Week by Week Pregnancy Prayers

70 Powerful Week by Week Pregnancy Prayers for Yourself and Friends

Everything about this life requires the input of prayers. We ought to pray as often as we can to make things go well for us. One of the things we must consider precious to pray about is pregnancy. It requires not only a weekly prayer but also a daily prayer. If you commit things to the hand of God every day, you can be sure of the most desirable outcome.

Pregnancy is a gift from God. A week by week pregnancy prayers keep you in the atmosphere of God’s help and shield you from the onslaught of the wicked and complications. God is interested in everything that makes you happy and fulfilled. He wants you to have your baby safely and that’s why you must be bold to approach him for help.

Are you pregnant or do you know someone who is? If you are currently pregnant, you need these prayers and if you know someones who is pregnant, you should pray for them. As you offer these prayers with your heart full of faith, your expectations shall become a reality. You can pray the following prayers week by week.

Miracle Daily Pregnancy Prayers

1. My pregnancy will never be terminated by the mercies of the Lord. I will give birth to my child in peace without issues In Jesus’ name.

2. The Lord will keep my pregnancy safe from every form of attack. No weapon formed against me shall prosper In the mighty name of Jesus.

3. The hand of the Lord is upon me now and always. Nothing will be missing and nothing will be broken in my life. I will give birth safely just like the Hebrew woman In the name of Jesus.

4. My going out and coming in every day and every week is protected. My pregnancy is secured under the shadow of the Almighty God in the name of Jesus.

5. The glory of the Lord is upon your life daily and weekly. Week by week you are safe and your pregnancy is safe. We shall hear good news break forth from you In the name of Jesus.

6. God will lift you above the issues of life week to week. You will be blessed and your pregnancy is protected by the blood of Jesus. Only good news shall be heard concerning the precious child you are having in your womb.

7. Today is my day, in the name of Jesus. My pregnancy is blessed and my baby will grow to become a godly seed. Through the seed coming from me, the nations of the earth shall be blessed.

8. The Lord is my portion in the land of the living. I am not going to suffer any miscarriage. His arms will protect me covering me in every place I go in the name of Jesus.

9. The devil will never fulfill his plans for my pregnancy, only the name of the Lord shall be glorified in the name of Jesus. God is with me In the precious name of Jesus.

10. Father, this pregnancy will not fail by any means, form, or shape, you will keep me just like the apple of your eyes In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Week by Week Pregnancy Prayers Third Trimester

Below are week by week pregnancy prayers third trimester for a safe delivery:

11. Thank you father for giving me this precious gift. My baby will be a blessing to me and generations. In Jesus’ name.

12. In the mighty name of Jesus, this pregnancy will bring forth a child. No issue will lead to bad news.

13. This pregnancy is the favor of God expressed to me and my family in great measure. Thank you, father.

14 I speak life and wellness to my pregnancy. This third trimester is protected and sealed with the seal of the Lord.

15. In the name of Jesus, safe delivery is my portion. Nothing will be out of place for me during this period.

16. The grace of God is perfected in this pregnancy. You shall deliver your child safely In Jesus’ name.

17. The God that enabled you to carry your baby in the womb till this time will make your delivery easy.

18. No devil can cause you to lose your child. I pray everything will work accordingly In the mighty name of Jesus.

19. God is working things out for you faster than you can imagine In the name of Jesus, you will give birth to a healthy baby.

20. Receive the grace to finish this pregnancy process in great health and your baby will be born safely. In the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Safe Delivery For My Sister or Friend

21. Dear sister, I pray that you will not have any issues while giving birth, and everything shall go well with you In the precious and mighty name of Jesus.

22. God will make all things work together for your good as you give birth in that hospital, everyone who will be part of the delivery shall be empowered by God.

23. May God prove that He is your God during this period, the baby will come out with much ease and you will give birth safely in the precious name of Jesus.

24. May the Lord order your steps and cause you to walk in his glory. Your delivery is smooth and safe in the name of Jesus.

25. The mercy of God is going to speak over your life as you deliver your baby In the gracious name of Jesus.

26. My dear pregnant friend, I stand before God to ask that He gives you angels to guide your delivery and supervise every process In the name of Jesus Christ.

27. You are not afraid of pregnancy complications because it shall not be your portion in the name of Jesus. I rebuke every fear in you. You will enter the labor room and return very safely.

28. Father in heaven, give my sister a safe delivery. Let her sing songs of joy after the birth of her child to the glory of your name.

29. God will cause His face to shine upon you graciously. You will give birth without having any problems. Very soon, you shall call us for a celebration.

30. As your days are so shall your strength be. Your delivery with be hitch-free, and everything shall go well with you In the mighty name of Jesus.

31. Nothing will make you afraid in the journey you are embarking on, you shall go with ease and return with ease by the mercies of God.

32. The sure mercies of God shall accompany you and you shall return with great testimonies in the name of Jesus. Go in peace and return in peace.

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Praying For A Safe Delivery Quotes

33. As you enter the labor room, you will not labor too long before your baby comes out In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

34. God is working everything out for your good. By divine providence, you will deliver your child peacefully and your delivery will bring glory to God almighty.

35. Nothing will prevent you from having a safe delivery. God will make your delivery hitch-free like that of a Hebrew woman In the precious name of Jesus.

36. I pray for you that by the mercy of God, you will give birth with ease. Your life and that of your child are preserved by the power of God’s mercy.

37. Father, give my niece peace of heart as she enters the labor room. Make her life easier and the process very glorious so that her joy may be full.

38. Lord, grant my niece her heart desires, and may the birth of her child be stress-free through the power in your name.

39. Let heaven work for you and let the earth yield increase for you. You will not leave the labor room heartbroken. You will deliver your child by the mercy of God.

40. The thoughts and plans of the enemy over your life will not come to pass, only the counsel of God shall stand in your life In the name of Jesus.

41. Heavenly Father, I commit my niece into your hands. As you have blessed her with a husband, you will bless her with a baby. She will give birth safely as she expects her baby.

42. Everything that needs to start working in your life begins to work now. Your child will be born in the right atmosphere and God will take all the glory In the mighty name of Jesus.

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Praying For A Safe Delivery Message

43. May God breathe upon every area of your life. May you never struggle to give birth safely. In the name of Jesus.

44. Every barrier to your safe delivery is lifted now. Nothing can stand against your pregnancy, you will have it according to your heart’s desires.

45. God will see you through this phase of your life. Your child will be delivered safely through a peaceful process In the precious name of Jesus.

46. Your going out and coming in as an expectant mother is blessed, nothing shall harm and you shall not harm anything except your enemy.

47. In Jesus’ name, God will make all things work for you and you will deliver your child smoothly. Because of the testimonies of ease that you will share, others shall desire to be pregnant.

48. Nothing will hinder a successful child delivery in your home. Your testimony will be permanent In the glorious name of Jesus.

49 No devil will cause you to lose your pregnancy. God will see you through this season and beyond and your testimony shall be full.

50. Angels are on assignment to make your delivery easy. Rejoicing will not seize your home both now and always.

51. In the name of Jesus, you will give birth in peace and not in pieces. Everything you need will not be missing. Every organ and tissue in your body shall function adequately.

52. The mighty hand of God is upon your life. You are giving birth to a glorious child. God will perfect everything concerning your season in the name of Jesus.

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Prayer For Labor And Delivery

53. May you have a safe delivery. God will make all things beautiful for you beyond your expectations.

54. This is not going to be hard for you. You are going to have a safe delivery. Cheer up and thank God.

55. I know you have been through a lot of things. Don’t worry about the future and let’s focus on your pregnancy. You will have a safe delivery.

56. God did not bring you this far to abandon you. Your life is beautiful and you will give birth to this baby safely.

57. Today is another day to expect the safe delivery of your precious baby. Things will work out beautifully.

58. Having a baby is the most significant gift every parent wishes to have. Yours is almost here and you will deliver peacefully. I pray that you have a safe delivery. May you experience limitless joy and a divine supply of all the resources you need.

59. This is not the time to wish that things are different because you don’t have all the money you want. You have a baby on the way and God will ensure you deliver safely.

70. Trust God and trust yourself to pull through this phase of your life. You will give birth safely to your baby. Your baby will be glad to have you. Be happy every day as we make good preparation to welcome the birth of your baby safely.

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