Prayer For Grieving Family

60 Comforting and Healing Prayer For Grieving Family in Loss Quotes

Losing a loved one is very disheartening. It causes unimaginable pain. It also causes sadness and can cause trauma. Praying is a good way to strengthen yourself or a friend when a loved one dies. This world is not our eternal habitat, we all will leave one day, but that doesn’t make accepting the death of a loved one an easy task.

When someone loses a loved one, all he or she needs at that period is comfort, lots of love, and prayers. In the article “Prayer for grieving family quotes”, we have gathered many comforting messages and prayers for grieving hearts.

Prayer helps us express our love for others. With prayer, we can comfort and wish those who mourn strength, which is essential during a time of loss. If you are in search of condolence prayers, then please take a look at the many examples we have put together below. these prayers for a grieving family provide you with comforting words for a grieving friend or family.

Prayers For Grieving Family Quotes

1. Lord, I ask that be with this family. Comfort them in their loss, and wrap your arms of love around them. Sustain them through their grief.

2. I pray that you watch over them every day. I also ask that you be their shield, their Glory, and the lifter of their heads. Help them pass through this hard time peacefully without having anything to lose out.

3. I ask Lord that you bless them with joy and peace in their loss. Keep them together by your mercy, and let none be missing again. This type of loss shall not be experienced anymore by them. Amen.

4. Lead this wonderful family onwards to embrace life and the much goodnesses it holds. Cause their face to shine with your glory and multiply the operation of your mercy over their lives. Thank you, Father.

5. In this difficult moment, I ask that your grace be sufficient for them. I ask that you keep them in love and unity of heart. Mend their broken hearts, dear Lord.

6. Let your grace be sufficient for the (insert family name). I ask that you comfort them with your presence every day. Help them lean on you and feel you so close to them as their comforter. Amen.

7. Help their hearts, Lord. I ask that you put a smile on their faces again, and cause them to sing and dance for joy even in this trying time. Thank you, Jesus, for standing by them.

8. Lord, even as they walk this path of sorrow, comfort them. Fill their hearts with joy, bring them to the fountain of joy that may find joy for their troubled hearts.

9. A loss is hard to bear. Let hope come into their hearts again and fill their souls with great rejoicing. Walk this path with them and give peace and joy at the end. Amen.

10. I commit into your hands the (insert family name). I ask that you be close to them every day. Rid their hearts of sorrow and keep them always in your light. Fill their troubled mind with peace again. Amen.

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Short Prayer For Grieving Family

11. I ask you to give them comfort and peace on every side they are downcast. Restore hope in their hearts and pour your love on them. Amen.

12. Strengthen his family, and comfort him through these difficult days. For the many works, he did for you, bless and keep them. Amen.

13. In the depth of their loss, show them your love. Give them peace and joy. Make their lives beautiful again and restore your joy to their family.

14. It hurts my heart to hear that he is no more. Truly he has lived well and we will remember him for his good works. I ask that you, Lord, comfort his family. Lavish them with love. Thank you, Lord.

15. Comfort the family by your Spirit and strengthen in such a time as this. Renew your joy in their hearts, and let life flow again.

16. Hold the (insert family name) and give them strength. Please, help them! Fill the space that has been left vacant by death. Hear my prayers over them dear, Lord.

17. Carry them through this difficult time, sustain and bring joy and hope again. Help them to fix their gaze on you as their source and sustainer. Thank you, Father.

18. Today, as I grieve the loss of a friend, I ask that you comfort his family and never let them feel the loneliness. Watch over them and keep them always.

19. Strengthen their hearts, and make them see hope again. Speak words of comfort to their hearts in this difficult time. Amen.

20. Dear Lord, I ask that you help them see light again in this dark moment. Strengthen their hearts to trust you more than ever before, and fill them with happiness that cannot be bought with money.

Prayer Of Comfort For Family

21. It’s difficult for my family. You said you will never leave us nor forsake us. I ask that you comfort us in this difficult time. Help us smile again.

22. Dear Lord, I ask that you cause light to shine again in my family. Give us peace and hope. We are weak and tired, strengthen us by your spirit in our inner man.

23. Our hearts are broken and full of mourning. Only you can comfort us. I ask that you help us find peace and rest again in this troublous time.

24. I know that your grace is sufficient. Let your grace keep us in this difficult situation. We lean on you, O Lord.

25. We are at our weakest state, we seem to be losing all hope. I ask that you give us strength and hope. I know that you are with us.

26. I pour out my grief to you. My family and I are in pain, we trusted you for her healing. I ask that you comfort us and keep us together.

27. My heart is broken and my spirit mourns. Nothing seems to be able to make me feel better. I chose to lean on you and help my family too.

28. The sun will not smite us by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord preserves our souls forever. I know your grace is sufficient for us. Thank you, Lord.

29. Extinguish this pain in our hearts, O Lord. Cause your joy and peace to reign in our hearts again. Walk us through this difficult time. Amen.

30. I lift my eyes to you, dear Lord for you have our help in time past. I ask that you help us overcome this difficult moment. Amen.

Prayer Of Comfort For Funeral

31. Our hearts are grieving with those who are hurting, for the one we lost. We ask that you comfort them even as we lay him to rest today.

32. We ask that you comfort his family and friends. We ask that You cover them with Your grace and mercy, surrounding the with peace in this difficult time.

33. Thank you for you are still on the throne. We ask that you comfort us on this day. Thank you for being our refuge, our strong tower, and our peace.

34. As we lay her to rest today, we ask that you give her family peace and rest. Keep evil far away from them, and bless them with life and health.

35. Today, we grieve the loss of a friend and brother. We ask that you keep his family in peace and unity. Cause your face to shine on them. In this difficult time, be their strength.

36. Weeping may endure for a while, but joy comes in the morning. We commit into your hands our dead loved one, we ask that you keep his family.

37. The Lord Jesus has taken away the sting of death, He has given us victory over death. Lord, even as you comfort this family, keep death away from them.

38. Death doesn’t hold us captive because we are born of God. We know the deceased lived a good life, a life that pleased you. All we ask is that you comfort his family. Amen.

39. Thank you Jesus for your death that has made life available to us, even in death. We know that the deceased is alive in you, and that gives us joy. Keep her family safe and fill their hearts with joy.

40. Lord, take away the pain and sorrow of the grieved family. Give them peace and strength to go through this tough time. Thank you for the tomb is empty, she lives forever in you.

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Prayer For Comfort In Loss Quotes

41. As the days become months, may this burden lessen. As the months become years, keep us in peace, and guide us in your path.

42. I know that you are always with me and that your love never ceases. Help me to find refuge in you and nowhere else.

43. You are like a balm that heals my wound. I pray that you heal me of this pain. Cause this pain to pass over me.

44. You calm my soul even as I turn my heart to you. May I thirst for you as the years flood my face. May I long for you as the deer longs for streams of water.

45. I will not be afraid because you are with me. I know who I have chosen to serve because He is able to keep me till the end of time.

46. You know pain and loss better than anyone else. Come to us now and let us feel your presence. Your presence alone is our refuge.

47. We know that you are close to the brokenhearted and comfort those who mourn. Help us to let you into our grief, to give you our anger and doubt.

48. Jesus, pull us out of this void, renew your spirit within us, and make life flow again. Reassure us of your love and help us hold unto the truth that you will always be with us.

49. Fill us fresh with your Spirit, renew our hearts and minds in your truth. We ask for your hope and comfort to continue to heal our hearts.

50. Give us the courage to face another day, knowing that we have nothing to fear with you before us, for you are a shield for us.

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Healing Prayer For Someone Who Lost A Loved One

51. Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted’ I ask that you comfort me, dear Lord.

52. Heal my Lord, my heart is wounded. Shower comfort on me through those around me. Keep away evil from me, let it not befall me again.

53. Lord, I am in pain. I struggle to smile amid this pain. Send me your comfort now, I need it. Do not let these emotions bury me.

54. Hold me in your arms, Lord. Mend my broken heart, dear Lord. Take this pain away from me, it’s too much for me to bear.

55. Please, guide his family and keep them from evil. Give them comfort and faith in this difficult time, that they may go on in their daily lives.

56. I cry out for your comfort over my family. Help our hearts, Lord, help us overcome this pain that’s ravaging our hearts. Bring peace to our souls again.

57. It has been difficult for me to get good sleep, my heart keeps hurting and longing to see her again. I ask that you wrap me in your love and embrace.

58. Give me rest Lord, help my heart not to be troubled anymore. Let your peace like a flowing river overwhelm my heart.

59. I pray that their grief heals smoothly, I ask that you be with them every step of the way. Give them strength, hope, and joy again.

60. Lord, I pray for sound minds and health for them. Give them peaceful sleep and thoughts to rule their minds day and night. Amen.

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