Short Opening Remarks for A Program

20 Long and Short Opening Remarks for A Program

The opening remarks of any event is what everybody anticipates and this is because it’s what opens up the major reason for gathering people from far and near for the event or program or any function. The audience can easily be attracted by the first line and introduction of the remark being excellently catchy.

Therefore, it’s so important to be intentional about opening remarks for a program in other to create an interesting first impression. It also has a way of sustaining their attention, excitement, and expectation throughout the program. In this write-up, you will find different samples of short opening remarks for a program. Let’s get started!

1. Good afternoon everyone, I welcome everyone present on this 25th anniversary of our company, respected board members, members of staff, and our well-wishers. A special thanks to the Chief Guest of today (name the person). It’s a blessed thing to have such a man of great influence in the world of business in attendance. Thank you for accepting to share with us your wealth of knowledge, experiences, challenges, failures, and successes on the way to the top that you’re now. Many of us here are highly expectant of what you will share with us that will cause a shift in our present moment as entrepreneurs. So, please, don’t hold back!

When this organization was established 25 years ago, it was not with the sole aim of making money but creating values, solving problems, and giving back to society and this has undoubtedly taken us from zero to becoming a hero. To some of you who are going through some trying times in your businesses now, don’t give up! Tough situations don’t last only strong men do! Trying times faced with the mindset of an overcomer only results in greatness.

Finally, get your writing materials ready because a change is about to come to you! You’re surely living in this place with testimonies of how you also became an overcomer and a business tycoon simply by following the principles of the giants! Keep your expectations high!

Once again, welcome, and thank you for having me take this opening remark.

2. Good afternoon to everyone present here today!

It’s an amazing thing to be addressing all of you this morning as the board leader. One of my major duties is to assemble us any time there’s a need to. It is not unknown to me that our current project is expectedly challenging and tasking especially when we consider all other commitments. I summoned all of you here in other to evaluate the signs of progress that happened since the last meeting we had and then possibly attend to tarrying actions.

Thank you all for always yielding to my calls! It’s a great honor which I do not take for granted. Please, don’t hesitate to bring your heart to the table and give us suggestions that will move individuals forward in their respective departments. Also, your worries can be wrapped in questions that I and other board members are ready to give answers to according to the policies of the company. Thank you!

3. Good morning to all my fellow members of the board. I do not take the privilege to address this afternoon for granted especially on this special occasion. It is not usual that we take time to celebrate the achievement of one of our members. This morning, we will honor the great achievements of a very devoted trustee who has recently reached the highest point of his profession and however changed his status quo forever! Before we commence, join me with a round of applause to welcome my esteemed members.

I believe that at the end of this meeting, we all will learn the importance of hard work, diligence, and personal development as these have been the major principles of greatness that brought our most celebrated colleague of today to this place of honor.

4. Thank you all for attending. As chairman, I would like to begin this meeting by reviewing the minutes from our last session before covering our new agenda. You all know how quickly the new corporate strategy is unfolding. We have a growing list of issues to address, so we should get started.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone in attendance today. As your newly appointed chairman, I think it best to begin this meeting by introducing myself and explaining my background before having each member do the same. Once introductions are complete, we will review the charter and attend to any new business.

Sample Of Opening Remarks

5. I welcome all the teachers and students to this day’s occasion. A special and warm welcome to the chairman of the day for accepting our invitation to address our graduating students on their special day. You’re a perfect image of a mentor, father, and matron to them, which made you very accurate for this purpose.

This is undoubtedly a special and important occasion for our students who have been equipped for six years, and will now be embarking on a new journey into a new world entirely. I am very certain of your anxieties, especially about what exactly the future looks like and how to approach it without falling continuously. Don’t be surprised that all of us here have gone through this stage before and what made many stand out is our approaches to dealing with life challenges. Don’t fit into the norm, face every challenge and challenge them. Don’t ever give in to failures, rather, see them as a learning platform for you. Take your curiosity higher and never stop being inquisitive about life.

6. Good day, ladies and gentlemen. We appreciate your presence in the program. On behalf of the host and other members of staff, I say a very big congratulations for making it down at this time. This annual program had been doing a lot in society, it was established to alleviate poverty and then skillfully empower and establish the poor so they could in return fend for themselves.

Therefore, we have been able to work tirelessly to make sure that every attendee of this program is a beneficiary, by lining up educative but fun-filled events and bringing facilitators from far and near to train as many are interested in learning one skill or the other. So, we need you to be rest assured that the whole program will be worth your time. Just be expectant!

Lastly, make wise decisions to become great with your skill acquisition. Stop living a life of making other people responsible for your welfare. Determine that with this program, you will alleviate poverty in your life and that of your generation. Be optimistic about life and the sky will be your starting point.

7. Good morning everyone, the teachers, the audience, the different schools gathered, the panel of judges, and our amiable participants of this Spelling Drill Competition. I’m here standing in place of the host to welcome you to this great program. We are so honored to have you together in this beautiful hall. A great lineup of activities have been planned out for you. You will have a great time.

Be your best in this competition, give all you can to make your school proud, and come out with flying colors. As you all know we do not give room for mediocrity in this organization, nothing less of excellence, if it is not extraordinary and outstanding, then it’s not us. So, be ready to answer each session carefully as there won’t be any form of cheat in our final judgements.

Apart from the major purpose of our gathering which is the competition, there are a series of interactive sessions and question and answer, intending to know your mind concerning this program, how we can improve better, what we have not been doing well, what are not necessarily needed in the program and so much more. Make sure that you partake excellently and sincerely when it is time.
Thank you!

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Opening Remarks For A Program

8. Our prestigious guests, dearest colleagues, and friends,

Good morning, everybody, I appreciate your presence today. It’s a great honour for me to be hosting this seminar today because the two issues at hand are nothing but one to be given attention to; how we will get more of the commitment of existing members of the association and how to bring in more members that are willing to ride with the vision and mission of the organisation.

This workshop (seminar) is intended as a way for our community (industry) to learn more about these projects, meet current members of the organization, and help us reach out to others who might be interested. This present seminar is aimed at creating more awareness about these projects and this can’t be done with the commitment of few members or with a small number of people available. Therefore, we need to get more hands to be on deck for the great success of this project.

Today’s agenda is as follows: (put the agenda).

9. Good morning, here. I am glad to welcome you all here to today’s conference on homosexuality and the economy. It’s a great thing to see you all out to address this important topic. Thank you so much for everything you have put into this conference to make it a success. Make sure you do not restrict yourself from giving a very comprehensive presentation within your scheduled time.

Our speakers and panelists are seasoned ones who will address diverse occurrences around this interesting but confusing topic. Be on the alert and pay close attention as everything that will be said here will tend to get an answer to the puzzle.

Starting with, permit me to step down for my amiable assistant to give the overview of how homosexuality has or is affecting the economy from our series of important research.
Thank you!

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Sample Opening Remarks For A Meeting

10. I welcome all of you here this morning and I appreciate you all for your efforts on the timely and important topics to be discussed here today. In the space of three months down the lane, the profit margin to the production cost of the company has dropped drastically and you also will testify to the fact that things had not been running well lately.

Nevertheless, we will not give up on finding ways to get things back to normal and this is why we are all gathered here.

I look forward to your presentations and a lasting solution from them. I promise that all principles to alleviate this terrible challenge will be executed the moment we find it workable.

Thank you!

11. Good morning, welcome to the 5th anniversary of this great company. We take this time to appreciate everyone present here. We also celebrate all our well-wishers, you’re so important to us and we thank you for celebrating with us.

I am, Audu and with me this morning is the organizer of this program and the great speaker. To us, this is more than an event of drinks and food! Though it will be fun-filled but yet educating and transforming as we will be introducing and launching a new product and also appreciating Some set of the diligent and productive workers who have proven to be worthy of appreciation over the years through their right attitude towards tasks, sales and executing responsibilities timely and effectively.


Welcome Remarks Or Welcoming Remarks

12. Hi everyone, I’m so grateful to see you here at this seminar organized to discuss two important projects for me and the company. This seminar was organized to enlighten our community about these projects, get acquainted with the current members of the organization, inform people about us, and welcome new members who will be interested in taking part in benefitting society through these projects.

To achieve our aims, all hands are on deck by the project coordinators to make sure everything goes as planned. The community heads have been informed and they are raising awareness on our behalf. All we want from you is your heart of commitment and a very optimistic spirit that we can and we will.

As we continue, the project managers will highlight the responsibilities of each group, please, let us all cooperate with them. After each presentation, there will be room for feedback, and question and answer, don’t hesitate to speak up and ask your questions.

Thanks for having me.

13. Welcome to this great day! It’s a very important day in the life of our principal and the entire school at large. We want to appreciate the presence of all our well-wishers; school management, the staff, colleagues of our dear father, students, old student association, friends, and families.

It’s been thirty-five years of commendable diligence, enviable character, and excellent service with the state government. Sir, now that you’ve done your part and are about to pass it on to another individual, we wish to show our greatest gratitude to you for your passionate act of service. Thank you for giving all of us, the teachers several opportunities to grow and become better in this teaching field, Your many years of strictness, discipline, and wisdom have brought out the gold in us and the uniqueness of this school. You will greatly be missed, sir.

To everyone, we are about to enjoy and also learn from the journey of this great personality. So many activities have been put in place to make sure that we have a swell time of fun and enjoyment with learning. I want everyone to be expectant and attentive to gain several lessons from our principal. Have a blast!

14. Good morning everyone! This is a very special day and an occasion to celebrate the life and career of our dear teacher and friend of many in this great college, a very devoted English teacher and well-informed grammarian.

The great grammarian, as he is fondly called by us, the student and his fellow teachers, has spent 25 years of his lifetime in this college. In these 25 years, his level of impact on us is incomparable not only academically but in other life issues. Together with being a great teacher, he is also worthy of emulation in life matters. He has helped us to understand what success means and doesn’t mean and taught us a lot of ways to live an impactful life.

He was always there when we needed him, and for this, we say a big thank you, sir. He is also a well-informed English Teacher, making us understand the concept of the English language as a subject and a means of communication. His creative ways of teaching are something that will be missed by us all!

Thank you for all your efforts in the Literary and Debating Club, no one could have done it better than you. We dedicate all the awards we’ve won to you because if not for your immense support and contributions, we wouldn’t have made this school proud in such tremendous ways. We will surely miss you in English classes, on the football pitch, and in the hall during L and D meetings! On behalf of everybody, I say a big thanks to you, sir!

As you move on in life, we wish you greater success and achievements. May you experience a peaceful and joyous life ahead! Amen.

Thank you, Sir!

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Welcome Remarks For A Meeting

15. Welcome, all.

I thank you all for your presence today. In case some of us do not know, the essence of this meeting is to share with you our new developments and enlighten us on how the development will lead to the next level. A foundation to be built on has been laid and this will enhance a good way of achieving the purpose of this progress. We are more than willing to share the details and also welcome your ideas for improvement. As important personnel in this organization, your contribution is very important just as other members of the team. Please, feel free to share all you’ve got inside of you as there is enough room for discussions and questions and answers.

Thank you so much for your cooperation always!

16. A warm welcome to the board members. Sometimes, we create a halt to the operations of the company in other to assemble to discuss important issues as the improvement of our products. Today, after so much feedback from our buyers and investors, we felt the need to call this quick important meeting. We believe that we can deliberate on what to do and how to go about them to effect changes as a result of the feedback from our customers.

This company remains loyal to the well-being of the community and our customers, but loyalty remains nothing without proper action which is why we need the cooperative intervention of every one of you. As this meeting continues, each group head will be given maximum opportunities to pitch their possible solutions to all the issues raised concerning our products and after that tasks will be given to each team, please, do well to coordinate your team members well enough for exceedingly excellent result.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Sample Opening Remarks For Virtual Meeting

17. Hi everyone! Thank you for your timely presence online today. There are a few important announcements to say to you as well as a way forward on issues unattended to during the last meeting. Also, there’s a special appearance here with us today that will soon be unfolded in the cause of the meeting.

This special guest came with a load of experience and information to make us all better remote workers. I remember well enough how we’ve discussed wellness at the workplace in the past meetings but it will be better heard and learned from a well-experienced personality. He will be hopping in during the last 35 minutes, meaning that we only have 25 minutes to attend to every other thing as mentioned earlier.

Let me begin right away, to have enough room for questions and answers before the upcoming guest.

18. Crew members! Of late, we haven’t been meeting as scheduled and that’s for a good reason. Permit me to say a very big well done to you guys for the progress you have made so far. You’ve caught up on the backlog and we are ahead of the curve again, these give me so much joy. Now that all these are done, I would like us to kick-start our decision or plans to meet and stay informed in a more unified atmosphere.

Also, this is an opportunity to remain updated on how we all look and see our shining faces. Frankly speaking, our remote workers need these virtual interactions which is an important part of calling meetings like this. Remember to always check our calendars for new items that will keep us all on the same track till the end of the year. Also, don’t forget to always check your emails for any urgent issues to be attended to or improvements made overnight.

19. Good evening to everyone on the video call today. Today is a special kind of meeting, as we have more participants joining us from different locations all over the world. As we commence, let me seize this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has taken the time to line up their schedules this way across the time zones. We are well aware of how challenging it was and what it takes to coordinate this meeting in other to allow important stakeholders to attend.

We promise that the time you’ve created will be worth your while and you will never regret it so much that you will yield to this sane call any other time we make it. Peradventure you know of anyone meant to be here but not at the moment because of one reason or the other, don’t hesitate to share our discussion with them when you can. Feel free to open your meeting deck in your email so that you can follow through perfectly.

Let’s get started!

20. Cybercrew! Let’s gather together! Thumbs up to all the remote team, we see you’re turning in from different locations around the town and all over the world. It’s a very exciting and incredible thing that we can get this done together through the help of technology even if it’s just digitally. Some might have been informed of the various improvements all through some departments.

We are ready to address that topic and welcome all questions and grievances you may have. Also, we will discuss future development in detail as much as possible. Most of what we are here for is still in the incubation process which makes us not have as much information as we should have and will therefore encourage us not to take too much time on the ones we have. We therefore promise to in our very best keep you updated as we move on.

Thank you for always banking on us for good and quality content! See you in your next quest!

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