Tribute To My Late Mother

50 Best Examples of Emotional Tribute To My Late Mother Who Passed On

Mothers are the most precious individuals in the world. They represent knowledge and they have exceptional prowess in every skill and they also have the ability to excel in whatever position they find themselves. No one demonstrates the type of unconditional love that our moms express for us, it can never be compared. We ought to pay them homage to show that they mean the world to us.

A tribute to my late mother entails her values and how she has been towards the family and everyone. The death of a mother already is a weight in our hearts, and having to write an emotional tribute to your late mother can be quite challenging.

We have helped to list our numerous emotional and heartfelt tributes to convey your love and affection for your later mother

Emotional Tribute To My Late Mother

1. I always desired to be like you when I was younger even till when I got older, you were a great inspiration to me and every young person. None can be compared to you in the whole world.

2. My mother was truly an angel sent by God, I have never seen my mother angry or sad for as long as I have known her. She was ever cheerful, she did everything with joy, she had peace within her and her life was meaningful. Keep resting, Mama. We all love you.

3. I don’t know how someone enjoys feeding people, even strangers. My mother was that person who would invite both the poor, the helpless, and the needy to come to her home and then feed them to satisfaction and even accommodate those who were homeless, it got to a point where everyone in the house was frustrated with her goodwill because it became overbearing. You will be greatly missed. Goodbye!

4. I wish we all had realized the good in helping others sooner, now her goodwill is always paving way for us everywhere. Even after her demise her goodwill still speaks for us. I pray that your soul finds peace. love you, mom

5. My mother was a prayer champion and she loved God. There are days when I hear her voice at midnight praying for everyone but herself. She made me understand the importance of prayer, she taught me the Bible in a way even a layman would understand, and she dissected the word of God and made it pleasing to my hearing. I appreciate you Mom for impacting my life. I will always love you. rest in peace.

6. My mom was a sweet and loving mother, she was like a dove, pure and calm. I learned patience, endurance, and humility from my mother. She was humble to a fault, her humility baffled me because she was always respectful to even those that don’t deserve it. I am glad you were the one who brought me to this world. I love you, mama. Continue to sleep on.

7. My mother was a brave and hardworking woman, I knew how to be independent and industrious from her. She alone brought up four kids till adulthood. Her strength was incomparable. She was not just a mother but also a father to us, I will forever be indebted to her. rest on Mom, and may your soul find tranquillity.

Examples Of Tribute To My Mother

8. You are a blessing to me, my siblings, this family, and the world at large. God bestowed upon you the wisdom and knowledge to advise and direct people. My mother was able to proffer solutions to every problem, my father fondly calls her ( professor) There is always going to be a smile on my face when I think about you Mom because you have done so well as a mother. Farewell mama.

9. If I was having a bad time or a dull moment my mother was my go-to person, she would always put a smile on my face no matter how difficult the situation might be. She will always make sure she brightens up your day and lightens your burden. She was just too good. I will miss you, Mom.

10. My mother was a very optimistic person and she trusted people a lot. She always saw the good in everything and everyone. She believed there was a good part even in the most wicked person. Everybody is missing you here!

11. Sometimes my mother would say even the end taste of a bitter leaf is sweet and it’s the same with humans. With this belief of hers, I have also learned to see the good in everything and everyone. Goodbye, great mother.

12. Ever since you died I have cried my eyes out day after day because I know the priceless treasure I just lost. Mom you have left me to face the tribulations of this world alone, you promised to stay with me till the end of it all, but now you are gone forever. I will miss you dearly Mom. I love you so much.

13. My mother loved orderliness, she made sure everything was in order even to the littlest of things. She always made sure everything was properly arranged, I would laugh at how keen she was in putting everything to order, and I greatly miss your uncommon legacy.

14. I am sure you sure she would hate for her burial ceremony to be in a disorderly manner. I love my mother so much and I will miss her dearly. Goodbye to the world mother.

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Tribute To My Mother On Her Death

15. It is hard to accept the reality that you are truly gone forever, I think of you every day and how I could have made our relationship much better, how I could have spent more time with you, and answered each of your calls instead of ignoring them. I miss my great mother.

16. I deeply regret I wasn’t able to take care of you as much as I wanted to. I wish I could be given a little more time to show that I care. I will always love you, Mom, and continue to rest in the Lord’s bosom.

17. I always loved how you treated life, you always say life is vanity and this has helped me to appreciate life more. I loved how you were easygoing and soft-hearted. You spoke your mind and tried to correct all of our wrongdoings. You are the best thing to ever happen to my life. I love you Mom and I will always miss you.

18. There are days I still pick up my phone to call you hoping you will answer or knock at your door hoping you will call out my name( adaeze) like you fondly call me. I miss talking to you and telling you about everything that was happening in my life. It will be extremely tough living without you and I will greatly miss you. I love you, Mom.

19. My heart bleeds whenever I come to the realization that I will never see you again or I will never get to hug you again or hear your voice anymore. I had planned so much for your upcoming birthday not knowing you would not wait to witness that day. I am devastated you are gone but glad you have gone to rest in heaven. I will always miss you, Mom.

20. My mother should be awarded as the most loving human, she loved with every breath in her, not just to her family but to strangers and the needy. This is a trait I have always wanted to emulate. she was always filled with joy whenever she saw everyone around her happy. She was just too caring and loving. I will miss you, everyone will miss you too.

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Best Tribute To My Mother

21. I was always the black sheep of the family, I did so many wrongs, committed grievous offenses, and disrespected both and Dad but you still always accepted me back with open arms, and corrected me in the most loving way. I love you till eternity.

22. I would have been a gangster if not for your caution and constant warning. Thank you so much for all the time you accepted me back and loved me unconditionally. I will forever love you. Continue to rest in the bosom of the lord.

23. Your death hurts me a lot but it hurts more that you will not be here to see me attain the heights you’ve always wished for me to be at, the position you always prayed for me to hold. The whole will forever remember you.

24. I wish every day that your death would be a dream and it never comes to pass. You meant everything to me, Mom. I will strive to be all that you want me to be and make you proud. I love you mama, rest on.

25. Death was brutal and gruesome, who did not think of those your death would hurt, those who would be in pain, and those who would suffer before it took you away. So painful but we have to take heart.

26. We were inseparable but death had to separate us forever. You lived a great life, Mum. Even if your death is heartbreaking and sad, I will still celebrate you because you lived a great life

27. My mother was the epitome of greatness, she was the best at everything and anything she did. She thrived at my business, her career, and being a great mom. Who else will take your place in my life? None!

28. My mum was and still is my motivation and inspiration. Every Time I saw her at an event giving a speech or addressing the crowd I was always proud and happy to call her my mother. I love you, mama, may your soul find perfect peace.

29. Even while you were bedridden and on the verge of death, you still prayed for me, you couldn’t speak properly but you made sure you advised me. I admire your courage and strength even to the point of death.

30. There are only a few mothers who appreciate their children’s effort, Mum, you always appreciated me every time and these are the things I will miss about you Mom. Thanks for being the best mother ever. rest in peace.

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Short Tribute To My Mother

31. There will be no one to shower us with love, care, and affection, we hope to find solace in the good memories we shared. We will miss you mom.

32. Losing a mother is terrible emotionally, you were the support of this family, A strong and vital part, losing you will deeply affect us but we take comfort in the fact that you lived a life worth celebrating.

33. The day you left this world to be in heaven was the most terrible day for me. The pain I had that day was unbearable and overwhelming, I could not not fathom that you were truly gone. thank you for guiding me on the right path. May you find favor with God in your new position. Amen.

34. Dear mother, though you are gone but your legacy will never be forgotten. You have done the unimaginable to the lives of people around you. Thank you for being exceptional.

35. Having to live each day without you has been unbearable, but we will find comfort in knowing that you are in paradise. We miss you, great mother of all time.

36. We talked so much about how you will be over the place at my sister’s wedding. Little did we know that fate will play its part. the occasion would not be as joyous as it should be because you are not here with us anymore. I miss you so much. Rest in perfect peace.

37. You’re the perfect example of a good mother. If all mothers were like you, the world would have been a better place. You were authentic, loving, and genuine. Thank you for being my mother, I will choose you to be my mother every single time.

38. You were the catalyst for my success and my achievements. Death had to take you away right at the moment I am at the peak of my success and you could not even enjoy the fruit of your labour. I pray your soul finds peace love you Mom

39. Mum, your death has caused damage to my life, my perfect life will not be so perfect without you. death has done it worse but you will forever be alive in my heart. I love you, mum

40. My mother was smart and tough. she could withstand any hardship, and her bravery was one of a kind, my mother was a rare gem and she still is. Continue to rest on Mama.

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Emotional Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

41. Death always chooses to take the good ones, the ones who will make the world a better place. She was good to literally everyone, she had a big heart and a loving soul. Everyone around you is missing you. Live on!

42. My mother was a workaholic and she worked extremely hard for the positions she attained while she was alive just because she wanted to make a difference, I commend you for your exceptional effort. I know you are watching us from heaven Mom. rest in peace mama. I love you so much

43. Death thought it had won for taking you away from me. your demise truly has left me sad and devastating but it has also made me stronger to cater and care for my siblings. I will ensure there is no void in our family. Enjoy your rest, ma.

44. The memories I have of you will live forever and I will always cherish those moments. I pray that your soul finds tranquillity. Sleep on mom. My love for you is forever.

45. A woman king, a woman of substance and virtue, she was the best of all. A woman with the strength of 100 men put together, that woman was my mother, she was God sent to the world. Your world is missing you greatly. Keep resting!

46. I appreciate all the good things she has done and how she has influenced my life and those around her. I love you, mom. Continue to rest in perfect tranquillity.

47. You lived a life replica to that of Christ, you never missed your fasting and prayers, my mother would fast for a whole year and she still did all her duties as a mother, a wife, and a public figure. You were many things to different people.

48. You were so committed and dedicated to God that the church was your second home. I pray that all your good works speak for you in heaven. Thank you for instilling the word of God into us. I pray your soul finds peace. I will forever miss you.

49. If I shed tears from now till forever it won’t still be enough to qualify my love for you. I remember days when you will ho hungry for us to eat, when you did all sorts of menial jobs for us to go to school, I can’t appreciate you enough.

50. My love for you knows no bounds and I pray that you find peace. The memories we have of you will continue to blossom in our hearts. I love you, Mom. My love for you is eternal.

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