Tribute To A Godly Woman Who Passed Away

60 Samples of Funeral Tribute To A Godly Woman Who Passed Away

To all beautiful, Godly, and hard-working mothers who are far too soon deserve a great and heart-warming tribute. The loss of a mother is one of the most grievous experiences anybody can go through, regardless of who she was, a biological mother, or someone who filled that role. That’s why, when we pay them tribute, we must do it in a memorable, respectful, loving, adoring, and beautiful way. To offer a unique tribute to a godly woman who passed away proves that we are paying homage to the most highly regarded person in our lives.

Your tribute can be about anything that matters. Writing a tribute to a mother who passed away is a painful task. The loss itself creates a heavyweight in your heart that seems unbearable, yet the act of remembering her results in complete joy.

They are beautiful and heartfelt words that can help you to express your emotions and to offer genuine comfort to those who are grieving and going through a hard time. Don’t be afraid to show your sorrow and sad mood by sending one of these messages to someone who has passed away. We hope this list helps you to lighten your load to extract and create a beautiful tribute message.

How To Write A Christian Tribute

1. I always appreciate and thank God for your life when I pray for you. The doctrine you left behind is still alive and active. The people in church won’t stop celebrating your selfless effort and support to the youth and the teenagers. You are a mother like Naomi. We will never forsake your love, teaching, and effort in our lives. Thank you!

2. I keep hearing your trust in the lord Jesus and how devoted you are to the things above. Most especially your love for God’s people. Heaven rejoice over your life for the lost souls you brought back on track, you are indeed a faithful servant of God. Continue the good work until your last breath. We will keep praying for you as well.

3. Myself and others have gained so much happiness, joy, and comfort, from your love. There’s no other way as sweet and beautiful like the path you have shown us. You make serving and preaching the gospel a lifestyle to us. If I’m opportune to come to this work again I will choose you over and over as my mother.

4. I know we will all remember her even though she’s no longer with us. We can see her impact on the lives of many around us at home, in churches, and even down in orphanage homes. Let’s make sure she’s never forgotten. Let’s gather and continue to embrace her good works, husband, children, and other members of the family she left behind.

5. Good evening everyone, thank you all for joining me to celebrate the life of my friend’s mother. All of us here know how humble and devoted she is to everyone in her circle. They said the first impression lasted longer, the very first time I met her I felt loved. She was the first to tell me about Jesus and some stories in the Bible plus the miracles God did and through his servant. If I keep on talking I won’t leave here. I will miss her so much.

6. I would love to dedicate my first record to this concert as a tribute to my godmother who by the grace and mercy of God I am who and where I am today. Without these accolades to her, my success story is incomplete. She prays and fasts with me every Friday. She checks up on me back to back. She’s more than a mother to me. I deeply appreciate all that you do for me.

7. Even with my few speeches as a tribute to your mother many will still not understand the wonderful being that you are. You are God-sent to me and my family. Last year when the devil was trying to tear my family apart, you showed up in prayers, and you interceded till the siege was over. I will never forget the kind of faith you portray as a Christian.

8. Today and all the time I will continue to appreciate you for your tremendous love, support in cash, prayers, and kindness. It gives me the chance and a lot of reasons to acknowledge the essence of a beautiful life well lived. I cherish the memories we had and spiritual exercises. I would love to do more for thrust with you. I’m grateful to have known you. Thank you so much ma.

9. I can never forget my first memory with you which was when black and white TV just arrived, you were the first to buy it in our neighborhood for the sake of the gospel. You help us to grow spiritually by watching and listening to virtual sermons and movies including music as well and as the world advances we upgrade watching them on the internet. I pray that the spirit of God will not depart from you. We love you.

10. I would like to appreciate everyone present for this beautiful occasion, it’s a beautiful one to remember all the memories we shared or had while she was still with us. One of the first things I would like to commend about her is how she manages to preach to people despite her health status. She adores and respects her fellow creatures just as God loves us. I’m very certain that heaven rejoices as we speak to have received a beautiful soul like you.


Christian Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

11. We would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our lovely mother for her constant service and overwhelming commitment to our organization. Her dedication and zeal for humanity and the sport in general inspired so many of us home and abroad and we are all better for having known her. Sleep well!

12. I and my wonderful team would like to take a minute of silence to honor the mother of many generations for her amazing work for this organization. She has put in a lot of effort over the years to make the organization level up and stand out. She would be remembered and dearly missed.

13. We are all assembled here in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to celebrate the life of our lovely mother. Who has left the world a beautiful place? I’m envious of your kind of life mama. You are devoted, prayerful, kind, generous, and beautiful even down to your last breath. Rest in the Lord, Mama.

14. Even as death knocks on the door of your life you are still singing praises to your maker. You never panic, you don’t blink a wink while you see death coming. I thank God for the time I was able to spend with it worthwhile. You are truly godsent. I love you always. Goodbye mother.

15. I would like to pay my homage to the mother of all mothers who gave me life and hope that I can still make it. She impacted and inspired me in diverse ways I could ever think of. I join the host of heaven to celebrate your ascension to heaven. You will always be loved and remembered.

16. To the superhero of our time we hail you. Thank you for your distinct services to humanity and this nation. You are spectacular in your doings and extraordinary in your dealings. Your selfless effort toward this community will forever be cherished.

17. It saddened my heart when I learned about the loss of your deaconess. She was vibrant and incredible. She never looks down on both old and young. My heart goes out to her family and friends that she left behind. You have my thoughts, prayers, and care till you feel better. Accept my condolences!

18. On behalf of myself and the good women in the chuck we would all like to pay our tribute to our lovely who left us and her absence is so much felt. We will never forget every word and spiritual exercise she taught. She’s one in a million and we will always cherish every bit of her hand work.

19. I want to take a little time to reflect on all she has done for me and my family. She was our strong support when things were tough and difficult for my parents. She stood up for us financially and in place of prayers. May her humble soul rest in perfect peace.

20. Every time I wake up I’m always grateful for the life that I live and the legacies you left behind. You were loving, amazing, and compassionately endowed. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life and I honor God’s presence that surrounds you. I’m thankful for the time we spent and the memories we created. Sleep well!

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Tribute To Godly Mothers

21. As we gathered to rest my beautiful mother in the bosom of the lord, I pray all your sins are forgiven and you find eternal rest. Rest from the pains of this world and be free from the troubles of this life. Your home is glorious. Rest till we meet on that glorious morning.

22. You were a self-made woman who stood like a pillar for us, your children, your family, and your friends. Through the bliss of marriage, you only enjoyed it for Ten years and lost the man of your dreams. You dedicated your life to nurturing us and seeing us grow in a godly way.

23. Our lovely time together will always be cherished in our memories. It is impossible to erase the memories we have made. The counsel, support, and kindness you offered. Of all the ladies, you were a mother. Mama, you will be greatly missed. Keep sleeping in complete tranquility.

24. The lovely time we had together will always be in our memories. Our shared memories won’t ever be lost. Your wise counsel, inspiring words, and kindness. Among women, you were a mother. We shall miss you, Mama. Go on and relax in complete tranquility.

25. Dear Mom, they say that things change with time. You were once youthful, attractive, lively, engaged in life, and nimble when it came to the things of God. There were other moments when you could leave anytime you pleased. However, now that it’s over, you’re summoned to glory.

26. The lovely time we had together will always be in our memories. Our shared memories won’t ever be lost. Your wise counsel, inspiring words, and kindness. Among women, you were a mother. We shall miss you, Mama. Go on and relax in complete tranquility.

27. Dear Mom, they say that things change with time. You were once youthful, attractive, lively, engaged in life, and nimble when it came to the things of God. There were other moments when you could leave anytime you pleased. However, now that it’s over, you’re summoned to glory.

28. Dear Mom, it’s been claimed that things alter with time. You have been youthful, attractive, lively, engaged, and nimble in the ways of God at different points in time. You may go out anytime you want to at other times as well. You are now summoned to glory, nevertheless, for it is completed.

29. Observing you lying motionless breaks my heart. To demonstrate more of God’s love and share the good news with others, we all believed you could remain a little bit longer. Who are we to doubt God, though? Rest peacefully and celebrate with all the angels present. Mama, goodbye!

30. There are not enough words to describe how special you are to me. You gave me life, taught me, nurtured me, cooked for me, kissed me most especially held my hand so tight on the road to success. Mother, I will never forget your unconditional love. Always in my heart, till we meet again.

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Funeral Tribute To A Woman Of God

31. You may not be with us physically but I know your spirit is with us, you may be gone from our sight, but you are not away from our hearts. We will always remember you every time the clock ticks.

32. What a great loss of a loving mother, we could only rejoice because legacies and guidance are alive with us. You care for anyone that comes your way like their mother. You are extraordinary in your dealings and doings. You live your life on earth the best way you can. Sleep well, mama.

33. It saddens our hearts that you are no longer here with us, but your memories will forever be cherished. Now that you are out of sight of men and their troubles. You have fought a good fight and you are now at rest in the Lord’s bosom. I’m so sure the host of heavens is happy and ready to receive you.

34. I so much appreciate the fact that you were born and brought up in the way of the lord and you never digress since your juvenile age till you took your last breath. Your kind of devotion draws many to Christ, you have lived a good life and I’m happy you are called to glory. Adieu Mama!

35. You not only led us to Christ but you told us there’s no other way except Jesus. We will also follow Him just as you have led by example till our last day on earth. We will make you proud now that you are no more with us. We will miss you.

36. Your act of giving and sacrifice to God and men of what I cherish the most. I blessed the name of God who orchestrates our path. I wouldn’t have known the mysteries and blessings that come with giving. I will never forget you. You changed my world.

37. When it comes to trusting God you are nothing but a woman of faith, your consistency is what baffles me a lot. I’m a living testimony of your relationship with God. Thank you for your constant prayer and advice, I will not throw away all you taught me. You will always be in my heart.

38. I’m so glad I met you, you are a caring and loving mother anyone could ask for. You nurture and water us with the word of God, Every day is like bible studies and we are aware of God’s word. You gave us the courage to stand for what we believe anywhere we find ourselves. Thank you for your love and discipline. Forever in our hearts!

39. I have never seen a woman who is full of grace and generosity. You appear to everyone with a cheerful and happy face, no one runs to you for help you won’t bless. You are a great woman of influence and a carrier of God’s presence. We love you but God loves you the most. Rest on our mother of faith.

40. You may have gone on earth but never from our hearts. Your legacies and impact are still very much alive. Your good works will continue to speak for you here on Earth even as you go to rest with the Father. We are honored to have known you. Rest well in God’s bosom.

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Sample Of Tribute To A Woman Of God

41. You are an amazing mother, I want to appreciate you for always pushing me to succeed, you have my back whenever I lose signals. You prove to me that there are better women of Go out there. You are indeed a light to this generation. I love you!

42. A woman with a great sense of humor deserves unique accolades. I see and hear you in everything I do. My world changed because of your impact. Here I am today affecting lives spiritually and career-wise. If am opportune to come to this world again I will always choose you as my mentor. A warrior on heels I celebrate you.

43. Your love and influence will always be with us, even when we can’t hear your voice or feel your hug. We will not disregard your fellowship or biblical instruction. We are incredibly grateful to have had you in our lives; you were an incredible mother. Though we are very saddened by your absence, we find solace in the knowledge that you are now reunited with loved ones who have departed before you. Mom, you are always loved.

44. A magnificent lady of God whose acts of righteousness, love, and faith will always be a source of strength for all saints and a model of Christthood that will draw and lead more people to the kingdom of God. She inspired many to love God, to

45. A holy lady of God, whose life was an unveiled example of faith, hope, and compassion; she labored with other women of faith for years, sacrificing everything humbly and unselfishly. A lady who embodies Proverbs 31. You have raised many sheep and never let one of them go astray. We miss and love you, rest well!

46. Even though you’re no longer among us, you remain in our hearts. since you will always be in our memories. even if you are no longer present. You completed the race that God had for you. You did a great job defending your religion. Now that you have followed in every man’s footsteps. We regret your departure from us.

47. What we hear, who we mingle with, and who we look up to a times determines how far we go in life. I will always give a tribute to this wonderful woman of God the Lord has placed over my life for the tremendous change she instilled in me. My life would have been a mess if u haven’t run to you. I appreciate you for accepting me and my flaws.

48. How I wish the Lord will never take away women of God like you. You mean so much to many of us and it’s so hard to take that you are no more with us. But we will definitely live through your teachings, your motherly love, and advice we will not throw away. I rejoice because heaven is receiving a woman with a golden heart.

49. Christ is the only path that You reveal or guide us through. You advised us to follow Jesus Christ since, until the end of our days on earth, He is the sole source of truth, life, and direction. now that you’ve left this place. God is assisting us in carrying it out. Get plenty of rest. Best father ever, rest in peace.

50. You demonstrated that discipline and love can coexist as a mother like no other. Although your corrections and affection were harsh, they were also accurate. Even when our father passed away, you never feared or turned to anyone but God. You never wavered from your convictions even in situations where others attempt to economize. Lean on your maker’s arm.

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Tribute To A Woman Who Passed Away

51. To a great woman in my flat with a golden here who makes everyone happy with whatever will cost her. She taught me the importance of hard work. Your support and guidance have reshaped me into the person I am today, and I’m deeply grateful for all that you have done for me. I miss you deeply, Mama. Thank you! Rest in peace.

52. You were the most loving mother anyone could ask for. You always put our needs before your own, and we are forever appreciative of your unconditional love and support. We miss you so dearly, but your memories shall go with us and we shall strive to live our lives in a way that would make you proud up there.

53. Your standby support to our family is like no other, a beacon of strength always there for us with a warm embrace and always ready to listen. You were a true and sincere public figure to us all. We miss you deeply, but we are certain you are now at peace and away from suffering. We love you always, Dear sister!

54. Big brother, You will always be in our hearts. I want to appreciate the love and wisdom that have been constantly present in our lives. Our heart is so full of joy and we are so grateful for all that you do. You will never be forgotten, and we will always cherish the memories we have with you. Rest in peace!

55. What an amazing woman you are, you were an angel. Although this sudden death hijacks you, the heartache hasn’t left me. I’m now balanced because you were in my life. Thank you for a life well lived as a role model, an icon, a superstar, and a heroine. We love you to the moon. Rest on!

56. I’m glad and there’s a melody in my heart to write this tribute to you, a great woman who is the epitome of love, support, kindness, and generosity. You have to depart this world after your battle with kidney failure. May your legacy live on.

57. A beautiful woman with a golden heart, till you took your last breath, you never departed from your family. You welcome both the young and the old with a warm hug, your hospitality is like no other. Many speak of your good deeds. Forever in our hearts!

58. Farewell to the woman as strong as a lioness, your capacity and ability to do things are top-notch. The fact that you don’t give up on people who are ready to succeed is what makes you extraordinary. Generations to come will hear, see, and talk of you.

59. Every sixth of October is a loving remembrance of a sweet woman. You made life so special and easy for everyone who assembled here. You will be remembered from year to year, you will never be forgotten. For your death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love from all of us.

60. Whenever I look back to recap where and how I started my business I am always grateful to have known you. Thank you for your teaching that makes me wise every day, your pure love that helps me through each day, and for the memories we created that will never fade away. I always celebrate your life.

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