Beautiful Things To Say When Someone Dies

70 Consoling and Beautiful Things To Say When Someone Dies Suddenly

It can be extremely hard to know the beautiful things to say when someone dies even when you want to say the right thing. That is, something comforting, and helpful, and that doesn’t cause any more upset or hurt. As we all know death is inevitable add to the fact that we all will die one day. The way each individual grieves is different. And what they want, need, and hear most from friends and family will differ too. So what we write and say during their challenging time must fit into the situation at hand.

Words you have to put together don’t have to be anything special, just reach out to the bereaved via a phone call or text message to see how they are. Maybe an email too can do. In one word try to acknowledge their loss and make it known you’re thinking of them. You’d be surprised how much such a small gesture can help. If your friend or loved one lost someone unexpectedly, your words of support can go a long way as well.

If you just want some grief-lifting examples of comforting words, condolences, and sympathy to say when someone dies then the following messages are ideal.

Comforting Words to Say When Someone Dies

1. I know no words can ease your pain or your heartache but please know I’m thinking of you. I will keep praying for you, that you and other members of the family find love and comfort to heal through this difficult time.

2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Sending you healing prayers, comforting hugs, and heartfelt condolences. I’m here to talk if you need me. Please don’t hesitate to call. With deepest sympathy as you remember him.

3. I’m sharing in your sorrow, grief, and sadness as you remember your loved one. I will keep praying for you during this difficult time. Feel free to call me if you need anyone to talk to. My sincere condolences to you and your family for your loss.

4. Words of sympathy seem not to be enough to express my sadness for this terrible great loss. I wish you nothing but comfort and a warm embrace during this challenging period. I miss him too. He was like a brother to me.

5. I know no words can ease your pain but please know I’m thinking of you. Your sister was an angel on earth, she brought so much joy to everyone around her. She’s unique in her dealings and doings. I’m sorry she’s far too soon.

6. I cannot express how my heart ached for you immediately after I heard of the shocking news. I honestly still can’t believe it because we both took chorus in church on Sunday. I wish there was more I could do. All I can say is I’m so sorry for your loss.

7. Wishing you peace and comfort in these difficult days. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be. I just wanted to offer my condolences and let you know I can be there for you if you need me. Don’t brood too much. It is well!

8. I’m so sorry to hear of your brother’s terrible death. The shock is yet to leave my body. It must have been hard to believe that such a genius guy was gone. What a great loss! No matter the time or place we will be there for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers, always. Please accept my deepest regret for your loss.

9. Your mother was such a great inspiration to me. I cherish everything about her so much, spiritually, and physically to career-wise she’s a great influence. I love the push she gave me during my last semester in school and I graduated with distinction. I’m honestly sorry to hear about her passing.

10. No amount of words of condolences can describe how I feel about this tragic passing of your only son. He was too good in his field of work to have gone just like that. This left my heart broken deep inside of me. Please accept my warm hugs and comfort.

Comforting Words of Condolence

11. My heartfelt condolences for your tragic loss. I was incredibly affected when I heard of your loss. Please reach out if you are struggling. I will make sure to be available as soon as I can whenever you need anything. Stay strong, I love you!

12. We were so shocked to hear of the chairman’s passing. He was a man of integrity, excellent and extraordinary everywhere he was. Generations to come will get to see his good deeds. We will do all we can to help you get through this.

13. I never met your brother, but I can tell how wonderful he must have been just by knowing you. We reflect the best parts of our parents thanks to the loving and godly way they raised us. Take comfort in your memories as you grieve. My heart aches for this news.

14. Although I don’t know you well, your sister was one of my closest friends and she spoke of you often. I know she loved you so much and prepared you to handle this tragic loss. It can never be easy because it is too sudden. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

15. Your parents were like my second Dad and mom to me growing up. I’ve always remembered the good times and the lessons they both taught me. You have all my love in this hard time until the siege of this painful exit of your parents is over. Their love remains forever in my heart.

16. I won’t pretend to know how you’re feeling. I’m always here if you want to talk. Feel free to order me around for anything at all I’m standing by. We will get through this together and I’m sharing in your sadness and sorrow.

17. I can’t even fathom how much this hurts. I’m deeply sorry you’re going through this. What a painful damage this has caused the family and society. Trust me your husband was a good man he was loved by young and old. May he rest in peace!

18. This must be devastating for you. I’m so, so sorry. I’m honestly down right now to hear of the death on the news last night. Whatever you need all the bills on me. I love you and I’m here for you. Please be strong!

19. I’m praying for you and your loved ones. May God be with you in this incredibly sad time. Just know this from all of us. We’re praying that you find a way to get through this trying time and be up on your feet again. We’re sincerely sorry for your loss.

20. Take a deep breath, my dear. One day, you’ll find a way through this trial. Of course, no one’s expecting you to feel better any time soon. Your healing from this pain is a gradual process. There’s no timeline for what you’re going through. It is well with you and other members of the family.

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Comforting Quotes When Someone Dies

21. I know it won’t be easy during this hard time but take your time. One day, you’ll find a way through this. May the Lord grant you comfort and turn around this situation in a way that you will not be devastated too much. I Will always pray for you

22. It is my prayer that the Lord heal you from these grievances. No one is expecting you to feel better any time soon. The loss of a grown-up child is so difficult. I hope you find comfort through this hard time. Take as long as you need to process this. It is not easy. Take heart!

23. This is unexpected and it saddens my heart to see you this way. Your kind of person isn’t supposed to experience this kind of tragic death. Take as long as you need. There’s no timeline for what you’re going through. I will keep in touch with you. So sorry for your loss

24. I’m deeply sorry to hear of this unexpected loss. This is so unfair my heart hurts for you. I will miss her. We had such an amazing memory lane that I can’t trade for anything in this life. All my love to you. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

25. To be honest, I know today is a very bad day despite all our efforts to make him walk but he couldn’t, he left us sad and depressed. What an amazing person and what a remarkable life. I feel so lucky that I got to know him. But in all this is a painful exit.

26. What a good and generous man your father was. He was so caring and amazing, he was a father to many. Looking at all he has done for our community is mind-blowing and it will be remembered for good. He will be missed.

27. Your grandmother believed in uplifting everyone in her circle via physical and online businesses. I was one of those people. And I am so honored to have known her. Kindly accept my heartfelt sympathy.

28. Celebrating the life of a good person and mourning their passing with you. It is not easy of course, people of his kind are meant to live long and rule the world a better place. I know you will miss him deeply. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

29. Your daughter touched so many lives for the good. I’m grateful I had the chance to know her as both a colleague and a cherished friend. She was like a sister to me and a great push in the marketing team. I feel so lucky and blessed to have known her. I’m sorry for the loss.

30. Your mother blessed so many people with her faith and kindness. She was another to all. I’m always happy whenever I share my burdens with her. Praying that you’ll find comfort in your memories of her and in the knowledge that others are missing her, too.

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What To Say When Someone Dies Condolences

31. Nobody could tell a funny story like your uncle. Remember at our graduation party the story about the vacuuming incident? My face hurt for a full day after laughing so much. I’ll always cherish those memories of fun times spent with him. Forever in my heart!

32. I know I can’t make your pain and sadness go away, but I want you to know I’m here if you at all need a shoulder to lean on or an ear or anything else you need. Please don’t hesitate to call my attention. I’m deeply heartbroken by your loss.

33. I know this must be a very challenging and demanding time for you all. We are here to share in your sadness, sorrow, and grief. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. If there is anything we can do, don’t hesitate to let us know.

34. This kind of painful exit is very hard to believe, why do good people with golden hearts have to go just like that? I’m deeply sorry your family is experiencing the pain of a loss like this. My heart goes out to each of you.

35. I’m not sure what to say in the face of such a difficult loss. Just want you to know that I care about you, and I share in your sadness. Take your time to heal from this heartache. May the Lord be with you and comfort you through this hard time

36. We never would have felt ready to say goodbye to someone as special as your immediate sister but this timing feels especially tough. Wishing your family comfort and strength for the days and weeks ahead. We’ll be praying for all of you. It is well!

37. I will keep you in my warmest thoughts as you navigate this difficult period. I wish you nothing but hope and healing. When you’re ready. I’m here for You. It’s going to take time to get through the shock of this loss. Just want you to know we’ll be here for you all the way.

38. Your brother was my closest friend. He’s such a darling and loyal friend. He made an incredible impact on me and I will miss him so much. All my thoughts are with you and your family. Accept my honest sympathy.

39. I won’t deny I don’t know how hard your sibling was struggling and how much your family has been through, and I’m so sorry this happened. He will forever be missed. Always in the heart of lives, he impacted. I wish you didn’t have to know this pain. Call me any time, day or night, and I’ll be checking in with you through the days and weeks to come.

40. Dear friend, there are no words for something as heartbreaking as this. I was in shock when I heard about the news. Your family has served this country with integrity, courage, and honor. You have so much to be proud of. I hope that can bring you some comfort in your heartache.

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What To Write When Someone Dies

41. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you find comfort surrounding you and love in the memories you shared with your loved ones. We will continue to root for you till this is over. You and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers. I’m deeply sorry to hear this tragic news.

42. Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your spouse. She was a reliable and remarkable partner and a loving parent. She always put others’ needs and attention before hers. I can’t imagine how hard this might be for you.

43. I’m here for you if you need anything. You have my deepest condolences and my full support. You don’t have to go through this alone. I’m on standby for any urgency this may want to cause you at work. May you find everlasting comfort during this hard time.

44. Words can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. Your loved one was an amazing friend and a hard-working colleague. She is a great influence and cool to associate with. May you find joy around you. Will miss her dearly.

45. May the memories of your loved one give you strength and peace in this time of sorrow. May the memories you shared pour down comfort and peace on you. Trust me you will. never go through this difficult time alone. He will always be in your heart and forever.

46. I honestly don’t know what to say, about this. must be very bad for you. The death of your wife is quite unfortunate for everyone in this vicinity. Please forgive me if my words are not properly used. May he rest in perfect peace, Kindly accept my sincere condolences.

47. Your spouse was an incredible lady, she touched so many lives with her creativity. It is so devastating that she’s no longer available for us to see more of her gallery. She will always be remembered because her skills are everywhere. Our love, support, and prayer will always reach you.

48. My sincere condolences to you and your family during this challenging time. Everything about your mother was exceptional, she’s good at what she does. An amazing and special woman. I will always sing of her praise because she lights my world. She will be dearly missed.

49. No amount of words will do to bring back the loss, nor do we have the best words that can bring you comfort. But we are all sending you our warm hugs, prayers, support, kindness, and every other good thing on earth. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy.

50. This is unpleasant to my hearing, and it’s such painful news to bear. If you ever need to talk, know that I’m always available. I am praying for you as you grieve the loss of your family member. I hope that the lovely memories you both created with your loved ones bring you some comfort and peace at this time.

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What to Say When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

51. I can’t believe he is gone. We still chatted on telegram yesterday afternoon and our conversation doesn’t look like a goodbye chat. Losing him without expectation must have created problems. It is utterly troubling and I am so sorry. You are in my thoughts after such a tragic and unexpected loss.

52. I was so shocked to hear of such a sudden loss on my way back from the office. This must be such a hard time for you and I just wanted to let you know I’m here if you need anything. My most heartfelt condolences to you and other members of the family.

53. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. I’m so shocked I don’t know what to say. No amount of words can make this better but I’m here to talk or listen if you need me or anything don’t hesitate to get in touch. My warm regards.

54. This is unbelievable. I can’t believe or make sense of what has happened. It’s just like a nightmare. To not have your dad around anymore is just heartbreaking. I hope friends and other members of the family are supporting you during this tragic time.

55. I cannot begin to say just how sorry I am for such a great loss. It is so terrible. To lose someone so special in such a time like this feels unfair and unjust. They will be missed greatly. You are in my thoughts and prayers, always.

56. I just heard about your mom and I’m so shocked and saddened. Your mother was a truly special and reserved woman and I cannot believe she is gone. My deepest condolences for your Loss. She will never be forgotten. Forever in my heart!

57. To lose your husband, father, and friend is terrible. The sudden death is beyond heartbreaking. I don’t know what to say other than how sorry I am. Your darling husband will be missed so greatly by all who knew him. My deepest condolences for your loss.

58. The shock of learning that your aunt had passed so unexpectedly still hasn’t left me. She was one of the brightest, most beautiful, and most generous people I knew. You have my most heartfelt condolences for this sudden and terrible loss. She will be missed so much.

59. I will miss your wife like crazy and cannot truly believe she is gone. I’m so saddened by it. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you mourn the terrible loss of your beautiful and elegant wife in such awful circumstances. I wish you strength and love through this time of loss.

60. I can’t speak for the rest. Your father’s death is alarming. I can’t quite believe your dad is gone. He was an incredible person and left behind such a wide hole in so many lives. My deepest sympathy for your loss. It is an awful day and my heart goes out to you.

Quotes When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

61. When I heard from my husband about this incident, we were beyond shocked to learn of the utterly tragic loss of your daughter. We cannot think of what to say or how we can help in this tragic time. We are sending our prayers for you to have the strength to get through this.

62. Your baby boy was a joy and a push to my son back then in their secondary school and hearing his passing is heartbreaking. There are no words that could help but please know you are in our thoughts. We offer our condolences for your terrible loss.

63. There can be no greater pain than losing a father who has been your pillar of support ever since the death of your mother. He was you through college and gave you the best life ever. My heart goes out to you. So sorry for your loss is devastating.

64. I realize I can’t fully understand how you’re feeling at all. Losing a friend is so hard and painful, even more, so when it comes with no warning but please accept my condolences for this terrible and unexpected loss.

65. To lose such a dear brother is heartbreaking. I know how a good brother watches out for their siblings. So to lose them so suddenly must be incredibly tough. You will be in my thoughts as you cope with this tragedy. You have my most sincere sympathy.

66. May you find some comfort and peace in your family as you mourn the loss of a friend. My warm condolences for the loss of your best friend. She was a truly special person and I know she must leave a gaping hole in your heart now they’re gone. My prayers and thoughts will be for you.

67. Our family is so sorry for your loss, we came immediately after we heard of the news. I can’t believe this is happening but we will get through it together. The world lost an amazing person, a great influencer far too soon. I hope you can have peace.

68. We can never prepare for a loss like this. I’m so sorry to hear this, my heart breaks for you. Your spouse is someone that death shouldn’t have hijacked in such a time like this. This must be so difficult for you. I am sorry for your sudden loss. You are loved and you are not alone in this.

69. I wish I had the right words to say to help you feel better. Just know that I am here if you need to talk or if you need anything. We all loved twin brothers. He was always so generous to everyone and kindhearted. You are a strong person. We will get through this together.

70. It must be difficult to find the energy and vibe or the time to do normal things right now. Your wife is gone but not forgotten. I will always remember how she helped me with my tuition fee thinking about it twice when I ran to her. She was amazing and lived on through us.

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