What Is Better To Say Than Rest In Peace

What Is Better To Say Than Rest In Peace | 60 Alternative Ways to Say Rest in Peace

The loss of a loved one could be very painful and unbearable, no one ever planned to be there. Having to take heart and accept the permanent departure of very close proximity can make one almost lose his/her mind. However, whenever this happens, one needs to accept the sad reality and move on with life.

Oftentimes, when friends and family come around an individual who just lost either a friend or family, they’re often short of what to say to comfort the person. It’s important to find out What is better to say than rest in peace so that you can bring comfort to their hearts.

There is what is better to say than rest peace that will make the person who just lost a friend or family not feel the pain as much. One thing must be noted; it’s better not to say anything than say the wrong thing. It is always better to find an alternative way to say rest in peace!

And if your case is that you want to say goodbye to your friend who just passed away, you can find an alternative way to say rest in peace in this article. Are you looking for what is better to say than rest in peace to comfort a friend or a family member? You can find quite a number of them on this page!

 Better Ways To Say Than Rest In Peace

1. You did not die, you’ve only departed to take your rest in God. May you sleep well and have beautiful rest in the arm of your king!

2. We love you but God loves you the most. We wish we could turn back the hands of the clock or stop this event from happening to you but there is nothing we can do right now. Rest in the love of your Lord

3. God has always wanted you around from the foundation of your existence on earth. Now that He has called you home, have a great time with Him up there!

4. The love of Christ has brought you into this world and it’s from that love that He has summoned you to be with Him. Abide with Him forevermore and we will also join you when we are done!

5. This world is full of darkness that no one can comprehend but over there where God lives, there is so much light. Have a safe flight in the light of His glory!

6. I know you have enjoyed your stay in this world but over there is a better life. Enjoy a blessed time with your Lord! You will forever be missed eternally!

7. After all the agony in this world, the great God has summoned you to be with Him. Let your joy be full in the bosom of your great savior!

8. There is peace and joy in the heavens where you’ve been called to be. Let your joy be permanent over there! When all is said and done, we shall join you over there at the other side!

9. You’ve gone past every one of us and we sincerely miss you. But more important, is the fact that you’re in a better place. Keep resting at the better place that you have found!

10. Welcome to the world of peace and love where all things are Joyful and filled with great glory! Wow! Congratulations, you made it!

Rest In Paradise Quotes

A paradise is a beautiful place filled with the light and glory of God. Everyone who has visited the earth also should desire to make it up there. If you have just lost a loved one or friend, rest in paradise is what is better to say than rest in peace. Below are Alternative Sayings for Rest in Peace

11. Paradise is a beautiful place and I know you’re sincerely enjoying what’s going on there! Rest well in paradise!

12. Now that you’re gone, you’ve moved above challenges and the plight of this world. Rest well in paradise!

13. As much as I wish you were here so also you are desiring that I was where you are. Paradise call has separated us, enjoy! Sleep well in paradise!

14. Even though I missed you but I must admit that I missed you for a better place. Paradise is beautiful, prepare to share the joy with me when I come later.

15. Your departure took me unaware and I wish it never happened. Well, you have to go. Have a great time in paradise!

16. You’ve found the joy of the Lord far better than anything in this world. Have a good time in paradise! We will forever have you in our hearts!

17. Now that you’re with the Lord whom you’ve always wanted to be with. Enjoy His presence forevermore and keep praying for us!

18. Your departure has brought sorrow to us but has brought you endless joy unspeakable. Thank God you made it and I am glad you did!

19. May the joy of paradise wipe away all your tears in this world. Have a peaceful home rest! I wish you were here forever!

20. Everything is now bright and beautiful over there where you are. I miss you, rest well in paradise!

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Rest Well In Heaven Quotes

21. Heaven is so sweet and it’s a wonderful place to be. Now that you’ve found heaven, rest well there and enjoy the sweet presence of your savior!

22. Heaven is filled with the love of God which fraction we’re enjoying in this world. Enjoy the love of Christ at its max.

23. We’ve read countless times that heaven is a place of light and the glory of God. How do you feel about the place now, rest well!

24. You’ve enjoyed God’s peace and great joy in this world and now you’ve found a far better place. Keep basking in the euphoria of his presence!

25. Oh what a glorious mountain have you ascended! You’re blessed to have found the most beautiful place over there! Rest well in heaven!

Rest In Peace Status

26. There is a joy no one has found! There is a glory no one has seen and that’s what you’re currently seeing now! Keep swimming in glory eternally!

27. There is peace no one can get elsewhere. There is an amazing peace that is higher than what any mountain can offer. That is what you have in the heavens! Keep enjoying the peace of your savior!

28. Heaven is the custodian of peace, joy, and happiness. You’ll not have to pray for that again, you now have it at your disposal.

29. I’m glad you finally made it to the heavens of your dreams. That’s your place and nothing can take you out. Rest well in heaven!

30. Even though your departure was a rude shock for me but yet I still happen that you’ve found a better place and better joy in the Lord.

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Rest Easy Quotes and Condolences

31. Everyone who has walked this world can agree that it is not easy to live here. Challenges are there every day but you’ve passed this realm to move into a better one. Keep the Joy of the new mountain that you have found!

32. The limiting factors were there! The challenges were really here! The difficulties were very apparent but you’ve found a place of ease! Rest easy up there!

33. Now that you’ve higher than this world, there’s nothing better than where you have found. In this, we joy and rejoice for you! Rest easy in the light of His glory!

34. Life is not void of struggles and challenges. The great God has given you ease and peace right away! Rest easy in your eternal home!

35. Rest easy in your God; for in Him is your everlasting light and great joy. What a beautiful world you’ve just transited!

36. As you’ve journeyed into the world of no return, may you rest easy in the everlasting arm of the almighty God!

37. While you were in this world, you were so afraid because of the conflict and the looming challenges that befall you day by day. But now you’ve found your way into the palace of the king of glory. Sleep easy rest in peace

38. You’ve worked so hard and now it’s time for you to sleep in your heavenly home. Rest easy in the love of your loving father.

39. God has always wanted you around and will do anything to bid you to come. Finally, you made it there! Rest in the ease and joy of your Lord!

40. Angels are now applauding you for the finished work. Now you’ve transcended this world and now reigning in glory. Rest well with the Lord and His beautiful angels!

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How To Say Rest In Peace Message

41. As you change state into a beautiful world called heaven, rest well in the sweet love of your great savior.

42. The eternity is so sweet and now you’ve done well by transiting there. Have a great sleep in the Lord!

43. The great father has called you home and it’s time to enjoy the best of life you’ve not enjoyed before. Have a great sleep in the Lord!

44. The beauty of paradise is so great and splendorous and I’m excited that’s what you’re currently interacting with right now!

45. The joyfulness of paradise makes it very desirable and livable. May you rest in the joyfulness of paradise!

47. An avenue to be with God forever and eternally has been presented. This is your chance and it’s a beautiful thing. Rest well in the heavenly joy!

48. Peace in heaven, joy in paradise. Rest with God and the bosom of your savior. Live joyfully forevermore!

49. The glory of heaven has overtaken you and has taken your soul. Keep resting in his glory forever and ever!

Rip Message In One Line

50. Keep rejoicing at the bosom of your savior!

51. Let the joy of the satisfy your soul.

52. Let the light of His presence overshadow you!

53. Let the glory of heaven consume your soul forever!

54. Be with the Lord and rest forever!

55. Live forever and do not plan to come down to this earth!

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Non-Religious Way of Saying Rest In Peace

56. It’s so painful that you have to go away from us. We’ll forever miss you greatly!

57. I couldn’t have imagined your exit at this time but it’s a sad reality that you have to go away!

58. I didn’t know you were already saying goodbye on your last visit. Unfortunately, you had to go!

59. This is so painful but the sad reality has to be accepted. This is difficult to accept but I have to say goodbye!

60. This is my last goodbye to you and I must confess that this is very painful for me. Goodbye!

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