Perfect First Message Online Dating Examples

60 Perfect First Message Online Dating Examples

Exploring online dating can be overwhelming and once you have connected with someone, it is essential to make your first messages impressive. The first message you send to your match frequently decides the fate of the conversation so it’s of great importance to make it right. This is why you need perfect first message online dating examples!

Knowing the ideal message to send to your match can be more challenging than creating an interesting profile. It is so difficult and tricky because you don’t want to appear silly, naughty, lame, rude, too funny, or too boring. However, putting in genuine effort helps in creating a meaningful conversation and helps to build a meaningful relationship.

It is a great idea to start from their profile, passions, and interests. This helps in initiating a good conversation which will foster a response.

Especially in our society where it’s awkward for a lady to message a guy first. Below we have funny and great first message openers to send to a guy or girl on an online dating site

First Message On Dating App To A Guy

1. Hey stranger, I noticed we are both interested in seafood. We should definitely see some time to try some out.

2. Hey (Name), I never thought I would meet someone so interested in soulful music, how about you share your playlist and vice versa?

3. Hey there, I’m guessing the app matched us because of our similar personalities. You seem to be interested in adventures, we should talk about the exciting places you’ve been to.

4. Hey, what would you be doing this weekend? I’m pretty much less busy, so we can play games together, I noticed you love playing PES.

5. Hey (Name) what movie did you see last, we could see the latest Marvel movie together.

6. Manchester United played really well in their last match against Chelsea. Our new player was really impressive too, well he was better, we bought him with a large sum of money.

7. I see you are a (field of profession). What’s the most fascinating thing about your profession?

8. Hey stranger, tell me your weekend has been more exciting than mine. I have been lying on my bed all day.

9. I hope you are different from all the (name of a guy) I have met, please prove me right.

10. Hey (name), we are totally different and that interests me to know you more. What’s your favorite meal?

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Online Dating First Message To A Guy Example

11. Hey, I made a list of the most handsome guys and you were the first on my list.

12. Been scrolling through this app all day and finally, I have gotten to my destination, I’m so glad we matched.

13. Look nowhere else for your soulmate, I’m right here.

14. What is a beautiful, smart, and attractive lady like me doing without your number?

15. I know you’ve got three wishes, well I’m here so the first has been answered, why don’t you tell me your other two when we meet.

16. I see you love movies, what’s your all-time favourite movie?

17. So would rather order take-outs or cook a homemade meal for a date?

18. It’s rare to see a guy who loves cooking, I’d love to have a taste of your favorite meal.

19. Would you rather sit at home to see a movie or go to the cinema?

20. Would you rather sit at home to watch a football match or go to a viewing centre?

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Copy And Paste Messages For Dating Site

21. Hey ( name of the guy), tell me something fascinating about yourself

22. Your profile gives detailed information about you but I still feel there are more interesting things about you. Do you mind telling me?

23. Tell me something crazy and fun you did as a child and I’ll tell you mine.

24. It’s a good day, I finally met someone with similar interests.

25. So tell me what do you do in your leisure time when you are not out flirting with girls?

26. Is it just me or does ( a popular actor) seem to be everyone’s favorite?

27. Hey handsome, I hear one’s favorite meal tells a lot about a person. What’s your favorite meal?

28. I’m absolutely jealous of your artistic skills,( or any other skills on his profile) do you mind teaching me?

29. Ever since I saw your profile I have been finding a way to fit you in my future and I think I know the right position for you, if you want to know hit me up.

30. I see you are a lover of dogs. Well, shally would love to meet your cute dog( shally is the name of my dog though).

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Good First Message On Tinder To A Guy

31. I see you have been to several countries. What’s the weirdest meal you’ve had in all of your adventures?

32. I’m obsessed with ( a musical artist), I saw you have been to his concert, what’s the feeling like?

33. Don’t freak out, In 5 seconds tell me your favorite book, place, meal, person, and word…. Be honest with me

34. Honestly, I never thought I’d be one of those girls messaging a guy first but I can’t possibly ignore someone this suave and not give a compliment.

35. I have been trying to find a clever way to get your attention without showing desperation. I really want to get to know you outside the restrictions of this app.

36. I see you are a tech nerd, what kind of techie are you and how well do you enjoy what you do?

37. What does your perfect Sunday afternoon entail? Would you like to join me for lunch?

38. Am I the only one that likes to eat swallows with my hands, honestly it gives the meal a unique sweet flavor. Is that a deal breaker?

39. Hey, I’m curious, how did you get such a handsome face and a really nice physique?

40. I’m curious about the picture or quote on your profile, is there a story behind it?

Funny First Message Online Dating Examples

41. Why was it taking you forever to message me, anyways now that I have done that, what are we having for lunch?

42. Finally, I’m done with this exercise, swiping up on this app has been so exhausting

43. Let’s get to exchanging vows and forget about a perfect pick-up line.

44. Do you still think about all the silly things you did as a child? I am pretty sure those meats didn’t disappear themselves.

45. Let’s make a bet, if I make you laugh, you will be in my life forever.

46. Do you want to sit with me all day and pretend we are working but we are actually laughing at memes

47. Tell me, what’s the worst pickup line you have ever received on this app, I want to beat it

48. Just a quick reminder, we have matched, message me already.

49. I see you love cooking, I’d really love to taste your poison, just kidding

50. I know you had a dream last night, I also did and you looked gorgeous wearing that red dress.

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Bumble Guy Message First

51. My day was really exhausting, the hilarious part was my encounter with the bus driver and….. why don’t we skip being strangers so I can tell you everything that happened in detail

52. I’m seeing a movie but it’s lame, do you have any movie recommendation

53. This is my first attempt at this app, I pray I don’t need to go on a dry fasting before it works out.

54. I’m like a svelte tall glass of hot chocolate, you can’t miss out on that.

55. If you are searching for a girl with the perfect personality, search no more, you are lucky I have multiple personalities.

56. I’m sure you want beautiful kids, we matched for a reason so let’s start this beautiful journey.

57. I can guarantee, you would have much more fun with me than you have had with your ex. Do you want to find out how?

58. We are going to have a fun story of how we met when we talk about it to our grandchildren.

59. My mum’s instructions were not to talk to strangers but I have to disobey her because of you.

60. Your profile states how busy you can be, when are you adding me to your schedule?

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