Speech Of Gratitude To God

100+Prayers and Speech Of Gratitude To God for Everything He Has Done

God’s goodness is undeniable. One of the things that cannot be denied is the goodness of the Lord to His creations. His power has held everything together from the eternal past to date. If everyone thinks deeply about the goodness of the Lord, we’ll all be grateful to Him forever and ever.

The goodness of the Lord can easily be taken for granted if one is not thoughtful enough to recount the wonderful works of the Lord in his/her life. While we trust the Lord for what we don’t have, we must be grateful to him for what we already have. Speech of gratitude to God is the expression of your thankfulness to him.

Whoever is grateful to the Lord for what He has given him will no doubt get other greater blessings. Gratitude puts you in a position where the Lord pours out more blessings unto you. Speech of gratitude to God must be offered to the Lord constantly.

Thinking of the goodness of the Lord since you were born will make you give thanks to Him unceasingly. Glorify the Lord as much as you can and you’ll see Him do amazing wonders in your life. A grateful heart is a great life!

Prayer For Gratefulness

If you have always desired to see the Lord do more amazing things in your life, offering a speech of gratitude to God will be your priority all your life. If you have cultivated the attitude of Thanksgiving, you’ll see the Lord do incredible wonders in your life. Offer the speech of gratitude to God today and your days shall be fulfilled in the heart.

1. Dear God of all creation, I give you big thanks for being there for me all my life. I’m grateful to you for the good things that you’ve been committed to doing in my space. Be lifted high forever in the name of Jesus. Amen.

2. Thank you for the mercy which you have shown constantly every day of my life. You have been a wonderful God who does wonders without number to His creation. May you be exalted forevermore. Amen.

3. Being alive is nothing but a gift of mercy from the Lord who is rich in mercy. I’m grateful and I will never take your goodness for granted any day. Be lifted high in the name of Jesus.

4. For everything you have done for me from birth, I’m grateful dear God. Your goodness is worth talking about to the end of the earth. Be glorified and exalted forevermore.

5. I have grown to be a better person through the investment of your grace in my life. I treasure your gift of mercy in my life above all things. May you be praised forevermore.

6. If not for your benevolence in my life, the enemies would have exerted upon me and rejoiced over me. Thank you for not living me to the wishes of my enemies. I’m grateful dear Lord.

7. You’ve been a loving Father who never leaves anyone who trusts in Him. I’m here to dance to your goodness in my life.

8. I call you the best Father and friend because that’s who you are to me. Let your name be praised and glorified in my life and my space in the name of Jesus.

9. You’ve been there for me all the while, you’ve been a caring and loving Father to me in every way. Let your name be praised among your angels in the name of Jesus.

10. You’ve been very persistent in your investment in my life. Thank you for not giving me up on me even when I’m not responsive to your leadership. Be glorified in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Words and Prayer Of Gratitude To God

11. Lord God of heaven and the earth, I’m grateful to you for all that you’ve been doing for me. You’ve kept me safe and sound from the attacks of the wicked ones. Your name is exalted forevermore.

12. You’ve showered me with your love and kindness even when I don’t deserve it. I will not stop talking about your great goodness in my life. You’re lifted forevermore.

13. This single life that you’ve given me, I’m forever grateful to you for it. My life shall be used to talk of your goodnesses unto me. You’re praised forever. Amen.

14. Thank you for surrounding me with great men and women. If not for you, I couldn’t have had the privilege of such, I’m grateful to you.

15. My life has been peaceful and blissful because you Lord have made it so. You’re due to all the credit and glory in my life.

16. There is no other god that can share your glory over my life. You deserve it all and I will always give it all to you. I’m grateful to you Lord forever and ever.

17. Your blessings upon my life are countless and endless. You’ve made my life so beautiful. Your name shall be praised forevermore. Amen.

18. You’ve done so much for me and I can’t tell you it all. Your goodness is great and your mercy is endlessly glorious. Your name is praised forevermore over my life and all that belongs to me.

19. What you’ve done for me, I cannot tell it all, my dear God. You’re a great and mighty God and you are great to be praised. You’re beautiful in all situations.

20. You’ve made my life beautiful in your house, glory to your name in the highest forever. Thank you, my God, and my Father. You’re lifted forevermore.

Prayer to Thank God for Everything

21. Here am I, my great Father to express my gratitude to you for everything around my life. I’m grateful to you forevermore.

22. You’ve filled my heart with joy that no one else can give to me in this world. I’m grateful to you my God because of the investment of your jealousy over me.

23. My life is what it is today because you’ve shown me undeniable mercy. I can’t deny your investment of jealousy in my life. Your name is praised forevermore.

24. If I turn all my hairs to tongues, they’ll all be insufficient to talk of your goodness to me. I’m forever grateful to you my God and my Father.

25. Thank you is too little to express the depth of my gratitude to you, my God. All I want to say is thank you, Lord, my Father, and my God.

26. Thank you for keeping me alive today in the sound health of my body and my soul. You’re in every way a faithful and wonderful God.

27. Recounting your goodness and mercy to me has made me speechless. I do not know how to say thank you to you for all things you’ve done for me.

28. You have been a loving Father who always has my interest at heart. Thank you for making me a priority in your heart, dear Father.

29. Be glorified in my life for all you’ve done for me. I’m grateful forevermore. You’ve never left me alone for one day, what a great and loving God you are!

30. If not for the show of your mercies on my life, I would have been like them that go down to pit. You’ve jealously kept me over the years. I give you my praise and worship.

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Beautiful Prayers Of Gratitude

41. To God of heaven and the Father of all spirits, I cannot take your goodness and kindness for granted. I recognize and appreciate your loving kindness in my life. May you be praised forevermore.

42. You’ve made everything beautiful for me, you made everything work in line with your counsel for my life. I’m grateful dear Lord.

43. For everything you’ve allowed to come my way, I want to say I’m grateful. You’ve used one situation or the other to educate me on what to do. Glory be to your name!

44. I have enjoyed your wisdom and prudence to deal wisely in the affairs of life. I praise you because your wisdom will remain in ceaseless flow over my life.

45. I owe you gratitude every day of my life. There’s nothing I want to give but to render thanksgiving unto you, dear merciful Lord. I’ll forever dance before your holy throne.

Prayer Expressing Gratitude to God

46. Thank you for occupying my life with amazing people who have been giving me the support required for my next level in life. I receive wisdom to keep such people in my life. Amen.

47. All your wonderful works in my life are great and endless and beyond that can be numbered. Thank you Jesus for all these that you’ve done for me.

48. The most precious gift of it all is that you’ve given all things required for life and godliness. Be praised in your holy throne. Be exalted in the name of Jesus.

49. My being alive has no meaning without you. I’m deeply grateful for making me know you the only living and true God. Glory be to your name in the highest. Amen.

50. I’m deeply thankful for giving me the knowledge of you more than every other thing else. May I remain devoted and thankful to you forevermore!

Prayer For Gratitude And Abundance

51. You’re the Lord who makes provisions for all your creation. You provide for all their needs and as much as will require. May you be lifted forever.

52. Since I was born, you’ve been a faithful Father who has been committed to caring for all that belongs to you. Thank God I belong to you.

53. Through your manifold kindness, you’ve shown me mercy and constant provision. Let your name alone be forever exalted in the highest.

54. I’m full of joy and gladness for making me see fruitfulness in all that I do. You bless the works of my hands and my endeavors. Be praised forever.

55. I’m glad I belong to you, my God and my Father. Your name is praised and exalted in the highest. I’m thankful to you for all your provisions.

Prayer Of Gratitude to God for the Gift Of Creation

56. Your creation is beautiful and you’ve made them all a point of reference and glorification of your beautiful name. For everything you’ve made, I’m thankful.

57. You’ve created all things for the good pleasure of your will and they’ve all been serving your purposes and your counsels. May all things continue to give praise unto you.

58. Thank you for prospering the works of my hands-on earth, you’ve made everything that you have made synchronize with my destiny. Be lifted forevermore.

59. The gift you’ve given me is worthy of giving you thanks for. I’m the work of your hands and everything around my life shall praise your name forevermore

60. As you’ve exalted your words above your name, let your will and purpose be fully fulfilled in my life in the name of Jesus.

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Thank You God For Everything Prayer

61. Let the name of the Lord be glorified for everything beautiful in my life, He’s the Lord who has made everything beautiful for me and to me.

62. My family, friends, and loved ones all that you’ve given me are nothing but a bunch of blessings to me. I’m thankful to you for everything, my God.

63. Your goodness is glaring in my life and I cannot deny your greatness in my life. You made my life so beautiful that is worth emulating.

64. Everything around my life is worth dancing and giving thanks to. My life is filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Be praised and be exalted forevermore.

65. Your love and goodness are radiating over me because your kindness is better than life. May your mercy never cease in my life.

66. Who else could have done me this manifold kindness if not for you God almighty over your works? Your hands have been very strong and mighty upon my life.

67. My God and My Father, the same way you’ve been faithful over my life and the works of my hands, may I continue to enjoy your faithfulness in the name of Jesus.

68. I was in my mother’s womb and you kept me. Your faithfulness is practically endless and I cannot tell it all. I’m grateful and deeply devoted to you

69. May you help me to remain grateful to you no matter what! May your name be glorified in my life and in all that I do in the name of Jesus. Blessed be your name, oh Lord.

70. I’m glad I belong to you Lord of heaven and the earth. Your jealousy made me indefatigable to the enemy. I’m grateful and glad to you, dear Lord God.

How to Express Your Gratitude to God

A grateful prayer and a thankful heart the Lord will not despise. If you are grateful to the Lord for everything He has been doing for you, He will be moved to do much more for you. Offer the speech of gratitude to God and you’ll be surprised at what the Lord will yet do for you.

71. With a grateful heart and the word of praise, I want to say thank you Lord God almighty for your inexhaustible mercy. Lord, I’m grateful to you forevermore.

72. If you have not kept me alive up till this moment, what will I do? Your goodness has made my life an enviable one. Glory be to your name, dear Lord

73. I have grown to become a better version of myself in every respect. I’m deeply thankful to the Lord God almighty my Creator.

74. You’ve crowned my life with goodness and mercy now more than in the time past. Your goodness shall not be withdrawn from me in the name of Jesus.

75. All you’re doing for me are things that I cannot overlook. Your kindness is glaring and no one can deny it in any way. I’m grateful to you forevermore.

76. You’ve been standing by me everywhere I go, you’ve been my leader everywhere I turn. Thank you for making your mountains a way for me.

77. The blessings that have been flowing towards my life are not deserved, they’re just a show of your goodness to me and my loved ones.

78. Each day of my life is an opportunity to say thank you Lord for keeping me sound and safe on this earth. Your goodness shall not be lost in my life in the name of Jesus.

79. You alone are worthy of my praise and worship. For all you’ve done for me and what you’ll yet do, I’m grateful to you Lord. Be glorified forevermore.

80. This is another day that you’ve made, I will rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it. Let your hands be stronger upon my Life in the name of Jesus.

Prayer of Appreciation to God

81. Dear Good God, thank you for the privilege of living in the land of the living, you’ve been my stronghold and sustainer all the way. Glory be to you in the highest.

82. You’ve made me a participator in the heavenly blessings. You’re a good and great God and Father to me. Lord, I’m forever thankful to you.

83. Every blessing that is hidden in you, you’ve made a partaker of it. You’ve not made me lose out on anything beneficial to me. Glory to be your name in the highest!

84. To my praise to you is forever and ever, I will not stop talking of your goodness and kindness to me. The end of the earth shall join me to magnify your holy name.

85. I’m the one with whom you’ve shown mercy and loving-kindness. Glory be to your name on high and in the firmament. I’m grateful to you dear Lord and great Father.

Powerful Gratitude Prayer

86. I come before your holy throne to offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving for all that you’ve done for me and everything that you mean to me. Your name is glorified forevermore.

87. Your wondrous works are so large deep and high that it will take an eternity to fully express your kindness unto me. I’m deeply grateful to you dear Lord.

88. Your goodness is overwhelming, your wonders are endless. If I’m to keep talking about it, I cannot fully express it. You’re a wonderful and great God.

89. You’ve been with me even when everyone else gives way. You’re a wonderful God and faithful Father. Glory be to your name in the highest.

90. It’s been through your strength that I have received the power to conquer every work of Satan. I pray that you’ll keep strengthening me, dear Lord.

Prayer for Humility and Gratitude

Are you in need of prayer for being grateful? Below are thankfulness prayers to help you express your gratitude to God.

91. I want to say thank you Lord for your saving grace over my life. You’ve made my life a beautiful one by the power of your salvation. Glory be to your name!

92. I’m grateful for teaching me humility and submission to your will and your ways. Lord, I ask for the grace to stay humble and lowly under your mighty hands. Amen.

93. I pray for the grace to stay humble under your mighty hands so that you can exalt me in due time. Let the grace to be submissive under your hands be released unto me in the name of Jesus. Amen.

94. May I find grace to be all that you want me to be in this life so that my life will be used as a platform to express your message to the end of the earth.

95. I pray again every spirit of pride that may want to gain entrance into my soul to rob me of my heritage to you. Let your fire burn off everything that is not of you in me in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

96. My life has been fully and well lived because your grace has enabled me to walk on the meaningful path that you’ve set for me. I praise you for all these!

97. You’ve been my Shepherd and my Father who has been leading me in all the ways that I should go so that I do not dash my feet against any stone. Thank you for your guidance over the years.

98. My life has been colorful and attractive because you’ve given me the wisdom to lead my life correctly. Glory be to your name in the highest, great God.

99. My life has been surrounded by a series of wonderful events because God has made it so. Your goodness shall not cease in my life in the name of Jesus.

100. Your steadfast love shall continue to abound in my life and my family. I shall continue to glorify your name throughout my days on earth in the name of Jesus.

101. The fire of joy that you’ve kindled in my life shall not be quenched in the name of Jesus. From now till my last day on earth, I shall continue to glorify you. Amen.

102. I have come to say thank you for helping me to come this far, thank you for being with me and showing me your kindness. Your name is praised in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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