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80 Official and Short Condolence Message Professional on the Death of a Colleague

Death is one catastrophic event. Losing family, friends, and colleagues can affect one terribly, especially on the verge of breaking down. We pray and hope never to lose people close to us to death but it’s a major event that will be affected by all humans. After living a great life the end of it is death. If you just lost a colleague, boss, or staff, you will find a short condolence message professional very useful to express your grief.

After losing a close relative or colleague, people tend to seek support and words of consolation. Words alone can’t take the sorrow away but it is a good idea to send one or two condolence messages to comfort them and ease their pain.

Words affect the lives of people a lot and expressing your sympathies in words might be quite difficult. These condolences are to give them solace and help them stay strong during the time of grieving, and it’s quite hard to encompass all these emotions in a message.

In this article we have written a few best condolence messages to send to a colleague in a time of mourning, These heartfelt messages will help you convey your messages appropriately.

Professional Condolence Messages

1. Please accept our sincere condolence on your loss. We are saddened by your loss, and we wish that amid all the grief and anguish you find peace and comfort. May the soul of the dead find peace.

2. Our hearts are with you in this terrible time. We pray that you find solace in the memories of the dead and we are praying for you and the lost soul.

3. With sad hearts, we sympathize with you on your loss, accept our deepest condolences. We pray that you recover from this grief and that God will strengthen you.

4. We extend our wholehearted condolences on your loss. We pray that God heals you through this disastrous event and that the souls of the dead rest in peace

5. You are always in our mind and we hope and pray you are strengthened during this hard time. May we not see a recurrence of such a bad event, may you find comfort in the memories of your loss.

6. Please accept my warmest condolences. The dead cannot be brought to life but his legacy and memories will not be forgotten. We pray that God heals you from this anguish and suffering, and we pray for peace for the soul of your loss.

7. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your relative. I hope you come out of this grief strong. My prayers are always with you and May his/her soul rest in perfect peace.

8. My sincerest condolences on your loss. I pray that his soul is in a better place. I will always keep you and your family in my prayers, and may God strengthen you through it all.

9. Words aren’t enough to express our sympathy towards you and your family concerning your loss. We hope and pray that you heal from this grief soon and may the Lord comfort you.

10. Losing someone so dear is a tragedy to oneself and the family. We pray that this terrible incident doesn’t happen again and may the souls of the dead rest in peace.

Official Condolence Message On Death Of Colleague

11. It breaks my heart to mourn such an amazing soul. He was ever cheerful and willing to help. He was a man of the people and he was so loved because of his generosity. Sadly, we lost him to an unfortunate incident. My deepest condolences.

12. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. (The name of the colleague) was a vital part of our team, and she made significant efforts in the growth of the company. Her impact will be greatly missed and I pray that her soul rests in peace.

13. The news of his demise was shocking to us. We are bewildered as to why such a tragedy would happen. Your son was a great colleague at work and she was very good at what she did. We pray that the Lord strengthens this family and comforts you of your loss.

14. Our earnest sympathy on the death of our colleague, working with her was a great experience. I cherished every moment spent working together, she will be greatly missed. I pray that her soul finds peace.

15. My profound condolences to you and your family, he was an incredible colleague. My prayers are with the family and the departed soul.

16. We were perplexed when we heard about the loss of our colleague. We have lost one of the most amazing and humble colleagues. We pray that the Lord comforts the family and helps them endure this pain.

17. The death of our colleague saddens our hearts. He wasn’t just a coworker but a confidant and a sweet loving person. Accept our sincerest condolences, may the departed soul find peace.

18. On behalf of the organization, we extend our deepest condolences. It’s sorrowful to lose such a valuable co-worker. She worked hard towards any project. We hope and pray she finds peace.

19. My heartfelt condolences to the family for the demise. It’s sad to lose such a wonderful human to an untimely death. As an organization we are here to support you, Please don’t hesitate to reach out. May the Lord help the family overcome this grief and may her soul rest in peace and tranquillity.

20. It is catastrophic to lose a coworker. We were baffled at the news of his sudden departure. He was a vibrant and jovial colleague. May his family find solace in his/her memory and may God grant him/her soul peace.

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Condolences To Coworker Family

21. I want to extend my warmest condolences to the family of the departed soul. I was fortunate to work with him and he was indeed an exceptional human. He will be greatly missed.

22. Kindly accept my heartfelt condolences. The memories I have of him will never be forgotten, especially how he lightens up the mood of everyone in the office. My prayers are always with the family.

23. We are deeply sorry for the demise of such a lovable person and colleague. We are sending our wishes and prayers to the family to overcome this grief.

24. We genuinely sympathize with the family of(name of the worker) during this hard time. The dead made a huge impact on the company and he will forever be cherished. We pray that his soul is granted peace.

25. Losing (name of a colleague)has been a huge loss to the company but can’t be compared to that of his family and loved ones. Our deepest sympathy to the family and may God strengthen them through this pain.

26. We are deeply sorry for the loss of (name of colleague). He holds a special place in our hearts and his memories will never fade. No one will ever be able to fill that void, we pray his soul rest in perfect peace.

27. Please accept our sincere condolences on behalf of the company. (Name of the deceased) was an essential part of this organization, his presence will be greatly missed, we won’t have anyone to make us laugh during the gloomy days at the office. Our prayers are with the family through this period of mourning and may his soul find peace.

28. The team sends our sympathies to the family of the deceased, we were all fortunate to have worked with extremely smart and outstanding personnel. All of his teachings and words of wisdom won’t be forgotten, We pray that the Lord grants the family peace throughout this tough period.

29. (Name of the deceased)will always be in our thoughts and we will always remember how much you have done for every member of this team, Our sincere condolences to the family, may the Lord strengthen the whole family through this grief.

30. We send our sympathies as an organization to the family of the deceased. We will miss his presence in our midst, We pray God to ease the pain the family is going through, and may his soul rest in peace.

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Professional Condolence Message Short

31. The whole team is here to support you and help you. We want you to know that we will always stand by you. We pray that the lost soul rests in peace.

32. It was sorrowful when we all heard about your loss, we want you to know that we are a work family and we will always be there for you however needed.

33. Losing a loved one is disheartening, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. May the soul of the dead rest in peace.

34. Please accept our sincerest condolences, sending you the courage to come out strong in this difficult time, may God give you strength and peace.

35. We want you to know that you are loved and that you are not going through this alone. We will pray for you at all times, and may the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

36. Please accept our warmest sympathies, We can’t comfort you enough for the loss, but we pray the Lord comforts you and helps you find peace.

37. We are profoundly sorry for your loss. Our words can do little to help but know that we will always be right at your side anytime you need help. May the soul of your loss rest in peace.

38. The pain and suffering you are passing through can’t be understood by anyone but I pray God eases your pain. My warmest condolences.

39. Everyone feels the loss but the pain you are passing through can’t be compared to that of others. May the sweet memories of your loss console you. Accept my condolences.

40. May God give you the strength to heal from this pain and also move on in the midst of it all. The Lord will be with you. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

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Short Condolences Message To Colleague

41. During this time of mourning, the team is wishing you and your family comfort and might. Your thoughts will always be in our minds, accept our condolences.

42. It’s terrible hearing the passing of a loved one. We can’t comprehend how you feel now but know we are here to support and assist you.

43. I’m sorry about the loss of your beloved. She was loved by all but loved more by you. We hope the pain doesn’t destroy you. We pray that God helps you.

44. The passing of your mother can be so sorrowful, she has lived a good life and been an inspiration to many. I hope this message brings you solace.

45. (Name of the deceased) was exceptionally smart and he was generally a good person, the sweetest soul I have ever met. May his soul find peace and may God comfort you.

46. We can’t grasp the depth of pain you are feeling for your(recipient relation with the deceased ). We are sorry for your loss. We want you to know that we are always here for you. stay strong.

47. Accept my heartfelt sympathy, I know the loss of your mother must be hard on you. I want you to know that she lived a good life and now she is in a better place.

48. I have fallen short of words to express my deepest sympathy. God will give you strength to help you overcome this grief and mourning. I want you to know you are loved and I will be here anytime you need comfort.

49. We were traumatized to hear of the passing of your wife. She was an incredible person, sweet and caring too. She will be missed by everyone, and our prayers and wishes are with you always.

50. We are tremendously sorry for your loss, It’s saddening to experience such a bad situation. Please, don’t let this incident completely break you. We hope and pray God comforts you and your family.

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Professional Bereavement Messages

51. Hearing the news of your loss is disheartening. Take all the time you need to heal and the Lord will strengthen you. May the soul of the deceased find peace.

52. You helped me during my gloomy days. Let me know how to be of help in this mourning time. May you find solace and peace. Accept my sympathy.

53. We want to express our love to you in this sorrowful time. We are grieving together with you and we hope the soul of the deceased rests in peace.

54. We are sorry for your loss and you have the warmest sympathies of all the members of the organization in this grieving time. May the soul of the dead find peace.

55. We are sorry you have to experience this unfortunate incident. You are always there for us whenever we need help. Allow us to help and care for you in this mourning time.

56. My condolences to your family on the loss of a beloved soul, he was loved and cherished by all. My deepest sympathies, I pray his soul finds peace.

57. It is overwhelming to lose a loved one. We understand how painful and broken you are but we are here to comfort you through this unfortunate time.

58. My condolences on your loss. He was one of the kindest people I know, he genuinely gave selflessly, and his absence will be felt. May his soul find tranquillity.

59. Seeing you in this state is devastating. The loss of your brother has not only affected you but every one of his loved ones, he lived a good life and his legacy will never be forgotten.

60. It is saddening having to lose a partner to death, may God watch over his family and help them in this time of tribulation. May his soul rest in peace.

Professional Sympathy Message

61. I sympathize with the family of( Name of the deceased). For the little time he spent working with us, we enjoyed every part of it. We pray God comfort the family.

62. My condolences on the loss of a beloved human. He made our place of work enjoyable. He was always positive and he managed to instill his positive spirit in all of us. He will be greatly missed. May his soul find peace.

63. My prayers are with the family and the loved ones of the deceased, he is gone but will forever live in our hearts. Accept my sympathy. God will continue to continue to protect the rest of the family.

64. I pray the family of the (Name of the deceased) finds tranquility even amid this sorrow, I wish every member of his loved ones well. May his soul rest in peace.

65. The loss of (Name of the deceased) will leave a huge hole in our hearts. He was more than a client, he was more of a friend and I appreciate him. May God help his family and may his memories bring warmth and peace for his family.

66. I was overwhelmed with sadness hearing of the passing of( Name of the deceased) She was honest and keen about the needs of others, it’s unimaginable how the pain of her death will hurt her family. I pray she finds peace.

67. I wish you sincere sympathy for the loss of your parents. No one can ever fill that space they occupy in your life and the lives of their loved ones. They are in a better place and we pray they rest in peace.

68. Accept my deepest sympathy. The pain of losing a parent is unbearable, we pray God comforts and strengthens you in this difficult time.

69. I am sending all the love and care you need to overcome this grieving time, Be strong. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

70. We want you to know that there are people who care a lot about you and won’t let you go through this pain alone. We pray the soul of the deceased finds peace.

Short Condolences On Behalf Of Company

71. Everyone in the company is praying for you, we are deeply sorry for your loss. Everyone is here to support and help you. Do well to reach out to us if you need any help.

72. We are more than just colleagues, we are a big happy work family and we stick out for each other. In this sorrowful time, we are going to be here supporting and giving you comfort. May the dead rest in peace.

73. Accept our profound condolences from your work family on your loss. We pray you find tranquillity and comfort in this time of grieving, we can’t wait to have our ever-cheerful colleague back.

74. You are in our thoughts and we think about how you are striving in this difficult time. The loss of a spouse is saddening and we can’t imagine how you are feeling. May God give you the strength to bear this pain.

75. May God grant you the utmost courage to overcome this pain, our prayers and thoughts are always going to be with you. We pray for peace for the souls of the dead.

76. On behalf of the company, accept our condolences. We love you and we hope you find comfort knowing how much we care about you, may the dead find peace.

77. Our words cannot take the pain away, but we will be right beside you through the grieving journey. Accept our sympathies.

78. It was amazing having the privilege to work with(Name of the deceased) He was an important asset to our company and we appreciated his efforts. On behalf of the company, we send our condolences to the family of the deceased.

79. We send our deepest condolences. (Name of the deceased) has left a legacy that can’t be erased in this company. May his/her soul find tranquility.

80. Our prayers are with you as you mourn your beloved relative. Papa lived a life worth emulating and he is definitely in a better place now. May his soul find peace.

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