Goodbye Mom Rest In Peace

60 Farewell and Goodbye Mom Rest In Peace Quotes and Messages

Mothers are the salt of the world, they bring life and also make one’s life meaningful. They are a vital part of our lives, and having to lose them is dreadful. There is a strong bond between a child and its mother and this makes them a second god in our lives. The loss of one’s mother is devastating and the anguish is frequently very great for some people to deal with. The loss of a mother affects the functioning of a family and makes the family feel alone or abandoned.

When you mourn your mother, you find yourself constantly missing her, reminiscing about past events of both the good and the bad memories. Even after the death, you still find it hard to express your sorrows and pain or say your last goodbye mom rest in peace especially if there was a unique connection with the mother before her demise.

I understand how difficult it might be to communicate your sentiments of sorrow and love at the same time. You have helped with detailed messages and sincere texts to best convey your emotions and your last farewell to your late mother.

They are listed below;

Goodbye Mom Rest In Peace Quotes

1. I am sincerely heartbroken that you are no longer with us. your affection and memories will continue to linger in our hearts, may your soul rest in perfect peace, and may your good work follow you.

2. In life, saying goodbyes is really hard but I never did understand this until death stole you away from me, it’s extremely painful knowing that I will never see you again. Rest in peace, Mom.

3. Not only did you preach about love, but you showed it to everyone who crossed your path. You loved wholeheartedly and I am grieved knowing that you are gone forever. Rest in peace, Mama.

4. You are gone forever and you will be greatly missed but you will forever remain alive in our hearts and memories. Rest in peace till we meet again in paradise.

5. I am still in shock about your death, Mom. You are my greatest and closest friend and you were always there whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on. I will always cherish you. Rest in peace, Mama.

6. Everyone wished you were their mother because of your exceptional attributes, you adored your children and everyone around you. Your death is extremely devastating but I will always love you.

7. You were the backbone of the family, you made sure love lives in the family and supported everyone in every aspect of our lives. I appreciate you, Mama. Thank you for everything you do, and may your gentle soul rest in peace.

8. Your death has tremendously affected my life, it has created a hole that no one can ever fill. I will give anything to have you back. I miss you, Mama. May your soul find rest in eternity.

9. I cherish and treasure every moment we spent together, you groomed me to be the best I can be and I am sure you are proud of me right now. I will greatly miss you, Mama, continue to rest in peace.

10. Whenever I was stuck or worried, I always ran to you for comfort and advice, now you are gone. I have no one left but myself, I will miss you, Mom, and rest in perfect peace.

Goodbye Mom Rest In Peace Message

11. We know death is a part of life but it’s always difficult to say goodbyes. It saddens my heart that I am losing someone so dear to me. We grieve your passing and also celebrate your passing because you lived an impactful life. Rest in peace, Mom.

12. I wish I had more time to express my love for you and also say things that were reserved for later. Time truly is not by our side you are gone forever and I didn’t have enough time to love you. I pray that your gentle soul rests in perfect peace.

13. You have an exceptional and unique personality. Your death will not only affect us your children but everyone who knew you, I love you, Mom rest in perfect love of God.

14. Nothing hurts more than having a world without you in it. You were outstanding in your way and lived a life worth celebrating. Goodbye Mom, rest in peace. You will be forever remembered eternally.

15. Every mother wished they could be like you, you exhibited characters and traits that can only be called divine. You will be greatly missed, Mom. We all love you. Rest in peace.

16. You taught us the basic knowledge of living and instilled in us all we need to know about becoming a successful adult. I will miss your words of wisdom and your presence. Continue to find rest in eternity.

17. Our eyes are filled with tears and our hearts are heavy. loosing you has made us appreciate your existence more than ever. we will greatly miss you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

18. Your death has brought everyone closer and this has been your dying wish, it’s sad you are not here to see how everyone is looking out for each other. I pray your soul finds peace. We love you, mum.

19. A mother has a great impact on a child’s life and you fulfilled your duties perfectly, we are not saying farewell forever just farewell for now. Rest in peace mama.

20. During your lifetime you were an example to everyone, and you still are. You selflessly help everyone who needs help. You were a mother to not just me but everyone around. Thank you, mom. Rest in perfect peace.

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In Memory Of Mom Short Quotes

21. My mother was and is still my superhero, I am always amazed at how she managed to take care of the family without the help of anyone, she was the best mom anyone could ever have. Continue to rest in peace.

22. Your unyielding love and support have kept us through it all. You will always be in our hearts, we love you mama, rest in the bosom of God.

23. I still remember those times when you went out of your way to make sure there was food on the table for us to eat, your hard work and effort can never be erased from our memories.

24. To my darling mother, you are gone forever to rest in paradise but your memories will always be in our hearts and minds forever. You have lived well, may your work continue to answer for you.

25. We will miss the sound of your laughter, your voice, the way you were overly protective about us, your delicious meals, and the fun moments we had together every Christmas, continue to rest on Mama.

26. The worst thing that has ever happened to me is your death. No one can ever fill the void you have created in my life, Mom. I pray your soul finds tranquillity.

27. I didn’t know how devastating the death of a mother was until I experienced it, I am in pain because I won’t see your face again but I am glad you spent your life well.

28. Your death still replays in my head now and then and I miss you more than ever Mom. I’m grateful that I had you as a mother, you will always be in my heart.

29. I miss you so much mom, your death is painful but you have gone to be at a better place. The entire family is missing you and we’re wishing you did not have to leave. Rest in peace, Mom.

30. We knew death would come knocking but we never knew it would come so soon. It happened suddenly and there is nothing we can do to reverse it. We will greatly miss you, Mom. We love you so much.

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Short Memorial Quotes For Mom

31. There is an end to our lives on earth, yours has ended but our love for you knows no end Rest on mama. My comfort and confidence is that you are now in a better place with your maker.

32. Even if I go away for a thousand years, I will always come back to your arms. Mom, whenever I am in your arms I am at home, now I don’t have a home anymore. Continue resting, dear mother.

33. I am always baffled by how you know my struggles before I say them to you, and how you understand my troubles even when I don’t say them. I will miss you mother, rest in peace.

34. We tend to love our spouses and family the most but the love we have for our mother is the longest and most precious. I really love my mother but death has taken hold of her. Enjoy your rest, great mother. Mama.

35. The world is already a dreadful place and now I am more confused and scared without you by my side. You have always given me great confidence in life. I love you, Mum.

36. Thinking about you has been my daily habit ever since you left this world. You have inspired me to be the manner of woman I am today. You will forever live in my heart. I love you, mama“

37. I underestimated your prayers in my life. Mother, your prayers have been my backbone and my strength ever since you left. Nothing can replace your importance in my life. Continue to rest on Mama.

38. I am eternally fortunate and blessed you were in my life. You were a part of me that I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world. I miss you so much, Mum. God gives you eternal rest. Amen.

39. I wish that I could simply erase all the fights and quarrels we had. I wish I could take back every anguish, anxiety, and hurt that I ever gave you. I love you too much to let go of you at this time. I miss you.

40. I miss calling out Mom, I miss not being able to get you a perfect gift on Mother’s Day inscribing on it how much I love you. rest on mama

Short In Loving Memory Quotes For Mom

41. Ever since I became an adult I haven’t experienced a sorrowful incident like your death. your death shook me and it has been terrible. I miss you so much, Mom.

42. My mum was all I needed in life. Whenever I needed to cross any bridge, she would stabilize herself long enough for me to sprint across securely. A mother like you cannot be easily replaced, continue resting.

43. If I had known that death would take the one I love the most, I would have pretended to love you less. Such a heartbreaking event here. I miss you so much, Mom. Your life was a blessing and I will surely miss your impact.

44. Every time I go to your grave, it saddens my heart and I loathe that the words on your headstone don’t do credit to the magnificent person that you were. I miss you.

45. Before your death, the word grief was just like every other word but after your death, it became all that I do. Mom, I miss everything about you.

46. My life has been a living hell ever since you left but I am glad you are in a much better place in heaven. My joy is that you are in a better place and we shall see at the end of time.

47. It has been a very long time but I still smile when I remember how you pampered and cared for me when I was younger. Life was blissful because I had a super mum. if there was another life I would love you to be my mom.

48. I wish you were here right now to pat me on my back for a job well done, to hug me tightly so I can feel your warm embrace, and to encourage me in the next phase of my life.

49. You were so courageous, smart, beautiful, and loving, my father is so lucky to have had you as a wife and I am extremely fortunate to have you as a mother.

50. I love you Mom but I wish I expressed myself more often before your demise, your death has taught me to love and express it while I can. Love you, Mom.

Farewell Message To A Mother Who Passed Away

51. I bid you farewell not because I want to but because fate has done its will. If there was anything I could do to stop this tragic event, I could have done it. I will forever love you till we meet in paradise. rest in peace, Mom.

52. Mom, I never did have a best friend of my age because you were my best friend and my is devastating to say farewell to someone who has been there for me my whole life. I will miss you, Mom.

53. You were an angel on earth watching me and guiding me, and now you are gone, you will watch me from heaven above. Farewell, mom. We keep representing your legacy here.

54. I call you irreplaceable because truly you can never be replaced even in your death, I call you priceless because your worth is way beyond what money can buy, I will continue to cherish the moments we spent together. I love you, Mom. Farewell.

55. I can never forget the sacrifices you made for me to get to this point, putting my happiness first before anything, your death has made me appreciate you more, farewell Mom.

56. A spouse can love you, your family can love you but a mother’s love is endless and till eternity. You are the person I wanted to see live forever but death has not given me such an opportunity. Farewell, Mama.

57. After your death, I took a little to try and understand you. You had no flaws, no defects, you were perfect, a perfect mother, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, grandma. I love you, mama. Let your soul rest in peace.

58. It hurts to know you are no more, I remember all the times I missed your calls and ignored your messages, I wish we could go back in time so I can undo my mistakes. I love you so much mum, farewell Mom.

59. I knew everything about living, about how to survive, and everything about life but you never taught me how to live without you, I miss you so dearly Mom. farewell

60. Your last day on earth was my last happy day, I don’t know if I will be able to smile or laugh again. You have left a void that will make me miss you forever. Farewell, dear lovely and great mother.

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