36 Prayer for Pastor’s Strength

To deliver spiritual assignments, strength is needed. Not just a spiritual strength but also physical strength. Any pastor who lacks strength either in the spirit or in the flesh cannot efficiently fulfill what God has called him to do.

One of the ways a pastor can have access to inward stamina to deliver his mandate is through the practice of prayer. The scripture has said that prayer makes power available. Therefore, to everyone who can pray, such will never lack power.

Every pastor is expected to pray. But also, the membership must pray for him. Pastor’s prayers coupled with members’ will make double energy available to deliver the purpose of God efficiently.

Do you desire to pray for your pastor? Here is a prayer to strengthen your pastor:

Prayer for Pastor’s Strength

1. Dear God and Father, I come before you to strengthen my pastor for the task given to him. Being a pastor is such a tasking assignment, strengthen him so that he will not fail in what you’ve called him to do.

2. Lord, I know that being a pastor is not a very hard job. There are so many demands and responsibilities that come with it, and at times it can be overwhelming. It’s on this account that I’m praying that you strengthen my pastor to do your goodwill in Jesus’ name.

3. I pray that you would give my pastor the strength he needs to discharge his duties with energy and joy. He shall never get tired of doing your will till he has completed his assignment on the earth.

4. It takes a lot of wisdom to lead your people unto glory, May he have the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to lead our church with wisdom and grace into their destinies.

5. I pray that you would give him the resilience to withstand the challenges and struggles that come with pastoral ministry. He shall not be overpowered by challenges in the name of Jesus.

6. Give him the grace to find joy and satisfaction in serving you and your people, even when the road ahead is difficult. Grant him the fortitude to stand strong with you when the wind of life comes strongly against him.

7. You’ve made him a gift to us all, may you empower him to do more than expected of him. Grant him every resource he needs to discharge the assignment.

8. Make the assignment prosper in his hands. Deliver him from the struggle and uncertainty that come with this assignment. He shall not be wearied by situations of life.

9. Strengthen him so that he will continue to be a blessing to his generation. Nothing shall be strong enough to defeat him in the race set ahead of him.

10. Make his ministry a source of hope and encouragement to millions of people around the world. Nothing shall make him wearied or tired in the name of Jesus.

Sample Prayers For Your Pastor

Do you want to pray for your pastor and you don’t know what kind of prayers you should offer? Prayer for pastor’s strength is very essential and must be prayed often! Here are a few sample prayers that you can offer to God for your pastor:

11. Dear father, I want to thank you for the life of my dear Pastor and for the grace you have bestowed upon him. Thank you for your abiding grace and wisdom over him. Let your name be highly exalted over him forever.

12. Dear God and Father, I want to ask you to bless and protect our pastor everywhere he goes. Make him an embodiment of blessings to his entire generation in the name of Jesus.

13. Make him strong and faithful to the leadership of our church. Bestow upon him every skill and knowledge it requires to be an outstanding leader of our church.

14. Encompass him with wisdom to lead the affairs of the church so that every member of the church will be able to enter their God-given destiny in the name of Jesus.

15. Grant him wisdom and discernment as he preaches and teaches Your Word to your holy people so that they can find your words applicable to their lives.

16. Let Your Spirit guide and strengthen him as he serves Your people into their respective destinies. None of your people will miss their heritage in you in the name of Jesus as he deploys his pastoral on them

17. Father, I pray that you strengthen him physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that he can cover the flocks against the onslaught of the wicked ones.

18. Grant him peace, rest, and joy in you so that he can serve your people with joy. Let your presence envelop him roundabout.

19. Heavenly Father, we appreciate you for our pastor’s leadership. Grant him grace to lead your people into their heritages. Grant him the spirit of courage and boldness to speak Your word and to serve with integrity and without fears

20. Dear God and Father, we pray that our pastor will be a light in the darkness beyond the comprehension of darkness, shining your truth and hope to those around him. I ask that you give him strength and resilience as he faces the challenges and stresses of ministry.

21. Lord, I ask that You pour out Your blessings on our pastor and his family such that he will not have rooms to contain them. All of them shall be united in love and serve your purpose till the end of life.

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Prayer For My Pastor

22. Dear Father and God, here am I before you lifting my pastor to You today and asking that You would bless and increase him on all sides. Let your spirit rest upon him more than ever before.

23. Let his words be seasoned with grace so that he may be able to minister courage and hope to the downcast. Through the messages preached by him today, many shall be made alive in the name of Jesus.

24. Lord, I ask that you keep guiding my dear pastor into your will, purpose, and counsel, and thereby he will be able to instruct the flocks in the right way.

25. Let your glory glow upon him from one degree to the other. Let your glory upon him never fade in the name of Jesus.

Healing Prayer for Pastor

Do you have a Pastor who is currently sick and you want him to recover fast? Here are healing prayers for your pastor:

26. Dear God our healer, I lift my pastor to you today, asking for your healing touch to be upon him. I ask that you would restore their strength and vitality and that you would bring complete healing to their body, mind, and spirit so that they can serve you well.

27. Let everything that is causing disease in his body be flushed out by the blood of Jesus. Let the enemy be put to shame over their lives in the name of Jesus.

28. Give him the wisdom to lead a healthy life so that his days maybe be fulfilled on earth. Do not allow anything to shorten his life.

29. Let your angels surround him like fire so that no destructive organism will be able to gain access to his body in the name of Jesus.

30. Protect our dear pastor with your jealousy. Cover him with your wings and protect him from the onslaught of the wicked.

31. Let your peace compass him like rivers. May he not understand pains all the days of his life in the name of Jesus. Glorify your name through him so that the whole may see and give honor to your holy name.

Prayer For The Pastor

32. Dear Father and God, I must give you thanks for my dear pastor and the grace given to him to serve you in love and with great passion. Let your name be highly praised over his life.

33. Let your blessings flow upon his life and ministry. As you do this, he will be able to extend the blessings to your people whom you loved.

34. Use my dear pastor in a great way to touch the lives of many people around the world. Do not let his impact known any form of boundaries in the name of Jesus.

35. Let the grace to work miracles and do marvelous works rest upon him. Grant him unusual spiritual power to do the unimaginable in the name of Jesus.

36. Give him sufficient grace to navigate through life so that he will not be ignorant about anything in this life in the name of Jesus. Glorify your name in his life forever in the name of Jesus.

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