24 Hour Financial Miracle Prayer

60 Powerful 24 Hour Financial Miracle Prayer for Miracle Money

God still does miracles like in the days of old. His power is still the same. If you can believe him, you will not lack His miracles in your life. God can do all things but you need faith to connect to him and receive all he can do. God can turn your life around within 24 hours if you can engage with this 24 hour financial miracle prayer with faith.

A lot can happen within a day when you pray earnestly. The heartfelt prayer of a righteous Christian still avails much. It makes tremendous power available for you to change anything and enjoy a closer walk with Jesus. This financial miracle prayer can lunch you into financial overflow.

With a strong passion to experience a turnaround, a 24-hours financial prayer will lead to instant growth and multiplication in your finance. You will not know how powerful prayer is unless you begin to pray intensely. I’m persuaded that you will return with testimonies as you offer these prayers in faith.

24 Hour Financial Miracle Prayer

1. In the name of Jesus, I command a financial miracle to be my portion within the next 24 hours. No power can hinder it from coming to pass.

2. I call forth supernatural money into my bosom now. Today, I receive an inflow of a good amount of money into my bank account by the miraculous power in the name of Jesus.

3. I receive my financial help even if it does not look like it is possible within 24 hours. My God, make a way for me where there seems to be no way and give me a heavy surprise today.

4. By the power of God, the financial miracle is in a couple of hours. I claim it and it will manifest in some hours in the name of Jesus.

5. My life is a life of miracles. I, therefore, call forth miracle money into my bosom. I receive money now like I have never received before in Jesus’ name.

6. I stand against any roadblock to my financial miracle today. In the next 24 hours, I will experience the mighty hand of God and men shall come to rejoice with me.

7. I receive my turnaround and upliftment in my finances in the next 24 hours. It will surely happen, nothing can stop in the powerful name of Jesus.

8. Every financial limitation is broken off my life within these 24 hours. I begin to walk in miracle wealth in abundance in Jesus’ name.

9. Jesus takes the wheel in my finances. Lead the way and bring me into financial prosperity today. Lead me Lord to a place where I lack nothing.

10. By divine providence, I will experience the miracle that will permanently take away financial struggles in my life.

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Prayer For A Financial Miracle Today

11. Father, give me a financial miracle that will blow my mind today. Give me a financial testimony of your wonderful personality today in Jesus’ name.

12. Heavenly Father, I enter into a new realm of financial bliss today by your leading as I go out. I shall be led into abundance and the fullness of your blessings In the mighty name of Jesus.

13. Today Lord, make me richer than I was yesterday. Increase my wealth and promote me in life in the mighty name of Jesus.

14. As I step out today, I step into more money than I already have. My barns shall be filled with plenty and my cup shall run over in the name of Lord.

15. Lord, let the increase in my finances multiply today as I listen to your instructions. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path in Jesus’ name.

16. I declare today my day of a financial miracle. It is my day of financial overflow. Nothing will prevent me from having my miracle in the name of Jesus.

17. All things will work together for me today. No matter what happens around me, financial miracles are mine in the powerful name of Jesus.

18. This is the day that the Lord has made. I declare it blessed for me financially. I claim it in my favor in the name of Jesus Christ.

19. In the name of Jesus, I go up financially today. The downward movement is not my portion. I am going upward and forward.

20. New doors of great financial miracles are mine today. I cast out the enemy from my financial engagements in the mighty name of Jesus.

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Prayer For Financial Breakthrough Today

21. In the consistent nature of God, I know God will always keep His promises for me. I receive a financial breakthrough today. In the precious name of Jesus.

22. My day is blessed beyond measure. Financial breakthrough is mine today like never before in my life in Jesus’ name.

23. From this moment on and all through today, financial bliss is my portion. I break into a new height of financial glory.

24. As I declare my financial breakthrough, I will have it. My gates are open to receive financial prosperity today in the ever-productive name of Jesus.

25. I move out of financial obscurity into financial breakthroughs today. I decree it and so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

26. Every plan of the enemy to make me suffer financially and not experience a breakthrough is destroyed now in Jesus Might name.

27. My family and I are breaking forth into wealth today. We shall all have testimonies of the lifting of God at the end of today in Jesus’ name.

28. Lord, help us, your children to have the desired financial breakthrough today by all means in the powerful name of Jesus.

29. All the brethren will encounter portions of your financial help today by your mighty hand. So shall it be in the mighty name of Jesus.

30. In all I do today, give me a financial breakthrough like no one in history has ever had. I break through in my finances in Jesus’ name.

Prayer For A Money Miracle Today

31. I will never lack money today and onward. I begin to walk in the abundance of financial fortune in the name of Jesus.

32. This is my day. Today is my day for money miracles from the throne of God. I will not miss all God has for me today in the mighty name of Jesus.

33. Jesus, create new avenues for me to earn better today. Let your glory show me how I can make better progress financially today.

34. My heart is open to having that miracle money today. That money that will change my life positively is mine today in the powerful name of Jesus.

35. Father, I believe you have plans to prosper me today. I receive the money miracles you have for me. In Jesus’ name.

36. This is the right moment I start to experience financial increase. Today is the day you will send that miraculous money to me, God in the name of Jesus Christ.

37. My Lord, bring me into greener pastures today. Make me see opportunities with money miracles for me in Jesus’ name.

38. Every mountain against my money miracle today, I terminate you from your root permanently in the powerful name of Jesus.

39. No matter the works of the enemy against me, I will still have my miracle money today in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ.

40. The money miracle that the Lord has organized to come to me today will not be aborted. I receive all of them with nothing left out.

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Urgent Money Miracle Prayer

41. My Lord, the needs are pressing and very urgent. I will never be put to shame. The money I need to sort out this urgency is made available now in the name of Jesus.

42. I call forth the ministry of angels into my life urgently. Let them bring men and women that will favor me financially in the name of Jesus Christ.

43. Money miracle is my portion today as I begin to pray. Father, send financial help to me so that this reproach will be destroyed forever.

44. Lord, exceed my financial expectation in this situation. Give me the miracle money that will solve this problem immediately in Jesus’ name.

45. As I step into a new day, I step into miracle money from every direction I turn to by your arrangement In the mighty name of Jesus.

46. I call forth miracle money into my hands today to meet my urgent needs. I declare myself a beneficiary of the financial mercies of God in Jesus’ name.

47. Enough miracle money to meet my basic needs and project needs come to be now. I shall swim in river of favor today n the mighty name of Jesus.

48. Let the four corners of the earth yield financial blessings for me. May the financial increase continue to flow in my life to meet all urgent needs in Jesus’ name.

49. I call upon you, my God to help me. Release your financial miracle into my life so that I may solve this problem in Jesus’ name.

40. In the mighty name of Jesus, I call forth my miracle money speedily. This day is sorted and I will testify.

Powerful Prayer For Instant Money

41. God almighty, change situations for me to have more money in my life and ministry. Let lack be a forgotten story in the name of Jesus Christ.

42. Father, uproot everything in me that is not making me expand financially. Change my life for good, Lord, and make a platform for your praise in Jesus’ name.

43. Lift my head above the waters of life and bring me into a place of financial productivity in the powerful name of Jesus.

44. Lord, help me to have money every time I need it. I will walk in continuous property in every season of my life in Jesus’ name.

45. I enter your rest for my soul financially, Jesus. Take absolute control of my finances and lead me into a great miracle money today.

46. Nothing is strong enough to hold me back anymore financially. I break loose from any barrier against an instant manifestation of finances in my life In the name of Jesus.

47. I walk into the miracle money you have prepared ahead of time for me today, Lord. This day will bring me into a better financial state.

48. I stand against every force pulling me backward in my finances. Let the power of God melt every opposition against my miracle money.

49. By faith, I declare an end to financial lack in my life and the life of my loved ones in the powerful name of Jesus.

50. My morning, noon, and night will be full of financial miracles today. Every moment will bring me financial blessings in Jesus’ name.

Lord I Need A Financial Miracle Today

51. Oh Lord, I need your financial blessing today for me and my loved ones. Show us your mercy financially. We ask with all our hearts in prayer.

52. Jesus, here we are seeking your face for financial miracles for all you have asked us to do for your kingdom on earth. Give us a financial miracle.

53. In the name of Jesus, let financial bliss become the portion of my immediate family. Lord, we need a financial miracle today.

54. Father, we have come this far because of your love and grace. Make a way for us that may have great financial miracles today in Jesus’ name.

55. My God, I need your help with my finance. Help me and lift me into a height of great financial capacity. Help me, Lord!

56. I need a miracle today, Lord. I need your financial miracle today to have a better life and to be a blessing to everyone around me.

57. Let my days be filled with your financial miracles in every area of my life, Lord. This I ask in the mighty name of Jesus.

58. Lord, you know I need a supernatural financial miracle today. My heart is open and I receive it from you today in the powerful name of Jesus.

59. The best financial blessing comes from you, Lord. I receive today your financial blessing for my life and ministry to get better.

60. Today, I need your financial blessing. Lord, bring me to a place where I can have that financial miracle that I need. In Jesus’ name In Jesus’ name.

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