Remembrance Message for My Late Dad

70 Quotes and Remembrance Message for My Late Dad on His Death Anniversary

A father is a strong pole in the family and the death of a family is a very traumatic experience. It’s a huge loss that can never be rectified. A father is a guardian, a shelter and provider, and a very important figure in the family.

Losing a father is highly a terrible occurrence. Nothing can ameliorate the agony of the loss of a father. Nobody can ever play a role of a dead father. This missing link is void to be felt forever. Once in a while, it is important to remember one’s Dad. With a remembrance message for my late Dad, you freely enjoy and express the sweet memory of him.

It’s often difficult to explain how you feel and talk less about what to say after the loss of a father. The pains can be very unimaginable especially when you have a very strong bond with your Dad

Look into this “remembrance message for your late father” to know how to celebrate the memory of your dead father and communicate your love towards him on his death anniversary. These quotes can also be used as prayers to God, asking him to welcome your father into his arm and to grant him eternal peace in heaven.

One Year Remembrance Message For My Late Dad

1. We miss you so much dad, you were the best father anyone could ever pray for, and you will forever remain in my heart.

2. I believe you are in a more favorable place now, I always have you in my prayer, continue to rest in peace, best dad.

3. You are always in my heart and I sorely missed you, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, I love you, Dad.

4. You were my greatest guide and my biggest support, you will forever remain my closest companion, I miss you so much, Dad.

5. Everything has been inconsistent and different since you left us, I wish you are still around. I will love and cherish you forever. I miss you so badly.

6. My sweet dad, you were my shielder and my Defender. Your departure has made my life so uninteresting. I sorely miss you, Dad.

7. My prayers are with you always dad, I still try to look for you but I can’t find you, may your soul find rest in perfect peace wherever you are. Rest in Dad.

8. My heart hurts for you my lovely dad, you left with our heritage and a lot of mental representation for us. Keep resting lovely dad.

9. I love you so much dad, I never believed you will leave so soon, I miss you every day. I always say my prayers for you. May your soul continue to rest in paradise.

10. You can never be far from my heart, losing you is something I can never make do or deal with, I hope you are having a great time in heaven. I miss you, Dad.

Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

11. Dad, I miss you like nothing else, I know we will all die one day but I never wished you will die this soon, I hope you are rejoicing up there.

12. Dad, I miss you so much every moment, I pray you are blessed in heaven as you were on earth. Keep resting, sweet dad.

13. Today is your death anniversary Dad, and I want you to know that things have not been the same since you left, I hope we will meet again. Miss you, Dad.

14. Your departure from this earth will always hurt, who will I discuss my life affairs with? I miss you so much dad, I can’t believe you are gone.

15. Dad, I have always loved you, and even after your death I still love you. You were my best companion. It hurts so much not to have you around. Keep resting Dad.

16. There is no day that I don’t miss you, you left so soon Dad, and all of us miss you so badly. Keep resting best Dad.

17. No one can ever take your place in my life, no matter what happens you will forever be in my heart, miss you so much, Dad. Rest on!

18. My sweet dad, I will always remember you every day, in my intercession and my thinking. I will never forget your memory. I miss you so much, Dad.

19. How I wish I have spent much time with you, I missed every single moment of our time together. I love you so much, Dad. Keep resting!

20. You were the most dependable and the most trustworthy father anyone could ever ask for. I’m using this medium to thank you for everything, as I can’t thank you enough when you were alive. Rest in peace, Dad.

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Remembering Dad Quotes

21. Miss you so much dad, you were my great teacher and I will never forget everything you taught me. Keep resting in the bosom of the lord.

22. You were my strength in my weakness, and my inspiration when I was down. But unfortunately, the time has changed, and I’m only left with your memory. Rest in peace, Dad.

23. You were my best friend and my idol, the only person that motivate me to be the best. I will never forget you, Dad. I miss you so much. Rest on.

24. You were always there for me through my Ups and downs. It’s so sad that you are gone. No one can take your place in my life. Miss you, Dad. Keep resting!

25. The day you left me, I knew nobody is left with me, the thought of yours still grieves me like it happened yesterday. I don’t think I can do without it. Rest in Dad.

26. Nothing has been going well with me since you left, I’m still suffering without you. I miss you so badly Dad. May your soul continue to rest in peace.

27. Although you left us five years ago, the agony of losing you keeps getting deeper every day. No one can fill your space in our life. Rip dad.

28. The fact that there is no father figure again still hurts, it’s been a year now but we can never forget you. We pray that God will rest your soul.

29. Ever since you left, there has not been a day that I don’t miss you. The anguish of your absence from us still hurts so badly. Keep resting dear Dad.

30. It’s been ten years now and I still miss you so badly day by day, a day never passes without me having a memory of you. May your gentle soul continue to rest in paradise.

Short Memorial Quotes For Dad

31. I wish you were here today, I’m so squandered and derailed without you. I sorely miss you. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord. Till we meet again.

32. You believed so much in me and you have given me the most valuable legacy before you left. I miss you so much, Dad. Rest on.

33. I may look like I’m fine physically but deep down my heart aches for you. You have gone so soon Dad. Everyone misses you badly. Keep resting.

34. Without you Dad, everything I do seems very difficult and fruitless, I have never imagined a day will come that I will not have you around again. Your death stings. Rest on.

35. Dad, although you are no more with me, your love and words of wisdom will remain with me forever, I miss everything about you. Keep resting Dad.

36. You were a great father who showed love to his wife and children, it’s so painful you are not around anymore. You will always be in our memory. We Love you so much. Rip dad.

37. Dad, I missed you so much and I can’t help but think about you. You were the best father in the whole world and I’m sorry for being stubborn and negligent. I wish I can turn back the hand of time. Rest in Dad.

38. You worked so hard so that I will become what I am today. I’m so much heartbroken because you are not here to see my success. I can’t stop thinking of you Dad. Rest on.

39. Losing you is a huge loss to me and everyone, you were the best father anyone could ever ask for. You left so early Dad. You have my prayers always. Goodbye.

40. My sweet Dad, I recognize your preciousness and distress after you left us. No one can ever do what you did for us. It has not been easy without you. Hope you are enjoying heaven.

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One Year Anniversary Of Death What To Say

41. It’s been a year now since you left this cold world, I’m very sad and lonely without you. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

42. Dad, nothing will be able to fill the emptiness you left in my life. Your death hurts so much. Keep resting in the bosom of the lord.

43. I wish you were here, you left a year ago and it seems like yesterday. I can never forget your love and your care. I miss you so much, Dad. Rest on.

44. You were the best parent anyone could ever have, Your good parenting has helped me become what I become today. I have your memory with me always. Keep resting.

45. This day last year, you left this wicked world, you left so soon Mum. I wish I spent much time with you, your death hurts me so badly. I will forever miss you. Rest in sweet mother.

46. Dad, you might not be here with us again but the never dying heritage that you left with us will remain with us forever. On your death anniversary, we remember you and pray that you continue to rest in peace.

47. My heart misses you so much, I never thought living without you will leave me this blank. Why is life so cruel? , why do I have to live with just your memory? It’s been a year since you left now but my heart still aches. Rest in peace.

48. My lovely Dad, you were my best friend and my biggest supporter, but you left me a year ago, your death has left me with so much agony. I can never stop thinking about you. Rest in Dad.

49. I love you so much mum, you may not be here with me again but your loving memory remains with me forever. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord.

50. Losing a great friend like you is a huge loss, it’s been a year now since you left me with no companion. I miss you so badly dear. Keep resting friend.

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2nd Death Anniversary Quotes For Father

51. My biggest nightmare has happened to me, I’m in so much pain. Losing you has caused me so much agony. I sorely miss you. Keep resting.

52. I learned time heals pain, but why do I still feel so much pain? No one can ever replace your place in my life, and nothing can ever replace your great affection. I miss you so badly on this second year. Rest on.

53. You were my guidance, without you I have been lonely. I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s been so difficult since you left. I hope you are resting.

54. I miss you so much friend, my prayer for you on your death anniversary is that God bless your soul with peace and happiness. Keep resting, dear friend.

55. Although, you have left for a very long time the pain of your death remains fresh in my heart. I missed you so much, on your anniversary I pray that God forgives all your sin and grant you a beautiful place in heaven.

56. Living has been a great burden and life hasn’t been a favorable place to live since you left, I always wish you are still alive. Your death left a sore in my heart. Rest on.

57. As we remember you on your death second anniversary today, we pray to God that He holds you in His loving arms and grants you peaceful rest in His paradise.

58. You were a great partner anyone could ever have, it hasn’t been easy taking care of children alone, since you left life has me so tough. We miss you so much and we pray that God gives eternal peace to your soul.

59. I may not be able to hug you, but I feel your presence every day, you left me in so much agony that can never be healed. I missed you so badly. I hope you are having a great time in heaven.

60. Today marks your second death anniversary, I pray to God to give you peace and comfort. You will forever be in my memory. I sorely miss you. Rest on.

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5 Years Since You Passed Away Dad

61. My Dad was a nice and accommodating man, he was someone everyone loved to be around. It has been 5 years since you left. may your soul rest in peace.

62. My father was a great man, we are mourning his death today and we should never forget to celebrate his value and loyalty. May his soul rest in peace.

63. Losing your father is the most painful occurrence in your life. But, I’m sure your dad will be very proud of the great man you are becoming. I’m keeping him in my prayers.

64. Accept my condolence and commiseration on the loss of your father on this day. It’s been many years now, but nothing can be used to expiate his loss. May the Lord rest her soul.

65. Dear friend, I am aware it’s a sad day for you because today is your Dad’s death’s second anniversary. But what I’m very sure of is that he is now rejoicing in heaven. Take heart.

66. May the soul rest of your deceased father continue to rest in peace, and may the Lord always be with you. And may he never leave your side.

67. I know your father to be an amazing person. I believe he is in a better place in heaven. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

68. I know things haven’t been easy for you since your father left, may the lord grant him eternal peace and rest his gentle soul, stay strong friend.

69. We will never forget your mother’s kindness and love for every one of us. She has been our great support through up and downs. We miss her so much on her death anniversary, May her soul find rest.

70. Today is your father’s death anniversary, I feel your pain. I’m sure your father is having a great time in heaven. Have patience, dear friend.

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