers and all but love is greatly appreciated.

Love is a strong feeling of affection and care. That is he takes care, guides, and provides for his family. That gift is something that can never be bought or replaced even by death. The support and help given by a father will forever be cherished and to honor your dad for the life he lived we plan handcrafted short beautiful words for gravestone for dad on his gravestone when he dies.

Some families choose to incorporate personal engraved memorial quotes on the headstones of their dads, sons, or grandfathers. Memorial quotes can be short and simple which will include few descriptive words or they can be long with personal inscriptions that reflect a dad’s values, characters, wishes, personality, and beliefs.

When it comes to choosing a gravestone message for a dad, the right words are everything. Some family prefers religious textile song lyrics on the headstone while others prefer cranky or sarcastic words.

Whatever quotes you choose whether short or long to put on the gravestone will be there, it will live on for years that is one thing you should have in mind when making a selection. Some people, already know what they want to be engraved on the headstone and for others it might be challenging to figure out, just know that I am here for you! I am here to help you get the right words that can be used for a gravestone.

Continue reading for different memorial quotes for your dads, sons, and grandfathers that will help make their final and forever resting place much more peaceful and unique. After all, a headstone is forever and we will like to remember and smile when we see the headstone that we fulfilled their last wishes.

Short Headstone Quotes For Dad

  1. God takes away the soul, death may take away the body from us but our minds hold the memories we have shared. Our hearts keep the love and our faith reminds us that we shall see again someday.

2. Your life was a blessing to everyone, your memory is a treasure that was shared with all and will be kept. You are truly loved beyond words and missed beyond imagination and measure. I love you!

3. It is hard to forget someone who gave you so much love, care, and kindness to live for and never asked for it in return. You are always going to be remembered in our lives and hearts forever till our last day dearest father!

4. You are a father that knows his child’s heart, as your child knows your heart. You made sure we were comfortable, by working hard for the family and assuring us. We are proud of you for being the best, nobody comes close to you.

5. You toiled hard Dad, now you rest. We are proud to call you Daddy, which makes you the best of all. Thank you for letting us know your heart so that we can have a clean heart. He loved people and made them laugh every time he was around.

6. O, God, I put him in their hand. He had a kind word for his loved ones and he died loved by all. He showed mercy to people and helped people in any way he could. Guide him o, lord and be the light in his path as he rests on the dear lord.

7. The heart of a father is as deep as the bottom of an ocean of which you will always find forgiveness and love. God took him home for sure because he was good. It is the lord’s will but in the pages of our hearts, he lives on!

8. He concealed his pain and shared his smile with his loved ones. He had a generous heart filled with love for everyone. As he passes on he lives with us in our memory and our lives forever.

9. As he passes on he will always be in our memories.. our lives and heart. His friendship was unlike any other and can never be compared to anyone. He is with us in our dear hearts. May God grant you eternal rest, dear father.

10. I know fully well that as you pass on dear Father you are resting with Jesus in his beautiful home above. God called you to come home and you obeyed his calling. Rest on dear Father your memory is enshrined in our hearts

Headstone Inscriptions For Dad

11. In loving Memory of our dad, he was the greatest gift that life gave to us. He was kind and full of light to his loved ones and surroundings. Rest in peace great man, the world became better with your impact.

12. In our Hearts forever our loving father, always near to us even till death. His wealth was in his generous heart, always ready to give and make an impact on people’s lives. You’re truly wonderful!

13. In memory of a very special man, our father. To those who love him, his memory never dies in their hearts. His kind heart moved people to reconnect with God, he lives on in our hearts.

14. They say the greatest gift in life is the love of a mother but you have shown that the love of a father is immeasurable. Your memory lives rent-free in our hearts Dad…Rest in peace

15. As you walk to the other side of the earth, may your pure and sincere heart open you up to blessings as you were a blessing to everyone around you. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God – Matthew 5:8

16. The world lost you but you are a gain to heaven dear dad. With a song in our hearts, we will hold on to the lovely memories we have shared and pray the good lord receives you in his glory.

17. May the lord be your shepherd as you journey to heaven, you are not forgotten and we cherish the good values you have shown daily as you lived on earth. We love you and miss you more.

18. We wish your journey on your transit to heaven be as joyful as your time with us. As you walk through the valley of death, may you fear no evil as the lord says in Psalm. Rest in perfect peace lovely father.

19. Sleep on now and take your rest dearest father. You were the sunshine on our path that lights up our worlds. I pray that as you travel to the heavenly realm the lord’s sun shines bright in your path as a guide to his kingdom. Sleep on!

20. Although we have bid goodbye to you my life and memories have not bid us to be apart dear Dad. You are always with me, I am with you, always in my heart. You were the realest gift from God to me!

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Dad Headstone Quotes

21. Whenever I miss you or the feeling of not seeing you again comes to me, I remember how fortunate life was to have you as my father. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in the world.

22. The loss of my father will also stick to my heart. You were more beautiful than anything in this world. As I live my life I strive so that everything that I do is in honour of you and celebrates your life. Till we meet again I will continue to live up to your legacy!

23. Rest on dear father! He took the responsibility of being called a father so that his children would have something beautiful and special to remember and be proud of. But to me, he was more than important to what he showed he was a “protector”.

24. God only knows the best. He said if there ever comes a day when we can’t see one another or be together keep me and the moments we’ve shared in your heart. I will make sure the moments stay embedded in my heart forever.

25. Daniel was an incredible man and father, he always preferred to be called Daniel. He provided for his family and made sure his children had the best things in life and the guidance they needed. My father was a great man and I am grateful for his great impact. Sleep well, dear dad!

26. I hold on to the great memories and moments that we shared, you’re the best and kindest friend I wished I never lost but God knows better. There was not a day that went by that I don’t think about you, dear dad. Forever in our hearts!

27. My father was my biggest cheerleader and my greatest mentor. Whenever I had issues I would call him and he always had the right words and solutions to every of my problems. Life hits hard without him, but I count myself fortunate to have been loved by a man like him.

28. A smile flashes to my face anytime I remember my dad. He was a fun and loving person, he made us all happy at every chance he had. He taught me to take life easy and not too seriously, and that things will come at the right time. He was always in good spirits and mood, even to this day I feel it.

29. O, God, I place my hero in your hand. He was the most reserved and resourceful man. I never for once doubted if he loved me and my loved ones because he made it so obvious in his time on earth. Guide him in your light as he rests on you!

30. In loving memory of my dearest father, who taught me everything I know and loved his family unconditionally. You are a man of virtue, respect, and values. I still feel your love and your kindness as you are not here. You are deeply missed.

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Short Epitaphs For Father

31. destiny and purpose on earth were fulfilled, as he lived a life-shaping people’s lives in a way that pleased God. My father was not only a teacher but a student he learned even till his old age. A generous man that shared his knowledge and wisdom with people.

32. My dad was not only an incredible man but also a loyal and loving friend. He had more friends than foes, friends considered as brothers. He had the right words of encouragement to give to a broken heart whenever you reached out to him. A kind-hearted and God-fearing man.

33. Dad was a pillar of strength for our family and community. A lot of families loved and respected him for his loyalty and generosity. He never allowed the power and fame to get into his head. He died and is still a hero in the lives of people who loved him.

34. My father made a great impact in my life which nobody would have ever made, he believed in my dreams and encouraged me to fight for them. A lot of people disagreed with my line of studies and passion but he saw the good in me. I will forever miss him!!

35. Even as you are gone your goodness and value still stir this admiration and respect for you and that is something that will never go away. I know the good and merciful God is glad that you are home with him. I will continue to respect you even till my last day.

36. In loving memory of my father, a tender and sweet-spirited man. What a beautiful and great memory you left behind. We cry no more because we know you are in a good place dearest lover.

37. There is none like my father, a man who knows the heart of his children and always made his heart known to his children. A loving and caring man that comes to my rescue in times of trouble. I will forever cherish your memories together.

38. Anyone can attempt to be a father but it takes someone special and beautiful to be a dad. Your guiding hand has remained with me even this time. You are deeply missed!

39. As a father you have had compassion on your children, so will the lord of host in his infinite mercy have great compassion on you because you were a man who feared the lord till death. Psalm 103:13.

40. Sleep on dearest dad. A man who believed and valued family and friends rather than material things. As we remember him and honor his life let’s use that opportunity to continue his legacy. A minus to earth but a great blessing to heaven.

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Short Beautiful Words For Gravestones For Parents

41. It is hard to forget you both, you gave so much to be remembered. Those memories and beautiful moments cannot be overlooked. You both are irreplaceable and I pray you are in a better place.

42. The world is dark because you are gone. But it is still a better place because you were here. You were a change-maker and we were greatly loved for the good thing you both did. It’s good to acknowledge that your mission on earth was fulfilled.

43. They asked for so little and yet they have so very much. We love and miss every one of your kind gestures and sincere responses to anything that you were called on. I love you both and will cherish this memory forever.

44. May you both find peace and happiness as you depart from this world filled with pain. We hold on to the sweet memories and words of comfort to strengthen one another during this time. What a wonderful people you both were and you would always have a special place in our hearts.

45. In loving memory of my Dad, we honour the life of a remarkable father. Even as you are gone your love and guidance continue to inspire and guide us. Darling papa!

46. Remembering all that you have done in my life and my loved ones. I can’t be less of what you made me! May your soul find eternal peace in the realm above and beyond!

47. Rest in perfect peace dearest parents. Though you are no longer with us, your legacy of love and peace continues to live on you both forever embedded in our garden of memories planted in our hearts.

48. As we celebrate the life of an extraordinary couple. You and Mom went to be with the lord so fast, and the memories shared with you continue to bring both joy and tears to our faces. We pray you are happy wherever you are!

49. In loving memory of our dearest parents, we love you and will continue to love you even if we are apart from each other. We pray you find eternal peace as you travel to another world.

50. As we visit your tombstone, we are glad to know that you are watching over us from above. You may not be around but we find comfort in your unending love and friendship anytime we remember you.

Loving Memory Father Headstone Inscriptions For Dad

51. They say time heals wounds but I say time may pass and heal the wound of losing you but it can never fill the space and empty feelings in our hearts. Every time we think about you it ends with teary eyes. Rest in peace dearest parents.

52. Solemn! On this day we pay tribute to the life of a legend, a perfect and caring person, you were the best-beloved father. You are forever in our hearts and prayers, we pray you find peace wherever you are.

53.Dearest Father, though you are no longer physically available, your spirit remains a guiding light on our path. We follow your teachings of life to date even if you are not present in our lives. Forever in our hearts, Dad.

54.Whenever I remember the laughter, love lessons and experiences of life that you shared, I miss you more. I cheer myself up with the sweet comforting words you always showed as if you knew it was time. You are deeply missed and I can’t wait to see you again.

55.Today, we gather to honour the memory of our beloved father. You were one of the best things in life to happen to me and I deeply appreciate that. I pray that as you travel to the other realm of life may your soul find eternal peace in the embrace of heavenly blessings.

56. On this beautiful day, we stop to remember and acknowledge the life of an understanding father, a great friend, and a change-maker of his time here on earth. Your guidance and love continue to motivate and touch the lives of people. Rest in peace!

57. I miss you, Dad, you were always there for me when I lost and when I was scared to attempt something. I miss you every day even as I search for people to measure up to your role or fit in your position in my life I can’t find anyone.

58. Dear Father though you are far away from me, I feel your presence every day of my life. Your presence taught me as you have always done when you were alive. I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was equal to you papa. I love you now and forever!

59. You were a father and friend to me. You eased my burdens and showed up for me and my loved ones whenever we needed you. I get the saying that you don’t know what you have till you lose it now. I love you and forever will continue to cherish memories made with you!

60. I know and believe that what we end up becoming depends on what we have and the teaching of our Father at different moments. We are made up of the wisdom that he deposits in us and I am glad that I am becoming a great flower because my father deposited the best in me.

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