Words of Encouragement for Friend with Dying Parent

70 Words of Encouragement for Friend with Dying Parent or Family Member

Losing a parent is not a pleasant thing, everyone who lost a parent seeks to be comforted and must be comforted. When your friend loses his/her parents, you are one of the persons he relies upon to get comfort and encouragement from. With words of encouragement for friend with dying parent, you will be of comfort to him/her.

Life is very fragile which is why we must make every moment count with our loved ones. Tomorrow is not promised. What we all have is today and we must be there for everyone including our loved ones who might be going through any terrible health issue.

With words of encouragement for a friend with a dying parent, your friend can strengthen to keep caring for his/her dying parent. This will strengthen your friend to go through the season. Kindly pick words of your choice here to encourage your friends.

1. Your parents might be dying right now but you have to be strong. This is not the time to give up on life. I know you are doing all you can to keep your parent alive. Keep doing the needful and God will show up for your good.

2. I’m very sure that you did not see yourself doing all that you are doing now for your dying parent at this point in your life. I and other of your close friends are going to always help you in every way that we can.

3. I want you to believe that your dying parent will be healthy and strong again. As you wake up each day, look up to God and trust Him to heal your parent completely from head to toe. Don’t give up!

4. Life has been tough for you ever since your parent’s health deteriorated at this very critical point. I know not a stronger individual who is as strong as you are. You have been managing the situation very well. Well done!

5. My prayers are with you every single day as you do all that you can to help your dying parent. This is a terrible time for you and your family. I have a strong faith in knowing that God will see you through.

6. Seasons like this are very difficult to deal with. We all want our parents to live long in good health and wealth. I pray you receive the strength you need to keep helping your dying parent no matter what happens.

7. Looking at all you are doing, I can say authoritatively that your parent is very happy with you. May God bless you for doing a lot to help your parent who is currently terribly sick at the hospital.

8. You sure have a parent who is very proud to have you. Every parent will be glad to have a child like you, my friend. I pray God will keep His door of blessing permanently opened to your benefit.

9. The situation with your parent has been a serious concern to you for the longest time. You have been very committed to helping your dying parents recover but all to no avail. You have a great personality with the most caring heart in the world.

10. There is no doubt that you love your parent with all your heart. I see all your sacrifices for your parent. May God empower you to keep doing all that you can do for your ailing parent.

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What to Say to Someone Whose Family Member Passed Away

11. My dear friend, hearing that you recently lost a family member has been the worst news I received lately. I wish to help in any way you want me to. Kindly reach out to me for anything you want during this period.

12. I know how much you love your family. You have sacrificed so much for each member of your family. Losing one of them was not what you wanted. Accept my condolences for losing a loved one.

13. As we live every day, I wish tomorrow is promised to everyone. I hope your lost family member is still alive and well. In all of this, God knows best. Be strong and take care of every other member of your family like you have always done.

14. Life has a way of interrupting our regular day-to-day life. Losing a loved one is seriously heartbreaking. Stand strong and keep moving forward in all your great pursuits. God is with you, my friend.

15. I know you are pained because you lost a loved one. I want you to know that I am equally pained. Have faith in God because He alone can help you to overcome all the sadness in your heart right now.

16. Do you know that you will see your lost family member again? Yes, you will see your lost loved one when you get to heaven. Nothing to worry about when your loved one is with the angels in heaven watching over you.

17. I’m wishing you and your entire family the strength to bear this loss. Loved ones are the best set of humans that we all have. No one prays to lose a loved one even though we all are aware that no one lives forever.

18. Please, stop crying. Your loved one is watching over you from heaven with a strong desire to see you live a happy life.

19. It is understandable to mourn over the death of a loved one. However, you have mourned long enough that you have forgotten that you still have a lot of loved ones to, protect and live for.

20. God’s ways are far beyond our ways. With time He will heal your heart completely from the pain of losing your family member. Accept my heartfelt condolences for the demise of your precious loved one.

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What To Say To Someone Who Lost a Parent

21. I want you to believe that this is not the end of your amazing life. I know losing your parent is a painful situation right now. You still have a great future ahead of you and you must make sure you make your parent proud of you in heaven.

22. It is never easy to lose a loved one, particularly an irreplaceable biological parent. Please, accept my deep condolences in this difficult time for you and your siblings. May the universe favor you and your siblings.

23. While it is obvious your parent is gone, you must ensure the legacy that was left behind continues to flourish. You are now responsible for making the world a better place just like your parent did while alive.

24. Nothing happens without a reason. If we can not understand why your parent died, God is all-knowing. He knows why bad things happen to good people. He is good and you can trust Him to take perfect care of you.

25. Though you have lost your patent, you have not lost everything. You have your siblings, friends, colleagues and most importantly you still have God. With the love and commitment of all the people you still have in your life you will live a fulfilled life.

26. What broke some people made others stronger. The death of a parent can be painful but it can also fuel the passion to become exceptionally great in life. Let your pain take a toll that makes you extremely determined to become a great personality.

27. I’m praying for you as you mourn the death of your beloved parent. May God help you by lifting you above the storm you are dealing with as a result of the passing of your wonderful parent. It will surely be well with you

28. You have come this far in life because you had the complete support of your parents. It is so sad that the parent who supported you from the beginning is no longer alive. Accept my sincere condolences.

29. Your parent will be remembered for the good things done in the past to help others. I know you will walk on the right path as you move on. May the beautiful soul of your patient rest in perfect peace.

30. I wish your parent were still with you but sadly the opposite is the case. This loss is painful but we will hold on to the hope that your parent is in a better place and you will be reunited in heaven.

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What to Say To Someone Whose Parent Is Dying

31. I see that you are doing all you possibly can to keep your dying beautiful parent alive. I pray God grants you your deepest heart desire and may He also comfort your entire family in every situation.

32. Life is not always predictable. Just a while ago, your dying parent was strong and healthy. Have faith that things will get better soon as you and other members of your family keep loving your dying parent.

33. No one enjoys seeing a loved one dying of health issues. It’s a more difficult pain o bear when the dying loved one is a parent. Hold on and keep doing the needful until the end.

34. May the mercy of God see your dying parent through. May God help his health to improve greatly within a short time. Let your faith in the wonder-working power of God be firm no matter how tough things become.

35. You have had the privilege of enjoying life with your amazing parent. Now that your parent is dying, while you help out in every way you can, be grateful to God for giving you such an exceptional parent in life

36. You have every right to be sad. Who will have a parent like yours and not be sad when he/she is dying and bedridden for so long? Wipe your tears and let hope arise inside you. Things can get better with time

37. Becoming who you are taking the contribution of your wonderful parent. God blessed you with a wonderful and loving parent. Now that your parent is having a terminal health issue, trust God to make everything beautiful again. Put your faith in God.

38. It breaks my heart to see that your patent is dying. We are gradually losing your wonderful parent to the cold hands of death. I wish this is a dream but sadly it is our reality. May God help you to go through this season of your life as you should to His glory.

39. Your parent made sure you had a great life growing up. You have also done a lot for your parent as an adult. This situation is beyond your control. May God see you through this. Stand strong, my friend.

40. When things get bad, we all have to find ways to keep moving. I know you are having a tough time because of your dying parent. I pray that your strength won’t fail you as you keep taking care of your dying parent.

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What To Say To Someone Whose Loved One Is Dying

41. My friend, I can imagine how you feel about your dying loved one. Don’t give up on life yet. Let your words and actions encourage your dying loved one to keep fighting to stay alive and well.

42. I can see how the health of your loved one has deteriorated within a short time. I am praying seriously for you and everyone affected by this current situation in your family.

43. This is not the end of existence for your loved one yet. As long as someone is still breathing there is hope that miracles can still happen. I pray that God gives your loved one the miracle of long life amid this storm.

44. Having a dying loved one can be a mind-stretching situation. Your emotions become mixed with feelings of uncertainty. I want you to know that you can trust God. He is a good God who heals and restores life to anyone who is dying.

45. There are different challenges that we deal with at different times in our lives. Dealing with a dying loved one is one of the most difficult situations. You need all the faith you can get to go through this. May God help you and restore your loved one completely.

46. Loved ones are precious to us. Your loved one is an important part of your life and family. I am wishing your dying loved one divine help. May God deliver your loved one from dying.

47. You have a wonderful personality. I believe that your dying loved one is happy to have you. You have been very supportive and encouraging. May God bless you and keep you safe and sound.

48. No matter what is happening, keep doing the right things. Keep helping your dying loved one till the very end. This situation is draining your energy but God will keep you energized and healthy in every way.

49. Your sacrifices for your loved one who is going through a terminal illness are second to none. You are doing all that you can and may God bless you for that.

50. You are working harder just to help your dying loved one survive. You are teaching us the value of human life. I pray that your loved one survives this adversity.

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How To Comfort Someone Whose Parent is Dying

51. Dear, I am coming to take you out today. You have been busy taking care of your dying parent for a long time now. I would like you to take a little break and allow your other siblings to do the job while you are away

52. You are a sweet soul. May God bless you and strengthen you in your quest to make sure your dying parent gets better every single day. Your parent would be very proud to have you all the time.

53. Having a wonderful child like you is the best gift any parent would want. You have been very active in doing many things at the same time to help your very sick parent.

54. Even though the doctors have given up on your parent you have not given up on your parent. As you keep helping your parent, may things work out very well for you and your parent in the end.

55. I know you are going through a lot to take care of your ailing parent. I want you to know that this is not the end of the world. I and your other friends are praying for you and hoping you will have your urgent desires come to pass soon.

56. There is no one else you will call and admire as your parent than the one you have. It is so sad that your parent is not in good health. Keep being brave as you help your parent.

57. Life has a way of making someone feel overburdened. Issues can drive anyone to lose the joy of living. You should not allow what your parent is going through to steal your joy away completely. Your parent will be whole again

58. You can keep your head above the water. It is a difficult time as you help your dying parent but you have to do what makes you happy too. Your parent would still want you to live your life no matter what happens.

59. Time helps us to grow and move away from the things we could not change. Be strong and encouraged knowing that your efforts to help your parent are not in vain.

60. I’m praying for you to be able to smile each day as much as you should. You deserve to be happy as you take perfect care of your ill parent. Depend on God and He will ensure everything ends well.

How To Comfort Someone with a Dying Relative

61. Always remember that you had a nice time with your relative when your relative was in perfect health. Cherish those moments forever. Hold on to the good memories as you keep hope alive.

62. Despite the situation with your relative, your happiness will have a positive impact on the life of your relative. Try to smile as often as you can and maximize every moment to share happiness.

63. You are a very courageous person. You are the most courageous person that I know. Keep taking good care of yourself and your dying relative.

64. If amazing was a person, that person is you. You have been amazing by caring so much for everyone including your very ill relative. May the good things of life be yours as much as you desire them.

65. I’m deeply grateful to God that I know you. Everything about you makes me believe in humanity. The way you take care of your sick inspires me to do good regardless of any opposing factors.

66. Life is full of challenges and the longer we live the more we face diverse challenges. Having a dying relative is heartbreaking. I wish you the best of anything that will keep you in good spirits.

67. You are doing a good job by caring for everyone around you. May the universe be kind to you always. Your relative will get better. I want you to believe that miracles still happen.

68. In life, we have to trust the Creator much more than we can trust in our capacity to help ourselves. Only God can heal your relative totally from that health issue. Trust God; He has never failed anyone who trusted Him.

69. Not many people can handle what you have handled. I like how you manage everything around you from the time we met. I pray your relative gets better.

70. Yes, you have an incredible personality. You help others as much as you can. Your dying relative is getting all the love needed because you care. May God bless you abundantly.

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