What to Text Someone Who Lost Their Dad

60 Condolences and What to Text Someone Who Lost Their Dad or Father

Fathers play a vital role in our lives and losing them can be a great ordeal for everyone, especially the children. And this can be very devastating. Having a friend lose his /her father can be terrible and heartbreaking especially when they both have a close bond.

When a father dies, it will look as if the whole world is about to collapse. Father is the source and sustainer of the children and under no circumstance should such be lost. Knowing what to text someone who lost their father is very tantamount to their consolation.

In this phase of grief, they need comfort and a shoulder to lean on. As a friend, you would want to comfort and console them. You might be stuck on what to say to comfort them or clueless about the right words to say to me

Below are heartfelt comforting messages to send to someone who just lost their fathers.

Friends Father Passed Away

1. Accept my condolences for the loss of your father. He was a father to everyone, especially me who never had a father figure. His presence will be greatly missed but we will always remember all that he has done for us.

2. I’m sorry about the loss of your father. He was a man full of life and happiness. He made everyone around him laugh and happy, there was never a dull moment when you were with me, I will miss his laughter and jokes.

3. I was devastated when I heard about the loss of your father. I couldn’t believe death took such a great and iconic man away from us. He impacted my life tremendously and I owe my life to him, I pray his soul finds peace.

4. We all know the kind of bond you had with your father, it was an unbreakable bond. We are sorry about his death, we pray that such an occurrence never happens again in this household.

5. Your father was a light to this world, he stood up for any injustice and unfairness. He was loved by all for his good work, I know you love him too but God loves him more. my soul rests in perfect peace.

6. The loss of a father is very tragic and I know you would be deeply pained by this incident, please take heart so you can be there for your mother. your father would not want you to cry your eyes out, he knows you love him.

7. The loss of one’s father leaves a big hole in our hearts, I once experienced it and I know how you feel. He was a great man and he lived a good life. May his soul find tranquillity.

8. Death has taken away the most valuable person in your life and my heart bleeds for you. It is a terrible thing to lose one’s father. I pray that God comforts you in this time of grief.

9. Friend, I know my words may not be as comforting as seeing your father again but I want you to know that he was loved and he is in a better place in heaven. God will comfort you.

10. Death is terrible and heartless. It took away the only person that matters to you. You were in a terrible space when you lost your mom, please I want you to be strong in this period. I will continue to pray that God strengthens you and comforts you. May his soul rest in peace.

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Comforting Words For The Death Of Father

11. Losing a father is one terrible experience one should not pass through, I am sorry for the loss of your father. He was a man with discipline and honor, and I so much respected him for his wisdom. His memories will forever be cherished. Please be strong for he has gone to be with his maker.

12. Please accept my condolences, I know how heartbreaking this will be for you and how awful it is to lose a father, I want you to know that your father was loving and honest and stood for the truth at all times, these words might not be comforting enough but I pray God to ease your pain in this time grief.

13. Life might seem meaningless because of the loss of your father but I want you to be strong and know that your father would not want you to feel this way, I love you and God loves you more.

14. Nothing can replace the space your father filled in your heart but I pray God heals you from this pain. If you need anyone to talk to, I’m available for you anytime.

15. I cannot imagine the depth of pain you are feeling right now, this is a huge loss to you and the family at large. Please know that I’m praying for you and I am here for you till you heal completely from this grief.

16. Your father meant so much to all of us but he means much more to you. I am here if you need a shoulder to lean on or cry on. I pray that God strengthens you in this dark time.

17. My condolences to you, I don’t have the right words to say to comfort you but know that I am here for you and I can’t wait to have my jovial friend back. may his soul rest in perfect peace.

18. The world has just lost a precious gem, he was indeed a rare gem and a perfect representation of a good person. His death will not only affect you but the society at large. Please take heart.

19. A father is a very important person in a child’s life, a role model, a model and a superhero. I am sorry about the death of your superhero. May God help you overcome this dark time.

20. I wasn’t so close to your father but I knew he was a great man for him to train you to become the successful person you are. His absence will be greatly felt and he will be missed by all. Accept my condolences.

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Word Of Comfort For Loss Of Father

21. In this journey of grief, I will be here with you every step of the way. Remember the happy memories you have of him and find solace in them.

22. The loss of your father will greatly affect your life but I don’t want you to lose yourself to his demise, life has so much to offer you and I know he would have wanted you to embrace these opportunities instead of grieving him for a long period. God will help you in this difficult time.

23. I will be here to give you everything you need, I know it will take time for you to heal but just know I am here if you need anything at all. May your father’s soul rest in perfect soul.

24. You might be in a dark space now because of the death of your father but just know that there is light at every end of a tunnel. Please don’t lose yourself to this tragic incident. I can’t afford to lose you.

25. Accept my heartfelt condolences, this too shall pass, I will be praying for you and your family. May God heal you from this grief.

26. A father is a very vital part of one’s life. Your father’s death is really shocking. I can’t fathom how you are feeling right now. I hate that you have to go through this ordeal, please know you are not all by yourself, I am here to help you and comfort you.

27. Your father’s impact on my life can never be forgotten, he is the reason why I am in this good position, I will forever be grateful to him. We will greatly miss him.

28. It’s difficult losing someone, especially someone so dear to us. Please accept my condolences. My prayers are always with you.

29. Your dad was someone I always looked up to. He is a very intelligent and wise man, he always had solutions to every problem. I’m deeply sorry about your loss. I pray you find solace in the memories you have of him.

30. Your dad lived a remarkable life and was loved by everyone, all the years I knew him, I never heard a bad thing about him. Losing him is so devastating and I pray God helps you get over this difficult phase.

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What To Say To Someone Whose Father Dies Quotes

31. Death is inevitable and one day it will visit those we really love. Death is wicked to have taken your father so soon, but I know he is in heaven resting beside his maker.

32. I pray you can find comfort in this difficult time, please accept my heartfelt condolences, I am just a call away anytime you need me.

33. Death can only take away our loved ones but not the memories we share with them. Hold onto the memories of your father, it will comfort you in this time of grief. I pray his soul rests in peace.

34. A father is the backbone and pillar of a family. I’m sorry you have to lose the pillar of your home to death. Please accept my sincere condolences.

35. We all wish we had time enough to express our love to our parents, especially our fathers who did exceedingly well in training us to be great sons and daughters. I’m sure wherever he is, he knows you love him dearly.

36. I remember how stubborn and nonchalant you were but your father didn’t give up on you a bit, till he trained you to be this person, he will be proud of you in heaven. Take heart, my dear

37. Your father had a unique and exceptional personality, he will be missed by everyone who ever got to know him. May his soul rest in peace.

38. Every child wished they had a father like yours, he was the most loving and selfless person I have ever met. We all appreciate his existence in our lives. May his soul rest in peace.

39. You wouldn’t have been in this position if not for your father, his unyielding support and guidance kept you going and helped you overcome every challenge. May his soul find peace.

40. The worst thing that could ever happen to anyone is the death of one’s father, his death still replays in my head and I always wished his death could be evictable. We all miss him but I know you miss him more.

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What To Text Someone Who Lost Their Father

41. Our lives must end at a point but we don’t know when. I’m sorry his life ended so soon and it is devastating. I want you to know that the love I have for him knows no bounds and my prayers are with you.

42. Your dad was my go-to person, he always saw my struggles and helped me find the perfect solution to them, I really loved him and I am so sorry you have to experience this brutal pain. May his soul rest in peace.

43. I felt people exaggerated grief but having to experience it and seeing you experience, it is really heartbreaking. I pray his soul finds peace and may God strengthen you to overcome this grief.

44. I know your dad was your best friend and only confidant and it is terrible to lose a father who was all that, I pray To God to help you in this time but I want you to know that you are not alone in this.

45. You call him irreplaceable because truly he can’t be replaced, you call him priceless because his worth and value are way beyond price. I know you will greatly miss him but I want you to be strong for the future.

46. Your father made so many sacrifices for you, those that were visible and not visible, he truly was a good father and a great husband to your mom. I pray that his good work continues to live and his soul finds eternal peace.

47. Everyone may love your father and even create memories with him but the love between a father and a child as well as the memories cannot be compared. Please hold on to those memories. They will help you through this phase. My prayers are with you.

48. He taught us the basic knowledge to live and instilled in us all we need to know to be a great and successful honest individual, your father is a legend and he is truly cherished. Wipe those tears, your father should be celebrated.

49. I remember those times we went out on picnics with your dad, I really enjoyed those moments. Sadly, we won’t be able to hold those picnics anymore but I cherished those moments dearly, especially how your dad really cared for us like we were his daughters too. I will miss him and I’m sure he is in a safe space now.

50. My words are failing me, I don’t want to say anything that will trigger anything knowing how emotional you can be, I know you are a wreck already but please pull yourself together. Everyone is here for you through this grief process.

Condolence Messages For Friend’s Father

51. My lovely friend, I know you need more than words of comfort now so I’m sending my prayers that God helps you and helps you in this difficult phase.

52. Your father always preached about love, I always thought of how someone could selflessly love his neighbor, your father was a rare gem. It might take a long time for you to get over this pain but I will be here for you so it doesn’t get lonely.

53. I know my friend is strong and can withstand any struggle but I have faith that you will come out of this strong, I am available to render any help you might need.

54. Death has taken someone you truly love and adore and we all know how close you and your father were but don’t let death win by breaking down completely. My prayers are with you, God will help you. I love you

55. Accept my sincere condolences, I pray that his good name continues to live on, and may his gentle soul find peace. The family he has left behind shall never suffer loss. Amen.

56. Your father was the perfect example for all other fathers, he was a true definition of perfection. I know the pain of losing your father is unbearable and sad but with time you will heal and learn to live without him. My prayers are with you.

57. I remember we talked so much about how you would take care of your father, I’m sorry death shattered your dreams and plans concerning your father but I’m sure he knows you would do anything for him. May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.

58. Losing a father can be a great hassle in one’s life and can ruin a person’s life, please don’t dwell too much on the grief. your father would not want you to do so. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

59. Having to live without a father is one of the most heartbreaking experiences to go through. I want you to find solace knowing that he is in a much better place. Accept my condolences

60. Your father lived for the people, served the people and loved the people. I want you to know he lived a wonderful life and his death really affected everyone. You are your father’s daughter and he trained you to be strong. Please don’t let this grief break you. Everyone is here for you and May his soul rest in peace.

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