My Grandmother Passed Away Today

55 My Grandmother Passed Away Today Messages, Quotes and Status

Grandmothers are great, they welcomed our mothers into this world. In extension to us, they care about us and our mothers who are their direct children. When a grandma is old and dies, it breaks the hearts of the family members but at the same time, we celebrate them for the life well spent. Have you just lost your Grandmum and you need messages to say goodbye? You find my grandmother passed away today messages to satisfy your quests.

You wouldn’t have been here if you hadn’t just lost your grandmother and if not you, a friend of yours just did. If such is your case, I am sorry about your loss, and here is my condolence. One of the things you should celebrate about your grandmother is that she has lived well to raise your mother and watch you grow. This is great and worth rejoicing about!

Depending on your closeness with her, the sudden departure of your mother could leave so much void and pain. During festive or vacation periods, everybody loves to go around their grandmothers and make them feel great. This vacuum will be left until your mother can fill in the gap.

To say goodbye to your grandmother, find beautiful messages here to communicate your feelings about the departure of your Grandmum.

Grandma Passed Away Message

1. Today is a sad day in my life because I lost a rare gem I never wish to depart anytime soon. I lost my confidant and best friend. I feel so sad because I lost my Grandmother. Goodbye, Mum.

2. To the one who taught us how to live a godly life, who taught us how to pray and triumph in times of distress, and how to be patient in life, I say goodbye. I will miss you so much. Adieu, Grandma.

3. You gave birth to and nurtured warriors for which my mother is one. You showed us the way to victorious living, and from your loins come a great nation. Rest on, Grandma.

4. Today we lost a woman of great virtue and value. A woman who knows how to settle matters on her knees, and command the day by her words. We lost my amazing Grandmother today. Rest in peace, Grandma. We will miss you.

5. My Grandmother passed away today, it’s so sad to know that you are gone forever. However, we are glad to know you are resting in the bosom of our Lord, and we are sure that your prayer on us, while you are still alive, will still be working for us. Adieu, Mama.

Short Message For Grandmother Who Passed Away

6. Dear Grandma, I can say with all audacity that you have lived well. Your memory lives on sweet grandma. You’re such a rare gem and your impact on my life remains evident. Goodbye, Grandma.

7. No matter what, the precious moments we spent together still linger in my memory. It’s so sad you are leaving us, I just wish you stay a bit longer. I will miss you, my sweet Granny.

8. I miss your smile grandma, I miss your stories and how you make us happy You made me enjoy my last holiday with you. It’s sad you’re gone. I love you so much, Grandma.

9. I wish you could stay with us a little longer, granny. You made my holiday periods interesting. I don’t know how I will manage during this coming holiday now that you are gone. I miss you so much, my sweet grandma.

10. Sweet granny, I’m not surprised to hear a lot of wonderful testimonies about you. I’ve known you to be a wonderful and kind person to everyone around you, including us, and your children. Your memory lives on, grandma. I love you, so much.

11. Dear Granny, I will really miss your love, care, and pampering. I know you are resting in heaven, and that feeling is comforting. I promise to make you proud and be the good grandchild you have trained me to be.

12. Sweet granny, although the world may forget in a short while, I will never forget you. I will miss your care, love, and support. Sleep on granny, I love you.

13. It’s still so hard for me to believe that you are forever gone. I’m trying to fight back tears watching you being laid to rest. Goodbye, Mama. I will miss you.

14. I will always cherish the memories of your kind gestures and sweet smiles. You are my role model, and I admire you so much. I wish you would never have to die. Rest in peace, Granny.

15. I love you so much, Grandma for your gentle and authentic care toward your grandchildren. It’s so hard to believe that you are gone. I wish I could bring you back. Goodbye, my Love.

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Goodbye Message For My Grandmother Who Passed Away

16. Sweet Grandma, we are pained by your sudden exit. We are glad you left the world better than you met it. Your being around has been a blessing we cannot deny. We wish we could have you here for a longer time but you just have to go. Goodbye

17. Grandma, you are a great force to be reckoned with and you live an honorable life worth emulation. Sleep on, darling grandma. We love you, till we meet again!

18. To you my loving Granny. You left this wicked world for a better place of rest. Although we will miss you, we are glad you lived a good life. Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are all calling you blessed today.

19. Your legacy lives on, grandma. The reason for your existence was a meaningful one. We can all testify to the positive impact and good morals you passed on to us. Rest in, sweet grandma.

20. You lived such an incredible life, Grandma, everybody in the community desires to be like you. May your sweet soul rest in peace. We love you but God loves you the most.

21. We are blessed with such a wonderful grandma like you. You are a beacon of strength for our family during your lifetime. You taught us good morale and quality character. May your soul rest in peace.

22. Sweet grandma, you lived a good life. You have guided us well on the right path. You have done a great job, and you have earned the right to rest in perfect peace.

23. My sweet granny, you made me who I am today, and your impact will influence the person I will become tomorrow. Your legacy lives on, Grandma.

24. Grandma, you were a shining light and an epitome of love and strength for the family. I feel so fortunate to have you as my grandma. I will forever cherish you in my heart.

25. When I reflect on the beautiful moments I spent with you, I’m awestruck by your strength and integrity. It’s such a blessing to have you as my grandma. I love you, Granny.

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Tribute To My Grandmother Who Passed Away

26. To my grandmother whom I call my Mum, I will miss you. You taught me the real values I need to succeed in life. You gave me the lessons that would have cost me years of my life to learn. Thank you so much, Grandma. Though you are gone, you are always in my heart.

27. Thank you for your care, Grandma. Thank you for your prayer, and thank you for your guidance and support. Your efforts are yielding fruits, and I know you will be glad wherever you are. Goodbye, Grandma.

28. I grew up to know you as the pillar and support of the family. You were the model we all look up to. Thank you for the exemplary life you lived. We will miss you, Grandma.

29. Granny, you were an embodiment of beauty and strength. You lived a wonderful life worthy of emulation. It’s such a great joy to know you as my Grandmother. Thank you for being such an amazing woman. I love you so much, Granny.

30. Hi Grandma, though you hate giving, I hope you can hear and see me. I just want to say thank you for all you did. You have impacted my life and shown me what matters in life. I love you so much, Grandma.

31. I didn’t see it coming that you were leaving us any time soon. It’s so hard for me to take, but I will find comfort in the good work you left behind. Rest in peace, Granny. My love for you is forever.

32. I remember the interesting stories you used to tell us, the wonderful delicacies you treat us with too, and how you satisfy our sweet cravings. I will forever cherish you in my heart, Momma. Thank you for being a wonderful Grandma.

33. Everything about you was full of life. You made us look forward to coming home. Thank you for those hearty meals you used to prepare for us. I will miss you badly, Grandma.

34. You cared for us and gave us the best of life. You lived by example and showed them the right path. We are so proud of your life and we are grateful for a life well spent. Adieu, Mama.

35. We are so thankful for your life, Grandma. You were a prayerful and God-fearing woman. Thank you for leading us on the right path. We love you, Grandma.

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My Grandmother Passed Away Status

36. I feel so sad to have lost my wonderful Grandma. She was one of a kind. Highly disciplined, and very loving. I miss her so much, and I will forever cherish her memory.

37. Losing one’s grandparents could be painful. We will miss their gentle touch and caring hearts. But surely, their memory will live on in our hearts.

38. Having a wonderful grandparent is a blessing. Though they are gone, their good works will still remain. My grandmother has lived a great life worth emulating, she has been a great influence to my life and many others out there. I will really miss you, ma

39. Losing one’s grandparents is inevitable, no matter how much we love them, they will leave us to rest someday. My lovely grandma had to leave us today inevitably. Goodbye, rest in peace

40. Being blessed with a wonderful grandparent is a rare privilege. Their names open doors and their works speak even after they are long gone.

A Short Tribute To My Late Grandma

41. My grandma has lived an intentional life in this world and I am grateful for it. Finally, you have gone to rest with the Lord, though painful, I’m glad you lived a fulfilled life. Rest on Grandma, till we meet again.

42. I wish you could stay with us forever, but I understand that it is not possible in this present life. We love you, but Christ loves you more. Rest oo, Grandma. Till we meet again in heaven.

43. My heart is heavy, and it’s painful that you left us your grandchildren. We know you are resting in the blossom of our Lord and Savior, and we know we will see you someday. We are glad you lived a wonderful life, and you showed us the way to salvation. We will miss you, Mama.

44. My Grandmother led me to Christ, she showed me how to pray, she showed me how to live a victorious life in Christ, and I can boldly say, that having you as my Grandmother is a divine blessing. Though you are gone, the values you instilled in me still remain. I love you so much, Grandma. Rest in peace.

45. Words would fail me to express how grateful I am for the life you lived. You touched every life around you and brought a smile to every face that comes in contact with you. The world will miss you, but I’m glad you have gone back to your maker. Rest on, Grandma. I love you so much.

I Lost My Grandmother Quotes

46. Dear friend, I feel so sad that I lost your Grandma. It’s a very hard pill for me to swallow. I need to be comforted in every way possible. She is so precious to me and the entire family. Goodbye Ma

47. Though she is gone, Granny’s legacy lives on in me, and her grandchildren. I did my best to ensure she did not die but the situation was beyond my control. I miss my Grandmum.

48. I just have to take heart, friend. I have not found losing Grandmother very easy but I just have to let go. I am thankful that she has lived a good life and she is now resting in a better place. All will be well.

49. I will miss my Grandma more than anyone else. The role she played in my life is great and cannot be easily replaced by another person. I will miss her gentle touch and care. I just pray her gentle soul rest in peace.

50. I remember how I always looked forward to seeing my Grandma. The bond between us is so strong and I really loved her. It’s so sad she’s gone. Grandma, may your soul rest in peace.

51. I know it will be very painful for me to spend my holiday without Granny in the picture which is why I wish she could stay longer than she had. Just I hope somebody will be able to do something to ease my pain.

Farewell Message to a Mother Who Passed Away

52. I know Grandma will be happy right now and be proud of the man I have become. Her input and investment in my life are so evident. Although she is no longer with us, the legacy she left behind leaves on.

53. Although she’s gone, we can not deny how great she impacted her world, and how selflessly she lived. It’s time for her to rest from her work, and we should be grateful for a life well spent. I am happy she is in glory.

54. So far I am alive, Grandma is not dead. I’m sure I will carry on her legacy and I know she has done a good job on me. My Mama is surely resting in peace.

55. We will surely meet again someday when we will no longer be separated from our loved ones. Till that time, I will represent her well. All will be well.

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