Prayers of Intercession for This Sunday

60 Powerful Prayers of Intercession for this Sunday Worship Service

Prayer of intercession is about talking to God for other people’s needs, church or nation’s needs. It could be about one’s health, financial situation, and many more. The hallmark of intercession is to stand in the gap for others.

We can also intercede for Sunday services in our churches to invoke God’s presence and enjoy divine visitation. It is paramount to be involved and call upon God before starting a Sunday service. We should call upon God to take control of the service to ensure the free flow of the Holy Ghost.

Interceding for a Sunday service shouldn’t be an activity that should be carried out by just the pastors. The members, workers, and conversation should intercede for the Sunday service too we have helped in compiling a few prayers of intercession for this Sunday listed below.

Prayer For this Sunday Church Of England

1. Heavenly Father we thank you for a brand new day to come together to praise your name, may your name be highly exalted. We pray and proclaim the ground and worship center consecrated by the blood of Jesus.

2. O Lord we Pray that you take charge of this environment. Jesus is Lord and everywhere Jesus is mentioned every demon bows. at the end of today’s service, all glory will be given to God.

3. Father, we thank you that we are all able to gather here hale and hearty to worship your name. We pray and beg that you breathe freshly onto everybody, the ministers, the choristers, the pastors, the workers, every member that will be present, the seats, and the ground in Jesus’ name.

4. King of glory we thank you for today. We pray that you direct peoples’ steps to the service. Let them come from all corners of the world to worship you. At the end of the service let them be blessed and give their soul to you in the name of Jesus.

5. Eternal rock of ages we exalt your name, we pray and bind evil spirits that impede worshippers from hearing God’s message in their spirits, which makes them not connect to the spirit in the name of Jesus.

6. Thank you Jesus for another time to gather in your presence. We Pray that every unsaved individual who comes to service will surrender to the Lord, and become born again, saved in Jesus’ name.

7. O Lord we thank you for the gift of life and we Pray that the people’s hearts will be opened to accept the message, that the word of God will enter into their hearts and dwell in it, and that nothing will hinder the free flow of the message into their hearts. In Jesus’ name.

8. Heavenly Father, we thank you for gathering everyone here in one accord in good health, we bless your name. We Pray that the presence of the Holy Spirit will be apparent in this service and it will take control of every activity in Jesus’ name.

9. Thank you Jesus for today is blessed and every soul is blessed. We pray that the word of God will come with the power to cure the sick, drive out demons, and satisfy the needs of every member of this congregation. Ijn.

10. Gracious God, we magnify your name for another wonderful day to say we love and adore you, and to appreciate you for your wondrous work. we commit today’s service into your hand, we Pray that your daughter or son who will be ministering would give in to the Spirit and follow His leadership and direction as He/she ministers the word and prays for your people.

Intercessory Prayer For Sunday Service

11. Thank you, Jesus, we thank you for what you have done in this church, what you are doing, and what you would still do. We pray that God would give the man or woman of God the spirit-filled message to minister to his people and then fill him or her with bravery to share the word. At the end of today let us have cause to give back all the glory in your great name.

12. King of kings we bless your name for all the good works you have done for each one of us. We Pray for everyone who would come in here with any form of sickness and disease, that they should be healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit and the power in your words.

13. We have gathered all in the name of Jesus, to worship his name and exalt him for being faithful and merciful. We Pray today that during the service the choristers who are to lead us in worshipping our Father in heaven will submit to the Spirit as they lead the congregation in worship.

14. We give all the glory to God for keeping us alive and for the salvation of our souls. We Pray that the choristers will minister to the congregation in a direction with the holy spirit, the song will be spirit-filled and the power will be felt by every member of the congregation.

15. Father in heaven we gathered again today to exalt your name and win souls for your kingdom. We Pray that everything and every part of the service will be orderly and there won’t be any form of interruption. The Holy Spirit will flow freely to every member of the congregation and the service will be wonderful in your mighty name.

16. We Pray and cover the workers and the ushers with the blood of Jesus as they work hand in hand with the pastors and ministers to provide order in the service and we pray that every evil spirit cast out from the members will not dwell in them in the name of Jesus.

17. Father, we commit today’s service into your hands, we Pray that the sound systems will operate well, and everything electrical from the generator down to the microphone will work perfectly in the name of Jesus.

18. Father in heaven as we begin this service We pray for Your Spirit to act strongly among us, creating an environment where Your glory is exposed and Your love is experienced deeply. Touch each person’s heart, pulling them closer to You and helping them create a deeper connection with You. May this Sunday service be a moment to experience Your holy presence in the name of Jesus.

19. Father, we bring the congregation before You, we pray for the grace to build unity and love amongst ourselves. Please remove every bad spirit, the spirit of division that will hinder your love to grow within us. help us to love one another as Christ loves us in the name of the Lord.

20. Father in heaven we pray that in this service, let your spirit move and Fill our hearts with Your love. fill us with the fruit of the spirit and grant us the grace to forgive. Destroy every spirit that will hinder your power from manifesting in our lives. Help us to embrace one another with open hearts and grant grace and forgiveness when required.

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Short Opening Prayer For Worship Service

21. Heavenly Father, we thank you again today for an extraordinary time in your presence; we ask for your glory to fill this house and you take control of the service today in the name of Jesus Christ.

22. Father in heaven we Pray and beg that you assemble your people from all over the corners of the city and state for this service, in Jesus’ name.

23. King of kings, the lion of the tribe of Judah, we pray that you open the gate of heavens on us and let your spirit completely descend on every soul that will be present in your house in Jesus’ name. we thank you for your answered prayers and for taking charge.

24. Father we pray and declare that every power of the devil and every host of demonic spirits be cast away from your presence, and each of their plans to disrupt today’s service will be null in the name of Jesus. Amen.

25. We pray and declare that the four corners of this environment are sanctified and infused with fire and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.

26. We pray that as we begin this service, the name of Jesus will be increased and glorified, when we call upon the name it will work nightly for us in Jesus name.

27. Father, we come to your presence this morning for today’s service. We pray and Declare that the congregation will be impacted during the service and their eyes will be open to see the spirit of God moving in our midst during the worship, message, and prayer in the name of Jesus.

28. Father we thank you for what you have done in the past and what you are doing, we thank you for gathering everyone here in your presence, Lord we ask that during this service you supply all of our needs, the ones we can mention and the ones in our hearts according to your riches in glory in the name of Jesus.

29. Father, we Pray that the people would meet you in a different manner and in another dimension, when the word is being ministered and during prayers in Jesus’ name.

30. Father in heaven, we Pray that during the service every heart that is in disarray and frustrated will be healed by the power of the Word and Spirit in the name of Jesus.

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Pastoral Prayer For Sunday Morning Worship

31. God, you have been nothing but excellent to us. This morning oh Father, we assemble today as your sons and daughters, asking you to be with us as we worship you and give you praise. Give us the insight to discern what’s good from what is wrong and open our eyes so we can see you. Father, be with us this Sunday, and every other day.

32. My God, my heavenly father, you saved me from the snare of the enemies and the fiercest of storms, you continued to show your glory throughout my life. God, as we are assembled here for worship, grant us the strength to hold your name high and preach the gospel to everyone. you are a God of wonders and you have tremendously manifested those wonders in our life. thank you for you will keep doing wondrous work in our life.

33. Loving Father, you sent your son to die for us on the cross of Calvary to cleanse our sins. You love us unconditionally and teach us to love unconditionally. We have come to worship and pray as your son has taught us to.

34. Oh Father, Lord of the hopeless, Lord of those ignored, it is me again, your servant. I come before you this morning, to thank you for the gift of life and the life of everyone and that of your church. As we meet and gather together to glorify your name, accept our worship, make this worship session be filled with your Spirit, and make the unbeliever surrender their lives to you. Amen.

35. Heavenly Father, we thank you for the goodness in our lives, thank you for guiding and leading us. As we prepare to worship and praise your name, open our spirits to connect to the heavens and receive your power. Help us live according to your will. Open our ears, so we can listen and learn from you as we are your children. Amen.

36. Heavenly Father, as we gather today in your church to worship you, we welcome your presence amongst us. guide us and shine a light on our paths of understanding, let your spirit greatly move amongst us, transforming this moment into a divine encounter for each one of us. Amen.

37. Heavenly Father, we thank you for the grace in the lives of everyone in the congregation. As we begin this worship session begin with us. our hearts are full of thanksgiving and praise for your faithfulness and your unconditional love Father, Accept our thanks.

38. King of kings, we give you all the glory for assembling us in your divine presence, as we worship your name let us experience your precious presence and communion with you. As we engage in worshipping you, let it be a guide of light for a greater understanding of who you are.

39. Father in heaven we thank you. on this gracious morning, lord help us reposition our hearts to focus on you, as the worship takes place help us connect to your divine presence and bless us abundantly. Amen in Jesus name.

40. Heavenly Father, as we partake in this moment of worship, lead and guide us. We understand that when two or three are gathered in your name, you are there and you show yourself mighty, Lord show forth yourself in our midst as the worship begins. Thank you, Jesus.

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Intercession For Advent Sunday

41. Almighty God we give thanks for everything you have done, your wondrous creation, mankind, and every little thing that walks on the earth, all glory and honor belong to you. you have dominion over everything but You still choose to love us unconditionally, we come to You every time we sin against You knowing that we will be forgiven, even before we ask, you give unto us. you understand us more than we do, we ask that you help us know you more and we are yearning for you to come to us.

42. Heavenly Father, Grant all who come into your church strength to renew their bond with you. Help us to rejoice and be glad in your presence and also rejoice about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

43. Heavenly Father, May your blessing be upon all who worship with you, and give us the grace to live a faithful and pure life as a body of Christ. Help us to learn every day how to love you and serve you wholeheartedly.

44. Lord our God, in this Advent season we pray for your church throughout the world. We pray for good tidings in every church and let your glory be revealed in your Church.

45. Lord our God and heavenly Father, we bring our prayers to you, we trust in your faithfulness and we are great anticipation in celebrating the birth of Christ, we have prepared our hearts to welcome him wholeheartedly. Help us to look forward to his coming. Amen.

46. Lord our God, we pray for your church and the lives of every member of your church. We pray that with your help we will reveal your glory in the way we live and serve you.

47. Father God, prepare our hearts for the celebration to come, Grant us courage and a real willingness to open our hearts to you, spread the good news, and talk about your son, Jesus Christ who came down to earth and walked among us. Amen.

48. Everlasting God, we thank you for your everlasting love, your endless patience, and for the greatest gift you bestowed upon us and for the possibility of Salvation through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

49. Father, we give thanks for the breath of life, we give thanks to the one who redeems us; we give thanks to the one who has helped us till today. We celebrate your coming because you are all we have and we give thanks. Accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

50. Lord as we come before you today on this First Sunday of Advent we ask you to prepare us for your coming, you promised through your son Jesus Christ to hear us when we pray in faith and ask from you. we ask that you strengthen us. Amen.

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Church Prayers For Sunday

51. Dear Father As we begin this Sunday morning, we come before you seeking a refreshed mind, a strengthened body, and a spirit. We ask that you fill us with your peace and grace, and help us lighten our burdens and our troubled minds so we can be in one spirit in your presence.

52. Father, we thank you for another Sunday to exalt your name. We acknowledge that true wisdom only comes from you, and so we ask that you grant us wisdom and knowledge to navigate through today’s service. Thank you, Jesus, all glory belongs to you.

53. I thank you Jesus for the abundance of blessings, for loving every one of us each day, and for your grace upon our lives. we are eternally grateful for your good works in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, family and friends, and the community at large, we have come to say thank you. Even for the gloomy days and days that don’t go as planned, we say thank you. Thank you for your presence in our lives as well as the love and care you show toward us.

54. Dear Father, we come to your presence this morning. We pray that you illuminate our lives and direct us, surround us with your love, and may we find peace and solace in your presence and fill every void in our lives. May this week be full of blessings and favors. thank you, Jesus. Amen.

55. Father in heaven, forgive us for all the times we neglected you and felt we were self-sufficient, forgive us for we did not know what we were doing. We acknowledge now that we need you, forgive us for allowing the devil to take charge of our lives and to control our minds against the things of the kingdom have mercy upon us, Lord. All glory and honor belong to you. thank you for answering our prayers.

56. Thank You for this day. We give You thanks that you supply and provide all of our needs. Today we come to your presence to give you all the glory. Great Father we say thank you and we pray that we never have a reason to leave your presence.

57. Father in heaven, we have gathered in your church this Sunday morning, opened our eyes to see you, opened our ears to hear your words, and kept our hearts aligned with your presence. Lead us to build others strongly in Christ and help those here to strongly believe in you. Amen

58. Dear Father, help us to know how to be obedient to your instructions and your calls. We desire to embrace you and deepen our faith in you. Help us understand your word and the truth and let us continually feel your love around us. Help us start a new week according to your instructions and help us live a life worthy of you. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

59. Dear Father, we enjoy being in your presence but Sundays are special days to enjoy your presence, we can completely focus on you and your awesome glory, we worship your name. Father hear our prayers and accept our thanks this morning. Amen

60. Father in heaven, I am thankful for this opportunity to gather with people with like minds about you on this special day. we have gathered here to learn more about your word and worship you in spirit. Help us to pay attention to your words and adhere to your words. Help us to be a blessing to other people in Jesus’ name.

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