Prayer for the Week Ahead

60 Powerful Blessings and Prayer for the Week Ahead

Prayer has always been the key. Prayer is a means by which we communicate with God, making known to Him our desires. To have a blissful week, we must pray. We can’t go to the future to see what it would look like, but with prayer, we can design it into what we want it to be.

Prayer for the week ahead goes a long way in ensuring that your week goes well. Even as you pray, you need to trust God completely and work with Him. Prayer yields result, ensure to always pray. You will find several prayers for the week ahead as you read on to help you condition your week.

While you offer these powerful prayers for yourself, you should also extend them to friends, family, and loved ones.

Prayer for a New Week

Offer this powerful prayer for the week ahead:

1. Lord, I pray that you go before me and make this week blessed for me. I ask that you keep evil away from me. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, I thank you for the new week. Thank you for all the blessings you have prepared for me in this new week. Thank you.

3. Lord, I ask that you will give him or her strength to deal with the challenges that come with the week ahead. Thank you for your strength!

4. Dear God, I ask that this new week be peaceful. Thank you for the abundance of joy on all sides. It only gets better for my family and I. Amen.

5. Lord, I ask that you guide us in the week. Lead us in the path of righteousness for your name’s sake. Anoint our heads with oil and cause our cups to overflow.

6. Dear God, I ask that you take away all this pain. I want to dance and laugh in this new week. Help me Lord for your word says you will never leave us nor forsake us.

7. I ask that you cause your face to shine upon them. Bless them and help them make the right choices. Wrap your hands of love around them and give them peace. Amen.

8. Lord, I feel like I am losing strength. Your word says you give to those who ask. I ask for strength and peace in this new week. Help me not fall, keep me standing firm.

9. Thank you, Lord for another week. I am blessed and lifted above every difficulty. My frets are planted in the Lord, I will not be moved by any challenge that comes my way. So help me God.

10. Dear God, help us in the new week. Renew your Spirit within us and help us become more like you. This is what I ask in your holy name, amen.

Short Prayer For The Week

11. Lord, I ask for the strength to walk in love this week. Help me not falter, help me to show forth your love to men, that they may come to you.

12. Dear friend, I pray to the Lord to guide and keep you and your family. May His face shine upon you all this week.

13. May the Lord give you strength. Blessings, favor, peace, and breakthrough are your reality this week. Have a good week.

14. It is my sincere prayer for you this week that you be happy. I pray for victory over every challenge for you this week.

15. May the Lord be with you always, leading you on the path you should go. Your week is blessed and filled with His Glory.

16. I pray for a new beginning for you this week. I pray this week marks the beginning of a turnaround. Happy new week!

17. You move from glory to glory this week. I pray God gives you the strength to prevail over your enemies and put them to flight.

18. May your tears be wiped away this new week. I pray for help and joy for you this week, the Lord lifts your head.

19. Lord, I ask that you visit my family and me. I ask that you turn our labor into favor. Give us all round victory. Amen.

20. I pray for success, good health, and grace this week. Lord, I ask that you renew your Spirit within me, and make me more like you. Amen.

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Prayer For Every Day Of The Week

21. Sunday
Thank you for this Sunday. It’s another time to gather together to praise you with believers. I pray that you accept all of our thanksgiving to you.

22. Sunday
Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see the start of another week. I pray that you keep my mind focused on you always. Help me worship you in Spirit and truth.

23. Monday
Dear Lord, thank you for waking me up today. I pray you will help me to keep my mind positive this day. I chose to enter this week with positivity.

24. Tuesday
It’s another day to go out to earn a living for myself and my family. I ask for favor, guidance, and for you to be with me always even as I navigate through this sea called life.

25. Wednesday
Lord, I ask that today will not be an exception. I ask that your presence and help continually be with us, always guiding our decisions and keeping us productive.

26. Thursday
I pray that you give me the strength to keep going. Help me overcome every obstacle that comes my way. I pray you will help me remain positive always, walking in joy and love.

27. Friday
Lord, even as I sow my seeds, I ask for an increase. I ask that you water my seeds with the rain of heaven. Let my labor not be in vain. Thank you for allowing me to make it through this week.

28. Saturday
Your word says “A laborer is worthy of his reward”. Lord, I ask that you bless my labor this week. I ask that you cause my labor to bring for fruit.

29. Saturday
Thank you dear Lord for allowing me to make it to the end of this week. I have seen how much you love me and I am thankful. I pray for a full harvest of my labor this week. Amen

30. Monday
I know that whatever may occur this week, I am well-equipped to handle it. I choose to enter the week with positivity, knowing that you have already gone before me. It’s a blessed week already.

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Wishing You A Great Week Ahead

31. I wish that you will be able to make a difference in your endeavors today and through the coming week. Wishing you a great week ahead.

32. Goodness and mercy shall follow you this week. Your path is illuminated by the light of God, and your week is greatly blessed. Have a lovely week ahead.

33. It’s a good week for you and your loved ones. You experience the goodness of God even in your business. A good week to you.

34. As we step into this new week filled with hope, may you be celebrated and favored beyond your expectations! Happy New Week my friend.

35. Welcome to another great week. I wish you a wonderful and fruitful week. Move to your next level this week, dear friend.

36. Cheers to a great week ahead, filled with joy and prosperity. We make a difference this week. Success to us all.

37. Have a wonderful week ahead. We enjoy prosperity beginning this week. We are open to great ideas and inspiration and we do great things.

38. I wish you a blessed week, full of love, joy, and success. Happy New Week to you, my dear friend. You are favored and elevated.

39. May this be my week of great favor, blessings, and open doors. This week, I do more, study more, pray more, and reap more.

40. I wish you the courage and strength to keep moving forward until you reach your goals and achieve all your dreams. Happy New Week, Brother.

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Blessings For The Week Ahead

41. The week ahead is blessed. Your success will be immeasurable as the sand of the earth. Just as the sun shines bright, so also will you shine bright, giving light to the life of many.

42. In the week ahead, you will experience favor beyond measures. Your cart is enlarged. You grow in leaps and bounds.

43. You are like a city set on a hill. You will be seen whenever you go. Your light shines so brightly. Your presence will bring hope to many.

44. You will break new ground because God has given you the key to do so. You are unstoppable, you are great, and you excel mightily.

45. The blessings of the Lord enrich and do not add pain. Testimony of multiple folds will be upon you in the week ahead and evil will be far from you.

46. Be determined, and do not lose focus. A diligent man will stand before Kings and not mere men. Keep doing your best, you will be paid back soon.

47. Always keep your head up, let nothing discourage you. Though the week ahead may be like the boisterous sea, you have victory in Christ.

48. Blessings and breakthroughs await you in the week ahead. You enter into rest on all sides. Your labors will be fruitful.

49. The journey to a greater height begins with one step. Do not back down in pursuing that which you want in the week ahead. You will go from glory to glory.

50. Be intentional about your success in the week ahead. Work invested creates opportunities and opportunities make way for a man. Have a great week ahead.

Short New Week Prayer

51. Hello Dear. A happy new week to you. I pray for grace and strength for you. I pray that this week, you are lifted above all challenges and nothing will bring you down.

52. Dear God, I ask that you guide me this week. I pray this week is full of many opportunities and successes.

53. I ask that you show me that path to walk in this new week. Help me find my purpose this week, that I may live according to your will.

54. Dear God, thank you for the fresh start. I ask for guidance as I go through this week. Thank you, Lord, for going ahead of me.

55. Today, I pray for grace and peace. Help me go through this week, Lord. Give me the strength to prevail.

56. This week, I pray for opportunities to succeed. Even as these opportunities come, help me make the best use of them. Amen.

57. Dear God, I ask that you guide me this week. Keep me from evil and deliver me from every oppression.

58. Even as I have entered a new week, I pray for new blessings. I pray that you uplift and uphold me always.

59. Father, I thank you for this new week. I know that your thought for me is that of peace. Help me walk with you always.

60. On this day, I pray for a better week. Please, help me get rid of all my bad attitudes, so that I may live wholly for you.

Have A Great Week Ahead Messages

61. New weeks come with new opportunities. Make sure to make the best use of those opportunities. Have a great week ahead, dear friend.

62. May this new week come with joy and peace for you. I pray for strength and peace for you. Wishing you a great week ahead.

63. Hello friend, how have you been? Welcome to a new week, your week of double blessings. Your path shines brighter this week.

64. Embrace the new week with happiness, and you will enjoy the blessings it comes with. Wishing you a week full of love, happiness, and joy.

65. Thanks to God for another week, a week of answered prayers. Your joy will know no bounds this week. Get ready for a celebration!

66. It’s a new week, the old week is gone forever. Forget the past and put all your effort into the present to ensure that the future is full of harvest. Have a great week ahead.

67. A new week brings new opportunities. Grab them all and make the best use of them. You may never get these opportunities again. A great week ahead, Dear.

68. Ensure to focus on yourself this week. Be intentional about building yourself for what God wants to do through you.

69. This week shall be a week of great happenings. Ensure to enlarge your capacity this week so you can receive all God has for you.

70. Say goodbye with a smile to the old one and welcome a new week in your life. Explore the beauties it has in store for you! Have a great week ahead.

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