Christmas Message to Church Members

50 Merry Christmas Message to Church Members, Family, and Leaders

Christmas is an annual festive celebration to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ incorporating many Christian, pre-Christian, and secular customs which is held on the 25th of December. This is always a time of joy and love sharing with family, friends, and church members.

Christmas is that holiday time of the year when you reconnect with your loved ones by creating time for get-togethers and sharing food with other people in your surroundings. It is also a time of the year when we purchase gifts and exchange those gifts in social gatherings, church, or house fellowship to show love amongst each other.

Gigantic placement of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, snowmen, and other Christmas decorations in churches, banks, malls, spas, schools, and other places for sightseeing and harmonizing the holiday.

Amidst the busyness of the season, it is important keep to in mind the impact of lovely messages and how they can help a loved one feel better. Below is some lovely Christmas message to church members that you can share with your family, friends, and church family to express warm wishes for the season of Christmas.

Short Religious Christmas Greetings

1. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, may you experience the illumination of His glorious light in your path, and may the peace that comes with Christmas fill your heart, home, and loved ones, Merry Christmas to you Dear.

2. May the good news that comes with the celebration of Christmas never depart from your life and household and may joy, happiness, and prosperity be filled in your home this season of Christmas.

3. In this year’s Christmas may you find hope and strength in the challenges of this world and the grace of salvation that the birth of Christ brings be upon you, Merry Christmas, and be blessed in your home.

4. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, may the love of God continue to bind you and your loved ones together as we celebrate this Christmas and have a prosperous new year.

5. May this Christmas holiday fill your heart with joy, your body with energy, and your life with laughter. May the good God bless you and your family members throughout this season of Christmas.

6. On this beautiful day of Christmas may the joy of the lord surround you and the goodness of the lord keep following you and the rest of your family members this season, Merry Christmas!

7. The timeless peace of God will locate you and your household this season of Christmas and fill your heart with joy today and for the rest of your life. Blessed Christmas greetings.

8. For unto us, a child is born, and a son is given the government shall be on his shoulder. I pray that as we celebrate the birth of Christ our life will birth a new purpose and the light of God will shine on it.

9. As we celebrate this Christmas you shall delight in the joy and light of God this season. Your family members and friends will come to give testimony on the joy of the lord in your life.

10. On this beautiful Christmas, may you experience the presence of the lord’s comfort in your life, and may the light of God outshine all your problems and shortcomings, Blessed Merry Christmas!

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Gospel Message For Christmas

11. Remembering this special day that we celebrate the birth of Christ, let’s not be carried by the merry and forget the essence of the birth of Christ. Use this opportunity to draw closer to God. Merry Christmas!

12. During this festive holiday, may the grace of God never depart from you or your households. I pray that the Lord’s light will continue to shine in your path and bring you to his expectations for your life this Christmas.

13. The Bible says to love your neighbors as you love yourself, use this Christmas season to offer assistance to that elderly neighbor who needs your help, and listen to the friend who has always sought your attention.

14. I pray that the angels will bring you good news from heaven this Christmas season, that will gladen your heart. Blessing shall not just follow you but will work for you and your loved ones this season.

15. All is calm, all is bright. I pray that this season, you shall experience calmness in all your endeavors. That the lord will brighten everything dull and boring in your life, merry Christmas.

16. On this special day of Christmas, may you understand the message that comes with the birth of Jesus Christ. I wish you a breakthrough in all your endeavors this season. Enjoy the beauty of Christmas.

17. Merry Christmas children of God, let us not get so busy and occupied with the sharing of foods, drinks, and gifts that we forget the reason for Christmas. Use this opportunity to get back to God.

18. As you celebrate Christmas with your family members, don’t forget to help that neighbor that you have been ignoring. Forgive him here so that the Lord God will continue to provide for you and your household.

19. This year Christmas will cause the face of the Lord to shine in your path and your life, may the blessings that the birth of Christ holds reach you and your entire household.

20. Joy I leave to you this festive season, may you continue to encounter the joy of God in your endeavors. Doors begin to open for you and your loved ones, blessed Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Greetings To Church Members

21. Merry Christmas to you Mr Dare, we thank you for all you have contributed to the church from the beginning of this year. I pray that the good lord strengthens you in every area of your life.

22. Merry Christmas to you I pray the lord Jesus Christ helps you find peace in every area of your life and helps you overcome every difficulty in your life this Christmas season.

23. We love you and appreciate all that you have been doing at the evangelism unit. We appreciate your undying contributions to the unit, we pray that will perfect all your heart desires this season.

24. We ask for God to enrich your life with good people who will move you to a better position this festive period and who will take you to bigger places without stressing you, Merry Christmas ma.

25. I pray the Lord God enlarge your coast this season let this Christmas blessing fill your heart, and let the light of the birth of Jesus Christ shine in your life and that of your loved ones.

26. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year May the lord that has sustained you from the beginning of this year continue to sustain and favour you wherever you go this season.

27. As we journey to a new year, may this Christmas festive season bring us closer to God’s great favor, and may the lord make our path smooth and save us from the evil that comes with the world.

28. Merry Christmas! May the Lord help us connect with our family and friends so that we may have both a fruitful relationship with people everywhere and anywhere we are directed with God’s grace.

29. May your heart desires be granted by the Lord, and may he fill your household with the spirit of peace and joy this Christmas season. We appreciate you and want nothing but the very best for you this season.

30. We ask for God to multiply you in grace and fill your hearts with oy, peace, and happiness so that you may share that love God has imbibed in you with others and have a blessed Christmas.

Christmas Message To Church Leaders

31. As you celebrate the birth of Christ, I pray you come in contact with wonders and glory in this Christmas festive season, and as we look forward to a new year may the Lord bless you with good followers.

32. We ask for God to bless you, sir, for your constant support towards the orphanage. We pray that the Lord God will bless you with your children this festive season, Merry Christmas.

33. I hope you are blessed with good luck and wealth in every one of your endeavors this season and may you discover and experience new grace, peace, and love amongst people this Christmas season.

34. Merry Christmas Sir, I pray that God adds to you as you have contributed to your personal growth and development, may God continue to sustain you as you spend this Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.

35. May God give you peace, joy, happiness, blessings, and gladness as we show gratitude for your endless sacrifice towards the betterment of our Life and the community water supply. Merry Christmas

36. May the spirit of Christmas bring energy to your bones away from your heart and strength to your body this season. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus we ask this from the Lord.

37. Wishing you a wonderful and happy Christmas, may you experience happiness in this festive season, and the grace to draw more people to God this season be granted to you.

38. As a leader, you have shown what it means to serve. May you begin to reap all the good works that you have done and may God bless you as you reap the wonderful things you have sowed.

39. May the stars in the sky continue to shine bright and bright in your life this season. You have been a good leader and you have been a change giver, the stars will outshine the difficulties in your life.

40. Today, as we celebrate the birth of Christ we want to also celebrate the gift of good people like you in the church. May the Lord God almighty shower you with abundant blessings and love that will not grow old.

Christmas Message To Church Family

41. Today we cherish our beloved family in the lord and we will pray that this Christmas will create the room to contain blessings, favors, breakthroughs, and opportunities of the lord this season.

42. May the Lord decrease your enemies and protect you against every spiritual attack in the mighty name of Jesus. May the family of God continue to grow in the church.

43. Let us not grow weary while doing good in this Christmas season, for in due season we shall see the rewards of our good deeds and I wish us strength to continue to share love this season and the new year.

44. This Christmas, may your heart be filled with the goodness of the Lord. That you would share with your lovely brothers and sisters in the Lord throughout this wonderful festive holiday.

45. Wishing you a heart filled with gratitude for the love of Jesus Christ and the joy and peace he has brought to your life. I wish you a joyful and peaceful Holiday season and a blessed New Year

46. This season of Christmas Lord replace all that is broken in your lives and replace them with beautiful things. This season shall be the beginning of better things in your life, have a prosperous new year.

47. Praise be to the Lord God almighty for keeping us healthy this festive season and for showering us with blessings and opportunities. May this Christmas bring us closer to the perfect calling of God.

48. I wish you courage and confidence that as you believe the Lord to grant you your heart desires may you not go weary while waiting on the Lord this Christmas season. That confidence will speak for you

49. Merry Christmas! I pray that the Lord God will reward you each for your persistence and determination to help the church in its growth. We don’t take you all for granted that is why we ask the Lord to bless you and lead you to a good path.

50. As we celebrate Christmas, we pray that the Lord God will help us get on track with his divine purpose for each one of us this season and may the love of Jesus Christ speak for us in high places.

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