Thank You Reply to Condolence Message on Death

70 Thank You Reply to Condolence Message on Death

Have you just lost a loved one and tons of condolence messages have come? People must have been in love with you to have taken the time to send a condolence message to you. When people go out of their way to send you comforting words, is it proper to say thank you for condolences? Yes, it is! Such messages must be replied to for acknowledgment and gratitude. You will find sufficient thank you reply to condolence message on death right here for you.

It’s not always easy to heal from the loss of loved ones. It’s a painful occurrence that leaves one untethered. During this period, friends and families send their condolence messages and words of comfort to show their support, thoughtfulness, and care.

Courtesy demands that you send back to them your heartfelt appreciation for the time taken to check up on you and send various consolation notes. A simple thank you note will go a long way.

How to Reply for Death Message

Find a beautiful thank you reply to condolence message on death to communicate the depth of your gratitude to everyone who sent you a message.

1. Your understanding, words of wisdom, and support have been the strength that keeps me going all through this time. I am glad to have your kind of person in my life. Thanks for your condolences.

2. I’m grateful for the precious gift of commiseration you have shown to me during the time of my sorrow. I will never forget your kindness. Thanks for your kind words, they have strengthened me.

3. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am for your love and your kind words of condolence. It strengthened me and helped me get back to my feet.

4. I appreciate your great concern for me, your condolences bring to my remembrance all the good things that are available for me and this gives me expectancy for the future.

5. Thank you so much for thinking of me and for offering me great support. My heart is filled with so much hope, I’m glad your love will make me get over this tough moment. Thanks a ton.

6. Having people like you around me gives me hope and strength to endure this challenging time. Your kindness and generosity mean so much to me.

7. Your wise words and thoughtful messages have helped me get over the sorrowful experience of the loss of a loved one. Thank you for your condolences.

8. I’m grateful for your words of compassion and care, thank you for being there for me throughout my painful moments. You have helped me a great deal. I can’t thank you enough.

9. Thank you for sending condolences to me, I didn’t expect what your messages brought me. Your sweet words did go a long way. With every you said in your messages, I now have the fortitude to continue with my life. Thanks so much.

10. Thanks for bringing me out of the darkness the loss of my father has kept me. Your thoughtful words of comfort have illuminated my life. I owe you love.

Thank You for Your Condolence and Prayers

11. Your friendship and understanding when I needed it meant so much to me. Thank you for being a great friend. May your life be filled with joy.

12. I can’t thank you enough for the relief your condolences gave me. Thanks for your support and encouragement. God will never leave your side.

13. Your thoughtful messages, your prayers, and your support meant the world to me. Thanks for staying with me all through my difficult time. May you never experience sorrow.

14. I’m thankful for your help, prayers, love, and support during this period. Your support has helped me bear this loss with ease. I wish you happiness in your lifetime.

15. The death of my husband has left me in grief and dismay but your words of encouragement sent great comfort to my soul. Thanks so much. God bless you real good.

16. I appreciate your love and encouragement. Thank you for helping me find a way out of this pain. May the good God keep you and bless you.

17. Getting over the pain of the loss of a loved one is so difficult without help from friends and family. Thank you for the help offered to me during my time of sorrow. May your life be peaceful and beautiful.

18. I want to thank you for sending your radiant message when I was in the dark days. You don’t know how much those simple words lit up my world. You are one of a kind. God bless you.

19. Thanks for having me in your thought and for sending me wise words of counsel. It means the world to me. I pray that the Lord will keep and uphold you.

20. Thanks so much for your words of sympathy and condolences. It has been of great help to my family and me. May you never know sorrow in Jesus’s name.

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How to Respond to Thank You for Condolences

21. It was with profound thankfulness that I received your words of encouragement. The loss of my Mother has put me in deep sorrow. I believe your condolences will make me get over it with time. Thanks so much.

22. I’m saying a big thank you for your words of condolences, your support has been valuable when it seems every hope was lost. Thanks for walking this journey with me.

23. I feel disorganized now, but I believe one day my heart will rejoice again. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and for sending me condolences. It means so much to me.

24. Although I have been in great pain this time, I’m still grateful to have a friend who provides support when I feel open and defenseless. Thanks so much for being my loyal friend.

25. When I felt like the world is coming to an end, your comforting condolences made me remember that there are still good things to enjoy on Earth. I’m more than grateful for your thoughtful words.

26. Your type of friend is rare. Thanks for showing up for me when I needed you the most and for not leaving me alone in my despair. I love you so much.

27. Your words of condolences sent hope to me when my heart was empty. Thanks for your encouragement and your support. I appreciate.

28. Your sweet words sent an affectionate message that I am cherished and supported even when I was in my darkest time. Thanks for your condolences.

29. I want to thank you for the support you showed me during my difficult time and for healing my broken heart with your words of encouragement. Thanks a ton.

30. I appreciate you for bringing to my reminder that there is still hope for me even after this great loss. Thanks for sending your condolences. It meant so much to me.

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How to Respond to Condolences from Coworkers

31. Whenever I’m feeling down, dejected, and lonely and I remember your sweet condolences, I always feel relieved and pick myself back together. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement.

32. I was stirred by the expression of your sympathy when I was seriously broken that I thought I had nobody. Thank you so much for bringing to my reminder that I’m still loved by you. I can’t thank you enough.

33. Thanks to you all for your kind words and your condolences. Your support and your love during this time are highly appreciated. Thanks again.

34. When my soul aches and my heart is broken, your words of encouragement came as medicine. Thanks for all you did. It meant the whole world to me.

35. Even in my sorrowful state, Your words of commendation still gave me hope that something good can still come out of every loss. I will never forget your kind gestures. Thanks a ton.

36. I’m grateful for your companionship and assistance in this tough time, your kind words of wisdom will remain precious to me as I whip through my sadness. Thanks for being amazing Colleagues.

37. It’s a blessing having people like you who stay with me in my disordered state. I’m very grateful for your acts of love and your sweet words of condolence. I will never forget your kindness.

38. I want you to know that your kind note meant so much to me. It has helped me in getting over my sad state. I can’t thank you enough.

39. You are not only my colleague but my love partner. Your love, sacrifice, and the time taken by you to pen down soothing words for me meant so much to me. I will forever be grateful to you.

40. Your words made a difference and strengthened me to bear the burden of my loss. You are so awesome. I’m glad I have you around me.

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Response to Condolences Message

41. I appreciate your sincere condolences, thanks for making me get better with your tender words of comfort. It did go a long way thanks so much.

42. Thanks for sympathizing with me during this sad time. Your words of wisdom and your kind gestures made me feel accompanied. You have a special place in my heart.

43. Please accept my profound gratitude for your hearty note of condolences, words can’t express the depth of my thankfulness. May God reward you immensely.

44. I will forever be grateful to you for these acts of kindness toward me. Thank you for helping me out of my misery and for not making me feel alone. You are a true friend.

45. When I was drowning in sorrow, your soft words of wisdom pulled me up and showed me the beautiful things life still has in store for me. I will forever be indebted to you.

46. I appreciate your condolences and your words of love, where will I be without your love? Your thoughtfulness is infinite. Thanks for coming through for me.

47. The pain of the death of my wife stings, I don’t think I will ever get over it. But your passionate messages reminded me that life will be a better place to live if I can forget the past and focus on the future. I hope I can get over it with time thanks so much.

48. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to check on me even during my darkest time. Your support and consideration can never be forgotten. I’m eternally grateful.

49. The coming together of amazing people like you to help me in my difficult time is the consoling aspect of this situation. Thanks for not leaving me alone.

50. Your sweet words of consolation have brought inexpressible comfort to my heartbreak. Thanks for your love and kindness.

Thank You for Your Condolences Messages

51. I will be eternally grateful for your condolences, although the pain of the death of my loved one can never be taken away from my soul. But your words of comfort sent relief to my spirit. Thanks so much.

52. I didn’t know how I would get through this challenging moment without you. I’m thankful for your sympathy messages and your good gestures.

53. I will forever miss my deceased sister no matter how hard I try. It’s so lonely without her. Thanks for sharing your words of comfort with me. It meant so much to me.

54. Your kind words and your condolences help me know that I’m not alone in this sorrow. Thanks for walking through this moment with me. I will forever be indebted to you.

55. I believe that with the love and help of people like you around me, I will heal with time. Thanks for putting the tiny piece of my broken heart back into place. Thanks so much.

56. Although my heart aches for the death of my brother your consolation messages have provided a much-needed break from sorrow. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

57. You are not aware of how thankful I am for your help, support, and your words of support during this time. I’m glad to have you in my life. Thanks a lot.

58. The death of my Mother left me in complete dismay and I felt there was no good thing again as I have lost my best friend. But your words of encouragement and comfort have been a fountain of strength through this horrible moment. Thanks for being there for me.

59. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and your kindness during this hard period. Thanks for making my heavy load easy.

60. As much as I carry the memories of the past with me, I will never forget to take your reassuring wishes everywhere I go. Thanks for being there for me in this trying time.

Response to Sorry for Your Loss

61. I’m forever grateful for your kind message of consolation and your consideration toward making me move forward. Your nice gesture is so much appreciated.

62. Thank you for making me feel the warmth of your goodness in this uneasy sorrowful process. I will never forget your sweet consolation. Thanks again.

63. I’m so lucky to have people like you in my life. Thanks for bringing me comfort with your words of condolences after my great loss. I will forever remember your kind gestures.

64. Thanks for your gift of hope, I can’t thank you enough for your words of consolation and generosity during this time of my loss. I owe you one.

65. Your kind message of sympathy has made me realize that the future holds some happiness for me even after this great loss. Truly, I thank you.

66. Knowing that I still have people who truly love and understand me during this tough time has freed my mind from sadness. I’m so fortunate to have you.

67. No amount of words can describe my gratitude for your nice gestures and love all through this sad moment of my life. I appreciate you for always being there for me.

68. I know there is nothing I can use to bring my loved one back, thanks so much for helping me through this difficult time. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m grateful for the gift of people.

69. Whenever I feel as though I’m walking in great difficulty, I’m always reminded of the strength your sweet words gave me. Thanks for the expression of love you penned for me.

70. I can’t deny that there have been sad days lately, the experience of the loss of my sweet Mother made me feel like the whole world was Stockstill. But I was glad when I received the kind note from you. It meant so much to me.

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