Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes

50 Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes for Father and Mother

The death of loved ones always leaves deep pain and memories in one’s heart. But there is absolutely nothing you can do to bring them back to life. The only thing to do when you remember them is to always keep them in your prayers, that they find comfort in heaven till you meet with them again.

As you pray for your loved ones when they are alive, it’s also important to pray for your deceased loved ones. It’s the best way of expressing your love to them. Even though your prayers may just be mere wishes yet you should not forget to offer them. Praying for others always attracts a blessing to your life.

With this death anniversary prayer quotes you will able to pray for them and everything they left behind.

Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes

1. Dear God, As we are remembering the death of our loved one today, we pray that you give them a place of comfort and rest their soul in perfect peace, and make their memory exceedingly blessed.

2. Heavenly Father we pray as we celebrate the anniversary of our loved one today we pray they continue to keep them in your bosom and keep them. In your kingdom till we meet again.

3. Father, we are so sad about the passing on of our loved one, so we pray that You show them eternal mercy and grant them a place in Your paradise.

4. Lord, our heart is tethered as we mourn the loss of our beloved, we ask you to heal our heart and turn our grief into truer living and our tribulation into a strong hope. Grant them a peaceful rest in Jesus’ mighty name.

5. Dear God, forgive our sins and the sins of our beloved brethren, let him find favor in your presence, and grant him eternal rest in your kingdom. Amen.

6. Sweet Jesus, you died and resurrected so that we will not have to experience eternal death and we will also be resurrected at the end, therefore we pray that you grant eternal life to our loved one who slept in you in Jesus’ name.

7. Dear Lord, as we celebrate the death anniversary of our dear sister, we pray that you cleanse all her sins set her free from the pain she bears up, and admit her into your sweet paradise.

8. Lord, I pray for the soul of our loved one, may his sins be forgiven, may he find favor in your sight, and may his soul find eternal rest in you until we shall see again face to face. Amen.

9. Dear God, I pray that you show your mercy to the dead and give him life eternal. Let him continue to rest in your bosom, till we meet and never depart again.

10. Heavenly, we pray that you grant him an everlasting rest in your kingdom, and show in mercy to dwell with you forever. In Jesus’ precious name, we pray. Amen.

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Father Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes

Below are powerful death anniversary prayer quotes for your late father:

11. I miss you so much dad, I pray that the lord embraces you into his kingdom and grants your soul eternal peace. Rest in Dad.

12. I never thought you would go so soon, the pain of your loss is something I cannot endure, I pray to God to forgive your trespasses and keep you in his bosom till I see you again.

13. May your sins be forgiven, may the lord show you favor to dwell with him in his paradise, and may your soul find rest. Rip dad.

14. Dad, I’m praying for you on your anniversary today, that the lord causes his light to shine upon you and rest your soul in a peaceful place. Goodnight, Dad.

15. You were the best father anyone Could ever have, losing you is like losing a precious pearl. May the Lord grant you happiness and rest your soul in peace.

16. God, I pray that you forgive the sins of my father, purify him from all unrighteousness, and grant him a favorable place in heaven.

17. As you journey into eternity, I pray that the good God blesses your soul with eternal peace and joy. May you enjoy God’s blessings in heaven.

18. Sweet Dad, you were the best thing that has ever happened to me, I’m so lost without you. I pray that the Lord keeps you in his bosom forever.

19. Everlasting Father, as I’m remembering my father today, I pray that he finds hope in your loving presence and promise of eternal life.

20. Lord, I pray as my father begins on his journey to eternity that you grant him peace and everlasting rest and admit him into your paradise.

Death Anniversary Prayer for My Father

21. Heavenly Father, please listen to my prayer for my deceased father today, grant his soul the copiousness of your loving kindness, and grant him eternal peace.

22. Lord, I pray that you forgive the sins of my father, protect his soul, and grant him grace to live with you forever in your kingdom.

23. Dear God, I pray that you bring my father into your loving arms of protection and grant him eternal peace and rest.

24. Heavenly Father, I pray for the soul of my father, please show him grace and mercy as he proceeds in his journey into eternity. Let him be welcome into your paradise.

25. O Lord, I come before you with a heavy heart, and my prayer for my Dad is that you give him eternal peace and rest in your kingdom forever, please do so in Jesus’ name.

26. Father, I pray that you bring my Dad into your loving arms and grant him comfort in your presence and the promise of everlasting life. May his soul rest in peace.

27. May the Lord grant my father eternal life and cause his unending light to whine upon him. May he continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, till we meet again.

28. Dear God, I ask for your mercy and favor for my Dad, may his soul rest in peace and joy in the abundance of your love and presence forever.

29. May the soul of my Dad rest in peace, and May the perpetual light of God shine in his path. May the Lord embrace him into his beautiful heaven.

30. Dear God, I pray that you forgive the trespasses of my father, show him everlasting mercy, and grant his soul eternal rest in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Death Anniversary Prayer for my Mother

31. Almighty God, I commend my mother’s soul into your hands, show her mercy, and grant her eternal joy in your kingdom.

32. May the Lord forgive all your sins, May He admit you into his kingdom, and may your soul rest in perfect peace. Goodnight sweet mother.

33. Dear God, I thank you for the life of my mother when she was alive, and I pray that you rest her soul in your bosom till we meet and part no more.

34. My mother was my best friend and her loss is what I cannot cope with, I pray to the Lord to show her eternal mercy and grant her a resting place in heaven.

35. The death of my mother leaves a heartache no one can heal, may good God in his infinite mercy grant her everlasting peace.

36. My mother was a lover of God when she was still on earth, I pray that the Lord rewards her good deeds with eternal life in Jesus’ name.

37. Heavenly Father, I bless your holy name, thank you for keeping us and for your love over our deceased mother, please grant solace to her soul in your kingdom.

38. May the merciful God cleanses the sins of my mother, show her eternal mercy and grant her eternal rest in Jesus’ name. Amen.

39. The loss of my beloved mother is a wound that can never heal, I pray she finds comfort in the bosom of the Lord.

40. Heavenly Father, I ask you to keep my mother from demons and principalities and grant her soul everlasting joy in your presence.

Prayer for the Dead

41. Dear Lord, we pray that you deliver the dead from evil, welcome them Into your paradise, and grant them eternal peace and joy.

42. May the Lord Jesus forgive your sins, may his mercy prevail over judgments on your life, and may he welcome you into his kingdom.

43. Father, we pray for our beloved brethren who slept in you, bring him into your eternal joy and peace, and grant his soul eternal rest.

44. We pray for the deceased today, may their tears be wiped away, may they find comfort in the presence of God, and may the almighty God bless their soul with eternal rest.

45. God, we pray for the deceased that you bring him liberty and tranquility, forgive all his iniquities, and embrace him as one of your flock.

46. We commend our dear brother into the hands of God, May the Lord protect him from all evil and grant his soul eternal rest in his kingdom.

47. Lord Jesus, thanks for dying for our sins and for the promise of eternal life, therefore we pray for our deceased friend that you forgive his sins and grant him eternal life.

48. Dear God, we pray that in your loving kindness, you rest the soul of our brother in peace and shine your unending light on him.

49. As we mourn the loss of our loved one, we pray that You grant him eternal life and keep him with You till we all meet again.

50. Dear God, we have come before you today on behalf of our deceased brother, we ask in Jesus’ name that you show him favor and give him everlasting joy in your paradise. Thank you for answering our prayers.

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