Short Quotes About Remembering Someone Who Died

60 Short Quotes About Remembering Someone Who Died

When someone passes away, constructing the right words to express your emotion on how to sympathize and remember the loss of their loved one via messages can be difficult. You may feel that you only have memories left now that he/she died or your loved ones are no more. This is what makes short quotes about remembering someone who died needful.

When someone you care about loses a loved one, you might be short of words to say or text to put together for text message to show your condolences and sympathy, and that you grieve along with them but it is important to say something. You can choose a beautiful and relevant way to remember and express your emotions. Sharing polite and warm memories of the deceased to lift a mourning person’s spirit and his/her atmosphere.

Whenever you lose someone special to you you find it uneasy to forget them, likewise, their memory stays with you forever. But want to express what that person meant to you, show your love, and your heartfelt, concern, and remember the life they led.

However, no amount of words you put together to convey your feelings to the recipient for the difficult period they have been or had to go through to endure the loss of their loved ones could erase their sadness and sorrow, but a quote might help them feel relieved.

So if you find it hard to put words together to honor the passing of your loved ones, why not try our beautiful quotes and sayings? Feel free to use, change, and edit them in a way that suits your situation. Any quotes you choose show how you care and remember your loved ones.

Short Remembrance Quote For Loved Ones

1. What a beautiful life lived by a wonderful soul. Always in our hearts, greatly loved and deeply missed. We will continue to have you in our hearts for the good you have done for us. We cherish your impart.

2. A day will not go by that I won’t talk of your good deeds to me and my family. you are nothing but a source of happiness and a spring of joy. We won’t let go of you. Memories in our daily activities. Gone but not forgotten.

3. In loving memory of you dearest, you may be gone from our sight but remain in our hearts where no one can take your place and your love from us. We love you always. Forever in our hearts!

4. It’s so painful to lose you, no one could understand this but I find it hard to accept your demise. No one will ever know our heart still aches in sadness and tears flow down my face in secret. Greatly loved and deeply missed!

5. Remembering you daily is kind of easy for me, but what breaks my heart is that you can’t come back for us to make more memories like we used to do. But there’s a heartache in my heart that will never go away. I will always love you.

Quotes About Remembering Someone

6. It was so late to say goodbye, I couldn’t give farewell words, in the twinkle of an eye you took your last breath and your eyes were closed there was no time at all to laugh and smile at each other. You were gone before we knew it.

7. It hurts and is hard to forget someone who has given so much and all to be happy and successful. Your love and kindness were immeasurable such as your memories. I so much value your warm kindhearted self.

8. To everyone you may be gone but to me, only your body is gone you are still part of me and always in my heart. A goodbye is not the end of our relationship as long as your love lies in my heart I will always cherish you.

9. Through love and memories in my heart is where your story lives. Remembering may hurt so much. In memory of someone special, discreet to the eye distinct to the heart!

10. Anytime I attend a family reunion and then sit down to a family meal I remember my grandfather and how his love feels. He was like a light that brightened the family gathering most times we gathered for merriment.

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Message to Remember Someone Who Passed Away

11. Your absence is felt in society, we know we have lost an icon, a superhero. Each time I call to remember how you passed out on my arm I can’t help but weep bitterly because you are such a blessing. Forever be missed!

12. My love for my step-sister makes me remember what unconditional love means and a pure joy feels like. We were so into each other that I couldn’t think of another person in a day without you. I am honored to have shared In your love.

13. Your demise was like a dagger stuck in my heart, it could have healed if you were still alive and present here. Your presence is deeply missed and it hurts. I will always cherish all that we had together forever.

14. I won’t stop loving and thinking about you, all I need is to learn how to live without you since death took you away. Thank you for the beautiful memories and unending love. I miss you so dearly!

15. You will always hold a special place in my heart because you have brought so much love, joy, and happiness and are also a source of inspiration to me and many people out there. Words cannot express your generosity and kindness to this generation.

16. I miss you more than words can say or express. The world is boring and less bright without you in it. But I continue to cherish the moments we were together and the memories we created. You will forever be remembered.

17. Your smiles and light that shine so brightly, I find it hard to believe that is gone. Your impact goes a long way in my life and the lives of many and left a legacy on this world that won’t be forgotten. Saying goodbye is not going to be the end.

18. We had a chemistry, a bond like no other, you were there for me in good times and bad times. I’m so thankful for having you always. I love you and there’s nothing that will take your space in my heart!

19. Losing you left a vacuum in my life that nothing will ever fill it. You were like a I could cry and lean on, you loved me unconditionally and showed me what true friendship is. I cried till my pillow got soaked with tears. Rest easy!

20. You were the best among my squad of friends and I appreciate your personality, you were indeed a true gift and so far have searched all over no one could replace your kind of person. Words cannot express how sad I feel that you are gone.

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Short Quotes For Loved Ones In Heaven

21. I will not give up Thanksgiving to God over your life. You were such a powerful light to this world. Many lives were transformed by the love and kindness you show. May you continue to read well in God’s bosom.

22. God gave each of us the gift of life, apart from the ability to breathe in and out your existence on earth was a blessing and worthwhile. My heart breaks anytime I think about you and that you are no more with us but your love still shines bright on us from heaven.

23. May heaven’s gate stand open for you, and bless you with eternal life. May the angel of God be your guard! Always in our mind, forever in our hearts. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.

24. Ever since your demise, your footsteps can never be filled, nor your love ever forgotten. The only thing deeper than the pain and grief of losing you was our love. Thank you for living a good life and impacting lives.

25. You may be gone from our sight, you have been apart from us. Your heart was my home.was a life well spent. Your heart was my home. I will always say well done even when you are no more, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful.

Another Way To Say In Loving Memory

26. I eat people’s food but none is as tasty yummy and delicious as your delicacy. I still get a lot of hugs but none of them are as perfect as yours. Many teachings from many seem difficult I couldn’t understand their theorems the way you taught me I miss you, Daddy.

27. Beloved sister your loving and guiding hands on my shoulder will remain with me forever. Only my tears could say it all not even words can express my predicament. I miss you so very much sister. Continue to show me your love from heaven.

28. There’s a trail of your living memory in my day-to-day life this keeps coming because you are a beautiful soul and have a good heart. Losing you was the deepest tragedy that the heart can know. I will forever cherish all the good works you left behind.

29. You were a strong and passionate woman, you were there when I took my first breath but it hurt that I was there when she took her last breath. I had no home she became my home. Your grandma was the best, I will always love her.

30. The world revolves countless times, our lives day by day. Day and night pass but the love and memories we shared and created shall never pass away it will change the world to a better place and less worries. I will miss that most of all.

31. There will never be a day that I will not think about you and I wish you were by my side. When I am missing you I also remember how blessed and lucky I am to have you in my life. I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything at all.

32. All my life I will keep the memories we built, there will never be another to replace them in my heart. It has always been in your words to me every day that I should stay focused and be focused not knowing that you will depart at such a time like this.

33. It is so painful you are gone but I am so grateful and happy for the time we shared. You brought so much joy, happiness, and sweetness to my life and I will never forget you. You will always hold a special place in my heart till we meet again.

34. Your sudden loss has hit us all so hard and difficult to accept. You were the kindest and sweetest soul and had a heart of gold. We struggle each day to come to terms with you not being here. Words can’t express how much we will miss you. Rest in peace, our dear friend.

35. I won’t pretend to know how you’re feeling. I can’t even fathom how much this hurts. I’m so sorry you are going through this. This is so sad! Please know I’m always here for you. May Almighty God be with you in this challenging period.

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Message For Someone Who Passed Away

36. I am deeply saddened to hear about the sudden loss of your loving sister she’s a role model to this generation, I know it is not easy to take to heart but I hope you accept my sincere condolences. Gone yet not forgotten

37. I sincerely pray that time heals the loss of your beloved in such a time like this. Remember we have you in our thoughts and prayers. May you find the joy and comfort you need.

38. I hope you accept my genuine heartfelt, It hurts to have you mourn over the sudden death of your beloved mother. Mourning the loss of your mother hurts more than when a bee stings someone. May almighty God restore to you and your family peace and comfort.

39. Our sorrow and heartbreak are not something words can comprehend, stay strong and let the legacy of the deceased live on. We celebrate the life of an amazing icon and the passing of your deceased with you, may their warm-hearted kindness to many stay with us forever.

40. Words fail me to describe how saddened I am right now. I am deeply sad and down to say goodbye. It breaks my heart to see everyone in this sorrowful state. Sending you prayers and love to strengthen you through this darkest time. May she be remembered always.

Memory Quotes For Someone Who Passed Away

41. Now, then, or later everyone is going to die one way or the other. No one is always prepared for it, I’m honestly sorry that I couldn’t come around for the death anniversary I hope you and your family find the strength and courage to bear this painful exit.

42. In loving memory of my distinguished uncle, I hope you can see through my heart from heaven and see how I miss you, and how I love to see you. I don’t know that it will be this difficult without you by my side. Remain in my heart forever.

43. Dear Papa, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, in your arms I grow in height, stature, and understanding You deserve a better place in heaven because for sure you deserve a paradise to rest. I love you, papa.

44. Thinking about you right now makes me happy and a smile on my face. I’m going to go everywhere with that aura and mindset because memories of you have kept me moving daily. You are such a rare gem, Thank you for loving and making me feel loved Grandma

45. For the lives you have touched with your good spirit, care, love, morals, and wisdom. we are blessed in all areas of life to have known you. Over and over again we will always choose and love you as my mother

46. Taking a walk down memory lane makes me feel helpless but I will not let that weigh me down, I won’t let my guard on all your teachings at home and workplace because your legacy shall continue until the world becomes a better place.

47. You might be gone from this earth but you are never absent in our hearts. Your memory is a blessing and treasure. Imagine there has not been a replacement for such memories so far. In loving memory of you dearest!

48. The bond I share with you surpasses this world. You’re more than a soul, you were an angel. I am better because you were in my life and I’m always grateful that we cross paths. Thank you for a good life well spent.

49. Memories we created so far are so comforting that I could not but live by them to put me together along the path of bitterness of your sudden demise. I hope to see and hold you again. You will forever remain in my heart.

50. You left me with many memories, your warm heart, and love are still my guide. Though you are apart and I cannot see you. I know you are always by my side just of a lot of memories we shared.

In Memory Of Someone Who Passed Away

51. In loving memory of all my friends and family who passed away. Thank you for leaving the world a better place. I will always cherish and honor the memories we made before you were called to glory.

52. To a beautiful and amazing life came to an end, he died and still lived as a good friend to many. Your good deeds has led many youth to the right track. In loving memory missing you so much.

53. This heartfelt message is for you, you will never be forgotten. I think about you and treasure all the beautiful memories we made. Nothing can take your place in my heart. I wish I could see you smile again.

54. Losing someone so important causes much more pain and bitterness than you could ever imagine. My heart is truly broken knowing that you are no more and I meant each word. Your love will never fade away.

55. Remembering someone very special, we think about you always and talk about you, I value and honor you still by remembering that you loved me and cared about me. Your full support in all I do is unspeakable

56. It’s unbelievable that you are no longer here. No words can express how I feel about you. You were one in a million, caring, loving, and kind. A shoulder I could cry and lean on. How I wish I could have you back by my side. I missed you my irreplaceable.

57. Forever you will live on in my very mind. Forever will you live in my thoughts and never withered. Am grateful for the moment we were together with love and unusual memories I will always think and remember you.

58. This day six years ago I lost you and it seems all hopes are gone, I didn’t know I could make it through those years it was like hell on earth. Thank God for the memories we made, your influence still guides me and it will never die.

59. I feel so down that I have lost someone special to me. There’s no amount of words that can relieve me of the sadness, pain, and grief in my heart. But your love remains a sweetener in my heart and your memories are a light in my darkest time.

60. I do not need a reminder to remind me that you are no more It still hurts. Each morning when I wake up I discover my heart still ache in sorrow and sadness. Secret silence tears never stop flowing. Your place no one can take or bridge the gap. In life I love you, in death I miss you.

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