Tribute To My Sister Who Passed Away

50 Goodbye Messages and Tribute To My Sister Who Passed Away

Sisters are special beings, they are irreplaceable in the hearts of their siblings, younger ones, and people who looked up to them as sisters. It can be extremely hard to know what to say when you are your sister and you want to say the right thing. That is, something comforting, and helpful, and that doesn’t cause any more upset or hurt.

As we all know death is inevitable add to the fact that we all will die one day. The way each individual grieves is different, and what they want, need, and hear most from friends and family will differ too. So mourning or grief matters a lot during difficult times and must fit into the situation at hand.

The death of a beautiful, caring, and loving sister can be so terrible to bear and we know how sad it can be that is why we have provided you with collections of a heartfelt tribute to my sister who passed away. Are you missing a sister who died? Let this heartfelt tribute to a sister who passed away grant you the peace and comfort that you need during your mourning and aftermath.

Tribute To A Sister Who Passed Away

1. To my blood sister with a golden heart. You make sure everyone is happy whatever it will cost. You taught me the importance of hard work. Your support and guidance have reshaped me into the person I am today, and I’m deeply grateful for all that you have done for me. I miss you deeply, sister. Thank you! Rest in peace.

2. You were the most loving sister anyone could ask for. You always put our needs before your own, and we are forever appreciative of your unconditional love and support. We miss you so much, but your memories shall go with us and we shall strive to live our lives in a way that would make you proud up there.

3. Your standby support to the family is like no other, you were a beacon of strength, always there for us with a warm embrace and always ready to listen. You were a true and sincere public figure to us all. We miss you deeply, but we are certain you are now at peace and away from suffering. We love you always, Dear sister!

4. Big sister, You will always be in our hearts. I want to appreciate the love and wisdom that have been constantly present in our lives. Our heart is so full of joy and we are so grateful for all that you do. You will never be forgotten, and we will always cherish the memories we have with you. Rest in peace!

5. What an amazing woman you are, you were an angel. Although this sudden death hijacks you, the heartache hasn’t left me. I’m now balanced because you were in my life. Thank you for a life well lived as a role model, an icon, a superstar, and a heroine. We love you to the moon. Rest on!

6. I’m glad and there’s a melody in my heart to write this tribute to you, a loving sister who is the epitome of love, support, kindness, and generosity. You have to depart this world after your battle with kidney failure. May your legacy live on with me forever.

7. A beautiful lady with a large heart, till you took your last breath, you never departed from your family. You welcome both the young and the old with a warm hug, your hospitality is like no other. Many speak of your good deeds. Forever in our hearts!

8. Farewell to my sister who is as strong as a lioness, your capacity and ability to do things are top-notch. The fact that you don’t give up on people who are ready to succeed is what makes you extraordinary. Generations to come will hear, see, and talk of you.

9. Every sixth of October is a loving remembrance of a sweet sister like no other. You made life so special and easy for everyone who assembled here. You will be remembered from year to year, you will never be forgotten. For your death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love from all of us.

10. Whenever I look back to recap where and how I started my business I am always grateful to have known you. Thank you for the bunch of advice that makes me wise every day, your pure love that helps me through each day, and for the memories we created that will never fade away. I always celebrate your life.

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Tribute To A Sister Who Died Of Cancer

11. You left me with smiles, resilience, and a legacy of sweet things. The bond we shared was a precious gift to me. Your demise was too quick and we miss so much of what you did with us while you were still alive. But you will always remain in my heart.

12. Seeing you lying in the casket as if you were just taking a nap but it appears real that you are dead. It’s so painful that we lost you to cancer. The doctors tried all they could do to revive you but to no avail. I know you have lived the best you could and you are with the Father in heaven.

13. I don’t know if my broken heart will ever be able to mend because I watch you take your last breath right in front of me. Seeing that makes me see life as vanity upon vanity because you didn’t take any of your things nor your fame as a celebrity. You will always be in my heart forever!

14. What a great loss! Despite all that we did in order not to lose you, unfortunately, death is inevitable. It saddens my heart when the doctor gives the time of your death. It was a great havoc to the family. But we promise to keep your legacy going till we meet again.

15. We are in sorrow of your tragic death but we know that you are in Joy in heaven with your Father. Although it is difficult, we will always carry the memories we create and share down the road. Thank you for making the best out of me. I will always cherish you as my one and only sister.

16. Oh what a loss of a great icon! Why would cancer have to take you of all people? Many await your next album but you could not because of sudden death. May you continue to rest in perfect peace in heaven. You will always be in our hearts. We love your dear sister!

17. This is odd, a unique person just died of cancer. It is so sad to see you pass away just like that. You are a rare gem that can’t be retrieved or replaced by anyone. You make me understand how special and important I am and that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I’m broken to see you gone. Rest in peaceful Bliss!

18. I lost my sister, my best friend, my Joy giver, my superhero, my role model, my teacher. I can go on and on because you mean the whole world to me. Now cancer had taken you, I couldn’t hold it. Waking up not seeing you beside me gave me this heartache that made me cry my eyes out. But I will not give up on making you proud even in your absence.

19. As we gathered to rest my beautiful and unique sister in the bosom of the lord, I pray all your sins are forgiven and you find eternal rest. Rest from the pains, cancer, and other troubles of this world, and be free from the calamity of this life. Your home is glorious. Rest till we meet on that glorious morning.

20. Dear amazing sister, We will always remember the good times we shared. The memories we created will never be destroyed. Your kind words of advice, encouragement, and hospitality. You were like a mother to us all. Greatly, we will ever miss you. To the best sister in the whole world, continue to rest in perfect peace.

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Goodbye Message To A Sister Who Passed Away

21. It is such a painful thing to say goodbye in such a time like this. Your absence is felt in society, we know we have lost an icon, a superhero. Each time I call to remember how you passed out on my arm I can’t help but weep bitterly because you are such a blessing. Forever be missed!

22. My love for you sister makes me remember what unconditional love means and a pure joy feels like. We were so into each other that I couldn’t think of another person in a day without you. I am honored to have shared In your love.

23. Saying goodbye to you till eternity is not easy. Your demise was like a dagger stuck in my heart, it’s so painful. It could have healed if you were still alive and present here. Your presence is deeply missed and it hurts. I will always cherish all that we had together forever.

24. I won’t stop loving and thinking about you, because your death is still a shock. All I need is to learn how to live without you since death took you away. Thank you for the beautiful memories and unending love. My heart still holds you but my lips say goodbye to you. I miss you so dearly!

25. You will always hold a special place in my heart because you have brought so much love, joy, and happiness and are also a source of inspiration to me and many people out there. Words cannot express your generosity and kindness to this generation.

26. I miss you more than words can say or express. The world is boring and less bright without you in it. You are such a light in the family. But I will continue to cherish the moments we were together and the memories we created. You will forever be remembered.

27. Your smiles and light that shine so brightly, I find it hard to believe that is gone. Your impact goes a long way in my life and the lives of many and left a legacy on this world that won’t be forgotten. Saying goodbye is not going to be the end, because you hold a special place in my heart!

28. We had a chemistry, a bond like no other, other people in the neighborhood tried to be like us but they couldn’t. You were there for me in good times and bad times. I’m so thankful for having you always. I love you and there’s nothing that will take your space in my heart!

29. Losing you left a vacuum in my life that nothing will ever fill. You were like I could cry and lean on, you loved me unconditionally and showed me what true friendship is. I cried till my pillow got soaked with tears. Rest easy, Sister!

30. You were the best among my squad of friends and I appreciate your personality. You were indeed a true gift and so far have searched all over and no one could replace your kind of person. Words cannot express how sad I feel that you are gone.

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Farewell Message To A Sister Who Passed Away

31. I am writing this farewell message to my dearest sister. I will not give up on thanksgiving to God over your life. You were such a powerful light to this world. Many lives were transformed by the love and kindness you show. May you continue to read well in God’s bosom.

32. God gave each of us the gift of life, apart from the ability to breathe in and out your existence on earth was a blessing and worthwhile. My heart breaks anytime I think about you and that you are no more with us but your love still shines bright on us from heaven.

33. May heaven’s gate stand open for you, and bless you with eternal life. May the angel of God be your guard? Always in our minds, forever in our hearts, no one can take your place in our hearts. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.

34. Ever since your demise, your footsteps can never be filled, nor your love ever forgotten. The only thing deeper than the pain and grief of losing you was our love. Thank you for living a good life and impacting lives. We love you but God loves you the most!

35. You may be gone from our sight, you have been apart from us. I can say that your days spent on earth were a life well spent. Your heart was my home to many. I will always say well done even when you are no more, good and faithful servant. You were faithful even to the face of death.

36. I express my deepest condolences at the news of our sister’s unexpected death. No amount of words can heal the sorrow and pain of your passing away in our hearts. May God bless your soul, our adorable sister. Rest in peace!

37. Losing your sister is like losing a key to the door of a home because you are a key to many doors of achievement and opportunity but to our greatest shock death took you away. The years I had with you were the best years ever in my life and it will always be memorable.

38. My greatest condolences to you and your family. You have always been in my thoughts ever since the day of her passing away. It was a piece of shocking news. I cried my eyes out when I heard it because she was a role model. I looked up to her and I have made progress. May she continue to rest well in God’s bosom.

39. I’m so sorry and sad for your loss, it was such a tragic death. Though I never met her in person, your words about her gave me an understanding that she means a lot to you. I pray for strength for you during and in the days ahead. It is well with you!

40. Losing a sister is like a wound that will never heal because the experience is unfortunate and inexpressible. Even in death, our love for you will never end. We built the best memories growing up together. I will cherish and hold all of these memories in my heart for life.

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Tribute To A Sister Who Died Suddenly

41. What is life without your sister? How could death take you away just like that? I don’t know how to cope without you, I never lived without you by my side. I don’t think this wound can heal. This is too much for me to bear. Oh, I have lost a treasure!

42. Losing my sister felt like part of my ribs was missing. We are into each other to the extent that we dress up like twins most of the time and now she’s no more. I shared the most happiest and memorable days, weeks, months, and years of my life with you sister. Now that I need you more by my side but you are gone.

43. Why do you choose to leave me? Life is so hard without you here. The memories of you fade as time goes on but your love in my heart still holds strong like a rock, you will forever remain part of me. Continue to rest well in heaven.

44. Now I have become what and all you created me to be, I grew up all my life knowing you, you are like a mother to me now. The biggest regret in my life is losing you, I will always miss you. I will make sure to make you proud and never all that you have told me. This sudden death is still a mystery that I have yet to accept.

45. Life is a bed of roses, sometimes we are happy and next we are sad. Death took away my Joy and my friend. I don’t know what to do waking up without you by my side. It hurt so bad. You are simply the best. Everyone both near and far loved and cherished your kindness. But your memories with us will exist forever.

46. Firstly, I would like to thank you for changing me to be the best of me, I wouldn’t have gotten to this level not for your support. My life has never remained the same since you passed away. I’m still lost for words for why you left all of a sudden without a proper goodbye. Continue to enjoy the heavenly bliss.

47. The pain of your sudden death is yet to leave my heart, I couldn’t help it because I realized I love you more than I could imagine and still love you. You help me to find myself when I’m lost. I’m glad you are with the Lord. Thank you for being a good sister and a shoulder to lean on while you are here. I love you!

48. My beautiful sister, why do I have to lose you? In everything that life has to offer, I choose you because you are my best friend, you cheer me up when I am down, and you give me comfort when I’m sad. All my secrets were kept safe with you without letting our parents know. I regret losing you. There’s something special about you, sister!

49. My beloved Sister, I wish you nothing but peace and Joy in your afterlife. You have proven yourself worthy of that glorious place while on earth. Your life has been a light to many and we enjoyed it. Your sudden death left me with nothing but pain. I hope I heal from it and don’t give up on what you have trained me for.

50. What a world. A few days after you left this world has been so hard, and your shocking death is still disturbing. Just too early to lose you, but I begin to accept my fate that you are gone. Thank you for living the best life and an impactful one. You continue to live on. Rest in perfect bliss, Sister.

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