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80 Best Friends Mom Passed Away Messages and Quotes

Healing from a loss can take a great amount of time, especially if you have a deep connection with who is no more. Trying to think of the perfect words to help you through this period of grief is a struggle but standing by your side and just holding hands and following through an act of kindness can be comforting. To further comfort your friend, these friends mom passed away messages will be of help.

Using words to describe how your mother was to us your friends may sound so undeserving because she was all and more and we cannot imagine, replace, or fill the void you feel right now but give our support to you and hope that as you read through you find comfort.

I am aware that your friend must have lost his/her mother and that’s why you are here to look for comforting words. Take a few moments to go through these messages and remember that she is forever in our hearts.

Friend Mother Died Messages

1. Friend, Indeed, you do not go around looking gloomy at all times while grieving but the feeling of loss is always there and never leaves and I send you my condolences.

2. There are simply no words to convey how terrible this is but I am sending you all the good vibes I can and letting you know that you can lean on me, I am willing to be a shoulder you can cry on. I will walk through this season with you, accept my support.

3. I am sending you my warm thoughts on these chilly and lonely nights. Whenever you are ready I am here for you to talk to and pray that you find comfort and joy again.

4. I want you to know that while grieving for the loss of your beloved mother, whatever you are feeling right now is normal, there is no right way to feel. Sorry about the lost.

5. I want you to know that I love you and the feelings of numbness, guilt, pain, anger, or tiredness are quite normal for the loss of a mother. I feel so sad that you are going through these and wish you well moving forward.

6. I don’t know how to, but I want to be close and there for you. In this grieving time please know that I am thinking and praying for you. If there is anything more that I can do please let me know instantly.

7. You know that I do not sleep until very late into the night so if you need someone to talk to between these quiet and lonely hours of the night, my line is always open for you.

8. Dear friend, be aware that you are not alone. I am so sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you and hope that there is sunshine in your life very soon.

9. My heart is breaking for you and hate that you are going through this. Your mother was a great inspiration to you and I understand how you feel. I am so sorry you are going through this.

10. I need you to know that the Lord gives strength to his people and blesses his people with peace. So I pray that during this time of grief, you find the strength to carry on and peace too.

Loss Of Mother Quotes For A Friend

11. Dear Friend, we know the loss of a mother is quite inexpressible and painful, the feeling can’t be explained and it will last forever. But her memories remain cherished forever. Sorry about the loss of your mother.

12. Losing a loved one like your mom is bad news one can never completely get over. We are aware your mother held a special place in your heart. The good news is she remains in your heart forever. Sorry about the untold pain.

13. Losing a mother is like having a broken leg that doesn’t heal perfectly. The void the death of your mother leaves cannot be easily filled but I pray that you find comfort. Take heart, dear friend. Accept my condolences.

14. Since your mother is no longer here, you miss her, there is a hole in the world that feels so blank that you find yourself pacing around during the day and sinking in at night. This is a terrible experience I do not wish on anyone. Please stay strong and do not forget that I am here if you need someone to talk to.

15. Learning to live around the gaping hole in the absence of a loved one like your mom, only to realize you never really stopped missing her and you won’t stop. Although grief lasts for a long time I am sending my love and support to you during this hard time my friend.

16. Mother, even in her absence, remains a happiness to your whole being and a never-ending song to your heart of comfort. The tune will never be forgotten even if the words start to fade. Her memories will continue to stay strong in our hearts.

17. The absence of your mother has indeed gone through you like a thread goes through a needle and all you do is stitch with its color. I am always here for you and I am sending you my deepest sympathy.

18. No matter the distance between these loved ones, a mother and daughter should never have to live apart. Losing her has torn you apart greatly. I can feel your pain and I am here to help share the weight of your loss.

19. We know you miss her every day, but do not forget that she will forever remain in your heart, and all her hugs last long even after she is gone. My heartfelt condolences for your loss dear friend.

20. Mere words seem inappropriate in expressing grief and sorrow for a loss so great. I am sending my warm embrace and love during this sad time. I love you, dear friend.

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Friend Mother Passed Away Quotes

21. You never really lose a mother, because she polishes the sun by day and lights up the stars at night, keeping the moonbeams shiny at night. She keeps a house up in the sky and waits in the heavenly home to welcome those she loves. I wish you sincere peace and comfort in these difficult days.

22. When you say” I miss you Mom”, you never really know the true meaning until you reach out beside you to feel her and she is no longer there. Even when you can’t see her, the stars still shine and I want you to be rest assured that she is always with you and you are not alone. God shall comfort you.

23. The beginning of all stories are queer, intriguing, or sometimes trivial and some are taken down in journals or pictures up on the walls but behind every of your story is your mother’s because that is where yours began. So she can never be forgotten. May her gentle soul sleep well.

24. Looking at your mother, you feel the purest love that you can ever know and feel, but even in her absence you love and miss her every day. I am so sad about your loss and I want you to know I am thinking of you always.

25. When a mother is no more, you experience two kinds of grief. The first one is loss, and the second is the remaking of life. Right now and in the days ahead, I am sharing in your sorrows. Accept my sympathy.

26. Remember that your mother is one whom you loved deeply and she is a part of you. You have once enjoyed her deeply and this feeling you can never lose. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

27. Mother, there are no goodbyes with her. Wherever she is your heart will always be. She has left you with beautiful memories and her love will forever remain your guide. Don’t be sad because I am sending thoughts and comforts with all my love.

28. Losing a mom is an unexplainable feeling, but even though you cannot see her she is by your side and her memories forever remain in your broken heart. No words for such a sad time. Receive my condolences.

29. With the loss of a mother, the deepest of sorrows is felt and difficult to pull out from but remember that a mother’s love is always with her children and it never dies. Stay strong dear one.

30. The wisdom, goodness, and caring heart of a mother live on like a legacy that can never be forgotten. Her love surrounds you with peace even in her absence. I am sending you my strength during this hard time.

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Loss Of A Mother Quotes For A Friend

31. When you think of everything you have become you cannot seize to acknowledge and say that “all I have become I owe to the angel of a mother” who is no more. I share in your grief, be stronghearted in such a time as this.

32. With the loss of a mother, you get grief and love conjoined but all you can do now is emulate her daring spirit and joy. Love the world, and let her love remain in your heart forever.

33. The loss of a mother is greatly felt and inescapable because her absence spreads over everything like the sky spreads over all things. Accept my deepest condolences dear one.

34. By now you should have known so much about loss after the loss of a mom, only to realize that you miss her greatly and you never really stop missing her. I am here to support you and let you know there is a shoulder for you to lean on.

35. Perhaps when you look up to the sky at night, you do not see stars but openings where your lost loved ones shine down on you to assure you that they are happy.

36. When a mother you love is gone and it feels like she’s been stolen from you, one way to have her live on in your heart is to never stop loving them. Keeping loving on, your mum sleeps well.

37. The love of a mother who is no more never leaves, it leaves incredible prints in our memories and we find that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.

38. You should know for certain that the one you love you never lose, even in death. For they continue to participate in every action, thought, and decision we make. Your mother may be truly gone but her abstract presence remains with you.

39. A powerful love like that of a mother leaves its mark. To have felt such kind of love deeply even though she is no more with us will give a sense of protection forever

40. You know that only one person is missing but sometimes it feels like the world is depopulated. This grief can be a burden to you but also an anchor that will hold you in place. Sending my love and sympathy to you.

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What To Say To Someone Who Lost Their Mother

41. Dear Friend, right now I am struggling to find the right words to say to you concerning your loss but I want you to know that I deeply care about you. May God comfort your family.

42. Nothing I do right now can pacify you but please kindly accept my sincerest condolences for your loss. Know that I share in your pain and I will always be identified.

43. Losing a mother is like losing your origin and the definition of your story but I want you to know that I am here with you even in this difficult time. Never feel alone, I will always be here for you.

44. Your mother was indeed a loving, caring, and strong-willed woman. She has left a profound mark on our lives and we all love her dearly. Take heart, dear friend, we all missed your mother.

45. I want you to stay strong and never for once feel that you are alone because we are all here to support you in her absence because your mother was a great woman to us all. Her life was well spent.

46. I will be staying beside you if you need someone to talk to and help you through this grief. I know that what you feel now is completely normal but I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through.

47. I know your love for your mom was so great and unmatched and that is why this loss has hit you this hard, but I want you to know that I love her too and will miss her so much.

48. Your mother may no longer be with us but I see many of her great traits and good qualities in you, and for this alone, she will be remembered forever. Kindly accept my condolences!

49. I understand that this is a very difficult time for you but I want to assure you that I am here for you and I wish you comfort throughout this period. Take heart, all shall be well.

50. Throughout this time of grief, I am extending my warmest energy and positive thoughts to you. I praying for you and your loved ones to experience peace and comfort too.

Message To A Friend Who Lost Her Mother

51. Dear Friend, I am certain that if your mother were here right now she would be so proud of who you are, what you are doing, and how you are handling this. Even though she is gone, my joy is that you are representing her well.

52. Your mother is no longer with us but she has certainly made a marvelous impact on us all and I assure you that there is a piece of her in all of us that she will always be remembered by. May her memory remain blessed.

53. Your mother was so caring and my favorite memory of her was when she helped me through my drinking habit. She has left a great impact on us all and she will remain in our hearts forever. Take your comfort in her good works.

54. I want you to know that I am here to support you through this time of grief and I will begin with doing all the house chores to ease the burden and make sure you do not feel alone. I will ensure you are never alone, take hearts.

55. Your mother was a great woman and even though I know your relationship with her was strained, I believe she loved you dearly and wished that you would not remain sad for long. Be stronghearted!

56. Unfortunately, your mother has passed. I am so sorry and I want you to know that she, you, and the rest of your family are in my heart.

57. Your mom was an amazing mother I learned a lot about being a woman from her. I am extending my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I love you all!

58. This is so awful I’m sorry. But whenever you feel up to it, do you mind visiting your mother’s favorite spot because this might help you feel better? I and others will fill the space mummy left behind.

59. Your mother was very accommodating and someone everyone wanted to be associated with. I want you to know that I am here for you with anything that you need because you are not alone.

60. I want you to know that your mother was a strong woman even till the end and she loves you and your siblings dearly, Do not ever doubt that. My love is with your family, God will comfort you all.

Heart Touching Quotes For Dead Mother

61. Anytime I think of my mother I remember her prayers that have remained with me and clung to me all through my life over the years even as she is passed. May her good works be rewarded in eternity. Amen.

62. To my mother who is no more, I believe that all we have enjoyed so well in the past we can never lose and all that we loved so much has eventually become a part of us forever. Your memory remains blessed.

63. The love I have received from Mom is so great and it has left an imprint on my life even though she is no longer with us I am sure she still protects us. I enjoy you being my mother.

64. From my childhood, till the present, I have carried all your memories Mom and they are engraved in my heart. They might not be profound then, but now I know I can never forget them even till my old age.

65. The void we feel from losing a mother is quite a wound that never really heals, it is permanent and inexpressible. But I am sure that those we sincerely love never really leave us.

66. Mothers always hold the hands of their children for a little while but never leave their hearts even in their absence. She will forever remain in our hearts.

67. We know that you are in heaven now and believe that you are always guiding us and looking after us from up there. Thank you, Mom, for your love and investment in us.

68. If I was asked that one person I missed the most every single day, it would be your mom. I hope you are happy right there in heaven. Your memory is blessed here on earth.

69. Each year the world changes and our lives and the seasons too but the love and memory of you Mom in our hearts shall never leave forever. I love you and I hope to see you again.

70. It so so comforting to know that those we love and lose in the end are connected by heartstrings into infinity. We will always love you, Mom, and ensure that your memory remains blessed.

Best Friends Mom Died Quotes

71. My great friend with a great mother, I feel your pains greatly. Your mom was a great soul and a great soul never really dies but brings everyone together again and again, because a great soul serves everyone all the time. May your great mother enjoy an eternl rest!

72. I honestly struggle to find the right words to comfort you and your family right now but all I can say is, “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. God himself shall comfort you.

73. You know these times may be very difficult to pass through but someday you will certainly remember how lucky you were to have had all of your mom’s love. She was indeed a great mother, her memory is blessed.

74. Anytime you miss your Mom, I urge you to remember those great times with her and how fortunate you are to have had her in your life and cherish those moments forever. Let her great life be a source of consolation for you.

75. I know sometimes you miss her so much and wish she would come back and be here but she never really left because she remains in your heart and will never leave forever. While you feel the void, accept my condolences.

76. Death is only really understood after it has touched one of our loved ones. Your mom is the best of memories that will remain in our hearts because she was truly loved by all. God shall strengthen your family.

77. The tears shed for the loss of your Mom are not signs of weakness but signs of purest heart and how much you deeply loved her. I send you all my love in this time of sadness.

78. Grief is likened to an ocean that comes in waves, flowing, sometimes calm and sometimes overwhelming but all you can do is learn to swim. I hope that the support of loved ones brings you comfort and peace during this sad time.

79. The ones we love will never leave us because they are unable to die in our hearts and the love we feel for them is immortal. God shall fill the space left behind by your mother.

80. The memories of your mother should never leave your heart but be a never-ending song of happiness and comfort that even when the words are forgotten the tune forever remains in your hearts. I strongly desire that God will comfort you family.

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