Prayer To Get A Permanent Job Within 24 Hours

70 Unfailing Prayer To Get A Permanent Job Within 24 Hours and 3 Days

Being responsible entails you take care of your responsibilities. So many basic daily needs cost money and you can’t afford to depend on people to always meet your needs. To meet your needs if you don’t own a business, getting a job is not negotiable. If you strongly believe in God, you can offer prayer to get a permanent job within 24 hours and your joy will be full.

God wants us to work even though He is our source for everything. All through the bible, men and women of God were hard workers. They built businesses and built honorable cities. That made great names for them and glorified God. Therefore, it is important to trust God to get something doing with your hands.

It is possible to secure a profitable opportunity with a prayer of faith. If you can believe, all things are possible the Bible says. That dream job is not a mirage. It can be yours as you engage in the prayers below.

Prayer to Get a Job Immediately

1. Oh Lord, I thank you because it is in your power to give a man a permanent job. I receive my job appointment letter this week. This week is the week that I receive my appointment letter in the name of Jesus.

2. Father, let me get that call that will change my life for good. Let them call me to come and get the job right now through the power of your mercy.

3. As I wake up tomorrow morning, I wake up to my appointment email. As I check my inbox, I will see the employment letter that will make me laugh for the rest of the year.

4. Everything working against my job applications from being successful, I bind you now in the powerful name of Jesus.

5. Let the host of heaven work in my favor to secure the job offer for me immediately. I break lose every opposing force in Jesus’ name.

6. I claim the right job that God wants for me today. This is my day of getting a good job and I will get in the mighty name of Jesus.

7. I get a good job immediately without delay. Every spirit of delay, I cast you out of my way permanently and they shall not be able to hinder me In the powerful name of Jesus.

8. The name of Jesus is above every other name on earth, in heaven, and below the earth, and in that powerful name of Jesus, I get a favorable job immediately.

9. My set time for having a great job is now. I command the angel of favor to make them accept my application without delay In the merciful name of Jesus.

10. Being broke is not my inheritance in Christ Jesus. Therefore, I begin to walk in abundance. I get a good job immediately to the glory of your great name.

Catholic Miracle Prayer to Get a Job

11. My heavenly father, let my desire to have a job come to pass soon. Make me an employee soon in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

12. My eternal savior, bless me with a very good job. A job that will give me time and I will be able to still serve you with all my heart. Let this blessed job manifest.

13. As we come before you our Lord, give us our heart desires. Grant us our prayer request by giving us jobs that will be good for us all and be a blessing to your house.

14. Jesus Christ our Lord, gives us great offers that will help us take care of our families and other responsibilities. We ask for great jobs today and in the days to come.

15. Father we believe in your miracle-working power. We receive miracle jobs from you this day so that we praise your name and testify to your goodness.

16. My heart longs to have a great job, Lord. Bless me with a job that will make me significant in life in the name of Jesus Christ.

17. Precious Jesus, I have been seeking to have a good job. Let your miracle-working power make a way for me where there seems to be no way.

18. I trust you, Lord. I declare that I will get a job this week by divine providence. Lord, give me a special job this week in Jesus’ name.

19. My Lord, I ask that you bless my brothers and sisters with good jobs. Make them good workers, keep them safe, and preserve them for your glorious use in the name of Jesus.

20. As I go out in search of a job, I will get one. I will get the best job out there that God has prepared for me. My job opportunity shall not miss in the name of the Lord.

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Prayer For Finding A Job Immediately

21. God, you did not create me to be jobless. I declare today that I will get a job and my life will be better than it has been in the name of Jesus Christ.

22. No good thing will you withhold from me, Lord. Let that good job you have for me manifest this period of my life so that your people may rejoice with me in Jesus’ name.

23. Lord, I believe I will get a job immediately as I pray. The right job for me is made available now, nothing shall stop it and nothing shall hinder it.

24. Every weapon programmed against my success in life is made void. I receive my new job appointment letter immediately.

25. Let the windows of heaven be opened over my life. I will no longer be jobless in this season of my life in Jesus’ precious name.

26. I pray that you give me a job offer that will help me take good care of my family. I receive that profitable job today by your mercy.

27. The will of the Lord for me is good and not evil. I get my desired job and I live right to the glory of God. This is my portion and nothing shall withhold it in the name of Jesus.

28. Every high thing that has exalted itself against me to prevent me from getting a job, I cast you down now. No force shall be able to stop God in my life n Jesus’ name.

29. At this moment, I decree my life is changing for good. I find that good job I have been longing to have. My desire comes into reality today in the powerful name of Jesus.

30. Oh, my Lord, lift me and give me a job immediately. Help me by giving me a befitting job that will make me significant in life.

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Prayer For Finding A Great Paying Job Within 3 Days

31. By the power in the name of Jesus, this is my breakthrough season. I will find a great job in the next three days. God will make a way for me where there was none.

32 As I pray and fast for these three days, I will find a job that will be good for me. Nothing will work against my progress in my life in the name of Jesus.

33. The enemy speaking against my appointments will not prosper against me. I will get my job shortly. Father do it for me so that your name may be glorified in my life.

34. I’m a part of the kingdom of God. I have access to experiencing miracles and divine favor. In the name of Jesus, I get a great job in less than 72 hours.

35. In Jesus’ name, I will not be discouraged in my quest to have a job. I will not just get a job, I will get a great job in the next three days and all men shall rejoice with me.

36. I break forth in life. I move forward in my purpose. My dream job is mine now. I get my dream job offer now in Jesus’ name.

37. No evil power can stop me from becoming all that God planned for my life. I receive a great job that will make me a blessing to my generation and give joy to many people around the world.

38. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I can get a great job and I call it forth in the mighty name of Jesus.

39. I’m free indeed because Christ has set me free. I am blessed indeed because Christ has changed my life. I receive a great job offer from the divine force of God

40. Father, everything is working out fast for me to have a great job. I believe my testimonial will be complete in three days.

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Miracle Prayer To Get A Job

41. In the powerful name of Jesus, I find quick favor in the sight of those you have planned to help me find a job. Touch every heart to be a blessing to me.

42. I connect myself physically and spiritually to the right job. This is going to work and I will be gainfully employed this week In Jesus’ name.

43. Any obstacle standing against my miracle job appointment be terminated this very moment permanently in the name of Jesus.

44. Whatever needs to happen for me to get a job begins to happen in me, around me, and in places my name is mentioned in the mighty name of Jesus.

45. By your grace Lord, I find favor, compassion, and acceptance with my application letters. My application shall not be rejected In the gracious name of Jesus Christ.

46. I walk in miracles. I walk in endless favor in every area of my life all the days of my life. I receive a massive miracle job in the name of the Lord.

47. No demonic attack can hinder me from getting a good job through the miracle-working power of God Almighty. I shall testify of the goodness of the Lord today in the name of Jesus.

48. All that the enemy has set in motion against me are falling at my feet with no effect on me. I am getting my miracle job now in Jesus’ name.

49. No adversary can make me jobless. I have the mark of Christ on my life. I decree that I receive my miracle good job quickly in the name of Jesus.

50. Whatever needs to be cut off my life for me to get my miracle job is cut off now. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Midnight Prayer For Job Breakthrough

51. Everywhere I step in to apply for a job henceforth, men and women will favor me beyond my expectations. I shall get a miracle today in Jesus’ name.

52. I break free from every bondage of joblessness tonight. I break into multiple job offers that are very good for me. Let the angels of the Lord help me get a job in the name of Jesus.

53. Everything that has breath begins to show me kindness. Let humans favor me until I get a great job in the mighty name of Jesus.

54. Father let my eyes be open and my ears be open so that I may see and hear things that will lead me to get the best job for me. I refuse to walk in darkness in Jesus’ name.

55. Lord, don’t allow me to be wrongly employed. I receive the right employment that will make me shine in my purpose. I am a candidate of your mercy today and beyond.

56. Whatever that belongs to me that is currently in the wrong hands is restored to me now. My lost job is restored to me now by the power of our God.

57. Struggling to pay my bills is over now as I pray. That job that will give me more than enough money is my portion. I receive it in Jesus’ name.

58. My God, give me the job that will make people know I serve a living God. Let my testimony be bigger than what people have heard before in Jesus’ name.

59. I will no longer suffer to get a job from now henceforth. New doors of job offers are opened to me by the host of heaven in the mighty name of Jesus.

60. I unlock every lock that has kept the right job away from me for a long time. From now onward, jobs come to me with ease in Jesus’ powerful name.

Prayer For A Job Breakthrough Bible Verses

61. I can do all things through Crist that strengthens me. In the name of Jesus, I will receive good employment and I will not underperform at my place of work.

62. God can provide for me and keep me safe. I receive a new job and I will not lack again for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name.

63. My God can do abundantly above all I ask or think according to His power that works in me. I receive the job I longed to have this week. In the name of Jesus Christ.

64. Every weapon fashion against me will not prosper and I condemn every tongue risen against me right now. I will have my job breakthrough and nothing will stop it.

65. For God so loved the world that He gave Jesus Christ. I equally through the finished work of Christ receive a good job. In Jesus’ name.

66. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you. I give thanks knowing that I have a good job breakthrough at my door already. In the name of Jesus Christ.

67. With the heart man/woman believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. I believe and confess that my breakthrough job is around me. In Jesus’ name.

68. With God nothing shall be impossible. In the name of Jesus, having a good job is not impossible for me. I claim it and I receive it.

69. We have been created unto good works which the Father prepared before our arrival on earth. I begin to get good-quality jobs now. In the name of Jesus.

70. All things work together for the good of them that love Him. Everything works for my good and I get the job breakthrough. In Jesus’ name.

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