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70 Comforting and Thoughtful Words For Loss of Mother to a Friend or Colleague

It is always an extremely devastating situation for someone who just experienced the loss of a mother, either your close relation, acquaintance, friend, colleague, or boss, and such persons need the encouragement of people around them that will keep them going in such life hurdles without feeling lonely. Therefore, if your search lately has been on Comforting thoughtful words for loss of mother, seek no more, for you’re at the place of solution.

The first set of people everyone grew to see always readily available around them since childhood is their parents, leading life for them and making essential decisions until they come of age. And when that guardian angel(s) is(are) no longer here, they feel the greatest vacuum and a deep sense of aloneness, one that is deep enough to think there are no other people that care about them in the whole world.

In situations like that, one of the ways to bring this set of people out of those terrible experiences is to express our love and sincere condolences to them from a loving, affectionate, and caring heart and that is exactly what you’re getting here.

This article is your best go-to for Comforting Words For Someone Who Lost A Mother, to express your heartfelt sympathy and consolation.

Let’s dive in together!

Words For Someone Who Lost Their Mother

1. In this difficult time for your family, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Be encouraged of yet, the beautiful things God has in plan for you.

2. If you need anyone to listen to and comfort you, pray and care for you, or anyone to lean on, please, know that I am always here and ready to help. I remain your friend and I cherish you so much.

3. To lose someone so special to one can seem like the end of the whole world and extremely overwhelming. Receive my love in this arduous time. Take heart!

4. After the whole funeral event and everyone has left, be assured that you remain in our hearts as you mourn your deepest loss.

5. During times of excruciating pain, don’t forget to look back and be joyous for the awesome memories you made together. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother.

6. My prayerful thoughts and love are with you in this time of loss. May God strengthen you and be merciful unto you to accept that your mother has gone to rest forever.

7. We take this time to express our warmest condolences to you and the entire family. You will be a part of our prayers from now on.

8. I felt so sorry for you when I heard about your mother’s demise. Please, try and take solace in the fatherhood and motherhood of God and in the presence of close relations in this trying time.

9. Once mother is one that never leaves, firstly, in her lifetime and then forever in our hearts. Please, be encouraged!

10. I’ve met many mothers on earth, your mother was one of the best. She took other children like hers. I know that her good works will be for you while she’s no longer here physically.

Condolence Message For Friend Mother Death

11. I am so sorry for the death of your mother. I will be much more within your reach than ever before if you need anyone to talk to.

12. Take my warmest condolences on the demise of your mother, a great woman indeed. Be rest assured that I am praying for you this season. I’m here for you just like before.

13. Mother, as I fondly used to call your mum was a great woman and a friend, I couldn’t believe the news of her sudden passing. Remain strong and courageous, dear one.

14. Someone who is dedicated to you will never be forgotten. You’re in my prayers for the remembrance of your mother.

15. I can never forget how your mother cared for her children and their friends so passionately. Let these amazing memories be your comfort and solace.

16. The memories of times I spent with your mother linger on. She was never tired of listening to me and giving me counsel. She will forever be missed.

17. Your mother’s presence always lightened up a gross dark room. I was always delighted about her unselfish and caring nature. She lives on in our hearts!

18. Nobody could cook a better vegetable stew like your mum did. The times I got to know her will always be cherished by me.

19. I couldn’t believe my heart when the news of your mother’s passing reached me. It was difficult to absorb, Please, accept my deepest condolences.

20. Your mother fought so hard for health in the sick bed, but now I believe she’s passed on to rest. Be strengthened by this, dear friend.

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Condolences Messages For Loss Of Mother To A Colleague

21. The news of your mother’s demise was sudden and shocking. I know how you cherished her greatly. I am sorry for your loss, may God comfort the family.

22. I know how difficult and painful this time will be for you. Your mother cherished you and provided your needs. Accept my condolences for your great loss.

23. I can never forget your mother’s peaceful smile and elegant nature with a very kind heart. May you be comforted by the loss of your mother and may you remember God’s love in this unpleasant time.

24. Your mother’s death is a gain to heaven. She came, fought, and conquered, what a beautiful memory for you to hold on to.

25. Your mother is now resting on the bosom of her Lord, away from the painful and sickness-filled life she lived, I hope you find solace in this.

26. I know that you will carry on the sweet and impactful legacy your mother left behind, she was such a great gift to the whole world and will be greatly missed by all.

27. I can remember the story of how the family was reunited by your mother’s impactful living. The family will miss her a lot, I pray that they find joy in the legacy she built in her lifetime.

28. Now, that your beautiful mother has transitioned into an angel, she will keep protecting you, guiding you and caring for your well-being.

29. The joy and happiness that radiated through your mother is incomparable. Darling, please, receive our condolences.

30. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time. God is with you, even to the ends of the earth.

Words Of Encouragement For A Friend Who Lost Her Mother

31. Your mother took us in like her own and catered for almost all our needs like she gave birth to us. I will surely miss her a lot. My heart is with you, dear friend.

32. I can never forget how your mother mentored and befriended me. I was so devastated hearing of her passing, Please, accept my condolences, dear.

33. The fun moments and memories I had with your mother will linger on, she will surely be missed by many of us. Please, stay strong for me.

34. You were a pride to your mother and she loved you so affectionately, I hope these memories make you comforted. Please, let me know how to help you stay through this painful experience. I love you, girlie.

35. Our hearts couldn’t take the news of your deceased mother, neither could our hearts believe it. Please, don’t forget that we are thinking about you and we will always be here for you.

36. To lose your mum means you’re losing a source of joy, a pillar, and a number one support system. May you find God as your all in all in this difficult time.

37. Your mum was such a great relief to the entire family, I pray that you’re granted wisdom to carry on all her good deeds. Amen.

38. Though, she wasn’t my mum, she was such a very important part of many people’s lives, mine not left out. Her smartness and ability to solve difficult life challenges will be missed by all.

39. Your mother had a very quick wit and a steady hand. She was always on the goal to help. Her compassionate spirit will be missed. Be strengthened, dear friend.

40. No one can fill the vacuum in our hearts. Your mother was such a great blessing to me in our university days. May God grant you the strength to hear this deep pain.

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Loss Of Mother Quotes For A Friend

41. With your mum around, there’s never a dull or saddened atmosphere. There will never be another like her in her circle of friends. Her memory lives on eternally in our hearts.

42. Your mother will be greatly missed by all who had the opportunity of meeting her. I wish she could stay longer and eat part of her harvest. You’re strengthened to hear the loss.

43. Your dad was a delightful man full of humorous acts. We were so bittered at his giving up the ghost. Receive our condolences.

44. The lessons you received from your mum, the qualities she built in you, and the way she managed everyone around her are enough for you to carry on in life, Please, be strengthened on your great loss.

45. Your mother was one of a kind in her lifetime, she left an indelible impact on people’s lives. I’m so happy I got to meet her before her demise. Accept my condolences, dear.

46. I can’t forget my first memory of your mother, she had such an appealing smile enough to capture people’s hearts. May her soul rest in peace.

47. I was so dumbfounded at the news of your mother’s death. She was a very pleasant woman and will be missed by everyone.

48. A mother’s impact is very significant and can’t be replaced by any other’s. May you be comforted at this unpleasant season of your life.

49. May you experience your mother’s wisdom in all your endeavors and may all her good works while alive pay off for you now that she’s no more.

50. Your mother was a trustworthy gentle-hearted woman, easygoing but full of giant results, always considering others first. I will miss her.

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Comforting Words For Someone Who Lost A Mother

51. We cherish the memorable and sweet experiences of her presence, calm and mild heart, peaceful countenance, and words full of wisdom. A mother lives on in our hearts.

52. A highly spirited soul answered the heavenly beckoning. In this sorrowful time, understand that your mother’s shining light is there to watch over you.

53. Words can never express our deep agony at the demise of your mother. May you receive strength in your grieving time and comfort from all the beautiful moments you shared.

54. A mother’s love and care can never die. In the core values she gave, the good qualities she built, and in the life of the children she brought up. My prayerful thoughts are with you in this time of great agony.

55. All things work together for the good of us who love the Lord. For us, death is gain. May you find peace like a river and joy that knows no bounds as you mourn the exit of your mother.

56. No matter how deep the wound is, time is a healer, though this might be difficult for you to absorb now. Cast all your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you.

57. Take joy and comfort in the beautiful and lasting memories you shared. Your mother remains in our hearts always and we won’t forget you quickly.

58. I will never pretend to know how you feel right now because I don’t, but, be rest assured that I’m ready to go through this season with you and your relations concerning the passing of your mother.

59. I am deeply sorry about the news of your mother’s sudden passing. Please, don’t feel lonely in this darkest moment. Accept my warm sympathies in your grieving time.

60. We are greatly sorry to hear of your mother’s loss. She had a heart big enough to accommodate everyone’s worries. I believe she’s now resting in the bosom of her Lord.

Free Sympathy Messages For Loss Of Mother

61. May God’s love overshadow your heart, His glory radiating on you and His hands uphold you through this difficult time of the loss of your mother.

62. My heart is saddened to hear of your painful loss. I need you to know that I am here, praying for you that, God will illuminate your heart with His joy in this darkest moment of your mother’s passing.

63. The days ahead may be full of many uncertainties because of your mother’s demise. Trust in God to take the blurriness away. I see God illuminating the remaining days of your life.

64. I can just imagine what you’re going through but God knows it and understands. Please, find solace in Him for He is with you in all your difficult and painful moments.

65. Your mother’s love is enough to be treasured and held in high esteem. When it seems that no one is no longer there again, let this memory be your comfort and abode. Be strengthened!

66. Wishing you tranquillity to bring you consolation, boldness to keep forging ahead, and optimism to remain positive about life. Receive my deepest sympathy for your great loss.

67. Your mother’s goodwill will follow after her, therefore you can never be stranded in life after her passing. Take solace in this truth, God is with you.

68. One’s mother’s love is irreplaceable, one that continues even in their grave. Let the beautiful memories you shared with your mom continue to move you forward in life. Accept my deepest sympathy.

69. I give you my heartfelt sympathy on your loving mother’s death. She was such an angel in human form, I know she will be the best of them in heaven.

70. Your mother was an uncommon and very sweet soul. I feel greatly honored to have met her and much more blessed to be a part of the life of her wonderful seed.

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